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The cadets at that time were the hermits of military schools.
In our time, with a few exceptions, cadets were only allowed to leave the night from the third year, and then subject to the presence of relatives in St. Petersburg.
Therefore, many of us acquired “aunts” and “uncles”, just to get to the desired city.
Gennady in the city had his own point where he took beautiful girls.
Many of us were burning with curiosity, not knowing how Gennady so easily managed to snitch from our prominent guys their no less beautiful girlfriends.
This especially affected the self-esteem of those who considered themselves irresistible in the ladies’ society, but inferior to Gennady in the art of seduction of the most prominent representatives of the fair sex.
They tried to find out Genin’s secret in different ways, but he was relentless in the preservation of this mystery.

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During one of the holidays, we were with Gennady in the same company.
He was accompanied by a tall, slim blonde, one of the students of a prestigious university.
After the third toast, music began to play, and couples rocked around the room in a slow tango.
Genin student invited one of the prominent and gallant gentlemen.
– Are you jealous? – I approached Gene, closely watching the dancers.
– Not.
Why do you think so? – I do not believe.
She has a breeding stallion.
“This filly is already arching.”
– By whom? – by me.
– How long? – Since yesterday evening.
– Listen, Gene.
Share your experience, how do you so easily manage to make such bright chicks? – I nodded in the direction of his girlfriend, strongly pressed in the dance by a skilled partner.
– Uh-uh, brother.

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This is the secret of the company.
However, you, as a faithful friend, so be it, tell.
But, mind you! No one! Got it ?! – Grave! – I hit my chest with my fist.
– The secret is simple.
You choose an object worthy of attention, invite you to dance and whisper softly into her lovely ear: – Girl.
Want to tell a funny joke? That, of course, affirmatively nods.
Then I tell her the joke about the elephant.
Have you heard that? – Not.
– Then listen.
One Russian man flew on an airplane over Africa.
Suddenly, something deteriorated in the engine, and the plane made an emergency landing.
No sooner had the man got out of the plane, as he was surrounded by cannibals, with spears, and led to the leader.
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Sri lanka online sex chat. “Yeah, they help,” Sue nodded. “At the same time, they are learning how to care for a small child.”
“Someone is learning,” Ashley smiled, nodding at Vicki, “And someone is teaching.”
“Today was very informative,” Vicky grinned.
The girls began to tell Jenny about the incidents of the day.
“I warned Sue in the morning not to expect Tommy to get the pot in half a day,” Jenny grinned.
“There is some success,” said Sue. “I woke up dry after a nap.”
“What progress,” my aunt smiled.
“True, I don’t ask for the pot myself,” Sue continued, “What are we, by the way, waiting for him now?”
So that he asked and went to the pot for a lot.
Sue leaned over to Jenny and quickly whispered something in her ear.
“So that’s why he looks so displeased,” my aunt smiled. Sri lanka online sex chat.

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Petka dressed to the waist and went out to our kitchen to have some tea too.
Mom wrapped herself in a bathrobe and jumped into the kitchen with horror, and without understanding anything asked: “Have you been here for a long time?” – Yes, we’ve been waiting for you here a long time ago.

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– I see, she threw and went to the bathroom.
Petka after sitting with us a little after winning a smile, went to her bathroom.
I knocked.
– Who – asked mom.
– I – answered Petka.
She let him in.
Three minutes later, Vova knocked on his door, Petya just as if nothing had happened, reached out and opened the door.
And we all saw the tighter picture, my mother was naked with cancer, leaning on a bath, deeply planted with her ass on the peak, and Petya, without hurrying, pulled her even deeper.
Then we left.
Then Petka ran to my mother for another month.
When Lena saw his mother, she was very angry at first, then smiled knowingly.
As it was already at the end of the summer, we were sitting with Misha, the older kid already working, in the garage, and there, too, near our house.
The garage was so cozy with a sofa with wiring with a mafon and a TV.
Misha put there just his scooter on the car has not earned.
And Petka begged me to call my mother there.
I went and told her and she came.
After some conversations, Petya bent down on everyone at the workbench in the far corner of the garage, and to the general amazement, he fucked her pussy first and then her ass.
She was not allowed to unbend.
Then when she came to our garage for the third time and she was already fucked with cancer at the workbench, Dmitry Konstantinich, also a fifty-year-old man from our house, came in for something, and ohrenel.

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– Natalya what are you doing? Wow.
“Why, I’m taking a walk,” Mama said laughing, her voice trembling because of the slaps from behind.
As I also tried.
The ass was just a class, spacious and comfortable supple.
Then the whole house, and half of the kids went to our garage.
Then mom dropped everything and stopped going there.
Only Petka no no yes asked for me at home.
When my little sister and I were small, my parents sent us to the village to our grandmother for the summer.
The grandmother was already old (we were late children), and we were left to ourselves.
They used it: they ran to the pond for a swim, went to the woods for mushrooms, rode bicycles to the station – in general, they had fun.
Returning home to eat and sleep.
I, as a senior, was responsible for my sister, who was four years younger than me.
The times were sovdepovskie, fairly calm – all that the most terrible could happen is to fight with the village.
But this rarely happened – the guy I grew up healthy and did not give offense to myself or my sister.
Yes, I forgot to introduce myself: my name is Sergey, and my little sister Natasha.
Father and mother work in a secret research institute, for those times they earn good money, but they have no time left for raising children.
So in the city we are also left to ourselves.
I have two daily duties at home: take my little sister to kindergarten before school and buy food after school, the list of which my mother leaves on the fridge with money.
So the rest in the village was a paradise for me – I don’t have to take my sister anywhere, my grandmother bought food at the village store and her parents brought it on weekends, and even the grandmother had a cow, so cottage cheese, milk and butter were their own.
At nine years old I discovered the joys of masturbation, and at ten sperm began to fly out of my penis.
I jerked off several times a day, but something was missing, I wanted more.
And I began to look at my sister as a sexual object.
When Natasha was quite small, I saw her naked many times, even helping her mother bathe her.
But now I looked at her very differently.
In general, I jerked off, imagining naked Natasha, that she was the one to fuck my dick, and when I finish, she takes it in her mouth and swallows cum. Sexy b0rsch s bio and free webcam.

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I barely managed to swallow this stinging cocktail of semen and female secretions.
They got up, got dressed.
And I was lying on the floor, humiliated, fucked in the ass and the mouth of a whore, fed up with the thick seed of a real man.
My bruised hole did not close for a long time, and the sperm of the male flowed out of it.
And what did I feel when Annie entered the room, the girl who helped me prepare myself for the test.
Surely she saw everything.
The lady approached her and they began to talk about something.
They spoke in a whisper and I did not hear anything, I only saw that Ani’s cheeks flushed and her lips spread into a joyful smile.
How beautiful she is.
I began to feel unusually warm feelings for this girl, really I fell in love.
Probably as a slave, I do not have the right to do so without the order of the Lady.
After talking with Anya, the Lady approached me and ordered me to stand up: “Good bitch, obedient.
Ksyusha, this

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is your room now.
Did you like Annie? You are her very.
You will live together.
you have a lot in common: imagine, she also really likes sperm Ella.
And who in your family will be the main, decide for yourself.
You are lucky Ksyushenka: Anya is a good girl, one can only dream about such a beauty, pretty face, figure, pretty little voice, and what a huge vagina she has – I tried; You can engage in fisting: you are her in the vagina, and she is you in the ass.

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By the way, not a single member fucked her yet, you will be her first man, so I give you a good bride.
Be grateful to me, Shmara.
And as soon as the Lady with Eldar left, Annie threw herself on my neck.
Perhaps should be continued.
Friday evening.
What could be better than this time? What can spoil the mood at this moment? Nothing: Nothing but a call from work! The phone was cracking with all its might, I squeezed my lips and took the phone, looking at my husband.
He leaned back in his chair, waiting for the worst, but the voice of Annie, my best friend, rang in the receiver, and my heart became lighter.
She invited me with Zhenya, my husband, to visit me on Saturday.
She said that we were going to spend the night, as there will be a surprise.
Anya asked me and Zhenya to write separately their deepest sexual desires on pieces of paper and take them with them, since tomorrow night was the night of wish fulfillments.
I did not even ask my husband, because I knew his answer beforehand, I agreed and looked slyly at Zhenya.
On Saturday at five in the evening we rang the doorbell to Ani, opened Lenka, my second girlfriend, we entered, changed our clothes and passed into a large room from which conversations could be heard.
It turns out that the whole company was already assembled.
Everyone waited only for us.
Zhenya and I looked at each other in surprise, as we saw two new couples in the room: Ira with her husband Sasha and Tanya with Kostya.
I liked both girls very much, I thought to myself that I was not averse to spending this very night with them, but they had companions that I also really liked.
Annie was not deceived, and the surprise was really pleasant.
We sat at the table and began to get acquainted with the new ones closer. Young webcam blowjob.

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