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She lingered briefly at her chest and wetted both nipples until they became hard and hot.
Moved on.
She put her chin on the hot tip of Flo.
Not taking her eyes off her friend’s face, she covered her erect phallus with her lips.
As if in a mirror she was watching Flo’s face with her face.
She felt her emotions and sweet languor all over her body.
Gentle, wet, sticky.
She swallowed a member, rolled it in his mouth, covered his mouth and pushed himself into the throat.
Flo moaned, and slightly covered her eyes, bit her lower lip.
She released her cock, showing her mouth wet with saliva, and slipped Flo over her body, covering her delicious mouth with greedy, sticky lips.
And back again.
Feel the throbbing, hot dick in the mouth, deep in the throat.
In clenched fingers.
Flo disappeared.
Vika had sex with herself.
Like masturbation, when you know exactly what to do and for how long, so that the pleasure lasts forever.
This is amazing! The girls took the position of 69 and Vika put her cocky cock in her friend’s mouth.
And she continued to please a member of her friend.
Vick released a member of his hand and opened her mouth, Flo immediately began to move her hips and actively fuck her friend right in the throat.
A few freaks and you had to answer the same.
Vika leaned back and plunged into the wet mouth of her copy with precise movement.
Cleverly pushed the penis deeper, and Flo deftly bent to facilitate penetration.
I felt the face of my girlfriend with my buttocks and pressed myself closer, fumbling my wet ass over my pretty face.
And again back to the quivering member.
Cover with lips, deepthroat, lick.
When it seemed that there would be no better sex, life again surprises and of course Flo surprises.
Vika finally and forever fell in love with this gentle, sweet, sexy creature.
Wicked by a member of a voltranka, Vika simultaneously put her hand in a fist between her friend’s elastic buttocks.

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She pressed, feeling the soft ring of the anus with her knuckles.
The ringlet was weakened and the fist began to twist into the burning inside Flo.
The ringlet closed on the wrist, completely engulfing the fist and Vika, not forgetting to suck the dick, began to push and rotate the wet fist inside the adored body.
Flo, moaning, Vika confidently moved where necessary, as needed.
She reached the edge and skillfully kept her copy on the verge of ecstasy.
Gave to relax and new.
They changed places and Vika, gladly took in the ass fist girlfriend, and a member immersed in a sticky and greedy mouth.
Having developed Flo’s ass, Vika increased the diameter of her penis to the size of a fist and tightly entered the ass of the twins.
Using her friend’s face as an indicator, carefully watching her emotions, she began to skillfully ram her ass, plunging now deeply and gently, now passionately and rudely.
She piled on top with her whole body and began to lick and roll in her mouth resilient nipples on a high breast.
Flo, running her fingers into Vicky’s hair, pressed her to her and threw back her head, catching the air with her mouth wide open and moaning loudly.
Flo’s cock pressed against Vika’s belly with a hot rod, and she moved her belly now to the left and then to the right, causing him to slide between two wet bodies.
Designed Flo Flo, too easy to take a phallus.
Vika increased it in diameter and in length.
Well be voltrankami.
Giant elda, twenty centimeters in diameter and half a meter in length, elastically turned in Flo’s ass.
Her eyes opened wide with surprise and awareness of this fact.
The movement of this hulk was visible in the distended and falling belly, in the place where it moved.
The member rested somewhere in the chest, almost at the base of the neck.
Vika watched admiringly the phallus sliding inside her

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friend, never ceasing to push him there, here.
Flo, with no less interest, watched the process, over her beautiful bosom.
Anus tightly and tightly squeezed count in his arms, giving a pleasant feeling.
Flo rolled her eyes and moaned fiercely.
Vika very slowly pulled out a member and hard slapped them on the belly of a voltrank.
Gave feel its size and weight.
Flo smiled admiringly and winked at Vika.
The girl, in response, put her head in the anus and deliberately slowly began to push the member back into her ass, giving her an opportunity to feel the immersion of each centimeter.
Flo happily moaned.
Vika tried to see on the face of her friend – her face, the very expression when you were exhausted just to the holes.
A slight prostration in his eyes, interspersed with the recently experienced strong surprise and almost imperceptible, dreamy smile on his wet face. Private full porn movies.

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Trying to orient in pitch darkness, I saw a beam of light emanating from a hole in the wall.
I put my eye on him and.
I saw the hall of the female toilet.
Again, perverts – I thought.
But it was not possible to miss.
A minute later I saw Magma.
I watched in the hole, what will happen next.
Magma stopped at the windowsill, took out a cigarette and lit a cigarette.
For the first time I saw her calm and balanced.
After some time, more steps were heard in the corridor.
Magma noticeably quickened.
Considering that there was no one else at school, she behaved calmly.
The door to the female toilet opened slightly, and I distinctly saw the caretaker Vasily Petrovich enter.
He was slightly deprived of intelligence, but he was still in a physical form.
Now distract from his own person, and listen to what happened next.
Magma on the move grabbed Uncle Vasya and dragged her into a corner, directly facing the hole in the plywood partition, so I clearly saw everything that was happening + Magma unbuckled her blouse, a single size bra, and all the wealth fell out before Uncle Vasya was clear.
A silly smile formed on his face, and his eyes lit up with wild feverish fire.
Having given plenty to see enough, and making sure that Uncle Vasya’s member otted out decently, Magma turned 180 degrees.
Having lifted her skirt (God, she even took off her underwear!), She wagged her puffy white bottom, inviting Uncle Vasya to get to work as soon as possible.
Having groped behind the guard dubinushku (compensates for mental abilities?), Impatiently began to cram it into an indecently wet crevice. Webcam trans live.

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All is well, my brave girl !.
She again fell into unconsciousness.
She came to herself, feeling the touch of warm water.
Holding her in his arms, Duval stood under the streams of a waterfall.
– Now, my happiness, I will wash away everything.
Be patient.
I know how much you hurt, – he smiled, said softly, when he saw that she opened her eyes.
– I.
wanted to.
but did not have time.
– Anna whispered incoherently.
– Annette, my girl, do not speak.
You better not waste your energy.
Shh, be patient, my love, ”answered Serge, pouring the shine of his eyes on her.
His heart contracted at the sight of her exhausted body covered with bruises and bruises.
His mouth was swollen, blood was oozing from the bruised chest.
Duval was afraid for her mind.
She did not hear how he wrapped her in a sheet and brought her to the hut, putting him to bed, wrapped him in a soft blanket.
A few days have passed.
Waking up, Anna threw back the blanket and sat on the bed.
She was wearing a Serge shirt.
– Henri.
– she quickly looked behind the screen.
The baby slept, sniffing sweetly and smacking in his sleep with his mouth.
Anna bent over her little son and, slightly touching, kissed the fluff on the head.
– Hello, my love, – behind her embraced Serge.
– How do you? – All is well.
only my head is spinning a bit, – she smiled sadly.
“You slept for four days.”
He turned her to face him and looked into his eyes.
“Forgive me,” he said suddenly, frowning, “because of me you had to endure so much.”
“Stupid,” her finger outlined his eyebrows, “how stupid you are,” she smiled, “why should I forgive you?” Really because you made me the happiest woman in the world? Nude cam.

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the feeling that there was something there, but I repeat, it did not hurt already.
First of all, I went to the bathroom and began to check if there was “progress” in my condition, didn’t I do everything in vain yesterday? Lightly soaping my finger, I bent down and tried to stick it in my anus.
Can you imagine a 45 year old woman with cancer with a finger in the ass? And I was standing.
The finger easily, without resistance, entered me – it was a victory, my anus became clearly wider.
I wanted to try the phallus right away, but there was no time, I had to get ready for work.
If someone after the first time in the morning still feels painful, then you can take a break for 1-2 days and then continue on.
In the evening, when I came home, I made an enema again and lay down on the sofa.
Spreading my legs, I put a greased “member” to the pope and pressed.
Yes, there was no mistake, albeit a tight one, with effort, but today he entered more easily.
Let it be a little, but easier, and the pain was even less, which in a few minutes was almost gone.
I got up, put on my underwear and started housekeeping.
Then she sat down in front of the computer.
From time to time I slightly raised my butt and squeezed the sphincter, then relaxed him and sat down again, at first slowly and then faster and involuntarily all accelerating and suddenly almost fell – my mother, I “finished”.

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When done correctly, well lubricated and does not hurt, then feel the “penis” in the anus is very nice.
So I did this for another week until I was convinced that I could easily take this thing in myself.
But after all the usual member of the man is thicker than 2.
5cm, then it turns out that this is still not enough? I did not say anything to my husband and did everything secretly.
After taking a break for a few days, I somehow stayed alone at home, got 3.
5 cm dildo.
Having closed in the bathroom, I smeared everything well, then, after pre-massaging myself with my finger, I squatted on my haunches and installed the device below just opposite

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my anal hole.
This thing was even thicker from the previous one, but it had a more pointed end and, having groped for its booty, I began to squat quietly.
I felt that he began to enter.
I crouched a little, I lifted a little, then I crouched even stronger, and so, until this handsome man was in my ass.
He was bursting at me from the inside, but still it was tolerable, because my butt was no longer as narrow as before.
Yes, it was already the size of a male member of medium size.
Even to this size, I had to get used again so that I could, without fear, substitute my ass man.
But many are trying to have anal intercourse so to speak “from scratch”, but this is just suicide.
Each time, the new “member” entered easier and soon I began to think that it would be nice for my hubby to “fuck” my ass.
Just offer him this, I was shy, and decided to do differently.
Well, I wanted a dick in the ass, just some kind of fixed idea.
I work as an administrator in the same institution and I have an assistant, a boy of about thirty, and so I noticed a long time ago that he breathes unevenly at me.
A good guy, not even married, I might even let myself be fucked, but he was probably embarrassed to ask because of the difference in age, but I didn’t want to ask for it myself, although I honestly liked him too. Live blowjob.

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