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It was a moment of unforgettable pleasure for the two of us.
After that we went to the shower together and went to our rooms and quietly fell asleep.
This story happened in the days of my stormy youth, in my student years, when it seemed that the whole life was ahead of me, that I had only to graduate from the institute and everything would go like clockwork – work, money and a fun life full of adventures.
I was learning in textile, and I lived respectively in a hostel.
The institute was good because there were an incredible number of girls in it, in our group, apart from me, there were three more males, the other 23 were girls.
And the hostel was also replete with the fair sex, the whole floor was one room with the guys, and the rest with the girls.

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The most wonderful time is when after the session everyone is going home and the hostel is empty, no one bothers you in the middle of the night playing the guitar, no one comes in for sugar or lecture notes.
And it so happened that I was left alone in our room for the new year.
For ten days there would be no one in the hostel, and it seemed to me, a freshman experiencing unrequited love, that I could finally sleep off, sort out my feelings and enter into the new year with a new person.
And indeed, the new year and three days after it changed me for the rest of my life.
But first things first.
On the morning of the thirty-first of December I was woken by a knock at the door.
Without realizing it, I stood up in my shorts, which were bristling from a morning erection and went to open the door.

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– Hello! – in front of me stood the divine beauty of a girl, fifth-year student Maria, who lived on the floor above and was cared for by half of the male dormitory population.
But in vain – according to rumors, she remained loyal to her boyfriend from Chelyabinsk and was dismissed from men’s compliments and attention signs with a cheerful smile.
It is necessary to make a digression, and tell that the fifth course for a first-year student is practically the inhabitants of the heavens, those who were able to survive all the colokviums, sessions and exams and who are about to write about the diploma.
For me, a freshman who just realized that there will be no freebies, that the teachers are monsters and the army threatens me if I don’t become Einstein in half a year, fifth-year student Masha was a mystery of nature — how such a beautiful and fragile girl managed to pass all these matans and physicums, preserving the purity of reputation (we had “specialists” who managed to get credits, remaining alone with a teacher in a closed classroom).
So she was standing now and, looking with a malicious smile at my underwear tents, asked if I had salt: “I ran around the whole floor, everyone went home.”
So you have salt? – Yes, come in (I didn’t even think to call her “you”) – I am now.
Back in the room, I pulled on my pants and went back to her.
In the cramped corridor we hung a regiment on which stood all sorts of cans, mostly empty, among which was salt.
I took the jar and handed it to Mary.
“It’s a lot,” she said, “I’d have a little sleep.”
“Take it all,” I said, smiling, “I will not need it this year, and next I will think of something.”
“Okay, I’ll fill it out and return it.”
– Her eyes slipped on my torso and she left.
I returned to bed, but I could not sleep any more – at any moment she could return.
Turning the music on, I picked up an unfinished novel and tried to read.
But my thoughts crawled from the pages and entangled in the memories of Mary.
Her thick black curly hair, body odor, neat hands, warm gray-brown eyes, slightly plump beautiful lips, exciting chest and a chiseled figure were as beautiful as they were inaccessible.
Most likely her boyfriend from Chelyabinsk came to her and now they will delightfully meet the new year.
Well, I had a great New Year loneliness, the first time in my life. Sister nude spy cam.

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He said that it was very tasty, but she was frightened and did not try.
And is it really tasty? “” I do not know, I have not tried. ”
“Can I try yours later? Suddenly really tasty?” “Try it.
And what else did she tell? “” I don’t remember already.
She said that she had already visited this uncle several times.
She always walks naked in his house, sits on his knees, strokes her pussy in front of him.
They watch TV, eat ice cream.
Then the uncle tugs his pipisku, cums, and she goes home.
“At that moment, their conversation was interrupted by a long, loud moan.
They turned around and saw Zhenya sitting on a bench with her legs spread wide apart and bent at the knees.
Her grandmother was kneeling in front of her, but what she was doing was not visible, since her grandmother had her back to them.
“Let’s go see,” suggested Masha.
“Let’s go,” answered Anton, with regret taking his palm away from her sister’s wet and hot crotch.

Lately, more and more often, I caught myself thinking that there might have been someone else at Mark’s place, and the result would probably have been the same, although it would have been possible under a different scenario.
No, by no means, I didn’t have anything against Mark, I just want to say that the changes in me are not only his merit.
He just helped me to understand myself and overcome shyness, to let go of everything that with great force was trapped outside locked by my puritan upbringing.
After all, all his actions, as we were far from each other, and physical contact was not possible, boiled down to one thing, getting as much as possible from me to demonstrate my depravity, and the dirtier it looks, the better for him. Bongacams chaturbate.

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And so we went to Vale to the country, it started there, I immediately paid my attention to Vale, got her pussy out, and the men slacked their members.
After several glasses of champagne drunk, I undressed completely, Valeya and I started to suck, at the guys, for half a year I didn’t suck and happily swallowed sperm, then Valia and I fell in love with everyone and more than once.
The next day, I went to work as a woman, and Valya left for the new branch as a director, and I became a secretary, almost every morning I usually served out brewing coffee, made a good blow job.
And she stopped being afraid to be a woman.


It’s been a year and a half since I lived with Lesha.
He often bought me new underwear and various women’s clothes, so I felt perfect.
We had with him the most heavenly sex that I could have.
But I knew perfectly well that I really missed my daddy.
After all, it was he who showed me that I can do a lot more in the image of a girl than in the role of a guy.
It was he who for the first time deprived me of virginity, for which I am still indebted to him.

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Secretly from Lyosha, I began searching for dad.
For a long time she asked her mother, went to his old job and learned from the staff.
But almost no one knew where he could move.
And now, when I was completely desperate and began to leave, one man called out to me.
In appearance he was about forty, forty-five years old.
Weekly stubble covered his sullen face.
He called me to him.
– Boy, is that you, our Yuri son? – Yes.
Do you know something about where he went? The man stooped and took me by the elbow.
– Let’s talk, but not here.
There are too many extra people.
He took me down the stairs to the boiler room.
It was a bit stuffy.
I entered first.
A door slammed shut behind me.
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Now this is my humble slave! Great! – How do you feel? Liked ? – Yeah! Always dreamed about it when I looked at you! You are great at being a mistress! – It looks like it wants to crash into its knees.
– Relax, now I’m not the hostess, but your old friend.
Hooked up? – Yeah sorry.
Just the roof went from unexpected fallen happiness.
Trying to joke, so a little away.
Well, while we chat with a friend, but we’ll see.
– About what else dreamed, admit? I see you look under my skirt! – Lar, I understand, somehow it sounds stupid, but.
– blushes -.
my language is always at your disposal.
Decided to speak out! On all see great wound up! Okay, a little torture.
Sitting on the couch, I put one leg on the sofa, clasp my knee with my hand, and leave the other on the floor.
Oleg sits a little to the side, but nevertheless, judging by his gaze, he had a nice view! I ask: – And what are you going to do with your tongue? – Whatever you want! Just order! – Easy, I said, now I’m not your mistress.
– Sorry! Transported too much.
– I see! For this you will be punished! Depriving you spectacle! – I put my foot back on the floor.
Reddens even more.
Wow, how shy! And we still try to try you: – And yet, specifically, what can you do with your tongue for me? – Well.
lick everything you want.
– And if I want an ass? – Easily! – Will you lick my ass? – Yes! In dreams, I have been doing this for a long time! Wow! This we will certainly try.
Always wanted, but it was inconvenient to ask for Lesha.
Let’s try, but only later.
It is necessary to promote the relationship slowly! – It is tempting, maybe when I try.
– slightly cool his ardor.
“Now tell me this.”
On those pictures that you showed where the girl was riding on the guy, he was wearing some kind of saddle.
Do these really exist? He lowers his eyes and says: – Yeah.
I have it.
Opanki! where is it from you? So I ask: – Where did you get it from? – Ordered in the internet, there are many such things.

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Want to try it out? – looks at me with hope.
– Yes, it would be necessary, and then sitting on you is not very comfortable.
Come tomorrow morning.
So be it, ride on you! – Yeah.
I already tried it on myself, imagining how someone would sit in it.
– Great, here and test.
And what do you have? – Nothing yet.
He replied too quickly, and his eyes twisted.
Lying! Okay, tomorrow I will come to you, do not turn away! About ten minutes later I threw him home, and she got into the shower.
To relieve arousal, one had to satisfy oneself with a stream of water.
Disorder! I have a person who is ready to do this in the language, and I am engaged in such a disgrace! ————————————————– ————————————————– – In the morning, at eight o’clock he was with me.
This time I put on jeans and a vest, and sneakers on my feet.
In my opinion, this is for horseback riding.
We arrived at the old place and Oleg pulled a saddle from the trunk.
It was not what they dress horses.
Made of black leather, it was attached with straps and had a special support on the back of the “horse” so that it would not slip away from the weight of the rider.
And for the legs, stirrups hung from him.
There was also something like a bridle, I do not understand these terms, in general, such a thing, which he kept in his mouth and from which the reins departed.
In general, at first glance I liked it.
This time I did not try to pretend, as last time, that we

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came to try something.
I came to ride! Therefore, I commanded: – Put it on! By what skill he put it all on himself, I realized that he often practiced putting on this harness.
Putting on, without waiting for further orders, he got on all fours.
I sat on his neck and slapped slightly on the top of the head, giving a signal to rise.
He got up and it turned out that this saddle is a very comfortable thing.
I put my feet into the stirrups, which turned out to be fitted to my height.
Slightly standing in the stirrups, I moved him forward.
Yes, feelings are incomparable! I was now comfortable and comfortable.
I spurred the “horse” and it turned out that it was comfortable enough to sit on the run in the saddle.
So that he was not much out of breath, I let him go lightly, a little faster than a step, and enjoyed myself.
Two minutes later I pulled the reins and moved the “horse” to a step.
I rode for an hour and a half, then returned to the car and told him to take me to his home.
All his questions “why”, I proudly ignored.
Having come to him, I demanded to show all that he has from these things bought in the internet. Russian sex hidden cam.

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