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Her relaxed easy conversation.
Constantly smoked.
What was going on in her head.
Fear and desire.
What was more – it is impossible to say.
We went into the apartment.
Fear breaks it.
Does not know what to do.
Afraid to make a mistake.
He brought a huge bag in the room, she stayed in the hallway.
– On knees! You do not understand where you are? – His voice came from the room.
The smile on her face, she realizes that these are the last moments of her normal life.

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After tonight, it is unlikely to attract vanilla.
Dropped to her knees.
Is waiting.
Eyes lowered to the floor.
The fear gradually passes, the interest and excitement grows.
He fits: – Why are you here? – To submit to you, to give you pleasure.
He is pleased with the answer.
– We go to the room.
She will rise from her knees, follow Him.
“Were you allowed to rise from your knees?” Silently lowered.
Crawl uncomfortable.
But slowly.
She is definitely happy.
There is a time to be nervous.
He sits down on the sofa, she is at his feet on his knees.
– Get up, undress.
Gently removes his blouse, then skirt, unbuttons his bra.
The chest is already excited.
Nipples are hard.
Looks at Him a little furtively.
He definitely likes her condition.
– At this point, stop.
Turn to my booty – I want to see you from all sides.
Turns around.

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Her fear leaves somewhere, only excitement remains.
She wants to do whatever He tells her.
– Lean down.
Feet wider.
Bounce on ass.
She flowed even more.
He noticed it.
Assessing the humidity in her crotch, with three fingers at once, I was satisfied.
Fixed clothespins on the nipples.
It hurts enough.
– Get on your knees.
He takes the champagne, goes for the glasses.
– For the meeting! And for your first session.
“For the meeting,” she naps from the glass.
– I think you can be to the bottom.
– Thank.
– she smiles.
Champagne helps her relax a little.
He takes the rope.
Ties her hands behind her back.
Hard enough.
Unleash yourself will not work exactly a few skeins around the chest for fixation.
– Rise from your knees.
Remember, I told you about the device for punishment “donkey”? – I remember.
– The same can be made of ropes.
There is a smile on her face.
She does not care.
She wants to belong to him.
Yes, she already belongs to him.
He can do whatever he wants.
And she does not even remember the stop word.
Rope from the shoulders through her crotch.
Now her every breath, her every movement responds to the rope on the clitoris.
The rope also touches the clothespins on the chest – bringing a very sensual pain.
Bondage is over.
He looks at her appreciatively.
In His view, it is clear that He likes her.
He runs his hand over the body, touching the nipples, “straightening” the rope, he reaches the inside of the thighs.
She trembles with excitement.
Rudely takes her hair, drawing her closer, kissing with power.
Humidity between her legs rolls over.
– How much do I owe you there, dear? – 34.
– Get down.
First hit.
She sobbed in surprise.
– Beats need to be considered.
If you do not count – it means that there was no blow.
Clear? – All clear.
This is a controversial question who likes whipping more.
At first, probably, to her: he believes confidently, one can even say proudly. Online anonymous sexting.

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guess whether the same suit in one hand, and if the same, then what color in the right.
This is to intrigue fairies, but in the end I won neither a little nor a hundred credits.
This was my first nightmare earnings.
Goblins, my cute goblins, long-nosed, sharp-toothed, something like rats.
Usually they were contemptuous of people-colonists, they were considered weak and hardy enough, and their appearance was ugly.
But I managed to agree with them and the goblins became secret agents of my intelligence.
It’s nice to deal with intelligent creatures, and the goblins were the smartest of all the natives.
They agreed to explore the places of residence of the hobbits, to follow the work of the giants.
And I promised them free access to the brothel, where not only elves, but also hobbit females, lustful as bunnies, will be at their services! ” And finally, he hired a giant team to build a dairy farm on the site of my forest concession.
“No, gentlemen, giants, no advance, I do not know you, you do not know me, because payment is only on the fact of the work done.
You have to build a palisade of logs around the site, houses for elves, a house for me and a barn.
Everyone as a payment will be a delicious eddish chick, eat on health. ”
Giants agreed with joy.
for them, the elf is not just a rare, but a rare delicacy.
For me to give part of the future prey to be devoured is a loss.
But what to do, stingy, as you know, pays twice.
Needless to say, it was all pure bluff.
I still have not only a forest brothel and elves, but even a brigade of hunters behind them.
Farm breeding for meat and a tribe of halflings of the hobbits either.
And the gnomes promised roulette only in a week.
But strangers are local creatures with the game of poker and therefore do not know how to bluff, but I can.
Risk? Of course.
If I break these agreements, I’m finished! But as they say on Earth.

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he who does not risk, does not drink champagne.
And the evening ended with a grand sack with fairy Christine.
She conjured a tent for us, made herself a classic figure 90-60-90 and naked waited for me around a chic bed.
Yes, the absence of normal women on this planet is a great incentive for intercourse with a fairy, even smoking a pipe! How she hugged me with her legs, how she worked under my ass! Her ahs and ohs were probably heard for a kilometer! Fantasy! Our business and sexual union is especially good at persuading the absence of jealousy, if one of us wants to fuck “on the side.”
– You, my dear, do not be offended, but I can not miss a single astronaut: – the points above And, thus, have been set.
I agree, at least Christine will not be jealous and do dirty tricks when I amuse myself with my elven concubines.
FARMER Two days later, I was already training five bottles of unemployed colonists in whaling on John Bottles’ farm.
There are two chess pawns on the stump, centimeters ten apart from each other.
– Bring down the nearest pawn with the whip, and do not hook the furthest one.
The men try, they earn two credits a day.
The police ask when I invite to kebabs, but I still have

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no news from the goblins.
I now have no time to drink a bottle of brew with John.
I bought a chick Iola from him and moved into her house, taking with me the elf Galadriel.
She, however, winced.
she is a princess, albeit without panties, and she was settled with another chick.
“Chicks,” I told them, “now I will cut off your clits.”
With them you are like hermaphrodites bisexual, and I’m not so nice to fuck you.
Come on surgery.
Chicks came up and I cut off the clits like boys’ pussies, and in order of reward gave each shorts.
– Just remember, the custom of John’s farm does not break – in the yard walk naked, and in our house paint in shorts.
We’ll move to our farm the other day, always wake up in shorts.
There is nothing for elven men to rush at you, because your pussies will only be visited by my member.
From this day you are not for milk or slaughter for meat, you are my ersatz women.
Be proud! Only on the fourth day did the goblins receive information about the Hobbit village in the area of ??my future farm.
I bought helmets for my hunters, fairy Christine said the magic word breke-ke and brought us to the area.
And to herself this transfer Kristina wrote down in the register for the report in good deeds.
The settlement consisted of three large holes, from which stones immediately flew into us.
It got to my hunters, but they managed to back the doors of the hobbit houses.
Then they prepared hooks, ropes and other tackle, without haste, laid them out in order, dragged a large pile of brushwood. Webcam muscle porn.

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Now you will live here with me, said the dragon.
“But first, I must test you in practice.”
Become a cancer! Frightened, Belozhopka got down on all fours and, holding the dress up higher, spread her buttocks and waited for the dragon to petrify, and she would be free.
But nothing happened to the dragon.
Pukni, my dear, otherwise I’m a blind dragon, I don’t see anything, but by the sound and smell I’ll understand where you need to go.
White-faced bone is already numb and almost fainted.
How could this happen? Does the dragon fuck her now? From fear and excitement and the princess stomach ached, and she involuntarily released gases.
They were barely audible, but this was enough for the dragon.
Bilozhopka felt like a huge and wet cock dragon touched her anus.
She wanted to scream, but the thick head of the kidnapper’s member, having stretched the anus, squeezed inside the princess.

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Her scream stuck somewhere in the throat.
She closed her eyes and tried to relax, as the dragon’s cock confidently sank into her asshole, and Belozhopka could not escape from him.
“What a nice, tight ass,” breathed the dragon.
“Relax and enjoy, my princess.”
Belozopka had no other choice, and she began to enjoy.
Exposing her breasts, the princess began to stroke her nipples, and the dragon’s cock all sank and plunged into it.
God, thought the princess, how long he is.
Finally, a member of the dragon completely entered the ass Belozhopki.
It even seemed to her that she could feel the head of the dragon’s dick if she pressed herself on the stomach.
For a while nothing happened, and then the dragon with sharp movements began to fuck the princess in her ass, plunging her dick to its full length.

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It seemed to Belozhopka that she was about to tear herself off the ground and would hang on the penis of the dragon, like a puppet, so solid and big was his penis.
Stroking and squeezing her breasts, Belozhopka managed to finish as much as three times, and these were incredibly strong and bright orgasms that she could not experience while playing with fruit and vegetables.
– Oh yeah! I’ll finish now !.
Watch out These words of a dragon sounded like thunder and echoed throughout the cave.
The princess felt like a member of the dragon tensed and seemed to have increased by a factor of one and a half.
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But about 6 months later I noticed that every time she became drunker and drunker, and, moreover, she herself liked the state of intoxication! And in this situation I really liked the fact that alcohol makes of it a real lustful female, thirsting for sex !!! In such a state, she herself attacks me, and permits me to do anything with myself, so long as I satisfy her insane lust! Then the neighbor took Lena into circulation altogether, switching to stronger drinks.
And for my wife, a lot of it is not necessary – 150 grams of vodka, and she is already drunk, and if you drink 250, then you need to hold the apartment !!! We had recently sat down in the kitchen, drank 0, 7 for two, and she needed the toilet.
So she barely got up from the stool, I had to hold on to the table to get up! She walked along the corridor — she held on to the walls so as not to fall, and yet at the end she crashed to the floor! I then barely lifted her from the floor, dragged her to the toilet, set her on the pot, and also supported her while she wrote that she did not fall on the floor.
And then I could not get up from the toilet.
So she dragged her in the ass drunk, with pants down in the bedroom.

For her – this is the limit, she was completely out !.
The meeting of the new year was in full swing.
Our neighbor, Irina, has gathered a merry company.
Lena wore a narrow white evening dress, almost to the floor, with a neckline to the thigh and a deep neckline that accentuates her large breasts.

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On her feet were high-heeled shoes, and under the dress only narrow thongs, so that underpants would not come out through the tightly fitting dress.
When my wife and I arrived, there were almost no seats at the table and the hostess spread us to different ends of the table, and I was next to her, and my wife was seated between two Caucasians, (by sight Georgians or Armenians) a solid gray-haired 55 years old, judging by the clothes and the ring with the clock, the man is far from poor, and a strong man of about 40 (as I later understood not by chance), who were courting my wife as best they could, whispering something in her ear, sometimes she laughed and sometimes a more serious policy and, as it were, between times, filling her glass with champagne and not letting it empty.
At the table, the noise, din, frequent clinking and mutual congratulations on the coming.
Well, everything is as it should be.
I tried to entertain Irka, who occasionally glanced at me with lustful eyes and a few.
I once invited me to a dance, during which I clung tightly to me and tried to rub my pubis about my leg, which made me not so full, but increased in size.
My wife danced alternately with one, then with another Caucasians, I occasionally watched them, but did not notice anything obscene during the dances.
And between the dances, one of the gentlemen offered Helen a filled glass of champagne.
Then again, a feast, at some point I noticed that Irka, who was already very warm, led my Lenka into the kitchen, which by this time, too, was pretty drunk, followed by two new suitor of

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my wife.
I waited 15 minutes, and then went to see where my wife was.
The door to the kitchen was closed, and voices were heard from the kitchen, it seemed that my wife was trying to convince something: Lenochka, do not worry, everything is orderly, no one will hurt you and no distortions and bullying, only those two conditions and besides just 10 days.
We will make you a sick-list for a month, and Irishka will join us for a couple of days.
Irisha, are you bringing us in? – it was the voice of the one who was older. Blonde model with big boobs.

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