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My mother was Normandy by origin and, like all Normans of small stature, strong, with large red hands, the early faded single woman was very concerned about my health, always bought powders to drink me, then from diarrhea or from a cold.
The house where we lived, stood not far from the port, was small and old, but my mother and I tried to keep it clean and tidy, which many were proud of, or more precisely, my mother would be proud, and she would drive me more in the evening when she came home from work order and everything shone clean.
In the evenings, life in the town stopped and only torches burned near the port taverns, and my mother was already addicted to gin in the evening, as the sailor’s delight told her she liked it, pouring gin on two fingers into a glass was fun and energetic and usually tried to do I warmed water and poured into the old trough and washed me.
And one of the dreary winter evenings, mother, as always carefully examining, saw two black hairs on the scrotum: -Look, Willy, your hair is already growing – she laughed hoarsely and immediately was anxious- that you pisyun little you already have 12 years old then you knocked out yesterday from work went to her neighbor’s son 6, and pisyun for more will, let’s throw a blanket and sit down to the hearth closer and I run off to Mrs. Gray.
After about fifteen minutes my mother brought a little old woman Mrs. Gray, she was a famous witch in the city, she looked at me and asked how many years she had given up: “Martha, everything is fine and you don’t bother with anything at night, leaving the door disconcertingly disconcerting Mother also poured herself a gin on her finger and sat down to think, it was not so easy to confuse, but I will go to the witch who understands more than this insight Gray.

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The witch was called Miss Bolivar, a woman already aged about forty-five who was preparing love potions, love spells, was a famous priestess and had a bad reputation in the city.
Half an hour later, Mother brought Miss Bolivar to us, the first time I saw her so closely, a tall woman with mustaches under her upper lip and a squeamish expression on her face, she ordered her to stand on a stool and examined: -So, let Marta wash my hands with water “Well, Miss Bolivar is serious about this,” my mother asked timidly. “I have to check how many women are in it,” she muttered thoughtfully, taking out a bottle of white ointment from her bottomless skirts.
“Oh, check it out, Miss Bolivar check it out, mother bustle about, let me give you a genie capna, don’t deny a poor woman.”
“Not to fail, Miss Bolivar spoke in a low, almost male voice, after drinking half a glass of genie in one fell swoop, she opened a bottle of ointment and approached me, dipped her thumb into the ointment, her fingers were thick and short like sausages, and my form of goose went I was always afraid of her and it was not for nothing that the Witch called her for a reason.

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Come and help Marta.
-Oh, what are you doing Miss Bolivar – my mother, having drunk a lot already, came up to us.
-I check on the woman’s, told you, now he has to sit on the ass with his finger and squat as much as I’ll say Bolivar approvingly patted me on an asshole, well done Martha, they should be kept in strictness.
“He’s walking along my string — mother has bragged enough — let Willy sit down, this is a serious matter.”
I slowly began to squat and my mother slammed my shoulder sharply, and with a fright I sat down on Miss Bolivar’s finger, felt a slight pressure in my ass, it didn’t hurt, and I sat down to the end with relief, closing Miss Bolivar’s hand to my back.
– I didn’t get up – mother commented carefully looking at my scrotum.
– Wait not immediately, let’s crouch. Hidden camera teen nude.

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“Well, we hit,” said the guy.
“Yes, it’s terribly hot here,” the girl agreed, and with difficulty raising her hand, she first unbuttoned one and then the second buttons on her blouse.
So her bra was completely exposed, but you can see that only to us three.
The guy smiled: – “I like this look.
Well, you yourself feel it, “- smiled the guy.
“I feel it, I feel it,” she whispered, looking into my eyes.
I felt the movement of her hand to his fly, but since we were pressed, this movement had the back of my hand and had to my tummy.
Wow! I thought with a mixed feeling of admiration and rejection.
“Generally no brakes guys.”
I was afraid to look down.
But, judging by the movement of touching my tummy, the girl unzipped her pants at the guy and climbed inside. Bongacams token generator no survey.

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I myself can no longer hold back forces, And I enter without a trace in the opened bud.
Eggs are beating on the ass, I sound this sweet.
The creak of the bed, the breath and your long moan.
And you shook for orgasm orgasm, arching the body of a reverse arc.
I suddenly wanted to plant you into the anus; the entrance for the man is different! Finger, I tried to pass, but alas! The sphinkler shrank, afraid that I would inflict pain.
“You relax.
“said without raising his head, It will be cool, I will bring grease now.
Having smeared a finger and anus with a beautiful jelly, I penetrated to the places where I dreamed of visiting.
Slightly moved inside: “So how are you?” You nodded, I began to expand the passage. Porn see online.

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however, it was enough to do this, and medical cosmetics would remove all dryness, turning Nastya into an 18-year-old girl in the prime of beauty and youth.
But Nastya did not take care of herself.
No, she was not a slob – beautifully dressed, finely and tastefully painted, – but the cult of her own beauty was alien to her.
The most amazing thing that happened in Nastya is her smile.
She was not something that was hyper-sexual or sensual — no, she was just very sincere, warm, like a sunny day — and very childish.
Nastya smiled like peasant children in old paintings, and looked something like them: big green eyes, long blond curls of such a hue as if they were burnt out in the sun — they remained that way in winter too; lush breasts, which Nastya hid under closed styles, – but she was so temptingly bursting with fabric.
And most importantly – Nastya was so touching, clean, naive.
it seemed that she had lived the last 15 years of her life in a lethargic dream, and remained a tender child.
I began to think about her. Live nude girls full movie.

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I told him that I gave her yes, but I did not like it.
Pasha promised to please him.
And if it hurts me to tell him about it.
And pressed harder.
I tensed and felt the head of his penis inside his hole.
There was no pain, only tension.
Pasha brought out the member, added another gel and put it in again, this time deeper.
He entered slowly, said that the head was already completely invisible and then it hurt.
Not much, but I was not going to endure it.
I succumbed forward and wanted to slide off the Pasha’s trunk myself, but he forbade sharp movements.
Also slowly, maybe even slower, he came out, but he immediately inserted a finger to me.
Andrew, – he turned to a friend, – the girl will need a lot of training.
Arrange? Andrew reached for my nipples and licking answered: We will arrange and triple! – Andrei got up – and now let me have a nice shower.
Did you take what we asked for? Yes, I say, I took it.
Pulling out the bag prepared from my bag, throwing my robe stuck, I went back through the balcony and the hall went into the bathroom.
In the hall, something indescribable was happening.
There were two guys in each of the three girls.
Girls fucked in the hole at the same time.
They already had holes! I even staring.
They are 19-20 years old, and they are doing it already.
I am not able to do this at 27.
I envied them.
In the corridor, right on the floor, three of them fucked another, as it seemed to me, very skinny youngster.
In the ass, pussy and mouth.
Sperm on the floor were puddles, scum used scattered. Private tv porn.

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I ordered a taxi for you at ten o’clock, I will arrive in an hour.
– I looked at the clock Dmitry.
– Have breakfast, get ready, I’ll come up a little later, right on holiday.
Taxi driver address knows where to deliver.
See you later – and Dmitry went out.
Marina and Sergey sat down at the table, and Marina began to study with interest what they were offered for breakfast.
A little snack and drinking coffee, the couple climbed into the room.
Sergey clicked on the TV remote while Marina was dressing and putting the final touches.
“What a fool I am,” she thought, “why

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didn’t I take stockings?” She suddenly remembered how yesterday in the car.
– And if I were not in pantyhose !? – Marina presented how Dmitry touches her panties, and then pushes them aside and.
She immediately tried to drive away these thoughts.
“Today, we just need stockings,” Marina decided.
– Serge, we need to stop by the store.
She said loudly from the bathroom.
– What for? – did not understand Sergey.
– I did not take tights for this dress.
Sergey did not even attach any meaning to these words.
“Let’s say a taxi driver, we’ll stop on the way.”
– Get dressed, I’m almost ready.
Sergey quickly pulled on his shirt and pants.
– And here I am, – Marina came out of the bathroom.
Sergey looked at his spouse.

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A light blue dress just above the knee sat on Marina perfectly, and small translucent inserts of the same color on the hips and chest attracted the eye.
High-heeled shoes complemented the already beautiful picture.
– How beautiful you are with me.
– Sergey said, – trying to kiss her.
– No, no, no – Marina deftly dodged, – now you will spread everything.
– Come on, we still have to shop.
– Sergey sighed with regret.
“And without pantyhose, well,” he said.
– It was necessary then to go to the solarium.
– answered Marina.
Sergei did not argue and insist, if only his wife was comfortable.
They reached the store quickly enough, Marina jumped out of a taxi leaving her husband in the car, about fifteen minutes later she returned with the package in her hands.
The car started, and Sergey looked questioningly at his wife.
– The body color was only stockings.
– Marina answered the dumb question and, sitting in the back seat, began to put on stockings.
With bated breath, Sergey watched his wife slowly stretching an almost transparent fabric on the graceful leg, lifting up the hem of the dress higher and higher.
He, like any other man, really liked this process.
Sergei suddenly remembered that the driver in the car.
Sneaking after looking at him, Sergei saw him throwing interested looks in the mirror, but Marina, holding the dress up specially, so that the panties were slowly visible, straightened the openwork gum.
She saw the reaction of Sergei, saw his confusion and enjoyed the situation.
She liked more than the fact that another man sees it, but that her husband sees it all.
Specially teasing him, she began to wear a second stocking with a smile, looking straight into his eyes.
Sergei was completely taken aback, he glanced at the driver, now at his wife.
The member quickly stood up, his breath caught.
– She is special.
He sees everything, Sergey thought frantically. Indian sex mms hidden camera.

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About anything else could not think the whole next day.
Waited for a call from his beloved wife.
Cursed her for silence.
Again in the late afternoon she called: – Well, how are things with you? – What is my business? I have – as always.
Tell me! – Oh, well, just can not tell, my dear losik! (Losik – he heard, and the excitement covered his head).

– Why losik? What? Did it happen? – And you roll your head.
Horns do not interfere? Yes, perhaps the horns! – Do not torment! So you were with Jack? – Ha! It was – put it mildly! Okay, I’ll tell you a little.
In the evening, Jack invited me to walk along the embankment, go to the cafe.
Listen, maybe you won’t believe it, but while we were there, the women present were just eating my Jack (my!) Eyes.
I saw that almost everybody was ready, without much thought, to spread her legs in front of him.
I was even jealous of him.
Therefore, at the very first “ballad” I pulled him to dance, until someone took the initiative.
His hands immediately fell on my ass and began to stroke and caress her.

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I immediately became excited, and began to kiss his chest, not covered with a shirt.
Damn, by the end of the dance, when Jack started kissing me on the lips, I just flowed and was ready to surrender to him right on the dance floor, on the spot.
I was so excited that right after the dance, I dragged Jack to the beach, where there were no lanterns.
We just found a more dumbing spot, as I knelt down and undid Jack’s pants fly.
You should have seen what “dignity” from there fell out right in my face: 20 centimeters long and fat — e — e (I’m not lying!) I climbed into my mouth.
I just could not believe what I saw, and for five minutes I licked, kissed, sucked, swallowed Jack’s “club”, getting more and more excited.
Yes, he himself ofigel: so that on the first evening of the rest the Russian blonde would give him a deep blowjob on the beach, not particularly embarrassed by casual viewers !!!
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