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I tried to relax to the maximum, but the pain could not be avoided.
and he put his dick in my ass, very slowly, but surely.
then back.
I felt that blood was flowing, but this did not seem to embarrass him.
He repeated a couple of times and then thrust me a full blow at his entire length.
I exploded with a loud scream! And he began to fuck my ass.
a member changed under me, and he stood in front of me, and began to give in my mouth, and quickly finished, then the hot liquid began to fill my guts.
he took out.
I was given cancer.
and, I do not know how many people, apparently everyone who was there, began to fuck me in the ass.
some ended up inside, some on the back, others on the face or in the mouth.
I lost my sense of reality, and the expense of orgasms.
it seemed like it was one.

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endless orgasm.
I woke up in the morning.
found herself covered with a blanket in the arms of her girlfriend.
and we were both from head to toe in semen.
My name is Marina and I want to tell you, O dear reader, the heartbreaking story of love and violence.
I am a pretty red-haired 17-year-old girl, once my father sent me to a summer camp in the Crimea for the summer, which was more like a boarding house, as the counselors spent little time with us, apparently considering us to be old enough or just not wanting to mess with us.
On the first day, I arranged my things in the bedside table and went for a walk with my new girlfriends, whom I met on the bus.
They are pretty nice and sociable girls, though there was a certain Vika in our company, which I didn’t like right away.

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she was a tall, slender blonde with a clear character of a leader and a bitchy character, she enjoyed absolute prestige among girls and all her ideas always found support in our company.
Of course.
She immediately appeared six in the face of 15-year-old brown-haired Tanya, who went everywhere for Vika and licked her ass at any opportunity.
So far, only figuratively speaking.
We swam together, played volleyball, tennis and other games, there were a lot of nice guys in the camp, but I especially liked Kostya.
We met in the billiard room, where I used to play in the evenings with my girlfriends.
Although he was two years younger than me and most of his peers, he owned a cue expertly.
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He struck with a sword one blow after another.
Chips flew from the shield of the bull-head, the copper edging became loose.
In the frozen Circus one could clearly hear the heavy, intermittent breathing of the gladiators.
Elaty picked up another dart.
He was in no hurry.
He was waiting for the right moment.
Composure and calculation.
Here, for a moment, the giant opened up.
The shield aside, the cudgel in a wide swing is raised.
Samnite threw a dart.
He plunged the Minotaur into the left thigh, went deep, the length of the entire iron tip.
The bull made a wild, completely inhuman cry.
No, it was not the pain that brought him out of himself, but the very fact that he was inflicted on this wound.
They questioned his status as an invincible and best fighter.
From where, most likely out of the wild rage that engulfed him, the Minotaur scooped up new forces.
Dart stuck in his thigh, blood quickly and uncontrollably flowed.
But this man.
Or a demon? As if he did not feel any pain or fatigue.
He dropped the shield and grabbed the club with both hands and attacked Trevas, who was closer to him.
Under a hail of terrifying blows, the Samnite began to move backwards.
His shield was soon shattered.
The nails with which the knob of the club was set broke the protective plates of the right-hand narach.

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From the blow, the gladiator’s hand was numb and hung with a whip.
Trevas paled, realizing how close death had come to him.
Stepping back another step, he stumbled over Ariva’s body and fell.
The giant, too, staggered, his left leg buckled.
Now everything was decided by seconds.
Elati rushed forward, clutching only the sword in his hand.
Cudgel hit Ariva’s head, turning her into a bloody mess.
Then, the terrible weapon of the Minotaur rose again, threatening to send to the kingdom of Hades and Trevas.
Elatiy fell on the sand and, continuing to move by inertia, made a tackle under the feet of a bull-headed.
In one swift motion, his sword darted upward and plunged the enemy into the groin.
Samnite quickly rolled back, leaving the weapon in the body of the enemy.
With an agonizing hoarse moan, the Minotaur ass.
A dark pool of blood began to spread rapidly beneath him.
Hard, noisy, Elati rose and tore out the club from the weakened hands of the bullhead.
He was dying from a terrible and painful wound.
The sword cut its genitals, and then under the pressure of the massive body began to penetrate further into the abdominal cavity, piercing the intestine and stomach along the way.
The first rush of Elatia was to rip the bull’s head off the Minotaur and look into the face of his enemy.
But then he thought: “What will it give?” He defeated a worthy opponent, not surpassed in his courage and strength, in his endurance and courage.
Did the Minotaur want to leave like this, without

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his unusual helmet, which became a symbol of him? And isn’t this giant his companion in misfortune? The same despicable gladiator, deprived of all rights of a suicide bomber, put on the arena for entertainment? Yes, Ariva fell from his hand – his friend, his brother.
But it was a battle in which no one had any choice but to win or die. Cam 720p sexy legs brunette.

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After the toilet never wash, and also lets members, you may be good, but to me.
I’m leaving you Larissa, before it was nice to crap, but goodbye.
Larisa was already bursting, on her knees she asked them to return.
She mentally turned to her pussy: – Please, my favorite mink, my cave, come back, please.
– A 666 huy is not too much? – Well, you remember how much pleasure I brought you, how many orgasms! – But 666 huyu I can not do that.
– 665, idiot, the latter did not fuck you. Free online webcam porn.

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He simply could not take his eyes off the contemplation of such beauty.
Her huge breasts were crowned with two large red nipples, which hardened with arousal.
Dima began to gently stroke her breasts, and then kiss her hard nipples with his lips.
Julia began to moan softly and, bending her head to her shoulder, closed her eyes to pleasure.
The girl shuddered, laid her hand on the back of his head and lightly pressed.
Slowly kneeling Dima pulled the zipper of Yulina’s skirt.
The girl shook her hips, the skirt slowly slid to the floor.
Having freed herself from the skirt, the girl approached the table, sat down slowly, putting her palms on her knees.
Julia casually moved her body and her big boobs began to sway in such a way that it seemed they could destroy the walls.
– Well, now, dear, take off my panties and fuck me, otherwise I already waited.
Dima came up to Julia, the girl rose a little and he slowly pulled off her panties.
The pubis of the girl was clean-shaven and was crowned with a wet pussy.
Dima took his dick with one hand, and with the other slightly parted the girl’s sexual lips, slowly plunged his baby into Yulkino’s sweet bosom and began to fuck the busty blonde.

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The girl just screamed with pleasure.
– A-A-A !!! Good.
Still, fuck me !!! Dima accelerated the pace.
He was good – the

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girl’s vagina was small and it gave great pleasure to his penis.
With his hands he crumpled, crumpled her large beautiful breasts.
Gradually, Dima stepped up the pace and the moans of the girls grew louder.
A few minutes after the start of intercourse, he felt that he would end soon.
Dima took out his dick from Julia’s vagina and began to drive them on the girl’s sex lips.
Soon he began to finish with a lingering moan.
On the stomach, chest and pubis blonde poured his sperm.
Finally, his dick stopped the eruption.
Dima looked at the happy face of the girl: – I was very good.
I think we will continue our pleasant occupation next time.
Julia smiled slyly and defiantly held her lips with her tongue: – I also hope that we will continue our sex celebration tomorrow.
I shuddered and looked fearfully at him, pulling his penis out of her mouth.
“And with men you don’t like it, lesbian you are ours?” – No, Andrei! – Vika was indignant, having understood what he was getting at.
– Yes shut up you.
I ask her.
Do you like when a man fucks you? Answer me! – He cried so that I started again.
(Your most depraved fantasies HERE – good advice) – Answer, fuck !! he shouted, clenching his palms in his fist.
– Yes.
– I answered timidly, realizing that there is no way back.
– Well then, fuck, turn around! – Andrew, no! – Vika attacked him, trying to stop him, but I saw that now nothing would stop this man.
She hugged him, snuggled up (oh, that gorgeous chest.
), said something, kissed, and I tried to use the last chance to save my life. Live sex xxxxx.

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