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The striped hands covered the wool, and the fingers became three large patla, with large nails.
I felt the face, not the horse, but not the man, the jaw changed as well, the ears were on the top, the hair was like a mane, but already long.
I looked at myself.
The boobs were large and striped as well, and the nipples were big and black, I didn’t like it very much, but I can’t choose yet.
The crotch was almost the same as I saw in a horse, but still not the same.
Black lips still had extra folds in the area of ​​the clitoris, as if buried there.
Pubic hair was very shaggy and much longer than the rest of the hair.
Legs turned into hooves, but they seemed more or less stable.
The tail was like a broom scattered under me.
I sat down on the bed with difficulty and looked around the room.
It was not just a room, it was a studio apartment.
I was lying in a corner on a bed with high backs on the corner.
Not far from me was a table with a computer, telephone and a floor lamp.
The kitchen was visible, behind a slight turn, in the kitchen was a fridge, microwave and kettle.
I got up and staggered to the kitchen.
The door to the toilet and shower hid behind the turn, I looked in there, there was also an ottoman near the cosmetic table.
It was already more interesting.
Even in the apartment there was a sofa with a coffee table and it is not clear why a hanger and a wardrobe in the hallway.
I took a bottle of milk from the refrigerator and drained it almost in one gulp.
Then she went to bed.
The new day was full of surprises, for a start the computer woke me up, it turned on, and immediately the music started playing.

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I got up and found a wet spot under me, a large radius, and my whole ass and hips were wet.
Having sat down at the computer I found several files on the desktop, and one was with the name: “instructions”.

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I opened it and read it.
There were passwords for entering any computer in the system of my floors.
My duties were simple, nobody knew who I really was, so I don’t need to admit it, I can think of any story.
I had to bypass the corps and look after the order, speak with the upset and cheer them, put down the impudent and punish the obstinate.
Could order some goods to maintain peace of mind, but this should all pass as illegal, so that everyone would think that they are smarter than the system.
For this, I could take anything or demand anything.
My rights included punishment and rewards, and the list was large.
I could invite anyone to my apartment, but I wouldn’t have access to a computer until I was alone in a room.
I could also adjust the visits of males for each resident of the territory under their jurisdiction, up to and including the reception of someone else’s man.
I will not have a cabinet, since I am the head of the second and third floor, I will work there.
Next was a list of what is forbidden to do or have a “cattle”, that is, for which they can be punished.
Looking up from reading, I saw that I received a letter saying that all residents know that a new controller had arrived, so my exit was cleared, you can go.
I decided.
In the closet by the door, I found some kind of costume, and then I decided that I needed to be spectacular, so I took care of myself and took away from the exit another thirty minutes.
At the end of the training, I looked in the mirror.
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org) In the mirror there was an attractive picture, a beautiful zebra with a small muzzle and painted large red lips and a combed mane, so the hair falls on the shoulders.
I was wearing a robe with the letter “K” on my left breast, going down to my knees, from under which hangs a part of my tail strapped with a thick elastic band.
I painted the nails on my hands white, and put the hooves on them with a glossy black lacquer.
Berry from “In the animal world.”
As such, I opened the door and left my apartment. Indian hidden camera sexy video.

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“Thirty-sixth,” I replied.
“My God, how are you keeping them?” He joked.
He smiled at me and stretched out his arms, inviting me to come closer to him.
“Come here.” I swam up and settled on his chest, the foam covering me up to my neck.
It seemed to me that I screamed again when his hands clasped me, tightly pressed to me.
He did not utter a word, but the rhythmic uplifting and lowering of his chest acted hypnotically on me.
I felt the tension receding, this simple rhythmic movement relaxes my nerves.
I do not know how much time we spent in this position, but after a while I felt a slight nibbling in the neck and ear.
I instantly melted, softened in his hands.
In my head flashed all the cliches that I had ever heard about such moments. Live chat sex apk.

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I came to talk.
– Irka’s voice is barely audible, tears are in her eyes – Take off your clothes – I am not bent, I am in charge here and only my orders are carried out here.
I just recently started to fuck Irku, she was not the first in my rich list of girls with whom I slept.
And Irka, I persuaded her to stay with me, even gave his shirt, promising that I will not pester her in the evening.
Then I

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kept my word – I stuck to her in the morning, I remember how she lay with my back to me and I stroked her nice forms.
I was and is very picky about external data.
I love everything beautiful, including girls.
Well, I stroke Irku, and suddenly she suddenly turns around, lay on her back and spreads her legs – the girl gave up, I entered her, fucked.
and nothing, she has no emotions – she’s just breathing and that’s it, I’m already exhausted, and slowly fucking, and to the rhythm of the “sewing machine” – everything is useless, she barely finished it.
The first time with me is – usually girls in different ways, but somehow they lead, but here – nothing at all! The log and everything, – it became interesting to me, I fucked her a few more times – no reaction, and I really don’t know how to caress a member, my member doesn’t get up after we caress it, but on the contrary, it falls! This went on for a couple of weeks, during which I managed to teach her a preliminary caress of a member, but I did not manage to hear a moan during the act! Irka was a tall, beautiful brunette girl with a boyish haircut, small breasts and a round booty.

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I really liked this butt, so more and more I fucked her with cancer, or when she lay on her stomach, I liked to roll on this butt, and fuck, fuck, fuck her, seeing how my body shudders from my pushes.
And so, once I broke up so much that I accidentally missed the whole span and put a member in her ass.
At first I did not realize anything when I saw Irka jerk, and groaned! It was so unexpected that I froze, and only then did I find that I was not in Irkina’s pussy, but a little higher — Irka was lying on her stomach.
I slowly continued to move in Irka’s booty, Irinka continued to moan, and then I started to fuck her hard, since my member without lubrication easily entered his ass – it means there is well developed! Then I finished very quickly, but the most pleasant thing was the moan of Irki, it was a sign that she gave up completely and enjoyed.
From that time I started to fuck her only in the ass, and almost only with cancer.
Irka didn’t like this case very much, and she went to bed immediately facing me, but after squeezing her breasts, I forcefully turned her on her side, and pressed her knees to her breasts, revealing her only erogenous zone – her ass. Sex webcam hijab.

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“I don’t think she will be against it,” said Nastya, “Neighbors probably will not mind either.”
– Neighbors? – I was surprised.
“She lives in a dormitory,” Nastya explained. “They have common kitchen and bathroom.
By the way, I do not know if you want to wash there.
All plumbing in such a neglected state.
“It’s okay,” I said. “The main thing is to have hot water.”
– Well, – Nastya agreed, – Then I will talk to her now, and then I will call you back.
I once again thanked Nastya and, having said goodbye to her, hung up the phone.
Wait Nastya call had about ten minutes.
“Sorry, Olka, Natasha was busy,” she began to justify.
– Well? – I asked impatiently.
“She said it would be better to come right now,” answered Nastya, “Considering that you will probably take at least an hour on the road.”

In the morning, having woken up from Ira at home, I again went to the shower, it seemed to me that I did not wash off.
Then coffee and of course I had to, or almost everything, tell Irishka.
In the course of the story, Ira asked questions and it is not strange for me that I did not see reproach or charity in her eyes, but I saw that she was interesting and curious.
“wow:, well, you give: never would have thought that you can do that:”, and then, after a pause, dropping your eyes, “you know, I also go without panties in summer” and my humble Irishka began to tell me about herself . Sex public agent online.

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I remember that even in school he was engaged in rowing, had some kind of discharge, constantly rode around the competition, well, he was a pretty healthy kid for his age.
Then he suddenly suddenly disappeared from my sight, without going to college.
Just perestroika was, everyone was spinning as he could.
The guy was an adult and healthy, apparently, too, was spinning.
Even his parents did not know where to look, but they said, sometimes calls from Spain.
Someone said that Pasha works in Spain at a construction site, someone that he is in the Russian mafia there, and someone in general, that he is in prison, just parents ashamed to admit.
The next time I heard about him, many years had passed, he already lived in the Moscow region, was married a second time to a woman with a child and went to work in Moscow.
Then he showed up in classmates, correspondence with the duty phrases, and again everyone has his own life.
And now he is suddenly announced, saying that he wants to show his homeland to his wife, to come to visit, to go round relatives.
Well, how can you refuse, come, of course, shelter, feed.
Here is the meeting.

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From the pictures I would not have recognized him.
A healthy man for almost forty years, very broad shoulders, tall, when he greeted me, my hand simply disappeared in his healthy palm.
Immediately I remembered the stories about our grandfather, whom I hardly remember.
He was always described exactly like this.
Bogatyr, in one word.
I always considered myself tall, but even with my 180 cm I felt somehow shallow, next to it.
Oksana’s wife was a match for him, what they call a battle-woman.
Also high, just below me, wide hips, a powerful chest, most likely in her youth was very beautiful, but now she has gotten good, has become faint, but has not lost her proud posture and imperious look.
My Light with her 160 height and 44 kilograms next to her looked like a teenage girl.
And their son is 15 years old.
I do not

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even know how to describe.
Name is Artem, kid, like a kid.
Already started to stretch in growth, rather thin, slightly taller than Sveta.
With them in the house immediately became crowded.
Big, active, noisy.
Piled backpacks with things in the corner, tents, Pasha said on the hike, let’s go, as it turned out, they will go along with us, because here he no longer remembers anything.
I had to take time off at work, also look for equipment, while they drove around the rest of the relatives.
It is time “H”.
I offered options where you can get out into nature with overnight stays.
We stopped at a mountain lake, we had to go there half a day by car, then walk up to a decent distance, but it was a very beautiful place, not filled with tourists, with a spruce forest and a clean mountain lake. Xhamster sex live.

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While the two fucked her, the other three crowded around her face.
One man, in which I recognized that very jeans, held motherly arms clasped over her head, and he also drove a member in her mouth.
The rest of the two stood side by side, nadrachivali members and crushed the mother of the dangling boobs.
– I’m finishing! – shouted a bald man, fucking in the ass.
He made a wild, prolonged moan and took out a member of his mother’s ass.
Then he collapsed on his bed, arms and legs spread.
Bottom fuck, abruptly threw his mother off and climbed on top of her, spreading her legs wide.
He began to fuck her in her pussy, as if stung in the ass.
So much sex rage I’ve seen, just in porn.
Mom’s cunt squished the whole room, she began to moan loudly. Complete porn movies online.

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