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She had to get up and go to the bathroom.
I wanted to help her as much as I could, but she mischievously smiled and closed the door.
I had to obey and go to the stage of loading the collected things into the car in the yard.
By the time the loading was completed, she went out to the bathroom and went to breakfast.
Quickly having breakfast, we went out into the yard, got into the car and at the maximum speed allowed by the rules went out of town.
We had to travel long enough, because the ideal place for the planned event was found in a small village, 100 kilometers from the city.
The village was distinguished by clear spring water, large semi-abandoned fields and rare birch groves planted only 10 years ago.
We arrived quickly.
On the highway, it was possible to keep high speed, and the forest road was surprisingly well-groomed.

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Staying near a small but cozy, chopped house, we got out of the car.
Hastily they collected backpacks, filled the jars with drinking water and went to the “secret place”.
The place turned out to be really secret.
It was a high hill in the center of a birch grove, as if it had been specially left so that lovers could retire there.
In the clearing stood high for this time green grass.
I stored backpacks in the shade of birch.
And she went to the very center of the clearing where she spread a towel.
She lay down to sunbathe.
I quickly built something similar to a table, because soon dinner time, I covered it and joined it.
An attempt to sunbathe under the soft sun, listen to the chirping of grasshoppers, the noise of the foliage and her voice was interrupted.
Opening my eyes, I saw a spider crawling on her tummy.

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I do not like to share my beloved with any insects, because I sent an uninvited guest to walk in the grass, and he engaged in “processing” the way my “competitor” walked along Her body.
I must say that I like to look at her dressed in a small swimsuit, and she likes to give me pleasure from seeing her like this.
But in unity with nature, in such beauty, he is unlikely to benefit her, leaving bright stripes on her body.
At first, I decided to save Her from the top.
Carefully turning it on its side, I again began the journey from the neck, moving along the obstacle course.
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I got dressed and went to the appointed metro station.
Having met with Michael, we headed to one sauna.
Mikhail was like a Caucasian, but spoke without an accent, apparently one of his parents from there.
When we entered the lane before the gallant Michael began to paw me on the ass and asked: “Do you really want what you wrote to me in the chat?” I replied that I really wanted to and pressed against his pants.
We ordered a sauna and went inside.
Then take off your clothes, slut! Cooked her pussy? Of course, – I replied, and began to undress.
Misha took some bags from his bag and threw them on the bed.
Go to the toilet, change clothes! I want you to look like a whore.
There were a variety of women’s things, then what I so long dreamed of.
I took them and walked over to Michael, knelt down and, looking into his eyes, said: You spoil me! I dreamed about this, how can I thank you? I’ll think about it.
And now quickly go transform bitch !, – he picked me up, turned in the direction of the toilet and slapped me on the buttock.
I went or already went to the toilet, there in front of a large mirror I started to put on what Misha gave me.
There were black stockings, the same thong, mini-skirt, little white with hearts topic and cosmetics.
In the beginning, put on stockings, nylon so excitingly caressed my legs.
Then the thongs hid my cock in the laces, of course the end of the cork, which was slightly spreading my buns, they could not hide.
Then he dressed up in a skirt, put on this young topic – it looked very even nothing.
It remains only to make up, but then I heard that someone had entered the sauna and judging by the voices it was not one person.

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Then three men came to me.
What a slender bitch you brought us, one of them praised me.
On! Wear it too! – said another and threw me a wig.
To be honest, I was shocked, did not know what to do, but decided – come what may! I did not want to spoil the already created mood.
I put on my lips, mascara failed eyelashes, put on a wig and now – I’m ready.
I was shaken, I sighed and went out to them.
ABOUT! Come on, come on, sit down, – said one and put his arm around his waist and sat at the table where the newly arrived alcohol stood.
We drank, met, their name was Arthur, Garik, and there was another Misha.
All pretty pleasant looking.
And how will we call you? – Arthur asked me, who was the bigger and older of all (he was under 40).
I replied that they can call me whatever they want, because I’m their whore.
The guys consulted and decided to call me Katka.
now Katka you have to prove that you are a real whore.
You will lick us a point! What??! I will not do it! Will you! More like you will, bitch! – Garik took me by the neck and tilted to the pope Misha, who was sitting at the half-turn.
Nooo! I do not want! What?? Whore will we cross? – Arthur took out his belt, and Garik closed his mouth.
Then they grabbed me by the legs, pulled up the skirt that was not really hiding my ass, and Arthur began to mercilessly whip me with a belt.
My buns seemed to be burnt with flames.
But after 10 hard hits I was let go.
Well, will you obey us, Katka? Yes! Of course, – I replied.
Just don’t hurt me

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Then lick your ass, slut! – and I began to lick ass Misha.
The excitement subsided, and my tongue cleaned out their bad-smelling, hairy holes.
Soon I was a little used and this bitter taste ceased to seem so monstrous.
At the same time, my oppressors simply communicated with each other.
Okay, enough! Over drink, Katyushka! This is a drink of love, ”said Arthur, handing me a glass of wine.
I drank everything to the bottom.
Soon you yourself will do everything if only we fucked you! Apparently they poured something there because soon I began to get excited again, but somehow it was strange – my cock did not get up, but as if there was a weary excitement in the lower abdomen. Living sex toy delivery 1.

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The next day, Mrs. did not go to work, she decided to rest.
She woke up around noon and basked in bed for a long time.
While the slaves helped the Lady to take the morning toilet, Olga reported: The builders brought the plan, according to him, all the works will be completed in twenty-three days.
I found where you can order and buy strollers for walking.
Then you will show me the sites and tell where you can order a pram.
I’ll go, have breakfast, and then go down to the basement and work out my pets.
She went to the dining room, where the table was already laid, having breakfast, went down to the basement.
Going to the slave cage, she noted with satisfaction that the slave’s wounds were almost healed, only tattoos and stigma stood out very strongly.
For a long time we have not seen you, now I myself will personally take care of your upbringing, which I do more than honor to such a jerk like you.

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At first I didn’t know what to do with you, you will never serve me, for that I have enough of my slaves, especially since I simply hate men.
To beat you to death, the easiest way out for you.
I decided to make you a horse, you will be my pony fight.
I will ride and move on you, and I will also put you in a cart with other horses, and you will roll me.
To carry me you need to constantly train, you must be strong and resilient so as not to drop me when I ride you and in no case should you fizzle out ahead of time.
Soon you will move out of this cage into a stall, now they are finishing the stable, just for losers like you.
There you will drag out your miserable existence.
Turning to Mashke, she said: Prepare a slave for the trip, put all the equipment I bought on him and bring him into the house, and I will go with Liza, get ready for the ride.

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Mrs. Lizka ordered to dress herself in a classic style, as riders dress.
The slave woman put on her white tightly fitting leggings, boots that were wearing spurs, a white blouse and black gloves completed the dress of the Amazon.
In this outfit, Catherine was especially beautiful, even slaves constantly serving the Hostess, never seen her so beautiful.
Sitting in the chair, Mrs. sent Lizka behind the stack.
She brought it in her teeth and respectfully handed it to the Lady and said: Mistress, you are dazzlingly beautiful.
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“I am watching a movie,” I answered honestly.
Roma muffled the sound of the TV a little, but he didn’t put it on pause.
“And what about the fucking thing?” – About how to suck! – I laughed, making another approach to Roma’s dick, letting the guy know exactly how I can suck if desired.
– Oh, this is interesting! And how do you suck? – Igor asked sympathetically.
– It is necessary to suck with the soul! – I quickly once again planted my mouth on Roma’s dick, without worrying about the sound accompaniment at all.
– Suck it always and everywhere! And in general, the place of real whores is on your knees, with a dick in your mouth! – I added with a laugh, reinforcing my words with very dexterous hand movements.
In the eyes of Romka such a wild desire burned to bend me and fuck off, that for a moment I even felt a little sorry for him.
The guy was obviously on the move trying to figure out which game I dragged him in and who was the ex-boyfriend or husband on the other end of the line? Lust, however, clearly won – the guy simply took my hair and several times simply drove his cudgel into my mouth.
“This is my pobyadushka,” laughed Igor.
– Come on, tell me about how you would suck me! Roma with some reluctance released my head, realizing that Igor, most likely, will not wait long for an answer.
“I would do everything very beautifully,” I quickly wiped my mouth from excess saliva and stood up.
– I would raise a topic for you to see my fucking boobs, – I pulled the fabric up and started playing with nipples.
– Would play with them in front of you.
In all eyes looking at your standing dick.

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Would you ask: “How do you suck? Slow, deep? Or maybe fast? Slap your dick on my cheeks? Or just lie down on the sofa and let you fuck my damn mouth? ”I said, pathetically, looking directly at Roma’s dick.
The guy could not resist and got up, in an instant he put me on his knees and stuffed his dick in my mouth.
I attacked him in a frenzy, realizing that very soon I would have to interrupt for a while.
– Do it slowly, hey! – hoarsely sounded from the tube after a half-minute silence.
– Tell me in all

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details, redhead slut! I stood up a little and pushed Roma, forcing him to sit back down on the sofa.
“I take the penis in my hand, spend it with my fingertips,” I languidly began to describe my actions.
– I will moisten my hand with saliva, spread it on the member as it should.
I know you like wet suction.
“Yes, pobryadushka, you know me,” judging by his voice, Igor, on the other end, has already begun to play.
– Go on, nipple! – I’ll lick your cock a few times.
From the very eggs to the tip, ”I repeated everything I had just said.
– And several times slowly take in your mouth as deep as possible! I opened my lips wide and slowly planted on a firmly standing cock.
To be honest, the game fascinated me.
I liked the lustful look of Roma.
He looked at me as if he had seen such a girl for the first time.
With wild adoration.
But at the same time, it was felt that he was not just stripping me with his eyes — no, it was already completely different.
Romka already simply mentally fucked me.
in all possible postures and in all slots.
Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a couple of his friends in his imagination.
Well, or a couple of my girlfriends – that’s someone like more like.
– Then I’ll go over his hands again and only now will I start to slowly suck, teasing you more! – I exactly repeated everything I had just said and stopped for a long time – it is difficult to suck and talk at the same time.
– I want to fuck you! – a minute later said Igor.
– Come on, flip, humor me! With a bit of anguish, I lost my temper – Romka clearly liked my suction and didn’t want to stop at all.
The guy with a displeased grimace looked at the phone next to him and looked at me.
I shrugged my shoulders and asked with my lips: “How do you want me?” Romka did not need much time to think. Nancy333 bongacams.

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