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Today she will be flogged.
GET !!! – Do not be late.
– Good.
– Did you fulfill my order? Olga looked at her friend with interest.
– Yes of course.

– Let me check.
Spread your legs.
Irina complied.
The woman felt herself blushing.
City center, cafe.
A stranger’s male hand climbs under her skirt.
Alex put a finger into it.
The woman screamed.
– You.
Flowing hard, Alex grinned.
Irina bit her lip.
The man pulled out his hand.
Wiped off with a napkin.
– Do not be late.
Bye, Squirrel – Goodbye, Boss – Olga said goodbye.
Alex left the cafe.
Irina smiled.
Today at 6.
“Why didn’t you tell me anything?” – Olga asked – did you want a whipping? I can whip you.
Irina shook her head.
– You can not really flogged.
You love me – Irina repeated the words spoken to her husband.
– Why Alex? There are many Masters in the city.
– I want to be flogged by the one who flogged you.
Olga was silent, Irina saw that her friend was angry.
– Why Squirrel? – asked Irina.
– I was his dog.
Irina groaned.
Her friend was once an animal too.
How is she.
Irina remembered that Olga told how they walked her, how she ate from a dog bowl and sat on a leash.

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How did Irina want to see it.
And here one idea came into her head.
– Olya, I want you to go with me today.
– Are you kidding? Never! Olga was ready to explode.
“I ask, or rather, I order you to come with me.”
– You? To me? Are you ordering? Irina smiled.
– Do you remember our first visit to your home? Do you remember how you asked to let you seduce Igor? Olga angrily looked at her friend.
“You promised to fulfill my every wish.”
Or forgot? Olga was silent.
Irina saw that her friend is difficult to answer.
– Maybe you ask for something else? Irina shook her head.
“Do you know what Alex will be waiting for me?” – I know, therefore I ask.
I want to see a squirrel.
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The wife sighed as if she had been holding her breath for a minute.
Then Valery leaned close to her, pressed so that she leaned forward, leaning his palms on the tabletop.
With both hands, he pulled up her dress, and pressed to my groin my wife’s round elastic ass in black silk panties.
His palms stroked her thighs, buttocks.
Then he fingered a strip of cloth and lowered her panties on her hips.
Lena sobbed and suddenly spread her legs a little wider and bent so that her now bare, unprotected ass rose to the top.
Then Valery lowered his trousers from his pajamas to his knees, put Lena’s left hand on his shoulder,

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and grabbed her right hip by his right, and I didn’t have time to say anything, pulled Lenka to me with one sharp push and froze for five seconds, as if not believing in happiness.
My wife gave a scream turning into a moan, and as a signal, Valery began to fuck her fiercely.
His hips flopped about Lena’s buttocks with the frequency of a jackhammer.
She breathed in small, frequent gulps like a long-distance runner, stepping in and choking with sighs.
On the table, to which she was pressed, something was tinkling, the table itself was knocking deafly on the floor when one or two legs fell off the parquet and fell back.

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My wife, who had married me, was not even 18 years old, a girl in front of my eyes was raped by a full-hog-goggle, and I had an erection, because I heard, except for his sniffing and intermittent breathing of my Lena, chomping smacks, every time when his thighs clapped on her ass.
My wife hastily had back, the entire length, even without undressing, in front of her husband, and she flowed !! I carefully walked around the table, I wanted to see her face.
The strands of hair collected in the back of the shell stuck to her forehead and cheeks, the longest and most naughty hung down, curled up in sheep.
Her eyes were closed, several folds gathered on her forehead, as if she were listening to something hurriedly, beads of sweat glistened in the light of the wall sconces on the bridge of her nose and above her upper lip.
Her lips were parted, and through them, then jerked out, then took a breath of air back, as if a well-fitted piston walked somewhere inside her body.
Her elastic chest, draped in silk bra, was clearly visible through the neckline, as she leaned forward.
From the pushes she staggered to the sides, not keeping up with the convulsive movements of her body.
The birth of three children could not spoil her figure, and it was a strong elastic chest of a woman, not a girl.
I wanted to squeeze it because I knew what a magical feeling it was.
It was like in a dream, the champagne was buzzing in my head, and my cock swelled so much that it hurt because the jeans would not let him turn around, as he would have liked. Havenandkleo bongacams.

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“He knows,” Lenka replied, beautifully setting aside his plump, naked, beautiful maiden nineteen-year-old blonde leg in a light tan to the side across the threshold of his father’s office. – This investigator called you home and asked you dad.
Mom talked to him.
And after that goes around the house and grumbles.
She grumbles more, pro, some Laura.
Says you know her. Play online porn sex videos.

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Give it all in order? – I tortured.
Zakhmelev, Dima began to tell that from childhood he likes to touch the ass.
He likes to present himself as a girl when he is alone at home, then he tries on his mother’s underwear: stockings, panties, bra.
Tried painting.
He is mainly developing fingers with his fingers, but recently he has started using cucumbers, which he is sneaking in the supermarket.
The mother works on the shift, so at home he is left alone for 2-3 days, then he is limp.
– So, do you like to be in the role of “girl”? – I smiled.
– Yes, very much, – Dima also smiled.
– And, does this girl have a name? – I asked maliciously.
– Oh, I never thought – under the influence of alcohol, the teenager behaved more liberated.
“I will call you Slat,” I carefully looked into her eyes.
– Do you like the name? Slata, an unusual name, well, you’re a special girl.
This is a secret, you should not tell anyone that you are my girl, Slat.
You have no one to talk about what I’m doing with you, Slata.
My name is Uncle Oleg, did you understand? I sat down next to me, I put my right hands under Slata’s ass and pressed the sphincter lightly with my middle finger, and the finger entered easily.
“Girl” is already excited and flowed.
Left hand stroked in the face.
Slata closed her eyes and I kissed her rich lips, deeply launched my tongue, caressing her sky, tongue, inner side of her cheeks.
Slata entered the role, also caressing me with her tongue.
The girl quickly learned to kiss.
However, it was necessary to finish.
It was too early for anal sex, so I decided to let her suck my dick, because I love kissing it.

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Without further ado, I got up on my feet, lowered my trousers and pulled out a stone member by that time, zalupil it.
It was evident that Slat was ecstatic and poorly minded.
She smiled, and from the underworld playfully looked at me, slamming black lashes a couple of times.
“Wow,” so Slat expressed both admiration and excitement that gripped her.
– Suck, Slatochka, my sweet girl, – I could not wait.
With the brush of her slim skinny right hand, Slat took the member, but could not fully embrace it, closed her eyes and took the massive head of the member in her mouth.
Began to suck, lick the head, in general, do everything that once she painted her imagination and what she saw in porn.
It lasted about five or ten

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minutes, it was beautiful.
Tireless Slata sucked her first member and could probably do it forever.
I decided to play a little.
He removed her pen from his penis and began to gently stretch her cheeks: to the left, then to the right.
Taking the head of a teenager in my arms, I slowly began to fuck Roti Slata, inserting the penis as deep as possible.
Periodically, I took out a member, giving her the opportunity to breathe and stop the gag reflex.
Slata was absolutely obedient, finally I finished.
– Swallow sperm, I ordered.
There was a lot of sperm, so Slata choked on her and began to cough.
Sperm flowed over the chin and even through the nose.
All the face of my girl was in the semen, his eyes were reddened – tears were pouring out of them.
After that, I ordered Slata to lie down on the couch and spread her legs to the side and onto herself so that the hips, the butt and the whole crotch were clearly visible.
I decided to brand the guy, took a black marker and wrote on the girl’s body: “Slat is Uncle Oleg’s whore.”
After I wrote down the number of Slata’s phone number and address, saying that I would contact her and let her go.
It was evident that the girl was shocked, the effect of alcohol was over.
The girl wandered home.
After that time, it was obvious that Robert had a thought that “they were being caught”.
But he did not think about the consequences of this.
And I wondered how he would have behaved.
I knew perfectly well that my wife always had dinner at home, she usually came at one o’clock and judging by the mint bed is not alone. Latina cam jasmine.

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