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A man for 4 hours so turned her head that she was right there in the park on his stump and gave herself up.
Then I tortured her with requests for details of this meeting, and each time new details, new details surfaced.
posture looks, that’s what I eventually managed to collect from the memories.
The fact that she cheated on me, I learned immediately on the same day, but everything was told, so.
that it was very difficult to understand whether it was true or not, for this story I was excited, but I did not alert, well, what can a woman think up for a year sitting at home with a child! Besides, I thought that she wasn’t sexy at all and I’d never meet each other on the street !!! In general, it was love, love at first sight, she wanted to listen to watch to tell him ,.
most likely, fuck and talk))) There was spring, a green park, working time – there were practically no one people – there were two of them, he had a guitar, his own poems, stories about adventures, she missed the romance of Madame and her child.
The process went very quickly, from poems went to a walk, then it took to feed the child, as the wife told me – when they turned into the forest she already knew that they would fuck and was ready.
We went into the woods and sat on the stump, he was there alone and he had to take her in her arms and she is a child.
Fed up (I think it was the most erotic feeding in her whole life).
The child fell asleep, and she began to do him a blow job, moreover, as she told, she was the initiator, down with jeans and a member entered her vagina, he finished on her, dried off with a baby cloth, it was already evening and he took her home.

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Agreed to meet tomorrow.
That night I set a record for sexual acts, and I came to the conclusion that my wife had an interest in sex))) They met again tomorrow – and the process was repeated with the only difference that there were less guitars and poems and more sex.

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immediately took her to the “old” place and fucked her first in the mouth, then she laid the jacket on and removed everything from her.
Put on his knees.
Both holes wife got their.
She practically didn’t fuck with me from behind – she said that she was in pain, and there they were all very pleased.
then again a walk with verses but the same is not long.
The man offered to come to visit us with his wife tomorrow (here I learned the strange word Sng), and again the bushes, this time, just standing near the tree – one leg higher than the other.
As my wife told me later, since she never wanted to go there, she was very wet so that she even had to wipe her, even before the process.
He took her home and agreed to see her tomorrow.
For me it was another day of the marathon. We fucked my wife for 2 days 24 times, 1 time per hour.
The next day she was in all the weapons in the same place (the panties stayed at home, and instead of trousers a skirt), but.
he disappeared, he appeared a year later.
But that’s another story.
The day was St. Petersburg windy and dank.
The thinned crowd of mourners were flying under umbrellas near the tall and snow-white iceberg of the board of the Baltic-Lines Flying Dutchman cruise liner.
Hiding from the slanting rain, we hurried behind the efficient steward in the sky-blue uniform jacket on the seventh deck suite.
We are Igor and I, Vera and nephew Vitalik, and Ella Markovna, whose company, instead of Professor Vershkov, who had left for the scientific congress, was made by our old acquaintance Pasha.
It has been only a year since we became closely acquainted with Vera at a memorial party at Ivan’s house, and only a few months after our rally in Europe with a professorial couple, but what metamorphoses have happened to both women! Live tv show porn.

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Live sex chat blackstelli. crime: but – fall in love? in the boy ?! What is it like? – he didn’t understand: “It’s good that the foreman didn’t find out in the morning: You have to be careful!” Stasik agreed: “It is necessary.
How he: this: could forget? “” And you yourself? About fat thought? “- Sanya smiled.
“Fuck! You’re some kind: this: rude!” “Exactly, old one.
I am far from you: – the castle platoon laughed.
– You are a poet: “The shoutman shouted:” The company! Attention! It is free! “” And Davlet: vociferous, fucking, cock: “- Stasik thought out loud.
“You: not him, by chance, fucked?” “He has his kents:” “Company, build!” – the daily shouted loudly.
On the construction of the divorce, and Sanya gave the command: “The second platoon! Become !.
In short, Stasik: the visitor of the temples, fuck! You get high: and who should clean the mattresses? I? The third time you forget: you forget again, and – and you, Stasik, know me! – behind the key do not come.
Dryuch in the dryer, in the toilet: anywhere! The key will not give: “” Clear, Sanya, – Stas replied.
– I am: it is: not a kid! “” Okay! – like summing up, he slapped Sanya on the shoulder of Stas’s friend.
“Husband!” “You yourself are a husband: everything, I am silent!” “That’s better!” Laughing, they both hurried into the line: Stasik, without recognizing who he was in the captain, was pleased, taking his place, Stasik winked Misha; the poor guy, nervously twitching, hiccupped.
“What are you doing?” – Valery quietly whispered, squinting.
Ahead, Igor scratched across his trousers where my boy’s mink was, and – Gena smiled, vigilantly watched: Gena agreed with him, Igor – Igor promised: Misha poured out sweat, but – dry: Ashot was bored: Sanya thought about Valerka: Misha thought about the letter: The platoon thought about the coming test: And the spring already smelled frosty air, and the blue sky: Mouth, moving his eyebrows menacingly, in conclusion said: “To classes, company: free! Live sex chat blackstelli.

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In the meantime, newer portions of water poured into Vera’s guts and soon she whined: “Doctor, I can’t hold the water anymore! Let me go to the potty!”
“Must hold!”, I snapped, “breathe deeply through your mouth! Didn’t you learn this at the hospital?”
“They were taught!” The girl agreed and really breathed with her mouth.
“How much water did you put in there?”, I asked Andrei in a whisper.
“I have no idea!”, He also replied, “lil until the mug was full.

And what, it was necessary less? “.
“In my opinion, half would be enough.
But now nothing can be done, it will infuse all.
Come on, I’ll hold the mug, and you run away, bring the bucket, where she vyratstsya! ”, I ordered him.
Andrei ran to the bathroom and soon returned from there, holding a bowl in his hands.
“I didn’t find the bucket in a hurry,” he explained, “perhaps it was carried away somewhere.
The day before yesterday, when she was also given an enema, it still was. ”
“Nothing, the bowl will come off, it’s even better,” I reassured him.
“Doctor!”, Verachka again whimpered, “is there still a lot of water in the mug?”.
“About half,” I replied, looking inside the mug.

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“Oh, doctor, that’s enough, I can’t take it anymore! I didn’t do such a big enema at the hospital!”
“Oh, so!”, Andrei intervened, “means you want to go back to the hospital?”.
“Oh, no, no!”, The girl screamed back.
“Well, then lie down and be quiet!” Said Andrei instructively.
Vera fell silent and again began to breathe heavily through her mouth.
“Listen, maybe it was really worth stopping the enema? Suddenly her intestines burst?” Andrew whispered in my ear.
“Nothing, stand it!”, I also answered, “because a full circle is the norm for adults, and she is already an adult in her figure.”
“Well, as you know, you are a doctor,” Andrew grinned.
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My laptop is at work.
It is not excluded that the people will see by chance.
The chef will be very upset::::.
if we do not use all the possibilities in the negotiation process.
-You cattle.
From her tone I realized that I won this fight.
-In general, so.
In your bed should get both.
One by one they will not crack, they will stand like a fortress.
Not for me to teach you.
Vaughn eight dragged.
-Not true.
Yes, yes, according to the classics of the genre.
I’m not guilty.
He himself came.
Dinner was in the best style.
It’s as if by chance, Zoya, looking somewhere to the side, at the most opportune moment, when they, heated by a double whiskey, squinted their eyes on her legs in a short dress, showed them the unbeatable gesture of Sharon Stone with her legs crossed. Best free adult cam chat.

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