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Mom’s probably in a hurry. ”
“Yes, I need to be at work by one o’clock, but I still have a couple of hours.
So I will have breakfast with you, and I will wash again.
And then we have turned off the hot water.
Can I heat a bath, mom? “” Of course you can.
Now we will send Antoshka a bath to heat, but for now we will lay the table. ”
When everyone had eaten and exchanged the news, Elizaveta Sergeevna said.
“Well, kids, go for a while, and mom and I will go to the bathhouse.
She is just ready.
And then my mother will soon leave.
And then you will wash yourself. ”
Masha and Zhenya fled to the street, and Anton went to the second floor and sat in front of the TV.
The grandmother went upstairs, took a package from the closet, a towel, and she and her mother went to wash.
Anton sat in front of the TV.
His mood was bad.
He absolutely did not want to sit all summer in the country.
One of the main reasons was that all of their pornographic magazines and tapes had to be left at home so that when they moved they could not be found by their mother.
Anton was twelve years old.
He was born “between” his sisters.
Masha was thirteen, and Zhenya was eleven.
He did not have pubic hair yet, but the member was already standing, although it was not very big yet.
Like any teenager, his dick got up for almost any reason.
He often jerked off, watching porn movies and magazines and presenting different situations with different women.
Tried to spy on the girls in the locker rooms, but it never succeeded.
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My palm and fingers felt hot and bloated marks, painful streaks on his skin.
Sergey slid inside me, looked intently into my eyes and moved to my fingers with a faded burning shoulder.
I felt these red-hot knobs and it was unbearably bitter.
Her chest ached with a thin, sharp pain.
Sergey smiled contentedly and the light in my eyes faded – I turned off.
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