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On weak legs, I could not resist and collapsed to the floor.
A strong pain in my shoulder made me gag mumbling.
My position was deplorable, my right leg finally “reduced” and I could not get up on my feet in any way, and remained lying on the floor until Nadezhda arrived.
I lost count of minutes, my hands and feet were already quite numb under tight ropes, the gag continued to vomit my mouth and did not allow me to breathe freely, under tights and a sweater I began to bleed afterwards.
But then the door opened and my savior appeared in it.
Lord, how did you get here! – With genuine fear asked Hope.
I heard a dull moo.
I began to fight in the shackles and moo through the gag is already real, without any hint of a win.
Nadia flew up to me, clasped me with her tender hands, lifted me to a sitting position.
Suffer a little, – burst out of her mouth.
First, she freed me from the hated gag, abruptly pulling it out of my mouth.
From a sharp pain in the cheekbones, I groaned softly.
She gently hugged me, began to cover my face with kisses.
Oh, God, I forgot about the ropes.
Nadya quickly went to the table and took out a knife from there.

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A few seconds later I was released from all the ropes.
Foolish, if you really wanted to be free, you had to get to the table and take a knife.
With a knife you could cut the ropes, and the path to freedom is open! Nadya, I was taken aback by surprise, because until this day you didn’t change me and, all the more, didn’t tie

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me up, and when I fell, I had a bruise on my left shoulder, and I had a tight leg, it still hurts.
Only now I noticed that after the bath Nadia had changed her clothes.
She was wearing a light summer dress and flesh-colored sexy tights with a sheen.
“My poor, poor Juric,” she said softly.
Do not be offended at me, please, I only steamed in the bath, I realized that I entered with you too cool.
Probably hops hit in the head, – childishly, with naive intonation, blurted out Nadia’s patter.
Nadya, I was very bad without you, I felt humiliated and abandoned, lying helpless on the floor.
Jurich, you are mine, I will never leave you and I will not give you to anyone.
She helped me to my feet, I leaned on her, clutching at her slender camp, and she helped me to reach the bed.
Nadia began to rub my numb hands and feet.
Now tell me how you got to the door and what did you do there? – asked with interest Nadya.
I told her about all my ordeals that happened to me during her absence.
She laughed out loud and said that she had lost a lot without seeing my clumsy attempts to break free from her reliable gag.
Nadya, I was not amused, – I answered with an insult in my voice.
Well, you are again offended, do not be offended at me, I beg you very, very, very much, ”Nadya answered gently, almost in a whisper. Free live naked sex.

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Surprisingly, all this time Tanya has periodically finished, losing the account of her orgasms.
Exhausted, she turned into a doll, which did not react to anything, and

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hardly moved, obediently executing someone else’s will.
She turned, bent, bent, substituted her body, opened her mouth.
but she didn’t really want to open her eyes, as if she was afraid to see everything that was happening to her in reality.
Sergey Viktorovich and Andrey, tired and satisfied, took Tanya to the bathroom and washed in the shower.
As a child was brought in and laid down on the many who experienced a new one that day, the married couch of a young wife.
Get dressed
From the side it seemed that Tanya was completely blacked out.
Eyes closed, breathing even, no movement.
Sergey Viktorovich, from experience knowing that she must hear and understand everything, because in such a furious race alcohol had long been eroded, and enough time had passed before he left, leaned towards Tanya.
And putting a hand between her legs, inserting two fingers into the vagina and anus simultaneously, felt her flinch, but still did not open her eyes, pretending to be asleep, smiled and said in a whisper in her ear: “Good girl, I know you can you hear me
And I know what you liked.
You can’t handle yourself.
We will be friends with you.
My business card is on the table.
In the coming week, wait for guests.
Oh, and don’t forget to close behind us.
The men are gone.
Yes, Tatiana really liked it.
What didn’t happen, didn’t even like it, is not quite the exact word, but rather somehow opened up the understanding of the essence of things about what pleasure a woman can get, under what circumstances, with what partners, how much she can trust herself, in a different way to be confident in yourself, to expect from yourself acts sometimes inexplicable.

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Tatyana understood one thing for sure – without such sex, she can no longer.
She realized that she really wants the next meeting, wants more and more: pregnancy is not a hindrance to this, besides a temporary condition.
Caution! Lots of dialogue! Landing.
Homeland met with light frost and fluffy white snow flakes that melted, barely touching the surface of the earth.
At the airport, we were met by the parents of Earrings, who kindly drove them home.
Along the way, we had a cheerful conversation, exchanged impressions, I showed Aunt Gale our pictures by the sea, after which they insistently invited us over.
Although I had a little fever after the flight, I nevertheless agreed.
There, on the threshold met my beloved Nikodimka, who, seeing us, embraced, patted on the shoulder and smacked in parental way.
But even this formal kiss was enough to make my heart pound outright.
The evening was great, but because of my nausea, we left a little earlier.
Vacation is over and began dull weekdays.
Shackle went to work, and I took up the usual household chores, but the feeling of nausea and vomiting did not go away.
At first I associated this with acclimatization, but by the end of the week, I gave up and went to the doctor.
The doctor quickly diagnosed me – pregnancy, four weeks term.
Pregnant !!! I was happy and scary at the same time.
I literally bombarded with questions of the doctor and his assistant.
I asked about everything: food, sleep, clothes, sex.
I must say that these lovely people have simply angelic patience.
After answering all sorts of questions of the young Tarakor, they calmed me down and, with peace of mind, sent me home, giving a brochure with a reminder, just in case.
I’ll be a mom! And Nicodemus will be the father of the child, not Seryozh, I had no doubts about this, given the latter’s sexual passivity.
Walking happily, inspired by the good news, I reached the house on foot.
I wonder what Sergey will say? We did not talk about children, and when relatives or friends asked, we answered: “They say everything has its time”.
Seven, eight, nine, twelve o’clock at night – Earrings not.
I began to worry, tried to call, but he did not take the call.
Finally, at half past twelve, he appeared: all dirty, drunk, angry like a dog, it is not clear why, for no reason, he began to reproach me.
Reproaches turned into a scandal, and the scandal almost turned into assault.
Frightened, I quickly grabbed a fur coat and boots and ran out into the street and put on my winter clothes already there. Where to watch sex and the city online free.

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A powerful jet that has accumulated in me has splashed into your mouth.
Even fearing that you are drowning, I could not let go of your head.
It was another pleasure to feel inside, to feel your slightly rough tongue, sharp teeth and hot breath the most sensitive part of the body.
But all good things come to an end and after releasing you I sat down beside you.
You threw me on the bed and lay down next to me, putting my head on my chest.
I lay contented, relaxed, and with my hand went through the magnificent mane of your hair.
You know, and after such a passion beautiful Children are born! – I said.
I already have and very beautiful.
And in general, I am protected.
– you answered and showed me the tongue.
I do not even know what was more in your voice, the joy that they will not be born or disappointment for the same reason.
Not wanting to wake up memories in you, I got up and suggested: “Shouldn’t we visit local cereal places? Grams 100-150 cognac, I now would not interfere at all. ”
Looking at me as if you were insane, you said: “Firstly, you need to dress, make up and brush your hair.
And secondly, I do not drink cognac and prefer Martini. ”

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I smiled at you, I pulled on my naked body sweatpants, a sleeveless T-shirt and slippers.
For you, I picked up about the same clothes, adding only underwear, for Nehru just gotta stare at your charms! “That’s enough.
We are not going to the reception of the president and not to the invited party.
And in the cafe of our building, and even in the middle of the day, you can appear like that.
Make up in the evening if we go to the disco. ”
You were not going to argue.
Having dressed, you winked at me saying: “Well, shall we go?” After leaving the room and closing it, we went down to the hall, where the administrator learned that there were three bars in our building.
Two are open now, and the third opens at nine in the evening.
Recognizing their location, I walked in the right direction with a slightly unsteady gait.
The bar was small, but quite cozy.
Taking a hundred grams of cognac, Martini Rosso and some small change for a snack, I paid off and walked over to the table chosen by you.
Pulling an ashtray to me, he lit a cigarette and took you by the hand.
But you and I have been together for half a day already, and barely fifty words have been said to each other.
This is due to the fact that I only open my mouth to say something, as you pounce on me with a clear desire to bite my tongue out! – you spoke seriously, but your eyes showed that you were laughing.
It is a sin to laugh at a sick man.
– I said, trying cognac.
Everyone would be so sick! My legs are still shaking and not moving together, as if I had been beaten there! – you continued in

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an absolutely serious tone. Porn tube movies online.

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Ike quickly undressed and flopped to me, spilling at the same time almost half a tub.
By the way, I spoke with the king.
About that edict, what’s his name, Stefanovsky.
The king allowed elves to learn archery in the Borderlands, but only on condition that they would walk unarmed in unlimited lands.
In short, Dani, from tomorrow, from dawn to lunch, train to shoot with my fighters, and after lunch – to help the commandant with the administration of the fort and the lands.
I am busy with patrols, and you, as my official concubine, have the right.
Hey, Dani, no need to drown! What are you mumbling about, what kind of gardens and libraries, this has never happened like this, this is a military fort.
Of course, we must try! The choice was easy to make: the best candidate was Kolya’s best school friend, Denis.
He was a nice boy, and Kolya did not feel the slightest disgust at the thought of having sex with him.
Kolya had no other business on that day, and he went to the house where Denis lived.
However, disappointment awaited him at the very goal: a friend was not at home.
The door was opened by his mother, a pretty woman of 40-43 years old.
Zhanna Nikolaevna was wearing a dressing-gown and slippers on bare feet.
Cute smile, she said that Denis went to the gym and will be only late in the evening.
Kolya was about to leave, as an unexpected thought burned him like a fire.
Surely! He looked at his friend’s mom with new eyes.
Yes, Zhanna Nikolaevna was just beautiful! And in appearance she could not give more than thirty-five.
I wonder what kind of underwear is hidden under her warm fluffy robe ?.
Antennas in Kohl’s hair seemed to move happily by themselves.
A minute later they were in the kitchen.
Zhanna Nikolaevna was sitting on a stool at

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the table, her robe was widely spread on her chest, so that her full, round breasts were completely bare and opened to her gaze.

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The floors of the dressing gown were also spread apart, revealing the bulging pubis of a woman densely overgrown with curly stiff hair.
Narrow black panties, which Kohl himself removed from his victim, lay right there on the floor.
Zhanna Nikolaevna lifted one of her bare, full legs up and laid the kitchen table straight, while Kolya, completely naked, bent over her and eagerly sucked her pretty well-groomed fingers.
With one hand, he held Jeanne Nikolaevna’s leg by the ankle, while with the other he energetically jerked off his incredibly tight member.
He sucked and sucked the fingers of a woman, unable to enjoy their indescribably sweet and at the same time spicy taste.
Finally, having satisfied the first attack of his perverse passion, he got up and approached the motionless woman closely.
Kole was flattered that he, completely nude, with a member sticking out in full force, was standing in front of the mother of her school friend, and this beautiful woman was completely subject to him, ready to carry out any of his mental orders.
After admiring Zhanna Nikolaevna’s pretty face, Kolya slowly introduced a member quivering with tension in her mouth and, holding her head with her hands, began very slowly and gently to fuck her in her mouth.
Kolya’s member slowly and slowly moved in Jeanne Nikolaevna’s plump, sensual lips, not diving deeply.
Kohl groaned loudly.
Indescribable pleasure! Kohl deliberately not in a hurry, prolonging the pleasure.
He loved Zhanna Nikolaevna in her mouth slowly and gently, admiring how his reddened, wet head disappears between the lips of a woman.
Then he carefully extracted the member wet from saliva and very closely stuck to the female face, starting passionately rubbing about it with member and eggs.
Having forced the victim to open his mouth wider, he dipped the whole of his scrotum into it.
That was the last straw.
Kolya groaned loudly and gasped, shuddering with his whole body, and from his sticking out member sticking out plentifully, sperm began pouring in convulsive pushes, flooding Jeanne Nikolayevna’s face.
In the last seconds, Kohl grabbed a member in his fist and began to cruelly nadrachivat it, trying to keep the eggs were still in the mouth of a woman.
Having finished to ejaculate, but still obeying the last outbursts of ecstasy, Kohl took a limp to the female face defiled by his lips and began to shower him with passionate greedy kisses, smearing and licking his own sperm. Gay webcam sex tube.

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He remembered how he bit a Twisted-flame nipple, He remembered how cute his knees rustled sweetly in his ears, A bright light in her eyes, The severity of her thighs on her shoulders.
Not love, but punishment! He did his best to break his chaff.
So nature wanted.
Why? Not our business, That the maiden gives the honor, And the man ends the tupit, Sharing suffering with her.
Further faint.
Their bodies are entwined in a ring.
Prince woke up under the crown! Seeing – his whole family Gathered at the altar, Tsar Sultan, with his eyes painted makes.
He speaks.
“Well, dear friend, He is now my husband.” Prince Guidon walks sadly with his swan.
(Understands the young man — he played, finally!) He barely drags his feet With horror he waits for the wedding night.
Everyone is singing and

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dancing around! (Only quietly, near the bucket, Two sisters are sitting, Two are snuffling for one!) In a word, a wedding, that’s a wedding!
And he often exclaimed, Forgetting to wear panties, “Ah, yes Pushkin! Son of a bitch !!! ”The audience read the tale, Having fun, laughing.
Well, if not, so not.
I, forgive, not a poet! Sometimes I want to do something about the machine and, having finished, knock off.
“Aye yes Fechin! Your mother !!! ”Many will deceive me, Many will ask sternly.
“It’s stupid there, why am I kidding?” Want!
the dog in the hay gnawed a knuckle, it ate the meat, but even the bug, the dog would not let it go to the cherished bone – because it loves it, the dog, and you.

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do not mga!
You are far away, but you are also nearby, huddling gently, do not let you fall asleep, drilling from the screen with your eyes and pulling, and pressing, and waiting.
And I – like a choke half asleep, scored on everything and sluggish lying.
Tell me, is it really that convenient? – Oh, to hell with everything! And I enter! And passion will fill the whole neighborhood and the limit of love will ring !! And again, again, everything is in a circle – love, caressing, the limit !! And I repeat to the rest of myself for the umpteenth time, but everything is not enough for me, just sweet, and again, again, once or twice or twice !!! I love, break, nezhus, I repent, to you, I give all of myself !.
I forget myself in the half-dream, and I love it again till the morning.
Five evenings a week Mommy is mine! I can’t tell you, How happy I am! Barely come home from work, For her thighs -hvat! To hell with all worries, Let the bed creak! Razden my mom, And I put on a condom.
Fuck her obstinately And passionately day after day.
O God, how sinful And how lovely is passion! My filial love With lust merged !.
Waking up early from utrechka I decided to masturbate Yevgeny, And I smiled from a morel I decided to drink this product Then he went to wash And masturbate once more, Eugene, not to crap fuck him On the break, he – in the bucket, Bolt, damn, you have to drive And, taking with him the photo of Masha, He finished the bitch on the floor, fucking.
In the evening he came home, Rather, it is necessary to jerk off, Point hurts – even as a wolf howl How could he have forgotten Vaseline Jerking off he was sitting, standing, lying Jerking Eugene 3 hours His end has fallen ill, That he screamed: – “Your mother”, And now his pizdea bolt is the moral of the story, What if you don’t jerk a lot At least four times a day You can live for a long time “cockroach” To live without a bolt his lot Do not be such a cormorant! Sex video games online.

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You offered tea, but the mugs were soaked in a sink in a pile of dirty dishes.
I continued to be a gentleman and proceeded to wash the dishes.
You sat behind me, and I felt Your smile.
That’s right, because you saw a man in “his place.”
In your understanding, a woman should not be a kitchen slave – a slave should be a man! A table, hot mugs of tea and Your dark eyes opposite.
God, how beautiful You are! You are a panther.
Your tanned skin is like milk chocolate.
Your hair is so black that it turns blue.
You’re all as smooth and shiny as a new gadget you want to lick.
From under the little red T-shirt protruding nipples.
Light leggings tight-fitting legs.
I flew in seventh heaven with happiness.
You talked about something, but I heard only the purr.
You smiled at my distraction.
And I realized – I’m on the hook.
You got up and ordered me to get up.
It ordered, and the tone characteristic of the commanders.
Your thin fingers took me by the hair.
It was rough, but sweet.
You stared at me with your slanting eyes and smiled defiantly.
You wanted to know how I would react – I responded dutifully.
The first test was passed.
Then you let go of my pants, and Your fingers rushed to the member.
I have never met such enterprising girls.
You knew what a man wants, you could read lewd thoughts.
Taking the eggs into a fist, you started to play them.
At the same time, she drilled her mysteriously daring eyes and smiled.
You made me feel in a different role.
Usually I climbed up to the girls in panties and the threatening gaze of the male, threatened with sexual violence.
But now they threatened me.
And I felt the urgency of the moment.
The member rested against the waist.
You looked down and predatory licked her lips.
Bypassing me from behind, you unbuttoned your shirt.
While pawing a cock, you squirmed with the flexibility of a female cat.

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I longed for your gorgeous body.
I had a lot of women, but none of them aroused so much passion in me.
“I want you,” I whispered.
– Show me how much.
– What should I do? “You came up with a clever trick with a waiter tonight.”
And received a prize in the form of close communication.
Now, if you want to have my body, think of something else.
But do not forget, I’m waiting for extravagance again.
You will be banal, you will not get anything.
I knew the game was starting.
Playing by someone else’s rules.
This has not happened for a long time.
What to do in a small apartment in order to express themselves in front of a girl? Well, not from the window to jump.
I decided, if you are so domineering, warm up this power.
With his pants down, he knelt and fell at your feet.
– Let me give you a foot massage? – I asked.
– Your adorable legs are tired and want to be caressed.
You nodded and, stretching out graceful legs, sat on a stool.
I gently took soft feet in the palm of my hand and began to massage with maximum tenderness.
But soon you got bored.
You got up and went to the window.
Sunday autumn morning woke up.
I crawled to your feet and hugged just above my knees.
You sighed wearily and crossed.
Read more
But soon putting themselves in order and having calmed down a little they went to the table and

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Jeannette began her confession: – I was only thirteen years old then, you remember the padre, in the spring my father left for a long time to the provincial department in connection with some business.
– Well, it is in the days of domination “100 days.”
“I woke up in the middle of the night from the barking Corsair,” he was then a little puppy, and I often took him to my room.
The rain, which began as early as noon, rattled the window at low tide.
The street dogs that woke up my puppy with their barking fell silent.
The corsair soon fell asleep, but I did not have time to fall asleep when I clearly heard a noise in the corridor.
I wore warm, padded shoes – “bear feet” and carefully looked out into the corridor.
I was so frightened that I stopped, at the beginning, and then began to tremble coarsely.
Three men stood near the stepmother’s door and spoke in depressed voices in Spanish.
I recognized Chikita, a gypsy from our servants, and with her were two men of Gypsy appearance.
Their appearance was robber, and two Navarre knives gleaming in their hands spoke of intentions.
Chekita used to wield a lock at the keyhole for a long time, but then the door opened silently and all three slipped into her stepmother’s bedroom, leaving both door leaves wide open. Thai cam sex.

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Exhausted, I dragged into the bedroom.
– Lie on your back, spread your legs – said Maxim.
He gave one vibrator to Sasha, the other, the smaller one he took for himself.
Sasha put a vibrator in my vagina, and Maxim smeared his and gently put it in my ass.
At the same time they turned them on at full capacity.

And they began to synchronously perform frictions inside me.
I huddled in ecstasy.
Everything inside me vibrated, everything was wet and squished, my own lubricant oozed from the vagina and flowed down my legs.
– Well, enough for now, well done girl, now we will cool you.
He brought a thick ice icicle from the freezer, stuffed it into the condom and jerked it into the vagina.
I just felt the cold inside, and he pulled it out and just put it sharply in the ass.
– Enough, said Maxim, now you are in her mouth, and I’ll make her over my ass.
Sasha undressed and sat near my head.
He began to drive a member of my lips, I opened my mouth and his cock dived into it.
Maxim looked a bit as I suck Sasha’s dick, too, undressed and leaned over my ass.
– Do you often fuck her in the ass? – No, Sasha said, she always hurts there.
– Well, we will correct.

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He rustled something behind me, I could only guess what he was doing there, when suddenly I felt the touch of my anus something slippery.
Maxim greased him very thickly.
I continued to suck Sasha.
Then something came into my anus.
It was not painful, even pleasant.
– What is it? – This is anal cork-replied Maxim.
Now I will inflate it.
Sasha, leave her mouth, go fuck her in the vagina for now.
Sasha fell in side with me and entered me.
And from behind, Maxim started pumping a pear near the anal plug.
I felt a traffic jam in the pope.
It was very cool.
– BUT! Sasha shouted, I finish !!! – Well, come on, and pull out a member.
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At first, making very deep movements, then sitting down taking my whole member until it stops, then standing up, almost withdrawing from it leaving only the head.
But over time, her passion and desire for more, forced her to accelerate, sacrificing the depth of penetration in favor of speed.
Gaining momentum, Ira moaned and screamed ever more loudly, and in moments of sweet peaks she shook and shackled all at the same time.
And as soon as the sweet wave let her go, she continued.
I liked how she takes advantage of her opportunity to lead the ball, and since I’ve come three times already, I couldn’t be afraid of the imminent final, and let her enjoy it to the full.
But this does not mean that I was sitting indifferently, all this time I was playing with her breasts, sucking her and nibbling her tops, than adding delight to her boiling cauldron of pleasure.
And when Ira was a little tired, he took the reins in his hands, literally, holding her ass tightly, continued her initiatives, guided by her moans and reaction.
That I liked her very much, especially the fact that I never for a second

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sore from my chest sucking and gnawing her tips.

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This game brought me very much, and bringing my finale up sharply, I still fucked her, in her own pace and manner, increasing the pace and speed, catching the sweet wave, both mine and Irene.
And the chase was short-lived, because she joined the process, podmahivaya me, doubling our efforts.
Together we have achieved a tandem orgasm.
Ira froze, still stretching like a spring, while I hammered into her, prolonging her torpor, and making her moans and screams louder and sweeter when she died, trembling all over.
I finished and finished everything, but she gave me out with her mink, constantly squeezing it, painfully grabbing my cock, then letting go, giving me freedom of movement.
Extending the tandem orgasm from each other, we ended endlessly long, and even when I already had nothing to shoot, it continued.
Ira, too, was not allowed to release sweet discharges, passing over and over all her body, forcing him to constantly shudder and tremble with her whole body.
Only after infinity, we relaxed, and just so disconnected, on the same sofa, and all in the same position.
And they slept until the morning and continued in the morning, repeating everything several times.
After that, I just left, but I looked at Ira more than once, sometimes just like that, and sometimes after a raid or some hunting.
By the way, I decided her housing problem, taking advantage of my position, the ruler of everything and everyone, in this world.
Unnoticed, she handed over her special prize, in one of the raids, to the ownership of one rather big house, or even a small palace, all in the same Desande, but in an elite area. Free live porn.

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