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We put on the thong so that the plugs do not fall out and take up clothes.
Between ourselves, we call erotic clothes and underwear harness.
Tanka chose for both of us a classic fucking harness: black stockings with a belt and corks in the ass with tails.
My wife added red stilettos and a thin bra with slots for her long, fleshy nipples.
When it came time to drive, we pulled the harness over ourselves, took off the thongs and took out the expanders from our holes, and, richly smearing, inserted corks.
Having examined each other, we were satisfied; the idea with tails hanging from our asses was especially good.
Tanya over the harness wore a simple dress that was longer than the tail, and I jeans and a shirt, tucked his tail in his trouser leg.
Outwardly, we looked like ordinary townspeople, who decided to visit old friends.
Only fucking shine in the eyes gave out our excitement.
I called a taxi, and Tanka poured us 150 cognac per track.
– Well, Seryozha, they will fuck us today to the fullest.
I hope your asshole and ebnik will be popular with our hosts.
Come on, fuck, fag my darling! – Tanya said gently.
– Come on Tanya.
I hope your boobs will get today, my dear prroblyad! – I answered her in tone.

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We clinked glasses, drank it all and went to the taxi.
We were sitting in the back seat, brandy was pretty tight in the head, and Tanka was giving me a dick with my hand all the way, after unbuttoning my jeans.
With her other hand, she was pulling her pussy under her dress and pulling her tail.
The taxi driver pretended not to notice anything, but he constantly glanced in the rearview mirror fidgeting on the seat.
We drove up to the front door, we paid off, and after adjusting our clothes, we left.
– Well, the holes to fight? – fun asked wife.
– Yes, damn it.
We will get today.
– although I was very excited, but it was a little scary.
– Not ssy, Sergei.
It is necessary to begin sometime.
Let’s go – Tankin’s voice trembled with excitement.
I called the intercom and we immediately opened.
When they took the elevator to the right floor and found the apartment they needed, Tanka rummaged in her purse and pulled out two dog collars with leashes.
– Surprise! Let’s dress, so that it was immediately obvious that we

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are real slaves and whores.
– Fucking? And on the harness is not visible that we are slaves? – I grunted.
– Fuck you! The collars will only complete the picture, – with these words he gave me the collar.
– Fuck, my legs are already out of my pussy! Hurry us up! Put on and go! We put each other collars and dangling leashes, came to the door.
– Stop! Let me give you another fucking make up, you will finally scum! – Tanka seems to have begun to demolish the tower.
My brain was boiling too and the dick stood like an obelisk.
– Fuck, Tanya, you’re great, come on! Threesome online porn.

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Yes, the first was a little painful and some unusual sensations, when the point expanded letting in his penis.
Oleg did everything carefully and slowly, and his whole member entered me.
It was nice.
– “Probably women feel it when they fuck.
“Oleg said: -” Let me hold the penis a little inside to get used to the ass, and then we make a short break.
“We sat for a bit and I asked for this sex again.
He got up, bent down and Oleg also, as before, slowly introduced the penis into me.
Then he almost brought him out and began to repeat.
He held his hands on my hips, sometimes stroking, then suddenly slapped me with his hand on the ass.
Then a little more.
I got the idea that a man fucks me, fucks like a whore

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and some bitch.
I decided to stop everything and tried to move away.
Oleg firmly took me by the hips, once again slapped his hand and began to fuck my ass stronger.
– “Stay where you are! You are my slut!” – he seemed to read my thought.
Stronger inserted his dick – “I know that you are pleased as I dryuchu you.
“It was unusual and I answered: -“ Yes, I like it, yes I am your submissive and depraved whore! ”My member stood and I suddenly realized that I like being such a whore.
I was unpleasant caresses and attempts to kiss, but like just surrender to a man.
Be his hole.
Feel the male member inside, inside your ass.
Feel like he cums inside me.
Oleg finished and pulled out his dick.
For a while I stood stooping.
Then we sat on the carpet in front of the table and Oleg asked how I had anal sex.

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I replied that it was not bad and somehow unusual, especially about a whore.
– “And you did blowjob to someone?” – he asked.
– “Not.
“-“ Do you want to continue playing the submissive whores? ”-“ Come on, ”I replied,“ only without much pain and licking of shoes. ”
“-” Ok, of course.
“- Oleg responded.
He got up and ordered: – “On your knees!” I obeyed.
And Oleg put the head of a member in my mouth.
Then, deeper, and I already felt how she pressed into the throat, I choked and Oleg pulled out a member.
I drank some water.
– “Open your mouth proshmandovka!” – Oleg said and put a member in my mouth.
I wrapped my lips around him and Oleg began to fuck me in the mouth.

His head slid over my tongue and hit my throat.
Oleg took my head with his hands and pulled on his penis.
– “Suck him better bitch, suck like a lollipop” – “Come on, fuck, fuck me, fuck me in my mouth.”
I will do everything that you command! “- I wanted to say this to him, but there was a member in his mouth and I just grunted.
Oleg pulled out a member and finished.
Finished my face.
Sperm splashed out of his penis and began to flow, and I began to smear her face, licked her lips and felt her taste.
– “And you want to finish my bitch?” – Oleg asked.
– “Yes I want this very much!” – I would give everything for the opportunity to finish myself.
My member has long stood and was like a stone.
Oleg took an empty bottle of vodka and ordered to stoop.
I bent down and gave him an ass, where he introduced the neck of the bottle.
– “Hand off your dick, and I’ll give you a bottle of shake.”
“- Oleg said and began to fuck my ass.
Uh, it was exciting and I squeezed my penis and started to quickly jerk off.
– “Slowly slowly.
“Oleg said, and I obeyed.
I really wanted to finish and was ready to break my dick for this.
Just fell into a frenzy.
– “Come on, come on, have me.
a bottle, what do you want! “- I myself sat ass on a bottle and jerked my dick.
– “So! Everything is enough!” – said Oleg.
– “I want to finish, really want to!” – I knelt before him.
Ass ached after fucking a bottle. Xxx sex games online.

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And so, my reader, that I thought.
Well, okay – you, whom I believe and even trust, that is – you, who saw this and much more, – well, my patient reader, you, whom you will not surprise in this ever-spring earth and who is not infinitely inclined it is likely to be a hypocrite and even make a fool of yourself, pretending to be the virgin Mary.
well, if this fairy tale completely harmless in form and equally harmless in content will be overcome by some uniquely holy and immaculately chaste person from those believable people who during the day show the face of impeccable morality for everyone to see, and after sunset sun flies uncontrollably in various gay sites for the purpose of moral encouragement for their immaculate vigils during the day.
Yes, suddenly this tale will be read by such an infinitely indifferent fighter-fighter? Or read any other similar Bobby? It is completely unknown how this little dog.
Well, that is, infinitely truthful and even righteous person, I wanted to say, how this righteous person will react at night.
but, after all, night, as you know, is replaced by day, and by day, as it is known, many holy people include completely different music.
– in connection with these circumstances and even metamorphoses, my reader, I thought: suddenly a night person who didn’t stop at night to finish this fairy tale to the end, in the afternoon will cry his many-sided soul that it’s not a fairy tale at all, but a solid apologetics of juvenile pedophilism and other mean vile haunts.
Yes, as this infinitely moral little Bobby snarls at some regular corporate event: “Death to sodomites!”, but how it will disperse, how it will disperse in earnest.
and there will be, what a good, such a multifaceted Bobby in the form of a public and even, perhaps, not entirely free homophobia, to suffer and toil to the very, one can say, evenings – until sunset.

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that’s what I thought, my all-understanding reader! And it is clear that the earthly and even the heavenly passions of these very Bobik and other God’s dandelions, along with acne complexing nedoroslyami I, poorly educated and generally at the moment undocumented, do not care much, – as I understand it, fully qualified footballers are engaged.
But – I thought about this: what is their tolerant speech, “death to sodomites”, in all respects? Is this the death of Vanya? And death is harmless little Rostik

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? So, my reader, it turns out? Yes, it turns out.
it turns out so, and very, I will say, interestingly turns out.
Of course, sixteen-year-old Vanya, a first-year student at a technical college, a small curious Rostik, has not yet sodomy in the flawlessly full sense of this word due to some purely technical inconsistency, as well as a complete lack of proper experience in this so ambiguous and even delicate matter.
but it sodomizes, necessarily sodomites, and even.
even do it in the near future! – they, Vanya and Rostik, in the unattended wind of their lunar recklessness have already breathed – each in its own way and both together – even if they are barely distinguishable and even indistinctly sounding, but already undoubted in their objectivity, the sounds of an ancient song, and vague, like a mirage, the shores of the motherfathers, flooded with sun and freedom, already loomed blurred – now arising, then again escaping – the contours on their horizon.
how there shouted regular bobik? “death sodomites”? Oh, my reader! I do not know how loud and how unequivocally they will sound further – in the steadily increasing life – this ancient song for Vanya and Rostik.
Moreover! – I don’t know at all whether they will ever be able to see and see the shores of the motherland near – or lunar obsession will touch them, Vanya and Rostik, just for a moment of life, and without further attraction and further, it, this very delusion, will melt and disappear, as if it never existed.
I, my reader, do not know all this! In the end, there are many, and even many, all sorts of people who, having experienced attraction to one sex, experience a similar attraction to sex to another.
however, my enlightened reader, this is me by the way – note on the sleeplessly vigilant Bobby and other infinitely sinless and constructively tolerant people. Sex fuck webcam.

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Incest sex comics online.
As if jokingly, I said that she herself would be the best gift.
And oddly enough, she said that she thought about it.
Not that she would dream of him as a man, but as the best friend she is ready to deliver the maximum pleasure she can.
I gently began to ask about their relationship, knowing full well with what dangerous weapons I deal.
I was very afraid of losing her, but I could not stop either.
This is crazy start me excited.
I even suggested she use my apartment for this occasion.
Since I often work for days, they could retire here without fear that anyone will find them.
Probably, I overdid it a bit, having offered to buy champagne in a refrigerator and Nat felt a trick and stopped this conversation.
She explained that she, too, was afraid of her feelings, which intimacy with this boy might cause, and besides, she thinks that he, too, will not accept this.
A month later, one evening, after several glasses of wine, she told me everything.
It turns out that, despite her fear, on the eve of Dima’s departure, she called him herself (which she hadn’t done before in principle) and offered to spend the evening together.
As I understand it, this guy has been in love with her for the past few years, and all these years she seemed so inaccessible to him.
I perfectly understand his feelings, I remember myself in the same situation at the institute.
I looked and even fell in love with fellow students at the same time, knowing full well that I had no chance of a serious relationship with them.
We often spent time together and the most arrogant boys from the group even managed to get together with these beauties at any party, but because of my shyness I could only envy them.
In addition, I knew that these girls have guys who came sometimes to pick them up after school.
This excited my imagination even more when I imagined how adults and tough guys kiss their girls on the lips, not even suspecting that these lips were randomly covered by fat members of university hooligans in a random way the day before.

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Fondled them with tenderness, inaccessible to these tough guys, dutifully slid up and down the member in anticipation of discharge.
The girls undoubtedly received the most acute sensations, not from the fact

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that the other boys holding their hair were letting the jets of sperm down into the delicate mouths (few people love this), but from the sensation of something forbidden, something alien, which suddenly became yours for a while.
They stole from other guys their pleasure, having previously called it with their caresses.
The feeling of pleasure from the fact that you brought a person to a multiple orgasm, sometimes even more than from an orgasm tested by yourself.
I know for sure.
It was a small digression from the story line, but I hope it brought some clarity to its essence.
Natasha lay, closing her eyes either from embarrassment, or from pleasure caused by the opportunity to make a dent in my soul with her story.
She met with Dima in the city park, where they walked for a long time, having a pleasant time.
When it finally got dark and Dima invited my girl to take her home, she agreed.
Sitting in a taxi in the backseat, she gently whispered in his ear that she did not want to part with him tonight.
The guy was clearly perplexed, although he frantically searched for the answer to the question: “What should I do to continue this happiness?” The answer, like the question, came from the sweet lips of my beloved, that they could continue the evening at the apartment of her friend, who had left and asked her to look after her.
Maybe Dima and guessed that the apartment did not belong to any other girlfriend, but to Natasha the young man, but he did not file the species.
After all, he is a gentleman, and a gentleman will not incriminate his companion of sin, even intending to take part in his commission.
A few minutes later a taxi brought them to my house.
These few minutes in the back seat of the car passed as one long and passionate kiss, which saved Dima and Natasha from having to look for explanations and a reason for closer communication.
After this kiss, they got out of the car with the feeling that for tonight she is his girlfriend, and he is her full-fledged young man.
Upon entering the apartment, they barely opened the door and merged in passionate embraces and fell on the sofa laid out.
What Natasha could not afford, as she admitted, was to make love with a stranger on our “family” bed in the bedroom.
That would be sacrilege.
Dima quickly changed right before our eyes. Incest sex comics online.

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Soon, however, the waterfall dried up, but the pot did not disappear, and still hung under Alex’s booty.
The boy hung motionless for a few seconds, then tensed and a second portion of water poured onto the black plastic.
Then there was a loud “bunch” and Alex smiled blissfully.
Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed Mike, who, with burning eyes, was watching the whole execution.
The boy turned red as a tomato, imagining what his sister had just seen, but then his torment continued again.

The panel turned horizontally again and another tube was attached to its pink hole.
Its tip was smooth and glistened with a gel that covered the whole tube.
The car put a tube to Alex’s anus, and began to push it inside.
It was a bit unpleasant, but the boy knew that it was useless to resist – it would be even worse.
The machine is not a man, has no pity.
Inside his intestine the balloon was inflated again.
Alex internally shrank, waiting for the flow of water under pressure, which will wash it for another fifteen minutes.

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Indeed, he soon felt the familiar tickling in the guts, then the feeling of fullness, which gradually grew into unbearable pressure.
This time the torture did not last long.
The water stopped flowing, then something clicked in the car, and the water went back through the tube.
Alex pushed warm water out of himself, feeling the pleasure of feeling like an empty bowel.
But only he had time to feel bliss, as water began to flow back into the intestines.
This time there was even more water, and it penetrated into every nook and cranny of Alex’s labyrinth.
The boy groaned when the pressure peaked, he felt pain in his stomach and nausea.
Again something switched and Alex’s intestines began to empty.
With moans of enjoyment, the boy squeezed the rest of the liquid from himself.
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Andrea smiled to herself and continued to lick and suck his dick with all her might.
Suddenly, the man cried out: “Do not stop! I’ll finish now! For God’s sake, do not stop!” Andrea took it as a signal – and quickly moved away from him.
“What are you doing?” he exclaimed.
The girl just grinned, got up from her knees and slowly walked out without even turning around.
Johnson again could not believe what was happening and let out a long moan.
He was about to finish what he had started on his own, with his hand, just like last time – but his eyes fell on the clock.
Heck! Tonight he promised to work out with another girl, and now he was already late.
Quickly putting himself in order – sticking the erect penis back into his pants caused some problems – Johnson ran home.
The purchased dress was made of the softest black leather.
It was form-fitting, knee-length, its hem had a side slit, reaching almost to the elastic of the stockings.
The top of the dress was strapless, opening the back, so low that its pretty full breasts literally bulged out.
The girl wore black sandals on a 5-inch stiletto and black stockings with seams.
The lipstick on her lips was bright red as a signal of danger.
The outfit was completed by a pair of black leather gloves up to the elbow and a cravat made from the same material, which she bought, yielding to the persuasion of a saleswoman.
Combing her hair up, Suzy wore a new coat over her dress, also made of black leather.
He buttoned only two buttons at the waist, so her breasts even more provocatively acted out, barely covered with a dress.
Suzy looked at her reflection in the mirror again and smiled to herself.
“It should work,” she thought.
“He will wet his pants as soon as he sees me like this.”
To get to Johnson’s house, she needed to cross the campus.
Going out for a walk in the evenings, Suzy usually dressed in a rather conservative

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style, but despite this, she often caught admiring glances.

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However, she did not expect to see such an expression on the faces of the guys she passed by now, banging her high heels.
Usually they walked with Andrea, who always dressed in such a way as to attract male attention.
Andrea liked it, and she even cheered on the guys, smiling with a look of “come and take” and strenuously wagging her hips.
The guys shouted and whistled in response.
Now, looking at Suzy, they were just numb, their jaws dropped and they could only mumble something like “Wow:”.
“Hm,” thought Suzy, “perhaps I look better in this way than I thought!” Ten minutes later, her legs had already begun to ache from unusually high heels, but she had already reached the door of the house where Johnson lived and called.
When he opened the door, his reaction was the same as the guys in the town.
Cope with himself, he invited her to enter, not fully believing that for the second time in one day he was in the company of a luxurious girl dressed in leather.
Johnson led Suzy into the living room.
The girl was not surprised to see that his costume is also sewn of leather.
Taking off her coat, she sat on the edge of the couch.
Johnson, not quite trusting the situation, sat down on one of the chairs.
“Well, what would you like to work out today?” – He asked.
“What books did you bring with you?” “Oh, I forgot them, Mr. Johnson,” Susie replied, looking at him with large innocent eyes.
“I thought it would be better to start by discussing my work.
Are my grades really that low? ”“ I’m afraid it is, ”said Johnson, who had already begun to guess in which direction events were taking place, but was not yet completely sure that he was right.
Susie got up from the couch, and, going up to the fireplace, began to examine the picture hanging next to him.
“I thought that if I managed to convince you to review my grades and see if they could be raised: I really really do not want to fly out of college:” she turned around and leaned against the mantelpiece, taking a seductive pose and putting her breasts forward.
Now Johnson was sure of his luck.
The girl was hot, and hot for him! But, remembering today’s disappointment, he was careful.
“Well, how could you convince me to do this?” – he asked.
“Well, for example, so,” she said, and approached him.
Remembering Andrea, on the way she once again wagged her hips and ran her hands over her body, still wearing gloves.
When she reached the chair on which Johnson was sitting, she sat on his lap, throwing crossed legs through the arm of the chair, and put her arm around his neck.
“You like girls in the skin, don’t you?” she breathed. Daddy bear porn spy cam.

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She immediately asked for Vadik and me, and since it was a “bath day” (we arranged for such on Wednesdays and Saturdays), she promised to give us the keys to the room where we all washed ourselves from the base so that we would not miss the bath.
And now, after a trip to the base, we two together in the waiting room near the clothes lockers.
I feel how he is all kind of unusually tense, as if waiting for something very scary, where his usual smile and cheerfulness disappeared.
I quickly undressed, folded my clothes and, fleeing to the sink, threw on the move: – I ran.
Come on and you quickly.
In the washroom, I took a basin, filled it with hot water, put it on a wooden couch, and he went to one of the two shower seats and began to “catch the buzz” from the pleasant jets of hot water.
After a minute or two the door opened, and I saw Vadik.
He came undressed to the panties, also poured water into the basin, put it next to mine and came to me in the shower.
– Hi – I said.
– Are you going to swim? Are you shy again? Okay, let’s go to start each other’s back.
When we approached the couch, I ordered: – Bend down, rest your arms, I’ll wash you first.
He obediently obeyed, and I began to soap his back, neck, shoulders, then rubbed the foam with my palms (we didn’t have a washcloth, of course), enjoying the heavenly pleasure of interacting with his smooth, delicate skin.
Emboldened, I shallowly penetrated my hand under the gum of panties and felt a depression between the two buns and right there – a convulsive compression of the vadikina ass.

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– Shy like a girl.
Or maybe you’re a girl? – No, I’m not a girl.
– True? – And then I quickly stuck my second hand under the gum and with the words “and we will check it now!” a sharp movement of both hands lowered swimming trunks to the most vadkiny knees.
He immediately bent even more sharply, convulsively grabbed the edge of the trunks, but I removed his hand and lowered the trunks to the very floor.
Now Vadik stood with his back to me completely naked.
I gently slapped on his ass.
– Step over them.
Let me put them side by side, nowhere are your little panties going anywhere.
– He obediently took a step to the side, and they were in my hands.
From his obedience, I concluded for myself that my actions were not so unpleasant to him, and I decided that it was time to activate them.
– Bend down, continue washing.
And you know better what? – lie down on your stomach on the couch, it will be more convenient.
Curving and covering himself, he fulfilled this request, and again I began to rub his back, ass, legs.
How I wanted to turn his belly up! – but instead I said: – Now go wash in the shower, then wash the back of me.
He looked at me, and in his eyes I again read a prayer and confusion.
– Yes, I will not look at you where you do not want.
Look – I close my eyes and turn away – run under the shower.
He did so and, with his face turned to the wall of the booth, began to wash himself in the shower.
And I, having decided to continue the “offensive”, approached him from behind, hugged my waist and whispered in my ear: “Vadyusha, well

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, don’t hide, please use my beautiful mushroom from me” and gently touched his pisunchik.
Vadik again became tense, bent over and quietly said to me: – Vitya, someone may come in here, the door is not locked, we don’t have to play around.
This “here” made me happy and encouraged (it means that in principle you can indulge, and the whole thing only in an unlocked lock!).
– Well, I’ll go lock the front door lock, and you just look around, do not wear panties. Asian sex watch online.

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Online free multiplayer sex games.
That’s why you’re a stranger! Alien, because you are attracted to other interests.
Your drives are different.
From the age of twelve, you began to realize that girls do not interest you.
You like boys, just a little younger.
You diligently hid this “strange” attraction from everyone.
You begged the little ones not to tell anyone what you were doing.
And they kept their word.
For the time being.
And then the whole area learned from someone what you were doing with them.
And here you have problems.
You were teased by a fagot, a wafer, a girl with x.
You moved to another city.
But that didn’t make it any easier.
This attraction can not be repaid in yourself! Although you tried.
Now you understand that it is ridiculous and stupid to intrude into the structure of your SOUL.

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And you continued to LOVE.
Do you think I’m writing about you? Not! I describe myself at your age.
You tried to contact a psychiatrist, a sex therapist.
Rather not you, but your parents.
What a red, non-healing and bleeding scar they left in your Mind !!! They will never understand that this is not a disease! Madly in love dogs and cats is a disease? Shut up in your room, paint portraits of fictional boys is also a disease? And hate rap and love marikone, and this pathology? And later, when you talked with a certain psychotherapist yourself, you understood everything.
All your doubts burned as the candle burns on your table.
You love very much, for some reason look at the flame.
And suddenly, when you became twenty, you realized that it is becoming more and more difficult to LOVE as you want.

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More than once you drank several packs of pills, you threw yourself under the wheels of cars, you opened your veins in the bathroom, but all in vain.
Do not let you out of this world.
Apparently, there was a reason.
And the reason was that you must meet this boy and love him as much as he did you.
So it will come out.
Believe me.
Because God cannot fail to reward patience.
This is your prize in a fight with the insanity of this world.
And you will get it! Don `t doubt.
I got it.
The calculation was natural for sex, strong male sex, which Peter was capable of, only a guy who is not given by a girl.
Even after the army, Jacob liked to drink hard, and often came not in the best shape, with pronounced traces of bitter drinking.
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