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Her breath burned Serge and made her shiver.
Anna, playing with him, hesitated, in no hurry to touch the thirsting flesh.
She just breathed, snuffled her nose and, folding her sponge with a straw, blew slightly at him.
Duval could not resist – laughing, he grabbed silk curls and pulled his wife’s face to his loins, literally drowning her nose in the hard undergrowth.
And then Anna “revenge” him.
Her mouth in turn carefully stuck to the huge “pouch”, and the tongue began to write out incredible steps.
Not a piece of flesh ripping up was left unnoticed by Anna.
And when her mouth, settling down, took possession of the precious part of her husband, her hands gently massaged his heavy “balls.”
Duval felt ready to explode, he exhaled something hoarse and inarticulate.
But Anna perfectly understood him and, agreeing, nodded slightly, closed her eyes, waiting for the sun’s lava.
She gladly took in her mouth the eruption of his volcano.
With a smile, licking hot drops from ruby ??lips, Anna.
She stood up to her full height and pressed her belly to Serge.
He, too, understood it without words, poured over the remains of the spray an amazing surface with a wonderful dimple.
His moisture flowed over the delicate skin, rushing to the most intimate place of Anna.
Today it was completely naked, like a little girl.
Duval, smiling, once again marveled at the tiny size of his wife’s delicate “shell”.
Mentally, he thanked fate for sending this beauty to him.
Duval’s big palm smeared life-giving splashes on her tummy, as if trying to rub them into satin skin. Solo dildo webcam.

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