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– Elena became like a teacher who taught lessons to a thoughtless student.
“You have four limbs now, do you understand?” Reliance must be carried out entirely on all of them.
Full balancing, slave.
I hurt, I looked at her, because I wanted to drink, the milk was so close to me, and the lady started these classes.
But Elena was relentless.
– Hands slightly to the side and bend in elbows! So.
lean on them too, and not just on your feet.
Fingers on the palms straighten.
– Mrs., watched as a slave strictly follows all her instructions.
– Come up a little ahead, yes, like this.
Now legs.
when standing, when you are not moving and just standing still, they should be slightly apart.
your cock should hang, you are my boy, male.
– Elena smiled.
– I should be proud of my farm there.

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Yes, that’s right.
Memorize everything well, you know that I do not like to repeat twice and return to the past.
Do not forget your hands! You’re wrong again.
even support on all four limbs! I told you! Here it is.
Now I see that you are standing on all fours.
you can not push the legs so wide, just slide them.
Now the body.
when you just stand, your ass should be a little up and bulge, I like it that way, you know? – Elena laughed when I tried to try it myself.
– No stupid, not so !!! Wow, I was not at all funny, I was sadly looking at a glass with milk, feeling how my face was burning with shame.
– Do you think that if you move the body back and squeeze your knees a little harder, then it will turn out? – She continued to teach me.
– Return to the previous position, as I taught.

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Here it is necessary to use your shoulders and lower back more, and not how you thought! There is more need for female plastic, but I think you can.
– Once again she humiliated me.
– Bend back, slave.
see how your ass itself bulges from it.
well done slave – Helena for a moment ran the thought – and not whether to fuck him, but thinking that she didn’t really want to mess with it, she abandoned this thought, especially the new game and what she had in mind, pleased her no less.
– Now bend both shoulders back.
so like this.
you cannot see it, but you must feel, your butt and shoulders should be on the same level, and the back should be arched down.
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Do not, she somehow hovering.
Lera stood and talked to him, not realizing that he was staring at her breasts like that.
– Max, why did you invite us here, she asked.
– Well, why, why don’t you like it? -I don’t like you paying too much attention to me.
You yourself asked to invite a friend.
You, that Nastya did not like? – Yes, why, even really liked.
That’s just she is kind of wild, and too strict.
– What did you want her to immediately flatten out before you?
Women need care and approach.
– How to you, for example? – Forget about me, this is already a closed topic! We seem to have discussed everything for a long time, and don’t paw me in the water anymore.
Max did not answer, and with his head bowed, he followed her.
Roman watched the conversation of his faithful, and was looking forward to her, to make one more remark.
Cooled in water, he was already soberly looking at the current situation.
And again he began to be madly jealous of her.
– Lerka, you look at yourself from the side.
Have a little conscience.
– And what, I have everything in order, she said, adjusting swimming trunks on the pope.
– Yes, you look at your chest, Roman snapped sternly.
Lera, silently, went to the car, and not to her, but to Maxim, and this further infuriated Roman.
In the mirror-tinted glass, she looked at her reflection.
Her white thin cotton T-shirt was completely transparent.
And through the translucent fabric one could see not only protruding pink nipples, but all the breasts poured.
She unceremoniously removed her wet clothes, squeezed, and put them on again.
At this moment, in the reflection of the glasses, her standing breasts were clearly visible, sagging only slightly, with a pronounced halo of pink nipples looking at the men.
– Have you become so brazen that it was impossible to go around and undress from the other side? Roman snapped again, burning with jealousy.

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He was simply enraged that Maxim saw all this, who did not specifically take his keen gaze away.
And even when she took off her wet T-shirt, squeezing it, he did not turn away for decency, but on the contrary, looked at her buffers sticking to the sides.
They were visible not only in the reflection of the glass, but also protruded from the side behind the narrow back.
Lera approached and sat down next to Roman, from the side, so that Maxim did not see her, realizing the anger of the jealous husband.
After the water, everyone wanted to eat without restraint, and like hungry wolves they began to devour everything.
In the course again went alcohol, and removing strained, the company once again plunged into the fun.
And when the sun was setting, someone suggested playing volleyball.
They frolicked for a long time with the ball, and when the sun had thoroughly set, the sweaty women, leaving their cavaliers, went to bathe together.
In order not to wet their panties at night, they completely undressed, and absolutely naked entered the water to the waist.
The night river frightened them, and in order to somehow hide their fear they kept close, splashing water over each other.
Roman and Maxim were sitting at the tent entrance, waiting for their turn.
Hearing the girls frolic, Max wanted to join her friends.
He even suggested a comrade with a joke, but he answered categorically that he did not.
Roman did not want to divide his women, since he was negatively disposed towards a new “friend”, and at times was ready to break it.
But the sly fox could always smooth out their tension, and even this time, under the pretext of bringing a beer in a jar, he would run after him to peek at the bathing girlfriends.
Of course, he had his motives for women.
Remembering how Lerochka jumped towards a flying ball, and her boobs trembled, lifting her T-shirt, Max was eager to see them again with her own eyes.
And he saw them both at once.
Delving around the car, he pretended to be looking for something, but in fact looked at how two mermaids were splashing in the light of the moon.
They were clearly visible in the glowing reflection of water.
These breasts are not similar to each other, just drove the guy crazy.
Some are round like balls, and others like spherical cones.
He already wanted them both.
His penis was bursting with a rush of blood, and he stood out in his underpants with a noticeable knoll.
– Well, as he looked, they were not there soon, nudged his Roman, looking at the swollen hillock.
– Yes, I do not know, it seems you can hear that they are still flopping, Maxim answered embarrassedly.
Knocking over a can of beer, Max also offered

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My face was at the level of her breast, and I kissed her nipple, gently pulling his lips.
Having played enough with him, I switched to the other side.
So I caressed one or the other nipple, sometimes helping myself with my hands, feeling their pleasant density.
Surprisingly, Olya was silent, her head thrown back.
I was going crazy.

My nostrils were tickled by a light, spicy scent of a girl’s body, and a slightly salty taste remained on my lips.
Having played enough with her breasts, I decided to continue.
Having risen, I freed Olya from the weight of my body and helped her to rise.
Having finally freed her from her robe, I turned Olya and, putting my hand between her shoulder blades, pressed hard.
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With Yulka, I was familiar recently, but somehow it was not possible to roll up to her on the subject to have sex, as it should, at full speed.
But, in the end, I had an opportunity and, by chance, dragged her into a cot and tore off all the garbage.
Once, when my wife went to the country to her relatives in the country, Yulechka called me and asked me to help her, to bring something there.

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In my opinion, it was a reason, since she was aware that my wife had left and the apartment was free, which means that she could make love.
In any case, I assumed so, therefore, of course, I agreed and we went.
On the way, I chatted, not stopping, joking, entertaining her, and so on.
Having traveled to where she needed, I offered to stop by the store, take something, wine, brandy, a good snack and go to sit with me and listen to music.
In general, everything is pretty banal, nothing outstanding, everything in all cases, as usual.
Yulechka quickly agreed, which somewhat surprised me.
Before that, my attempts to drag her to bed were stopped by her at the level of jokes, jokes.
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Elena explained very lucidly that when oil fountains run out in twenty years and oil will seep through the sandy layers, our results on Bingham fluids ahead of their time will be worth their weight in gold, we will become famous and rich.
When I heard how she appetizing adapted this difficult topic for the humanities, I experienced a strong arousal and barely broke the unfortunate blouse on her, now really.
Well, I can not pass by a talented woman.
Finally, she nicely said goodbye.
When the door closed behind the guest, Anka and I had stormy sex.
Apparently, each of us represented Helen in his arms.
Sex was stormy and long, with shouts, squeals, slaps and running naked along our long corridor.
The aged Ankina’s grandmother, who lived with us, peeking out of the door of her room into the corridor with apprehension.
She, a participant in three revolutions, an old Bolshevik, a health care student and a hero of the pre-war vaccination of the peoples of the Far North, wanted to go to the toilet for a long time, but she did not dare to go out into the corridor until the deep evening.
However, she was not surprised at anything and did not express any complaints: she had seen enough and not like that in the Far North and in the GULAG.
The next morning, on Sunday, I carefully examined the body of the victim, I felt that something was wrong.
I rolled Anka from side to side, examined millimeter by millimeter.
Naked Anka rant: – I find three sources and three component parts of this extraordinary orgasm.
Thirdly, you were staring at me! I wasn’t even humiliated in public, and it turned out to be very exciting.

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So it is: there were two small but contrasting hickeys on the right side of the neck.
Since it’s not typical of my love handwriting, it’s clear that this is some kind of encrypted message from Elena for me.
Riddles multiplied.
However, Anka reacted to the news pragmatically: – Well: hickey and hickey.
Recall in the evening, I will attach the boiled onion.
If I taught French literature, hickeys would even be a decoration.
And for the seminar on the topic “All bourgeois sociologists are imbeciles,” this is not very suitable, well: we will drape something and everything.
– To you can? Asked a voice from the already slightly open door.
– Yes, come of course – the man, 45 years old, answered at the table, –

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for what reason? – He asked.
On the face of the girl was read annoyance and a certain fear, which made her charming.
– I am about the transaction, which I was engaged in, today I had a meeting with a client.
Unfortunately, this meeting was not very successful.
I lost a client, there will be no order.
She said quickly, in a seemingly calm tone, but timidity was clearly heard in her voice.
The man at the table exhaled, looked down at the table, then looked at her again.
He paused for a bit, then calmly and somehow “in a commanding way” asked: “and how did it happen, honey?”.
He looked at her intently.
She began to tell how it was, and he watched, did not listen, but watched her plump lips close and open, uttering words, thick eyelashes fluttering up and down, under a gray dull jacket often heaved with excitement chest.
She fingered the edge of the skirt, worrying, then tucked a red curl behind her ear, exposing her tender neck on one side.
The man at the table caught himself thinking that he would gladly have eagerly pressed against this neck and would have squeezed her elastic chest in his hand.
The girl’s lips stopped moving and he understood that she had finished speaking.
He was silent, and she waited for his reaction to her story.
He inhaled, put his hand to his chin, bent his index finger under his lip, and said with a smirk: “Well, then you should be punished for such a mistake.”
She humbly nodded, waiting for a verdict in the form of a fine salary.
– How old are you, Nastya? – 23.
– Well, how could such a young professional make such a mistake? Live teen sex.

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“I took her chin and held it up and ran my thumb over my lower lip.”
Then he leaned over to kissed her passionately.
– And will you fuck me? – her eyes lit up.
– Right this hour in the ass.
– in fact, I’m joking, thinking to scare her, but she turned over on her stomach and looked at me inquiringly.
I added.
– and if I want to make a fucking little one out of you.
? She thought.
– If you need it – do it.
– she looked at me with eyes, as if I was deceiving her and added.
– you said that in the ass me this hour.
Once again, as in the bathroom, I lost all control over myself, the member just burst.
I sat on the bed, putting a member to her face.
She took it in her mouth without delay.
– Give me more, what would the pope easier.
She nodded her head not letting go.
Then I opened it, putting a pillow under the belly.
– You agree to be a whore – I do not know why, but I asked her, and just like that.
– Yes.
– her voice trembled.
I pressed it with my whole body.
And the head of the penis slipped into her back hole.
She screamed.
– Sorry dad.
It hurts a little.
– she made another moan and added – It’s great, and you wake me another crap? I made a few more movements and the dick went almost all.
Julia moaned from pleasure and whined from pain, but I began to increase the pace.
I could not stop.
– You agreed to become a whore, and you ask.
I will shit on you, I will crap you all, you will eat my shit, and then I will fuck you in all holes.
You agree? “Yes,” she almost shouted, and that brought me even more.
“You will walk without panties,” I continued, and she suddenly answered again.
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Denis noticed this, took his penis in his hand and threw back his head, began to move quickly.
After a few seconds, he burst out at me with a few hot drops, and when he exhaled, he collapsed like a prick.
– Well, do not fuck yourself manual.
– I told him when my heart stopped beating.
Denis, raising his head from my chest, gently biting my lower lip, let go and answered in a whisper: – Yanchik, but in another way, it would be even better.
– And in another way, you would find then in the morning in the bathroom hangus.
– Well, do not say that.
– He was offended.
This is only the first lesson.
“May I skip,” I laughed.
– And if you go for a walk, then we will set homework.
Got it? – He said, and made the movement of the hips.
– Oops.
It did, I replied, swallowing saliva.

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I generally got.
– Well, like this.
What did you think? – he laughed.
By the way, hanged man! And let’s go to the bathroom.
Otherwise, today I saw Mitya as a corner of my eye, and Mityai was delayed there, but he never entered.
Yes, and you need a little bit.
– he pointed to the sperm on my stomach.
– Hang on let’s go? I actually wanted it in the morning.
– I’ll hit you if you say that! – Denis offended.
– OK OK.
Consider that I was scared.
Come on, ”I replied, drying my shorts.
– Here you go.
– Denis said upset, they were my favorites.
You looked so cool in them.
Now you have to erase them.
– Wash figs with him.
Now you have to wear new ones! Let’s go to another room we go.
I will give you something, and at the same time look at myself.
– Let’s go to.
And then to the bathroom, right? – Yes.

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You just put something on yourself, I said to Denis, wrapping himself in a bathrobe.
– What for? Can I want it that way ?! – he smiled.
– Come on? Already that? – I said to him twisting my finger to his temple.
– Himself that! – Denis laughed, look out, – he pointed to the alarm clock on the bedside table.
Half past eleven! Everyone has been sleeping for a long time! – Fie you.
You are easier to beat than convince.
Dress me telling you! – Leave me alone! – Deniska laughed, and ran out of the bedroom.
We went to another room.
When we reached the door, I said to Denis: – Disa, now when we go back past the room where Mitya and Misha are sleeping, don’t you cry too much.
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I wanted to respond with courtesy courtesy.
At the same time I wanted to ask you to unleash my wife on anal.
Well, in general, to teach a lesson to be more conspicuous.
Zlatan bit his lip and looked at me imploringly.
“Okay,” I said. “I’ll be happy to see how you teach her husband to obey.”
“Well then, shall we come tomorrow?” – Herman’s eyes are already completely sparkled in anticipation.
“Better before lunch,” said Zlatan, “there are fewer people.”
We open at noon if there are no broadcasts.
“Agreed,” Herman answered, and winked at her quite.
The girl, moved by curiosity, opens the door, painted in bright red, almost scarlet, color.
The room is quiet and dark.
A few more seconds of hesitation, and she takes a step forward, at the same time trying to grope a switch on the wall.
It does not work: the girl clicks useless smooth plastic digging.
The door closes, although there is no drafts in the room.
The frightened girl turns back, in a vain desire to get out of the dark room.
But: the door has no handle.
“What to do?” The question hangs in the air unthinkable weight.
Thoughts dance, clinging to each other, rush in my head.

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Suddenly children’s fears come to life: a dark room, silence, someone who caught her on the hook of curiosity will now keep her here: For some ordinary wretched thought, a searchlight flashes, filling the face of a frightened girl with too bright light blinding her first few seconds until the lamp goes down, sliding along a light-white blouse, a short black skirt, a spiderweb and a black glitter of shoes — the usual form of a high school student.
The light continues to slide across the floor, going somewhere to the side, continually bumping into decorated knick-knacked bedside tables and kamodiki: Unconsciously, the girl takes a step toward the fleeing light, not wanting in the depths of her soul to return to the worst children’s nightmare: One step , the other, the third – and now she is at the sofa in the center of the room.
The light stopped, instilling a ghostly shaky hope that there would be nothing further: The girl sat on the sofa, settling herself more comfortably and felt an injection of curiosity.
– Hello.
– the voice was soft, soothing and a little bewitching.
He wanted to believe.
– You’re so beautiful.
What’s your name? “Lexan,” the girl whispered almost soundlessly, already unconsciously trusting her interlocutor — after all, a person with such a soft voice cannot wish her harm.
– And you? – I do not need to “vykat”.
– Almost palpably grimaced interlocutor.
“Today you can call me just a friend.”

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,” said the girl, intrigued, as if trying a familiar word filled with new meaning.
– What do you want? – Bind your eyes, then you will know.
– Suggested invisible. Busty webcam solo video.

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We all were in the same bedroom, although Christina’s bed was separated from our beds by a small curtain so that the girl was not forced to change clothes in our presence.
This fence was more symbolic than real meaning, because at any time we could open it up and see what Christine is doing there in her corner.
She naturally also knew about it, because sometimes she didn’t even lift the curtain before removing the dress and putting on the nightgown, and in the morning – on the contrary.
Her tits were not big at all, and she was not ashamed to show them to us, well, but she tried not to bare her ass at the moment when she took off her panties in the evening and put them on in the morning.
Thus, in truth, naked, we could not see her, one hope remained in the bath, in which she went with her grandmother, and Vasya and me – with her grandfather.

When she and the woman were washing together, we peeked through the window, but it was dirty and sweated in addition, because we couldn’t see anything except the silhouettes of two people.

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In turn, going to the toilet, she usually closed the doors on the latch from the inside, because we soon stopped going after her, because we never managed to catch her sitting on the “throne”.
However, this time, for some reason, Vasya decided that the toilet door would be left open, possibly because of the terrible heat reigning on the street, during which it was almost impossible to breathe in the toilet because of the smell of feces, which was especially strong in such weather.
So it was.
When we reached the wooden booth, her door was open, and on a dais in it sat Christina, lifting up a blue dress, and white panties down to her knees.
Her red, sweaty face from reddening reddened even more when she saw us.
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