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The hand slipped back to the pelvis, but

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this time below: touched the edges of the buttocks: God, how warm it was there! And quite wet – it was summer and it is not surprising that between such thick buttocks sweated.

Sergey very gently moved his fingers between these edges of the buttocks.
And here he, imperceptibly even for himself, put his index finger deep into the buttocks.
He touched the hole! He seemed to be distorted by the current, and a long-standing member even became ill from the strain.
The member needed to be made somehow easier, but it was simply laziness to go to the toilet to masturbate, and a crazy idea seized him.
He changed position and quietly thrust a hot member in the half-open hand of Natalie.
And even quietly groaned with relief – so cool seemed her palm.
He wanted to frantically move his pelvis and end violently in this wonderful palm, but his brain still controlled frantic lust.
And then Natalie in a dream muttered: “No, Ruslan, you don’t need to go there: Let me better drive a bolt like you did yesterday.” Sergey almost lost his mind about these words! And Natalie’s hand began to tremble and move a little along the member.
Here she squeezed him tighter, still not waking up: She pulled the pen a little faster and: Sergey finished her hand! Stormy, as only teenagers end up, splashing sperm in all directions, he no longer in control of himself jerked his pelvis, violently hammering the head into Natalie’s fist.

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And then she woke up, immediately understood everything and opened her eyes wide with horror.
Sergey, too, was seized with fear, and completely without realizing it, he leaned over Natalie’s ear, and hissed: “Quiet, piss, but tomorrow they will know everything about everything!” Natasha is the first to get loose if she wakes up and sees! Oddly enough, it worked.
Natalie was shocked and did not even realize that Natasha, her best friend, would never tell anyone even about more serious things, and not something about this nonsense.
Sergey saw that she would not make a fuss, and decided to “disappear, so with the music”: – Ss-listen here, you will do what I say, and try only to pikn, understood ?! – and suddenly stuck her index finger into her anus.
Natalie squealed softly, but Sergey immediately covered her mouth with her hand.
– What are you, — d, do not understand the first time? Natalie frightened looked in his face distorted from rage and bast.
– Do not understand?!! – he stuck his index finger even deeper.
Natalie shook her head.
– What did you understand, huh ?! “I’ll do everything you say,” Natalie said slurringly.
– That’s great! – Sergey made an even more brutal face (for pro forma) and took out a finger from the Natalie anal.
“Spread your legs,” he ordered.
– yes wider: I want to see how you will masturbate, it is necessary that you flowed.
And then I dry you vpadlu will fuck.
Natalie looked at Sergey with appealing eyes, but he decided to be merciless this time in pursuit of a cherished goal.
Seeing that her looks were useless, the girl spread her legs wide as she could, and awkwardly began to rub her palm between her legs.
Sergey was fascinated by the action and his fallen member began to tremble, growing up. Bikini model tits.

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I can also give Sasha an enema,” I suggested as a joke, thinking how cool it would be to take off an eight-year-old boy panties and stick a rubber bulb in the ass.
– Yeah, so he will give it to you to do, – Sasha’s mother laughed, – Already big, shy.
Even from me the bathroom door locks when bathing.
The conversation continued for a couple of minutes, during which I had to patiently listen to Sveta’s instructions.
Waiting until Sasha’s mother finally said goodbye, I pressed the reset button and immediately started dialing Nastin’s number.
– Ale, Nastya? – I greeted when at the other end of the wire raised.
“Hello, Olka,” Nastya answered happily, “Well, how do you like being a nanny?” “I already regret that I agreed,” I sighed, “I constantly fight with the boy.”
Does not obey at all.
You have no idea what I have to endure from him.
Awful behaves: rude, you can not get enough for lunch.
About his mother, I generally keep quiet.
So carps me.
Constantly dissatisfied with something.
You see, you shouldn’t have him wash his dirty feet because the water is cold. Online show sex video.

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to end so quickly hastily it was completely useless, which Nikita still clearly did not understand.
A solution was found very soon.
Right in front of the window, in front of which they were sitting, there was a large bus with closed doors.
On such a bus we were taken from the plane to the airport building.
I calmly, without fussing, went to the window and stood in front of him, ostensibly examining the bus.
Now the couple was sitting behind me, just to the right.
she accordingly sat facing me and saw my appearance.
I, turning my head, as if examining the bus, meanwhile squinting my eyes, tried to examine the peasant imperceptibly.
Under my sunglasses, the direction of my gaze was unrealistic, and the turn of my head was clearly not enough for them to decide that I was looking at them.
Having given my appearance a minimum of attention, they returned to their conversation.
In the peasant, I was not mistaken – 40 years, maybe even under 50.
clearly battered by life.
Plain pants are light, resort, ordinary shoes are light, plain silk shirt.
She sat on his lap, as I said, with his left hand on his shoulder and his right hand on his knee.
His left hand was on her hips, the right was not visible.
Quiet peaceful conversation.
I began to guess who they were to each other.
It was evident that his eyes were badly slanting to the side, so I looked for an opportunity to legally stare at them 🙂 The solution was found unexpectedly – turning my head to the bus, I suddenly found that the whole couple was completely visible to me in the reflection of the bus door, which were polished to a shine and from the inside even, apparently, were darkened by some kind of film.
It turned out a great mirror.
And since the bus was very close to our window, everything could be seen in the reflection of the “mirror”, as if I would be standing directly in front of them.

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So I stood, now turning my back to them, facing the window, and calmly looked at them.
By their appearance, it turned out that they were relatives.
Just a girl so childishly sat on her lap.
Maybe a father? Or uncle? I had doubts about this when I suddenly found out that his left hand, which was lying so calmly on her thigh, suddenly began to make stroking movements.
Seeing this, I was still struggling with the conjecture that “cannot be.”
But then he saw that the same hand began to stroke the upper side of her thighs less and hide more and more on their inner side.
Finally, my doubts gained strength, when without a hint the

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hand darted to her groin and there she began to perform several other actions, progressive up and down.
“Nifiga yourself!”, I thought, “So they are lovers!”.
Meanwhile, the hand continued to caress her through the shorts lycra.
Her right leg trembled and slightly pulled away, giving her hand more space and I could already see how her basin was moving very slightly against the movement of her arm.
She gently waved him, continuing to talk about something calmly with him.
Awesome sight :)! Suddenly, they suddenly startled.
His hand came back to her hips, she sat up straighter, her legs tightly tight.
And the next moment, with a crash past us, between me and the person facing the window, and a couple in love, a child ran, pushing a luggage cart in front of him.
A few seconds passed and the thunder of his trolley had calmed down somewhere far away.
The couple sat quietly, continuing to talk.
I was angry, looking into the reflection, and saying to myself, “Come on! Well!”.
and my thoughts come true.
His hand went into motion again – she crawled up her thigh to her belt.
And the next moment disappeared under her T-shirt.
It was visible as she there, under a t-shirt, slowly rose, stroking her tummy, up to a breast, covered it from above.
A few circular movements on the papilla and now she crawls even higher on the chest, almost to the neck, then back to the papilla.
Again gentle gentle caress the nipple and the hand dives under the chest, where slightly lifting it, switches to the other chest, which is exactly the same caress.
Their conversation has stopped, the girl sits on the lap of a man with her eyes closed, slightly opening her lips and, in my opinion, is even slightly trembling.
And here I see an even more interesting movement. Live sex camera site.

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She took in her mouth and began to move her head up and down.
I thought what her puffy lips and nearly finished.
And wound up in earnest.
She sucked so hard that I wanted to fuck her myself.
Denis pretty quickly finished her and pulled out his dick.
Then Vova intervened in this orgy.
– Guys, what about me? “I have an idea,” said Genka.
He stopped sucking Dasha, who was too carried away by a blowjob and turned his back to him.
He asked her to squat and planted ass on his dick.
His tool was thinner than Denis, so the dick, by the very balls, sank into anal sex without any problems.
Moreover, before that, he had been in Dasha’s mouth and was wet.
Then he laid down himself and put his back on his chest.
A satisfied Vova settled between Dasha’s widely divorced legs and entered her pussy rather sharply and to the full depth.
Dasha screamed loudly and closed her eyes.
Still, it had two members.
Gena and Vova began to slowly move their hips.
Dasha still closed her eyes, but she didn’t scream, only sometimes she moaned.
Now Dasha seemed to be sitting between two boys.
She herself was leaning on her legs to stand up and perish on the limbs.
At the same time, she kissed Vova.
Gene crushed her breasts, and Vova supported by the hips.
Vova leaned back a bit, and Denis stood over the whole trio.
Dasha took her hands on his buttocks, she had another support.
Denis winked at the lads and they threw Dasha at the same time rather sharply at the same time, she closed her eyes wide, opened her mouth exhaling air and immediately got Denis in her mouth.
He was holding her hair, so it was not easy for her to suck, and besides, two more members were turning in her.
She constantly released a member of Denis from his mouth.
When he finished, all the sperm splashed Dashino’s face, a little on his chest.
She no longer paid attention to this, because her orgasm was also near.

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Genk finished next and, pulling out his dick, left Dasha alone with Vova.
Now she has more freedom and she began literally jumping on Vova.
He probably did not like her activity and he knocked her onto the bed, lifting her legs up.
It took a few more shocks to make her shudder in her orgasm.
Vova did not torture her anymore and, pulling out his penis, began to masturbate him.
After some time, Dashkin belly was filled with sperm.
A close-up camera took Dasha.
The picture was awesome.
On the big bed lies Dasha.
a sweet smile froze on her face, her eyes were closed, her legs were apart (she probably no longer had the strength to bring them down), all in sperm that ran down her cheeks and glistened on her stomach and chest.
I thought my cock would burst.
I rewound back.
close up of her lips sucking dick, she smacks loudly, saliva flows down her chin and dick.
I stopped Vidic.
I wanted to cum.
No, I did not just want to finish, I wanted to fuck Dasha.
Fuck this “innocent” creation, which was raped at once by three and several times.
I called her, we chatted for a while and I invited her for tea (I did it before).
For a long time did not have to persuade her.
To be continued.
The room was already completely dark and only from the street the light of the lanterns penetrated the windows.
Masha and I were lying on the bed and talking.
I recently returned and we had something to talk about.
We chatted somewhere in the morning.
At first, we just sat in the kitchen, then moved into the room, lay down on the bed,

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hugged and chatted.
It was hot together, but we didn’t want to disengage, and in the course of time, we undressed, remaining as a result in the bustier and trousers.
My back was numb from lying for a long time, so I began to stretch and arch.
Yes, my back has flowed too, can you remember me a little here? – Masha put her hand between the shoulder blades.
Yes, I agreed, go to bed.
The girl turned over, I sat on top of her.
I ran my hand over her shoulders and began to knead them, however, the bra straps disturbed me.
I undid the clasp and gently pulled her thin handles out of them.
And now cream and butter, yes, baby, – deliberately languidly said a friend.
We laughed, but I mashed the oil for the massage.
I stretched my friend’s shoulders, brushing my palms with soft oil, from which her skin began to look even smoother.
The white sharp shoulders of the girl yielded to me like wax, I stroked her, going down the back, stroking her sides and hands, lifted her and touched the base of her chest.
I realized that I was starting to get excited.
besides, we quite often allowed ourselves a little more sisterly love, but not so much.
I lifted her elbows, slid my hands to my slightly open stomach and slightly higher, touched her chest. Hentai porn online.

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I did not turn, he pushed someone away from me.
Get away, – he threatened someone, – this is our girl.
Someone else’s hand slapped me.
The voice mumbled and left.
Andrey woke up.
Pasha told him.
Andrei left the room, spoke to someone outside the door, then came back: Sorry, honey, we didn’t want to scare you.
Just forgot to close the door to the castle – Andrew began to caress me, kiss, joined by Pasha.
Again their hands, especially the fingers, went to all my hidden places.
Their fingers played in my holes at the same time.
Continue? – Pasha asked, I agreed, already forgetting everything from their caresses.
The first Pasha entered, went deep, lingered, pressed hard and I finished, then he came out, but not finishing, and I pulled tight Andryushka.
And only his first wand entered tightly, the second one entered easily and I finished stronger and stronger.
The guys took turns in and out, sharply, sometimes slowly, then pressing at different angles, not forgetting to insert my fingers in my ass.
They were not going to finish.
Pasha sat me over his face and pulled me down, nibbling on her nipples.
Andrew again appeared behind and only quietly played with my back hole, periodically caressing her with a dick, then with his fingers, did not forget to lubricate.
Pasha fucked me in several poses, turning and tilting, spreading my legs as wide as possible, lifting them up, Andrei pulled away, but every time I was on top he would caress my ass.
I want to finish, – said Andrei after that, so I was again on top of Pasha, – but I want to finish with you. Silicone tits webcam.

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The young prince shuddered, remembering these gossip, but his thirst for revenge was stronger.
He paused on the threshold, stepped into the neat upper room.
Why did you think earlier that everything was overgrown with a web in the house of the sorcerer? However, there is a clean towel in the corner, and a silver endova is in a barrel with water on the surface.
The one who followed was stuck

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in the back with a stick, pushing towards the boiler in the middle.
– Do you want power? Whispered the sorcerer behind his back.
– Do not answer, I know myself.
Do you want strength? So that your name scared children? Do not answer.
What are you willing to give in return? “Everything,” Light looked into the cauldron, on the surface of which the metropolitan hail saw itself on the throne, the foreign princess beside it, I will give everything.
Magus burst out laughing.
The prince turned round – he was wiping tears, pounding the floor with his stick.
“Go to Scandia,” the sorcerer said through laughter, “your power is hidden there.”
The light looked with a single eye.
Instead, what? “It’s paid for you,” the Magus threw in a laughing laugh.

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He stood on the porch for a long time, watching the riders off.
Everything that the sorcerer said to the Most Bright, he knew a long time ago.
Even before the birth of a young prince, when he presented an unlucky housekeeper with a cheap bracelet.
Everything will be with Sveta that her mother ordered.
– Wake up, prince, – Bayun braked the sleeper by the shoulder.
The light looked to the centurion in the face and was frightened.
– What’s the matter? Bayun sat by the extinct fire, hugging himself by the shoulders.
– Hurt me, prince.
He covered the wound with a mug, but it did not help.
Inside I burn all.
It’s cold outside.
The light jumped to its feet, rushed to make a fire.
– It is necessary to warm the water.
To search for herbs, you have a mother – a herbalist was, surely you don’t know.
A friend stopped him by the shoulder.
I squeezed tightly, sharing my death calm.
– Late, brighter.
Mother herbalist was dying, I know.
Not far from Scandia, you will get by yourself.
Lead my horse about, suddenly your road will fall.
Bayun died in the evening, falling into unconsciousness.
Called to myself some fun.
all wanted to prince – father to tell how ushkunichal youth.
He recalled his oath, according to which he pledged to protect the young prince.
Silently, the light sat beside him, holding the centurion by the hand, but putting him back on the grass if he was trying to get up.
When the hands of Bayun began to grow cold, he dug a grave with two swords.
Threw the earth, put a helmet on top.
He cried the loss of tears from the remaining eye, strapped the reins to his saddle and moved forward. Xxx porn hidden cam.

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