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It was cramped, but extremely nice.
But he wanted to finish in his mouth, as he saw it in cheap porn films, so he turned around again, like a real doll, facing the girl and tilting his penis in front of the face, ordered: “Suck!” The girl has unquestioningly executed the team and began with diligence to lick the younger brother Alex.
She did not quite skillfully, sometimes her teeth bit painfully, but the pleasure was so great that this action did not last long for Alex.
His body shook, and the viscous liquid hit the girl in the mouth.
But she continued to suck, not even choking! While bringing Alex so amazing sensations, where the sweetness was close with pain.
– Enough! – He ordered and lay down next to the girl.
I wanted to caress her, kiss her velvety skin.
What he did, touching the nipples of the chest.
The girl shuddered again, but it seems from the already pleasure.
He began to stroke her breasts, legs, tummy, saying: – You’re just a treasure.
You’re the best.
The girl smiled.
She sprawled on the bed, and it was nice that this man, her master caressing her. Live action furry porn.

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In the meantime, the nurse removed everything from the couch and again put on two warm diapers and sheets I looked there and the tutor understood where I told you that we wouldn’t douche you anymore today, and so you were just listening to me and you will be redeemed relax.
She very carefully soap me, especially my long-suffering ass, thoroughly washed the crotch and my pussy.
At the very end, they washed my head and wiped it with a large terry towel, soft and fluffy.
I wiped my head dry and brushed my chepichik again, but another soft crimson color with laces and wide ribbons and took me in my arms and carried me and put me on a couch.
I was frightened thinking that they would douche me again, but realizing what I was scared reassured me that we would not do this today.

She laid me down on a warm diaper and began to quickly swaddle me with my nanny.
Wrapping me in a warm diaper, I was told that I should dry well and then dress me and send me to rest.
When I finished swaddle I was wrapped in a sheet and asked to lie down quietly and left, leaving me for some time alone in the room.

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Soon the teacher returned alone, without a nanny, carrying a milk bottle in which there was milk.
Taking and putting me in her arms, she took the soother and said that I needed to be fed before I was put to bed and now you will be sucking milk from a bottle just like you were sucking the soother.
After that, she arranged for me more comfortably on her hands and asked me to open her charming mouth, she put the papilla into my mouth and I immediately began to instinctively suck and the milk from the bottle flowed into me in a warm trickle.
I enjoyed this process and soon the milk was over and I asked what I want more and I immediately got the second portion.
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And then, without ceasing to suck on her ass, she began to jerk her dick standing with a bag of small testicles.
– What the hell is this ?.
– Another reason why I do not like boys.
– Makoto got out from under Minako, unbuttoned her school shirt, exposing a crazy, full breast with erect nipples.
– You have a very sexy ass! I’ll finish now! Aaaaaa !!! And Mako began to pour the face of the schoolgirl in large portions of hot sperm.
Minako did not have time to close her eyes and one trickle flew right into her eye.
After she managed to clear the organs of sight, she appeared almost completely, except for sports shoes, naked Makoto, a growing member in the eyes and an unsatisfied, lustful look of green eyes.
– Come to me, my girl.
– I.
I do not know.
Makoto leaned over to her beloved girlfriend, pressing her breast with her chest down and poking into the thigh with a swollen member.
– You will be very good, I will take care of this.
Come on.
Open your mouth.
Minako did not understand anything, and therefore obediently opened her tender lips.
She was ready to do anything, just to continue these crazy, incredible moments.
Into the mouth flowed mucus of saliva.
– Feel the taste of your own insides.
You are a very tasty girl.
Feel the scent! Saliva smelled like shit.
Bitter and smelly the same, but from something so desirable! Mako finished feeding the girl out of her mouth and let her lick her fingers.
– Show me your rose, paradise is waiting for you.
Minako obediently otkuula leg, while Mako nadrachivali her pussy, thrusting two or three fingers.
– I prefer to fuck you from behind, get on all fours. The best sex movies online.

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Nastya succumbed to undressing completely meekly – so she was drunk; I could not resist the temptation to touch her breasts, which I saw for the first time in my life – they turned out to be so wonderful, so lush, sweet, plump that I just burst sitting on the couch and stroking Nastya on the bare back.
It cost me nothing now to fuck her – she was so drunk that she would remember nothing; but I couldn’t do it.
I convinced myself that I had exposed Nastya only for a soothing massage – and put all my soul into it.
Little by little, she calmed down, relaxed, burrowing into me like a child, deeper and deeper.
finally, she stopped sobbing, breathed evenly, calmly, and I realized that she was asleep.
Nastya was sleeping on me, sitting next to me, pressing all the naked torso to me, putting the bald head on my shoulder, – and I stroked and stroked her back.
Because I’m holding this defenseless creature on my lap, trustingly buried in me, stroking it on my bare back, I feel the stiff pillows of my breasts pressed into my chest, I caress and calm it – I felt better than ever. Cam boys gay porn.

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