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“No, well, remind me!”, The brother became interested.
“It was in my opinion, when I already went to the second grade, you – to the first, and Christina was still in kindergarten.
We also brought us to the grandmother for the autumn holidays, our parents also left, and in the evening Christine’s stomach suddenly fell down for some reason.
Grandma took off her pantyhose, panties, put it on the sofa, felt her stomach, put her finger in the ass and came to the conclusion that she needed to do an enema.
She, of course, also began to cry, resist, grandmother tried to calm her down, but in vain.

Then you went to the grandmother and said: “Baba, I will help make Christine an enema.”
She was delighted and told you to hold her legs raised up and pressed to the stomach.
Itself, meanwhile, quickly put a tip into her ass and let in an enema.
Then they put Christina in a pot, she stole her stomach, and her stomach stopped hurting.
Do you remember? ”
“Yes, I’m starting to remember something when you reminded me.
“Vasya thoughtfully said,” then, for the first time in my life, I probably felt that my dick was getting up, just at that moment when I was holding Christina by the legs.

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And once in a children’s clinic, I had the opportunity to watch one girl, also 5-6 years old, her mother and nurse do an enema, or rather, her mother held her legs and torso, and the nurse tried to put an enema into her ass.
She managed to do it only with the third attempt, then she quickly squeezed the pear and removed the tip. As the girl roared, the children ran to look at her from all over the floor! Dura, would lay quietly, no one would have noticed what was happening to her, and so disgraced in front of all her peers.
It’s a pity I didn’t see everything until the end, because the nurses also came running, drove us out of there and closed the procedure room door.
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The slave could not restrain from these sounds and began to sob out loud, begging to spare him and stop the punishment.
It was obvious that he was finally broken, but it was impossible not to fulfill the promise, so I silenced him with my dirty socks and proceeded to the execution.
Rhythmically striking his already begun to light up the ass, I achieved that his ass began to resemble a picture of an abstractionist from different inclination of the pink lines forming diamonds.
Sergey stopped moaning with his mouth shut and only sobbed loudly after each blow, shedding tears on the couch and straining his buttocks.
The resulting spectacle again led me to the highest stage of arousal, and without unnecessary talk I planted my heated member in his oiled anus until it stops.

From unexpectedness, the slave started, stopped sobbing, and belatedly squeezed the sphincter.
The last one was fine with me, and I methodically and with a large scale began to fuck him in a ragged ass.
Although the pain in the ass, filled with a foreign object, and pain in the buttocks, into which I periodically plowed with my torso, brought Sergey a great inconvenience, he stopped sobbing, and tears were now tears of gratitude for ending the flogging.

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He even tried podmahivat, as far as his uncomfortable position allowed.
Finally, unable to withstand such a pace and excitement, I threw out my sperm into the depths of the rectum and slowly took out my penis.
The victim’s anus did not shrink immediately, but, pulsing into heartbeats with heartbeats, slowly decreased in diameter until it shrank completely, pushing a drop of sperm out.
I tiredly plopped down on the sofa and untied the stiff brushes of the slave from the collar.
– Quickly untie the legs and lick my dick, pedrilo, otherwise it smells like your ass! – This minute, Boss! – croaked Seryozha, removing the gag from his mouth with disobedient hands.
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Just need to look into the store and buy something – she replied, winking at me.
We sat in the “Merce”, but the thought never left my head: “When and where did they meet?” And am I not late for this holiday of their life? ”As I understood it, Victor settled relatively recently in our city.
And where is his family.
And does he have one? Loaded with bags and bottles, we soon flung into her apartment.
She had two rooms, well furnished with modern furniture, glistening with cleanliness and order.
It was cozy and comfortable.
I felt the hand of an intelligent woman and a good housewife, who not only watched herself, but also the order in the house.
Victor left to drive the car to the parking lot, Nellie was busy in the kitchen, and I, bored by the TV, idly flipped through the fresh press on the coffee table.
Suddenly on the bottom shelf I saw an album, slightly covered by a magazine.
I love looking at family heirlooms, tracing human evolution.
And here, from a three-month-old baby lying naked on a bedspread, to a luxurious thirty-five-year-old beauty, one could trace the life path of this lonely and extraordinary woman.
But in the middle of the album, a second title page struck the eye with a beautiful inscription: “My Friends.”
Turned the page and gasped.
The first in the line of friends was my present chief, who was still of a youthful appearance, and then both his deputies and other familiar faces to me.
My friend Victor, standing at the hood of his handsome “Mersa”, closed the rank of “friends”.
“So that’s why he is then for her so vest.
I vomited on my chest, ”I remembered, as the chief was chastling me for a sad face on Nellochka’s face.
I heard footsteps, and I quickly thrust the album into place.

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Are you bored? – on the face of the hostess a friendly smile blossomed.
I am waiting.
A little more and everything will be ready, – assured Nelly, arranging dishes, drinks and cold snacks on the table.
She was wearing a bright Chinese robe with yellow flowers and deep cuts on the thighs.
Looking at her bare hips at times, I realized that this was my woman and now I will not give her to anyone.
She apparently felt it and gave me a long, friendly look.
Soon Victor appeared, and we sat down at the table.
Victor served on an atomic-powered ship, and was in love with Kamchatka beauties.
He met Nellochka by chance.
Their seats in the theater were nearby.
He did not speak about his personal life, but, as it turned out, he was divorced.
By the way they held, it was obvious that they were lovers, although they were crawling out of their skin trying to prove that they were just friends.
By two o’clock in the morning the men were already “on the eyebrows.”
I barely caught the meaning of the conversation, and only stared drunken eyes on the deep neckline in her dressing gown, where temptingly cast her semi-naked chest with whiteness.
Nellie did not resist when I, inviting her to dance, grabbed my miniature buttocks with my palms

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and pressed me tightly to me.
She immediately pressed herself against my cheek with her cheek and whispered in her ear: “I want you.
I shuddered at such an unexpected request and whispered in response: “How? With him?
She grinned and nodded toward the couch.
Victor was lying on his back and he was shaking the walls of the room with his snoring.
Let’s go to the bathroom – she dragged me by the sleeve of a shirt.
In the bathroom, our clothes flew in different directions.
Some unknown force moved into me when I saw her naked slim body.
She stood facing me, covering her chubby pubis covered with rare curly hairs, as if forbidding me to eat this forbidden fruit, and with my other hand, clasping my neck, began to cover my face with passionate kisses.
Realizing that there was a struggle, I instantly turned it around, bent down, buried my head in the bath, turned on the water to drown out the sounds of our “battle” and became shaking hands to insert the penis.
But for some reason it did not work for me.
Not here, but like this, – she jumped at my “boy” and quickly introduced him to her “girl.”
Before she could “kiss” him, I forcefully drove the “devil” to hell.
She gasped, slightly bent her knees, and slightly moved the pelvis forward, taking a more comfortable position.
“Experienced” filly. Livejasmin logo.

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His thumb began to climb into my ass.
I just lifted my legs higher.
And then to the tangerines, joined the banana, which he slowly began to shove my ass.
He’s such a sweetheart! He did it so gently and decisively that I did not feel any pain, but only pleasure.
My strength was already running out.
And as soon as he made a couple of movements, as an orgasm covered me with a wave.
You should have heard this womb howl, escaping from my throat! This sex I have not had! So why are you crying? I have never been raped VEGETABLES-AND-AND.
– Lenka sobbed again.
Well, firstly, not vegetables, but fruits.
And secondly, did you like it? Well yes.
Only the juice from the mandarin pinches a little, and the ass then hurts, – Lenka sobbed and reached for the martini bottle.
Come on, don’t worry, – I hugged Lenka by the shoulders and she buried me in the shoulder, the martini in our glasses noticeably decreased.

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I stroked her back a little, chest.
I always liked Lenkino’s body, I wanted to touch her nipples, ass.
Lenka pressed closer to me.
And we merged into a kiss.
The doorbell tossed us both.
Do not let anyone, I look terrible – Lenka pleaded.
Okay, let’s see who brought it there again.
She closed the door to the room and went to open it.
And brought Leshka – the son of a neighbor.
Some four years ago (while his mother was in the hospital) I was his “mother” for a whole week.
After that we are friends.
I am 6 years older than him, which gives me the right to teach him wits, including in relationships with girls.
He periodically runs to chat with me, share his victories, or cry “in the vest.”
Judging by the upset mind, this is just the last case.
He is a young guy, moderately handsome and not yet experienced in personal matters.

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Something happened? Come into the bedroom, and then in the hall is a mess – I hurried to send him in the right direction, so that he would not collide with Lenka.
Katyuha bitch! She specifically did it, to my evil! – Leshka unceremoniously flopped onto my (thank God not yet disassembled) bed and stared at the ceiling.
Did you have everything on the ointment? Well tell me what happened there.
The fact of the matter is that everything is cool.
It was! – Leshka said hurtfully.
wait, I have to drink, – I went to the room for my glass.
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I more than ever felt her sexy body in my arms.
Both music and rhythm seemed to strengthen and intensify both passion and mutual attraction.
It seemed to me quite sincerely to be appropriate, so that my very young friend, even if not at all, was burning with youth and sexual magnetism.
Well, where did suddenly come from looseness! Courage! And still, what courage! The one that has always been in my student discos.
At the moment I began to spit on the whole world.
We merged with Tatiana in a passionate kiss.
Oh my God! I defiantly unbuttoned the very little button that I had forbidden to cut off my neighbor Seryozha.
I remembered the scene at one of the student discos.
Then one of my friends on the first dance met an unfamiliar girl in a mini skirt; and on the second dance I only slightly raised her mini skirt and not only climbed into her panties, but also pulled her panties to the knees in the dance.
This saw absolutely everything.
After all, they had then in this dance and acquaintance, and the first kiss, and public exposure.
And why did I suddenly remember that? Yes, just right in front of my eyes someone from a number of dancers, right next to us, puts his hand into the panties of his girlfriend.
Just they are not caught by the spotlight and therefore not everyone will notice it.
But I have already entered the rage that I experienced at student discos.
I remembered the eyes of that girl from the student disco – she precisely in that kiss experienced an orgasm from public fisting.
Compared and stupefied – yes, yes, yes, exactly the same languor in the eyes of my current friend, who is dancing with me right now.
And if I repeat the feat of my student friend, then I will probably also make Tatiana happy.
What worked here? God only knows.
Well, I already undid the button on the skirt, well, I myself expose my Tanya, and her eyes are just happier and happier.

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Well, where are the limits of what is permitted? We are looking for these boundaries.
So I’m looking for.
Fingers already deep in pussy.
And his eyes were becoming happier.
And no resistance.
It was about what I’m doing right.
What’s happening?! After all, the entertainer announces us “green-young-couple-our-tonight”.
There he quickly and with humor pronounced something about our first timid steps and deeds.
With humor cynicism from entertainers, there were jokes that, they say, everyone in this room will be glad to “understand-and-forgive.”
recklessness of the newlyweds.
The searchlight, to the applause, accompanied us to our nest No. 6.
Suddenly, right at the entrance, nest No. 6 was lit in green by the sign: “Ildar and Tatiana.”
This sign was accompanied and improvised from the fluorescent multi-colored lights “SALUT”.
So pompous in dance, and in courage, and furor, we dived into our nest.
Kayf! We were brought in by opening the shutters of the self-closing gates in both directions, such as in the “wild west” taverns.
The first thing I thought was that Tatyana would give me a slap for publicly exposing her to the public.
But she, oddly enough, was filled with gratitude.
As if guessing my disturbing thought, she again suddenly spoke to me the oncoming thought, but out

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loud: “Well, here.
Sergey told you that this little button is superfluous, you must obey your elders.
Now, beloved, relax and try to trust your own instincts – you feel that something else is superfluous on me and on yourself – do not worry – remove yourself and me without asking, in this restaurant such aspirations are born and immediately embodied.
“At the moment I had the feeling that I was stoned — this is what the woman is saying to me !? Oh my God! In my youth I could only dream that I would ever fall into such a fairy tale.
Tatiana and I literally collapsed on soft sofas.
On the lowered table was already sorted in advance.
There were a variety of salads and appetizers on huge plates.
The table itself was sorted by two people.
– Everything, fine guests – have a rest, relax in a minute or two minutes the waitress will go to accept the order.
Choose bye the menu.
– Oh, oh, oh – choose.
Well, do not complicate everything with your menu-tebuyu.
Just let them bring what you have today – a little apart legs, and then Tatyana said.
The director of the restaurant immediately made a gesture to his nearest employee that the waitress would come right away.
And he, leaning on Tatiana’s legs, but without touching them, continued to communicate with me.
– Ildar! Waitresses with full contact? I stupidly stared at Tatiana.
Well, just frankly did not understand what kind of question.
– Well, you see how tactless you are. Full hd sex online.

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God, that was awesome.
One minute you were so soft and gentle and made love to me, and the other turned into a sexual demon who pressed me to bed and fucked me to insensitivity.
This day and night I will remember for a long time.
Everything is fabulous.
And plunged into silence, we sweetly fall asleep.
All the time, obedience Lyazzat bound, a naked girl, stripped down to the trousers, lay on the carpet and listened to the conversation of the rapists. 8miv webcam porn.

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And now, after 10 years, it is clearly visible that the decision was correct and helped to solve many problems of modern society.
– Well, they will tell you about these problems in the course of social studies, and we will proceed to our course.
– In the classes on JI, you, under our leadership, will study the culture of sexual relations and in practice will get your first sexual experience.

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Michael continued: – And now let’s move on to practice.
As you noticed in the room is quite warm.
I specifically raised the temperature to be comfortable.
– The fact is that we will conduct all classes without clothes.
Therefore, now everyone is undressing and folding clothes under the couch, there is a drawer.
The girls of the class were blushing, and the boys, too, hesitated.
– Do not be afraid and do not hesitate.
nothing shameful in nudity.
– Next to you are your partners and the first postulate of sexual culture is full confidence in the partner.
– Without complete trust, you will not be able to open yourself to a partner and understand him.
– I understand that it is hard to bare it like this for the first time, – But think, why should you be embarrassed.
You are young, your bodies are full of strength and energy of youth.
Gradually, the students overcame their timidity and began to undress.
Kostya pulled off his T-shirt and hesitantly took up his shorts, looking at Mashka.
Masha looked at him, then suddenly snorted and said softly: “You are so funny when you are embarrassed.”
– and showed him his tongue.
And then smoothly pulled her shirt over her head.
She was wearing a gray sports bra that was tightly wrapped in small breasts.
Throwing back footwear Mashka took off her shorts and stayed in black panties and bra.
“Well,” she said.
“Will you still stand like a post?” Kostya sighed deeply and pulled off his shorts along with swimming trunks – now he stood absolutely naked in front of Mashka.

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Mashka looked at his beginning to rise member with interest and quickly pulled off her bra, freeing her breasts, the nipples on which were also standing upright.
Then, after hesitating a little, smoothly sliding her hands from her chest to her thighs, fingered the elastic of her panties with her fingers and they fell at her feet.
Kostik’s view was a stunning view of her knoll of Venus.
On it was a neatly trimmed arrow of soft dark hair pointing down.
Of course, he had seen naked women before (mostly in the photo and in the video), but still now his classmate Masha, who he knew from kindergarten, stood naked in front of him.
Kostya swallowed a lump that suddenly appeared in his throat and looked away from the cherished place.
Looking around Kostya noticed that everyone had already undressed and were now sitting on the ottomans.
Most of the boys covered their rising limbs, and the girls sat with their legs tightly folded and their arms folded.
Kostik himself mentally thanked his brother for the advice.
If he had not poured excess sperm since the morning, he would also now be sitting red like a cancer, covering his arms to the risen member.
And so he managed an incredible effort of will to suppress arousal and suspend the process.
Looking around the hall, Kostya sat down next to Masha.
– I see everyone undressed.
We can proceed to the next part of our class.
– At lectures last year, you should have been given a general idea of ??the physiology and differences between men and women, but this is all a theory.
Now we will study the structure of the bodies of men and women in practice.
– I think we will start with the boys, otherwise they are probably uncomfortable to hide behind their hands.
– smiled Inna.
The boys reddened even more.
– I repeat, do not be shy.
That you are excited is absolutely normal.
– At your age, hormones are raging in the body and it is very difficult to control the arousal.
Especially when there are so many beautiful girls around.
– quietly said Inna.
Now it’s time to blush the girls, but the joke defused the situation and everyone relaxed a bit.
– Let’s start with the structure of the male body.
Attention to the screen, first we will see a small film.
– Mikhail turned on the projector and the first shots of the educational film appeared on the wall.
The film was voiced by a rather dull teacher’s voice telling about the erogenous zones of men, their sexual organ and its functions.
Then he showed a slow process of arousal and penis growth.
The boys already knew this from previous lectures and therefore were a bit bored, but the girls looked very carefully.
Kostya furtively looked at Mashka. Sex online online.

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