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I threw off the whip, unfastened her hands and bound them from behind, freed her legs and lay down beside her.
On the nipples and around them, I hung clothespins, then pulled for them and melted chest.
“You have no idea what a thrill it is” – I told her.
– For God’s sake, let me rest, I can no longer.
– Said Olga.
– And I say you can.
– I again took the belt.
– Not!!!!!!! ! – Shouted Olga, when I continued to beat her buttocks, lost all appearance.
On clothespins on nipples the captive did not pay any attention.
– What really hurts? – I asked, dropping the belt and playing with her ass.
Again, she chained Olya to the bed on her stomach, took the whip and completed her black case with her back, which had just been beaten up before, was now torn.
The girl choked with a cry and lay almost unconscious.
I needed to be distracted, otherwise I risked ruining the captive.
I called an old friend, made an appointment with her.
– Ninety-eighth for 1843 rubles.
– Said the cashier at the gas station.
I gave the woman a chocolate bar and an energy drink, yet the dream began to smarovat me.
“2000 rubles exactly” – said the cashier.
– Please put in the package.
Thank you very much, have a nice day.
– I smiled my angelic smile.
“What a nice girl

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, completely unspoiled” – moving away from the cash register, I heard the cashier serving me share an impression of me with a colleague.
I smiled again, but in a completely different way, until the “devilish smile” in my performance was seen only by Olya Sergeeva, an unhappy student, who left her university door at the wrong time for herself, when I made a guess that the first woman who came out of the door would be the first the victim.
The end of the first part.
It happened a year ago.
Then I was 23 years old.
My boss had a party at work.
There were many guests, many ladies and gentlemen.
They were all heads of all firms.

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Since I worked as a secretary, I also needed to participate in this party.
I served the guests and was a guest myself.
For this party, the chef even bought all my clothes.
I was fully dressed in the clothes he bought, from head to toe.
He said that I can not appear at the party in the old.
So he bought a new one.
I myself went shopping with him, and he chose her for me.
We went shopping, and he chose the panties, the skirt, stockings with elastic bands, a blouse.
Well, in short everything.
I measured everything, and he estimated it.
So, the party began.
I was charming, many I could only envy.
I was with the guests, talked with them.
Also saw drinks with guests.
And I liked it.
There I met many people.
Of course, the men wanted to climb under my skirt, or pinch my chest.
But since there were a lot of people, they did not succeed.
Only once a peasant of about forty managed to get under her skirt.
I then was at the secretariat and, bending over, spoke on the phone.
Suddenly, from behind, I felt a hand.
She lay on my ass, and the other pressed back to the table.
I could not get up, and my hand slipped under the skirt from behind.
Fingers began to rub into my panties, they moved a little and then began to climb under the panties.
He pushed the panties to the side and my cunt became naked.
Panties my boss bought silk lace.
I really liked them, I felt so good in them.
So, when the fingers of this man were on the site of panties, they immediately began to look for the clitoris, as it seemed to me.
Since his fingers did not stop at my pussy, but advanced further, just to the clitoris, and there they began to knead him.
I could not stand it and hung up the phone, since I could not do anything else.
I was pleased when he rubbed the clitoris.
I began to moan and even tried to dissolve my noi a little bit.
But then the door creaked a little, and he instantly pulled his hand out of my crotch.
When he did, he immediately walked away from me.
I immediately got up, straightened her skirt, but could not fix her panties.
They remained shifted to the side.
The secretariat included guests.
I just straightened my hair.
My tempter is gone.
Since I could not for all adjust their panties, I went.
Although my skirt was very short, but she covered her panties, only my stockings were visible.
That is the edge of the stockings.
When I went into the office of the chef, I took a cocktail and sat on the sofa.
Opposite me sat a lady of forty, as it seemed to me.
They all painted so much, it was difficult to understand.
I probably sat so carelessly that the lady noticed what was going on under my skirt.
She looked at me like that, then at my skirt, that I felt uncomfortable.
She noticed this and sat down close to me. Nude indian model sex.

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But she did not give me a long time.
She said that she did not like it, although she allowed me to put a finger in her anus.
Once I laid her on my stomach and, inserting a finger into her ass, began to jerk her off.
She bit her pillow and moaned softly.
Snezhana is actually quite passive in bed.
I’m not even sure that she ends, I do not know about this time, but I have a desire to fuck her in her big ass (and she is a fat girl).
I asked her: “Did they put you in there?” “No,” she answered, and pulled me to her.
That day we started traditionally.
Resting after the first time, I began to gently caress and kiss her, setting her up for continuation.
Snezhanka very quickly start up, although it gives the main role to the

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I put my hand down and touched her far hole.
She was rather dry, and I returned my hand to her face, stroked her chubby cheek, touched her middle finger to her lips.
She opened her mouth and put my finger in her mouth.
After giving her a lick, I again tried her little hole, the finger dipped in saliva more easily entered, and I attached a second to it, slightly pushing them apart and stretching its anus.
I already got up, I kissed her deeply, maybe this will make it more accessible? Snezhana hugged my shoulders and waited for more.

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He stuck out his hand and reached for the bedside table, where he had left Vaseline in advance, having smeared a finger, I returned to her hole.
Snezhana laughed softly and spread her legs a little.
Three of my fingers walked freely in her ass, and my tongue tried to lick her mouth from the inside.
Snezhana clung to me, and her hands drove over my back.
“Turn around,” I asked, and Snejanka lay sideways to me.
Taking my dick in my hand, I involuntarily jerked several times.
Hugging against her back, I stroked her ass and began to grope for a member with the right hole, which was not difficult, as her pussy was just flowing with juice, while around “my” holes it was slippery from vaseline.
I started to press lightly, Snezhana leaned forward and tried to escape.
But I brought her back to me and began to lightly push my cock into her ass.
“Relax, girl, come on, I want you like this:” And then I felt around my head a tight ring of female priests.
I realized this before her, and, without releasing her, I began to push my dick further.
She was there tight, as I wanted, my dick expanded from such an event, and, despite Snezhanin light cry, I drove him to the very eggs and pressed her hips to me.
Snezhana twitched, trying to jump off me, once again: and relaxed, getting used to the new feeling for herself, and felt her little hole squeeze my trunk several times and let go.
“Well?” – she sighed.
I moved back, and the very first movement made Snezhana deeply moan.
She clung to the pillow, and I pushed her member forward, squeezing into the bed, and began to grumble her in the ass.
Her ass shrunk, and the moans were heard through the pillow.
She (or me?) Became slippery with sweat, I felt that I would soon finish.
From the thought that it would be possible to finish inside her, I almost lost the rhythm.
Clasping her tits from behind, I began to knead and squeeze them. Live hd porno mature.

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I don’t have enough graphic tools to describe it.
It seems that she

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even slightly described.
When everything was over, Elena carefully sat Anka on the Viennese stool, where she rested in the pose of the coachman.
Letting go of the sufferer, Elena with visible pleasure patted the wilted Ankina boobs.
She straightened behind her with a view of the winner.
She stood, looked down and furtively wiped her fingers on the luxurious Ankina mane.
Because of her long nose, Elena looked like a fingerboard sitting on a dying camel, waiting for her to peck at her body.
In fact, I think she was just pulling on time, leveling her breath.
Both women were out of breath, and for Elena it would be unacceptable to speak in an intermittent voice.
It was unpleasant and humiliating for me to contemplate the figure of my wife slouched on a stool.
However, it would be foolish to take offense at Elena.
She was attacked and found not the worst way out.
And she did it for my good.
“Well, at least she didn’t put her finger on her ass.”
But in the current situation it was possible and.
Well, it is.
There was a calm and benevolent voice of Elena: “And the tea is cold.
Who where, and I’m in the bathroom. ”
Elena began to dress in the most casual way.
She did not demand to turn away, did not hide herself, did not turn her back.
Her nipples took the usual hiking position.
The edge of the panties tucked into the skirt has disappeared, the bra has been put in place.
Elena fastened the buttons on the blouse, wet fingers left a spot on the blouse.
It was clearly visible that the fingers were trembling badly and the buttons did not obey.

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Still, Elena is not a robot, it was not possible to hide all emotions completely.
But she was still proud.
She could still show erect nipples, but she would prefer to hide her trembling fingers.
I turned away.
I heard her steps, she stepped over the Ankin bathrobe and disappeared into the corridor.
Anka startled, fumbled for her dressing gown, smelled, walked over to the window, began to look out for something.
I also came up.
In the sunset rays was seen a piece of a wonderful green courtyard, typical of Zubovsky Boulevard (in the past, in 2008, I happened to visit it after a long break: solid shells, barriers and guards).
Anka was silent.
Well, what can a wife fresh in front of her husband say? However, the silence did not last long.
Anka is not so easy to knock down: – And Lenka had wet pants from the very beginning.
I felt! – (they say, the score is 1: 1).
I, as I could, supported the conversation: – Speaking of shorts.
Where are your shares? “While you were running along the corridor, I quickly, just in case, took them off,” said this impudent one, “But I didn’t have time to hide it.”
It became clear that this is a rag I noticed her fist.
Elena returned, and now Anka took her place in the bathroom.
I digress: put the kettle again.
He turned to Elena – now she looked out the window.
The knuckles with which she squeezed the window sill were completely white.
I stood behind, not daring to touch, not knowing what to say.
– Dimka, tell me, were you jealous in the course of this outrage? – Yes, but I do not understand who it is.
– Be defined, please, it is important.
Now Anka also returned, and I went to the bathroom.
For a long time I was washing up to the waist with icy water (then there was a faulty geyser in our bathroom, only Anka could turn it on).
I did not think about anything.
When I returned to the kitchen, the women chatted sweetly and relaxed over tea.
Elena the Wise worked out the final stage of the special operation: she, like me, wanted to meet at work on Monday, as if nothing had happened.
To do this, tea should go flawlessly.
Elena leaned on cakes, forgetting both the figure and the stupid password phrase.
Anka looked at her with calf eyes.
The conversation went on – you guessed it, of course – about Bingham fluids. Gogo live sex video.

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So we immediately got used to it and stopped noticing on the second day.
Seeing me, he was embarrassed a lot, nodded his head – having greeted and ran away with his cart.
The stunned wife sat looking at the magazine, but I did not attach any importance to this, picked up cigarettes, grabbed a cold mineral water and ran off to the beach to inspect my Cousteau.
Only in the evening she told me that prior to my arrival, Mahmed was cleaning the room, exchanging words with my wife, in bad Russian about any nonsense, and when he finished cleaning the room, he went to

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the veranda.
Yulia was flipping through some fashion magazine, but since modern magazines do not pull on popular non-naked bodies, he dazzled women’s bodies in various poses.
A little twisting Makhmed in arrogant clung to the magazine, looking over his wife’s shoulder, excitedly shouting in his dialect, pointing his fingers at different pictures.
After a while, finally getting excited, he started rubbing through his trousers with his rebellious member against the bare shoulders of Yulka.
It looked unobtrusively, like a man leans over the picture of interest, asks something, but according to my wife, if I had not returned at that time, our Muhammad would have finished with such manipulations.

Because each time the pressure was more assertive and stronger.
When Julia shared this episode with me, her eyes were filled with righteous indignation, but the devils were running around, loudly stomping.

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– So, I ripped off you, madam, an exotic fuck, – I joked.
“Fool,” she muttered innocently and pouted.
– Why? You will throw me alone, without supervision, take it and sleep.
This Bedouin sees a woman, probably, once a year, and not everybody – his wife playfully remarked.
“In this situation, he looks at the whole room from the sight of your naked chest,” I snapped back.
“Mmm, even if it’s finished right away, it’s not at all necessary that for the last time,” as if reasoning, Julia coobed dreamily.
“Well, don’t get lost, I’m leaving now, but leave me a little, otherwise the local princesses are not as loose as you are,” I threw over my shoulder, running to the beach.
Having bathed in the sea, and having a little sunbathing, I sat down under the umbrella of the bar, sipping cold beer and enjoying the view of the sea and mermaids sunbathing without bathing suits from Germany.
Their figures were excellent, tall, athletic build.
Here are just their volitional faces, with sharp features repelled.
So quietly, I picked up the order, and my thoughts flew into the frightening heights of sexual fantasies: – not so zapadlo and offer his wife to have sex with another man.
I do not enclose it, under any fat arrogant chief for its location or some old men for debts.
And for 50 bucks I will order the boy’s wife, quite a nice one.
Moreover, it was not for nothing that these little devils ran.
So let it be with me, and under my, one can say control, than behind my back.
In addition, it will be perceived as my gift, for which I, quite legally, can demand a response.
And the reciprocal gift had quite tangible features.
Julia has a couple of very nice divorced girlfriends whom she introduced to my best friend, also divorced.
They gave both there and not there.
Katerina was not against sex with two men at once.
Just behind the back of the wife, with her girlfriend, is the same as telling her mother-in-law about her daughter’s shortcomings.
At the first quarrel, everything will emerge, and at the most inopportune moment.
There were a couple of parties where the girls showed a striptease. Hindi online sex chat.

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In the portholes the blackness of space gaped.
Two years have passed since Gore met the girl under the tree and, inspired by her idea, began preparing the flight.
The penetration of the “other world” needed to be carried out not anywhere, not at home, as Leianna did, and where there was an optimal combination of all conditions.
Magnetic field, gravitational equilibrium, level of radiation.
Ney spent the year calculating.
A suitable point was found in deep space: Ney had to turn off the paths trodden by spaceships and go deep into the cosmic desert.
And here it is.
Everything is ready – it remains only to press the button.
Why is he slow? Suddenly, Ney jerked, as if he had been electrocuted, and struck with a swing on the button – unexpectedly for himself.
Hit – and froze.
In the heart chilled cold chill.
A familiar glow shimmered above the installation.
Again, as then, it expanded, and again a black funnel appeared in its center, as impenetrable as the cosmos in the porthole.
Ney sat, trying to stop his trembling. Openload co bongacam.

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Indian sex watch online. Everything there hurts me from tension, blushing a little, Andrew pointed to his farm.
Can you do anything for me, can you? – It will be at home, said Anna.
All the way, Andrei only thought about these three words: “this will be at home.” At home, where is it? Here in the village, or already in the city.
The guy had a wind in his head.
They were already approaching the house and Anna was already beginning to get the keys to the house, which lay in the back pocket of the shorts.
– Mom, can I get you the keys myself, I want to help you.
– They are in my pocket on the pope, I found the reason to once again “feed me”.
Are you in the bushes was not enough? – Mom, please, I will not paw you, I just want to help get the keys, can I? “You think I don’t guess why you needed to get the key?” Now we will come, and I will arrange everything for you.
– You will not arrange, Andrey protested.

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They came to the house, Anna opened the gate and went to the door of the house, where she seemed to be deliberately bent over to the castle so that Andrew could admire Anna’s ass.
Anna and Andrey entered the house, putting things in the corridor, they went to the bedroom, where once Anna and her husband spent their summer nights.
– Well, show me where it hurts? Andrew pulled out his trunk, which was already sticking out with might and main, exposing the head, Anna ran a finger over it, the member faltered, and it seemed to become even harder.
– Well, we’ll fix it, smiled Anna.
“Maam, come on quickly, I can’t stand it.”
Anna began to take off all her clothes, and when it came to underwear, Anna, as if teasing her son, began to show herself in various poses, while Andrei sat in the chair and looked with fascinated eyes on Anna.

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“Can you take off my clothes, or me?” Andrew did not say anything, immediately tore off his panties from Anna, unbuttoned the bra, and put his hands under the cups, grabbed his chest with his hands, and began to kiss Anna’s neck, gradually going down to his genitals.
– How impatient, Anna laughed.
Andrei sat down in a chair, and in a loud, excited voice said: “I want you.”
I want to lick you.
I want it all.
Come to me.
Anna was even embarrassed by the behavior of her son, but she liked it.
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After a while, she was all arched and silent, not removing her hand.
I released my dick and tried to shove it into her mouth, which was open after her orgasm.
Only I began to pump up her mouth, as she opened her eyes.
I was scared that she screamed, but took out his member.
And then she smiled so sweetly, closed her eyes and turned on her tummy.
I was shocked.
The little girl saw what I was doing to her and did nothing.
You could be indignant, ask what I’m doing here, scream in the end.
But none of this followed.
She just bare her lovely ass in front of me and went on to sleep, and maybe she was waiting for something.
But I just kissed her ass goodbye, Katya at the same time sticking her out a bit (probably she wanted to continue), and I went to my room, thinking that it would be in the morning if Katya would talk about this to Irochka or not.
In the morning everyone got up, as if nothing had happened, only Katya sometimes smiled sweetly at breakfast, looking at me.
And I realized that she even liked what I was doing with her and she is unlikely to be spread about it.
To be continued:
He quickly took off his underpants; she sat down and took off her nightie.
He eagerly began to crush boobs, squeezed and released all her elastic body.
He lay down on her, and she brought his cock into herself.
He began to move, gaining momentum.
It turned out that the dick is hard, long, although the width did not fill the pussy.
In the movements did not feel great strength and impact, he was in no hurry, did his job.
In any case, she liked it, and she adapted to it.
He finished on her stomach and lay down next.
She went undermine.
When she returned, he was lying with the TV on, without a blanket, and was giving a dick.
She asked him: – We will still? – Yes.
It is good to.
She opened her purse, pulled out the pills and went to the kitchen with a drink of water.

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Naked, wagging her booty.
He got up and went to the bathroom, turned on the shower.
He returned to her bed with a standing cock, sat down at his feet and began to examine her body.
There was some hair on the pubis.
She recently shaved.
Cunt was large, meaty.
The clitoris stood out.
The ribs are stout, the legs are straight.
There is almost no belly.
Hips wide.
Boobs are not large, not hanging on the stomach.
Nipples are clearly hardened.
He ran his hand from knee to chest and back.
She turned on her stomach and otklyachila ass.
He entered his pussy with his fingers, then attached a dick and began to fuck from behind.
“Cum in me, don’t be afraid,” she asked.
Dick went like clockwork, and the sofa creaked.
Now he was hollowing it longer, savoring the situation, and was discharged inward from the heart.
She went to wash again and they fell asleep.
The next day, they did not talk about whether they did well or badly, whether they liked both or not.
When she changed her dressing gown after work, he approached her, began to hug and kiss everywhere, just not on the lips.
He let go, she cooked dinner, ate, went to bed naked and began to fuck.
Already it was somehow easier to do it, both relaxed and enjoyed.
Tried different poses, cancer and on the side, he did not get off her for almost two hours.
Fortunately tomorrow was Saturday.
Woke up at nine, fucked, showered, had breakfast and went back to bed.
She didn’t like that and would like to fuck every minute, but it came out somehow naturally, without an explosion of emotions.
Both received less fucking in full, and now it happened that the prohibitions disappeared and here it is, please, your partner, fuck him as you want and whenever you want.
It seemed to her that she had taught him a lot in bed.
In time, changed poses, slowed down or increased the pace, pressed and pulled him away from him.
Now he had to adapt to it and the next time to apply his experience.
She gave him a fuck in the ass and from time to time they began to do it.
Only now hesitated to kiss on the lips, she did not suck his dick and he did not lick her pussy.
Olga broke up with her Sasha, or rather, he threw her as she kept postponing and transferring meetings.
Igor did not remember the girls, his mother had enough of him.
On the eighth of March she was going to go home

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, to Smolensk, to visit her relatives, for a week.
Have fucked finally from the heart, almost did not close their eyes all night, and she went to the station sleepy and relaxed.
Igor said that if she brings someone home, let her fuck on her couch.
He promised to be patient, to wait for her.
She shrugged.
– Do not worry.
From me will not lose.
Just do not bring anyone.
A week for her flew by. Female chaturbate cams.

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“What are you doing, stop,” Irina squealed, feeling a foreign object in the area of ??her treasure.
– Shut up, and do what I say – Alex ordered, turning the girl’s tear-stained face to himself – I, your host Irina, immediately wilted and looked faithfully into his eyes.
“Kiss me,” he ordered.
And the beautiful girl herself clutched at him with a long kiss.
Everything, it’s time to reach the final.
He unfolded the girl again and with all his strength entered her between her long legs.
Irina jerked and screamed.
They feel pain, – flashed through Alexander’s head.
There was almost no blood, only a few drops splashed onto the sofa.
Alex continued the progressive frictions, and surprisingly, the girl began podmahivat him.
And even moan.
The feeling was indescribable.
The close vagina tightly covered a member, as if in a special love for him.
It did not take long to swing, and soon he finished as a girl.
I wonder if he gets pregnant? Irina, simply indescribable beauty, really perfection itself, fell on the sofa. Sex and the city ver online.

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