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In general, usually modest gatherings gradually poured into a big booze.
Sergey Viktorovich sprinkled toasts and jokes, the new men did not lag behind, maybe only the old men were silent, but they were always modest with us.
Gradually, the married and elderly left the holiday, and I, being already pretty drunk, glanced at Sergei, and he, as always, did not answer me in return.
It became insanely depressing, Anya danced with a new fizruk, Sergey was chatting with something for some reason the remaining chief accountant, an aunt of 45, can be said a little large, but for her age she looked attractive, sometimes she looked in my direction, definitely understanding that I just eat Sergey’s eyes, and I was suddenly frightened that she knows something, the drunken logic immediately cooked up – Anya is an accountant, she is sitting in the same room with Zoya Nikolaevna, and quite possibly told her about something but Sergey, too nice talking to her all it said that she knows, I was embarrassed when she looked at me especially hard and went to the toilet.

I wash my face, the cold water has cooled down a little face full of heat, Zoya Nikolaevna appears in the back of the mirror.
And, Katya, and I thought you were gone.
N-no, that you are so fun, such good boys came to us.
(as if she just hadn’t been staring at me) Boys.
yes, merry guys.
don’t you almost dance something, drank a little, or is the company wrong? I.
I, no you do not think, everything is fine, just hot.
I went out to wash. There was some kind of tension in the room, maybe I invented it, but I wasn’t posta.

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Wait for me, I’ll go to the toilet and go back together? – her eyes just drilled me.
She was very respected at school, an imperious woman, she was always suspected of dark affairs with Sergei Viktorovich, and they discussed the annual, by the first of September, new car, taking it as a ritual, she always chose a very aggressive car, a man’s something that went very well surely.
It was, perhaps, the only woman in the school with whom Sergei Viktorovich spoke on an equal footing, he never took us seriously.
Y-yes, of course, Zoya Nikolayevna, I’ll be here. My knees just trembled, “she knows everything for sure, this bitch is Anya, she herself is fucking and blackening.” When did you go home, I heard from the stall Thought, in fact, it’s already round What is it, because the height of the holiday, you will not understand young, then you will fall down dance, then leave before the early.
I have a husband.
I can not be long So you’re married? Does he meet or will you go? No, he is at sea now, I live alone – not knowing how to get away from the conversation, I again went to the sinks.
Finally, she came out and stood next to me to wash her hands, looking at me again point-blank through the reflection in the mirror, I was lost.
I, too, go home, let’s go, I’ll take you, ”says as if we have known each other for a hundred years or I am her daughter. Wanting to leave the trip No, leave, me.
I’ll have some more fun and get a taxi.
Okay, let’s go to the dining room, we’ll decide there.
She clearly did not lag behind me, and I could not understand what she needed, for the next half hour, she sat next to me, we drank wine, and I don’t know how, but the tension gradually disappeared, I was invited to the computer science dance several times.
and she watched us dance, then discussing the men with me, I relaxed a little, there was not a hint that she knew anything.
The wine was poured down on the body, I was already drawn to dance, and after a minute, Anya and I, like old friends, twisted out in front of each other on the platform in front

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of the tables, the men devoured us with eyes, I was wearing a short silver dress. Jasmine live cam.

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He put on those black short shorts that look just amazing on him and put on a white T-shirt, which also suited him very well.
I boldly stuck my hand into his “territory” and gently snapped the “master of the territory”, who would later visit my anus.
He liked what I did.
Then I hugged him tightly, then kissed his back, then crawled to his chest with my hand and stroked everything there.
and so here we got to the destination: Around the mountain, there is no one but us, one horse and a flock of sheep.
There were a lot of stones of different sizes.
It was nearing the tenth hour and the sun was rising higher and higher, making the air warmer and warmer.
We settled down at a large stone, which by its size made a large, like a shadow for us.
He laid a blanket and sprawled with him and started kissing.
God, that was awesome.
He lay down on me and started kissing me, simultaneously touching my hips, hands.
Kissing on the neck, even lower.
Then I started kissing him.
He kissed his neck, stroking his chest, prustipil in kissing his chest, his torso, and then got to his penis.
Ohhhhh, what a pleasure it was.
We didn’t undress too much, as we were afraid of random riders on horses.

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Suddenly they will see us.
The houses, though not close to each other, are found thanks to the mountains, but they know each other as their own five fingers and it was necessary to be careful.
we did not undress.
After his cock was full, I lay down on my side and he opened my shorts and, thus, got access to my anus and sat down to make it easier to enter.
Before that, I didn’t have any experience, but I sometimes had different, more subtle holes than the member’s, sticking my asshole and removing it from the pain.
He approached me, opening the anus stuck his dignity.
Ohhhhhh, how cool it was.
I was in seventh heaven.
At first it was painful, but the “torment” was later compensated by pleasant sensations.

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He put one foot on me and leisurely fucked me.
And I was so cool and I moaned so sweetly, like he and I occasionally said: – Oooooh, Samat, yes, yes, yes.
More more more.
Fuck me. We changed position.
I got cancer, then I climbed on it, then I lay down on my stomach, and he was on top.
Mmmmmmm, that was so cool.
I was in seventh heaven and he finished! There was such a sweet sex.
I’ll never forget.
Then he raised his shorts, then mine.
And so it was in the following days: at night, we kissed each other sweetly and I sucked his dick, and in the daytime we were blissful with each other.
Periodically, in the moments when there was no one, he hugged me, kissed my neck, kissed me, and I felt for his penis.
On a certain day, an aunt and uncle, together with their three little dumbassies, gathered for three days to visit relatives in a village in another district, because someone had died there.
We left for three days and left us the whole house and household.
But that’s another story that I’ll tell you later.
Lightning flashes, in its glow I see an excitingly beautiful figure of a boy kneeling and resting his hands on the vertical rack of the tent.
I attach myself to him from behind, spend the member ready for action from the bottom up, in his magic hollow between soft buns, my hands are on Cyril’s hips, I push my buttocks apart and rest my penis on the point, slowly starting to press.
I try to do everything very gently, so as not to hurt my partner.
Slowly, my penis begins to sink into the dense, hot cave of a guy.
– Come on, come on: – Cyril whispers, – I want this, come on, fuck me.
I increase the pressure and try to push the boy’s buttocks even harder.
My efforts lead to success.
A little bit more and I plant the guy to the full length, I press pubis against the guy’s ass and freeze, giving him the opportunity to get used to new sensations.
– Aaaa: Kaif, stronger, fuck me, I didn’t think it would be like this: – Cyril wriggles in my arms, I squeeze his hips more tightly and start to move my hips slowly back and forth.
Then with one hand I grope the young man’s pis’un, baa: yes, here is the full-length engine, I firmly squeeze his dick in my hand and begin to jibe.
The point of the boy has become relaxed, I now take out my fighter almost to its full length and again drive him into my partner’s ass.
– Aaaah.
I’ll finish, fuck, jerk off.
Do not stop! – Cyril tenses, his body pierces a cold sweat – just do not stop! shouts a kid.
I don’t think to stop, I feel the guy’s penis kamenet in my hand, even moments and the young man begins to discharge strong emissions of sperm, his point at these moments shrinks, giving me an unheard of pleasure, I continue to stick the guy’s ass on his penis, more a little and I finish. Kassiadinn bongacams.

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“We have already arrived,” Albert answered, his voice hoarse with anger and excitement.
He, without looking back, slammed the door behind him, and the darkness swallowed the room.
– Are you crazy? What are you doing?! Exclaimed Helga nervously.
She slowly stepped back, seeing absolutely nothing.
For long moments nothing happened.

Helga wrapped her arms around herself, desperately listening.
A strange rustle, steps, another rustle, then again everything was quiet.
“I want to leave,” Helga whispered quietly with her eyes closed.
The answer was silence.
After a moment, she felt her hands on her bare shoulders.
They gently slid from the shoulders to her hands, slightly squeezed them, directing down along the body.
Helga obediently lowered them, but he did not want this: holding her hands with his own, he forced her to stroke her stomach, slowly rising to her chest.
– Albert.
She began, but then he covered her mouth with her own hand.
Helga fell silent, just leaning her back on him, and he immediately began kissing her neck.

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He did it leisurely, tastefully, enjoying, without saying a word.
He did not hold her by force; all touches were soft and light.
Helga did not expect this from Albert at all, because he was furious when she dragged her here.
He would not let her speak, and she thought – really, why? It is better to surrender to these magical caresses, especially since they are so delightfully pleasant.
on this thought, her head was completely empty, and he was already touching her body with his hands.
How did she not notice that he had such strong hands? He quite deftly removed her upper part of the suit, and he slid to the floor with a ringing sound.
So standing behind her, he took her neat breasts in his palms, fingers squeezing the sharp nipples.
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Turning around, I saw Lenka there.
Naturally, I concluded that he responded to her appearance in this way.
Anton also looked at her, not looking up and with some kind of stupid smile.
The fact is that my Lenka, at 24, looked no older than 18.
She even had her passport often asked in bars – they thought that she was underage.
At the same time she had a very exciting body – with her slenderness, she had very impressive breasts and rounded thighs.
Add another small growth, snub nose and huge dark eyes.
In general, over the three years of our life together, I have become accustomed to such a reaction of the surrounding men.
And if you consider that she was wearing a sleeping T-shirt, which seemed to hide her body to the middle of her hips, nevertheless, she emphasized her charms very favorably, making it easier for them.

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And of course, the wife was not thrilled with such nightly gatherings, rather eloquently looking at me.
On our proposals to sit with us, she just snorted and went into the room, while I very clearly saw Anton staring at her ass.
In general, when I came to the world, I was told that I was sleeping today on the couch and if I tried to pester her with suggestions to make peace, I could not blame myself.
Sighing, I went to the peasants.
The mood was so-so, and even the alcohol has already begun to affect.
In general, forty minutes later I realized that I was already drunk in the trash.
Saying to my colleagues that I would probably go to bed, I waited for them to understand the hint that they should go back – in the end I could not say directly that they would leave.

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Seryoga said that I should not be steaming – they, they say, now finish their beer and quietly leave, slamming the door and somehow looking at Anton with an expression.
He nodded drunkenly and moaned so that I did not worry.
I went into the room, lay down on the sofa and almost immediately passed out.
I woke up from wild thirst – the clock showed 3 nights, which means I slept just over an hour.
I felt drunker than I was, my head was noisy.
From the kitchen came some sort of lowing, and, as it seemed to me, the voice was my wife.
Looking at the bed, I saw that it was empty.
Not understood! Carefully he went to the door to the corridor and opened it slightly, looked in the mirror hanging on the wall – the entrance to the kitchen was reflected in it.
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