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Gone twenty meters, and I feel how the watchdog tensed on the chain.
So, not much, but warning me.
Without slowing down a leisurely step I keep an eye on.
On the right, on the grass, just a meter away from the walkway, they sit opposite each other in Turkish, sipping a beer and smoking, the last girls.
Lead a conversation for life.

There is no way to move away any further.
I listen involuntarily to the conversation.
The conversation, of course, about the peasants and the heavy female lobe.
Guys, they say, normal is not found – one is drunk and bydlyatnik around.
Decent girl and meet – no one.
There are few princes and they are not enough for all, and even then every prince strives all the way and on the cot.
And it comes to a folding bed, and there they are a bit confused.
And everything like that.
The dog very successfully braked at some bush and was in no hurry, I, too, did not pull further, stopped, listening to the speeches of beautiful strangers.
So they got carried away with the discussion of the topic – they don’t notice me with a watchdog.

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Dog as stuck to his bush.
Finally, the benevolent attention of the beauties was paid to my modest person.
– What do you need? Do you have your own affairs? Fuck off! – There is.
But why so rude girls? Bored, the night is wonderful, the mood is good.
And the offer is – to treat you to a beer and sit quietly, talk.
Well, how? – Fuck off the goat! – Come on – couple !? The guy politely approached – Th immediately send something? – Yes, they all went! And so bad, but this one sticks out here.
What is a brake? Address not heard? I sighed dramatically.
– Yes.
No good deed will go unpunished.
Bye, girls.
The dog was torn off from his bush, and we went further.
Not really wanted.
– Hear, man! – came from behind – do not be offended!
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As soon as Olga spoke these words, Katerina drove into the dining room on a slave, she was dressed in a very short dress, her legs were shod in stylish high-heeled boots, and a diamond tiara was adorned on her chest.
She was very beautiful and majestic.
The sturdy knelt, the Mistress climbed down from him, sat down on a chair and made a compliment to Olga: You look just amazing.
Olya lowered her eyes and thanked Katya: Thank you, Katyusha.
Katya .
ordered to take the slave aside and tie to the bar.
They enjoyed the food, the wine, the service of the slaves.
After drinking a second bottle of wine, Olga moved closer to Kate and put her hand on her thigh, Kate slightly spread her legs.
Olga more boldly began to stroke Catherine’s hips.
Kate is the same and she began to do with Olga.

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They got excited and started kissing each other, their hands began to caress each other, moving closer and closer to the bud of love.
Kate embraced Olya and began to drive her free hand down her back.
Olya didn’t control herself either, and she launched the second hand under her dress and started kneading her ass.
Their passion inflamed with such force that they decided to break away from each other for a minute to go to bed.
Let’s go to my room, – said Katya.
Let’s just go faster, I really want you.
Take the burrows to the basement and lock them up in a cage, you yourself will sleep outside my door, if you need to – call, – the Mrs. instructed slaves.
Call Masha from my room, let him be near you, ”added Catherine Olga.
Entering the room, they immediately rushed to the bed and began to caress each other insanely.

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Throwing off their dresses, they resembled two beautiful tigress.
Katya mainly used the services of slaves, and she used ordinary lesbian love only a few times in her life with her friends.
Now a feeling of euphoria has flooded her, she liked to kiss, caress Olgino’s body.
Olga, on the contrary, was sick of the fact that Katya had previously used only to satisfy her whims.
In rare moments, slaves caressed her, and she liked it very much, but it was very rare.
Now she herself impregnable, proud, haughty Mrs., kissed and caressed her body.
Olga was lying on her back, Katya was on top of her, their breasts touching each other, they were rubbing their perfect bodies with each other, their mouths merged in a deep kiss.
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Lin twitched her muscles again, but now I was alert and did not allow her to close her back door, putting his index finger halfway into it.
His distress struck me again, the walls clasped me with such force as if my finger was squeezed into a fist.
I began to slowly move them in different directions and back and forth, preparing a place for the invasion of the main forces.
Soon the middle finger was added to the index finger, and they entered the anus of Ling to the maximum length.
The girl began to breathe deeply and measuredly, getting used to new sensations.
Gradually, I began to accelerate the rhythm of movements, introducing and withdrawing both fingers completely.
In the meantime, the camera took a close-up of the open mouth of Lin’s anus, and the microphones hidden somewhere in the chair carried her intermittent breathing and moaning around the room.
Finally, I proceeded to the main element of the show.
Taking my shiny instrument in my right hand, I missed my left hand under the waist and made me lean forward even more.
The member slid along her smooth, warm skin, passed along a clear line separating her neat two hemispheres and pressed her swollen head into her little frightened hole.
Lin took a deep breath, preparing for the inevitable.
My head was still much larger than its diameter, besides the shape of its anus was not the usual round, but slightly oval.
I had to rise myself, having pinched her under myself, to lower the member as far as possible, down and enter in such an uncomfortable position.

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Feeling the elastic resistance of her muscles, I began to put pressure on them with all my weight.
Lin screamed desperately, but I continued to invade my giant in its inmost depths.
On the screen, I clearly saw how the edges of her hole begin to slowly bend inward, but the skin, well-oiled by its secretions, stretched and the edges of the anus steadily moved apart, taking my handsome man’s rectum.
At this point, I most wanted to rush inward all twenty-five centimeters with two millimeters into the bargain and move at a frantic pace, but still the danger of damaging something in the fragile girl’s body was still too high, and, overcoming the frantic temptation, I continued to conquer the tunnel that opened before me, centimeter by centimeter.
Her moans of sweet music sounded in my ears.
When my head completely disappeared in Lin’s anus, I allowed myself to sink a little and take a more comfortable position.
Lin immediately made an attempt to slip off my rod, but I managed to intercept her waist in time.
As punishment, I moved my pelvis, and walked ten centimeters deep into her ass.
The girl screamed in pain, and I felt the tight walls of her rectum close around my trunk with a death grip.
This even temporarily cooled my impulse, I leaned back, but then returned, having won a few centimeters from the desperately pulsing walls of the rectum of Lin.
The farther my hose penetrated, filling the entire conceivable volume, the louder the screams and moans became unhappy.
Tears rolled down her cheeks, but she herself chose such a fate for herself and had no right to retreat.
I did not try to alleviate her sufferings at all and stupidly pressed in deeper and deeper.
Pride did not allow Lin to ask for a respite from me, however, I would not give her

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to her.
Finally, I felt a warm touch of her skin in the scrotum area.
This indicated that my unit had entered her tight little anus completely.
I froze, giving Lin the opportunity to get used to the feeling of the rectum filled to capacity. Neve campbell nude pics.

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