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I had no choice but to place my bucket between her legs.
– Conveniently? – She asked, and when she saw my affirmative nod, after a second she forgot about me, and turned away to the screen.
A moment later, she let go of her skirt and began to take up the popcorn.
What can I say? I could no longer look towards the screen, when the sight opened before my eyes is much more interesting.
Mother’s skirt, having lost the effort that kept her in a decently covered state, crawled upwards, exposing her lush thighs.
Not so much at all, as you thought, but enough to see the white triangle of her panties, flashing in the flashes of the movie screen, as in a strobe light.
I on the machine scooped up a full handful of popcorn and carried it to my mouth, without taking my eyes off my mother’s crotch.
I didn’t calculate the amount of popcorn – it obviously didn’t fit in my mouth.
I tried to shove it all over, but nothing worked and I realized with fear that he was falling out of my mouth and falling down.
Several grains fell under the feet on the rug, and several moms between the legs.
I stood still, with my mouth full of popcorn, staring fearfully at my mother’s side, in the darkness trying to see the expression on her face.
But nothing happened.
Either she was so keen on the film, or she simply did not notice – but not a single muscle flinched on her face.
Dove with your effort popcorn, trying not to utter more than a grain, trembling.

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With my hand, I began to reach the ill-starred corn.
Yes, here she is! It lies directly on top, in the hollow between the legs.
With two trembling fingers, trying not to touch her legs, I approached slowly to the damn grain.
It remains only to firmly hold it between the tips of the fingers – and the rescue operation would have been successfully completed.
But then Suddenly, for some strange reason, she stood up and leaned back with her whole body.
Quickly stretched her knee from under the steering column and set her leg perfectly straight.
I did not even have time to blink an eye, as her knee appeared right in front of my eyes.
Mom put her hands on the seat, trying to raise herself, and automatically transferred part of the weight to her right leg, which found support exactly on my dignity.
From this unexpected maneuver, her toes were right on my most vulnerable spot.
The flesh of the thumb pressed down exactly where.
Well, you know – at the base of the head, where all the nerve endings are concentrated.
For greater stability, she twisted and pushed her feet back and forth several times, and finally stood up, having finally found a foothold.
But it was too late.
The familiar tickling was growing in the testicles and rising at lightning speed.
And already no effort of will, and a convulsive contraction of the muscles could stop him.
I just managed to press the head with a T-shirt, otherwise everything would be not only on my chest, but also on the ceiling of the cabin.
The sticky mash crept over my stomach, instantly forming a wet spot on my T-shirt.
Mom, feeling something was wrong, abruptly removed her leg.
I, like a hunted

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animal, looked at her.
She sat up straight, her mouth clamped palm, eyes of five cents.
Either she was terrified of her deed, or she simply covered her mouth so as not to burst out laughing.
– My son, I did not want.
Sorry – she said suddenly and rushed to her purse, shaking out all the contents from it.
Finally she found what she was looking for and passed on to me.
These were napkins.
I feverishly began to squeeze out my mess, sneaking at her. Sexy girls live cam.

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Tears splashed out of my eyes, my testicles ached terribly, but I suddenly found out that, despite the pain, the excitement does not decrease, but only grows, and I again feel pleasure spreading in waves from the perineum all over my body! – Excuse me, Madam, I will be obedient! – Still would! I’ll beat the crap out of you! You will be with me like silk! – Oksana tore the rod and cleaned it from the leaves.
– Mom, hold this careless one, I will teach him a little lesson! I think twenty strikes him enough.
Madam took me by the neck and clamped my head between my legs! I tried to move, but her steel hips tightened like a vise: “Stand still!” You are our thing, so we will do with you what we want! I did not see what was happening, and it was terrible! Every second I was waiting for a strike, but it still turned out to be unexpected: the pain burned my ass, and with every second it only flared up more and more!

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I twitched, but Madam held me tight, and after a dozen blows I was tearfully begging for mercy: – Madam, I beg you, stop! I will be obedient! – But Oksana was adamant, and only increased the force of blows, until I got everything in full.
The lady opened her hips, and I fell to my knees, my legs did not hold me, the member fell out long ago.
Oksana sighed loudly and threw the rod away: – Thank for the punishment, slave! Mistress cares for you, kiss the shoe! – Oksana flushed and a little bit her breath, but it did not spoil her.
She was not fat, but strong, fat was, but in the right places and did not spoil her much.
Perhaps that is why I was able to climb into her old dress.
I turned to Oksana on my knees and kissed the little toe of my shoes: to be at the girl’s feet, to look up at her, to feel her power over me – how great it is!

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The member again began to pour strength, and soon it was standing upright.
– Look, dear, he likes it all! – Mrs. shook the tip of my shoe up my organ.
– He is a real slave! – Yes, Mom, he has good potential! I want to train him! – Yes, dear, of course! I have so much to do! – Mrs. lightly slapped on the member shoe, – why is he hanging out at you ?! Alively put in place! I immediately sat down, spreading his legs, and put his penis in the proper place.
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I did not allow anyone to my ears, even my husband.
But I threw in doubt and surrendered to him.
Complete trust.
Absolute faith.
His fingers began to massage my neck and shoulders, but I do not think that I would be able to relax even more.
“Do you want to go to bed?” He asked.
Just like in a bar, from his breath on my skin, goose bumps ran down my back.
I did not hesitate.
The time of doubt has passed.
At the same time, we got up, washed off the foam, and reached for the towels, releasing water from the bath.
In the dim light, we reveled in each other, naked and without embarrassment.
I wiped it off, admiring every scar I found and the second tattoo on his left shoulder blade.

Someone, probably by chance, loudly slammed the next door and this knock most likely woke up half a floor. Hd squirt cam.

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In general, the bummer loomed on the horizon uttermost.
I even turned my attention to Ira, the girl who was in my “top five” of favorites.
She flirted with me very transparently and, with the right approach, she could be “taken with bare hands”.
I do not know what this evening would have ended.
Surely having sex with Irka, because our communication has consistently taken a substantive interest in continuing the evening in private.
But at that moment the “white dance” was announced.
Ladies invited men.
And Liza swam up to me, with a drunken smile on her lips (we “gave” according to cognac already thorough for this moment), and an invitation to

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Although spun – loudly said.
Just swaying to the rhythm of music, hugging in the center of the dance floor.
We talked about all sorts of nonsense, buried his lips in each other’s ears.
I can not say that intentionally, but my hand to the middle of the dance, for some reason, slipped from the waist to her delicious ass.
Lizka did not approve of this, putting her hand in place.
Probubl is discontented, but not viciously (it inspired me to further accomplishments) that the hall was full — full of her acquaintances, who would certainly report to the young man on this incident to her young man in Moscow.
Since he is also a student, and our compatriot.
Even if from another city.
I counterattacked the provocative question: And if we were alone, would you have removed your hand anyway? She was embarrassed, did not immediately answer: Nuuu.

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I do not know.
I don’t want to think about it.
we are not alone anyway.
The answer was more than satisfactory to me.
I continued to pull the “fish out of the pond”, offering: So maybe, let’s go, take a walk? Breathe fresh air.
Alone, again, stay.
Lisa replied that she would not be able to go to the street with me.
It will be even more suspicious if we go somewhere together.
Because we will not do anything reprehensible, and evil tongues will think it out all by themselves (I didn’t understand, she told me about Ponte, or really thought that when we were alone under the moon, we would talk about higher matters).
In general, it was clear from her that she didn’t mind going into all grave bachelor’s situations.
But she was not free, and ochkalo wildly about this.
But what the hell, then, she pulled me to the dance? I definitely missed something.
As soon as the dance was over, I sat down at the table and was about to drink.
Here it dawned on me! Lisa was simply embarrassed to directly offer to take a booze, and move from a crowded place, to a more secluded setting where she could feel more relaxed.
The girl very delicately hinted to me about it, but I, the green ram, had never caught up with it.
Without a second’s delay, I took the phone out of my pocket, and with a “ax chopped up” SMS-ku sent her: “My hut is free.
What to take? “Martini” (she spent the whole evening “Martini” sling) or something stronger? “.
She read my message, immediately unsubscribed with a contented smile: “Tougher;) And take the cigarettes.
Take the rest at your discretion.
Write address.
I will leave first, do not leave right behind me, we will burn ”.
The fact that she wants the forbidden pleasures, said literally every word of the message.
At first, I did not know that she smokes.
She never showed it in public.
Secondly, she decided to raise the degree of alcohol.
Thirdly, in plain text I asked where to go.
So she understood that we would not even be with my parents.
Where I live – she knew very well.
I wrote her the address of my elder sister, who had gone to the seaside the night before, with her husband. Webcam roulette xxx.

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