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After all, she herself understood everything, but pretended that she did not care.
And she really didn’t care.
She gave the order that the bath was hot, so she must be hot, and no matter when she deigned to take it.
And I often remain a hostage of unsolvable tasks, for which I constantly get on the most “do not indulge”.
I quickly began to flush and collect a new one.
The hostess watched my actions, but then left.
When the water was drawn, the lady entered with clothespins in her hand.
I understood everything immediately.
Bother and think about your behavior, slave! – She said and pinned them on my nipples.
If the hostess is putting clothes on me on the nipples, then I really upset her, because I just hated clothespins, enduring this pain.
I was ready to crawl in the legs of my mistress and kiss them in front of hundreds of people on the street, so that she would remove the clothespins from my nipples.
And the clothespins were not wooden or plastic, but metal with sharp teeth and a rather tight spring.
So it’s better shame than these “zubastiki.”
But she did not offer an alternative to me.
And I had to bite the bullet and endure, pretending that I was grateful for it.
Mrs. began to take a bath, and told me to go clean the house with the wording “so that it shone”.

In the evening her friends had to come, and I had to organize a good party with good drinks and snacks.
And the first thing was cleaning.
And I began to wash the dishes, and then the floors.

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The nipples ached to the point of impossibility, but I did not try to remove the clamps, taking advantage of the fact that the lady in the bathroom, because then you will have to re-hang and the pain will be stronger than now, because the

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nipples have adapted a bit to the metal mini-traps.
Work better, bitch! – the hostess who entered the room in the robe snapped and kicked me on the pope.
Yes, I answered, a phrase I knew well.
But the lady grabbed my hair and lifted my face to the top.
I looked into her eyes.
Usually I am forbidden to raise my eyes above her knees, but this time she forced herself to look at her.
And I watched and thought what she would do to me.
But she charged me a couple of slaps and told me to get up a bridge and open my mouth.
I instantly executed her order.
In the meantime, she raised her robe and stood over my face, pressing her pussy to my open mouth.
And the next moment a stream of urine flowed into my mouth.
I was used to this and therefore I swallowed up everything that my lady had accumulated overnight without much difficulty.
Then she left, and I remained standing in the pose of the bridge, because there was no command to continue work.
Once I already made a mistake in a similar situation.
Then I, too, was told to stand by the bridge and swallow urine.
After that, the lady also left and I thought that I could relax and not build a bridge of myself, but somehow I did not.
When she returned, I was waiting for the belt and all the same clothespins.
And now I do not fall for such a provocation and stand in the posture of the bridge, waiting for her further orders.
But the lady was in no hurry to come.
And only after a quarter of an hour she deigned to enter the room and kicked me on the bottom of the ass.
I twitched, trying to hold on and not fall.
What are you, scum, do not work! Alive for the work! I quickly took up my usual pose on my knees and grabbed a rag.
But it was one of her provocations.
My cheeks burned the blows of her hands.
Who allowed you to leave the pose of the bridge? I began to make excuses that she herself told me to work further, but the lady grabbed my clothespins and pulled them over. Porn sex live streaming.

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Found this kingdom and.
made a move there.
Well, sort of.
you made yourself loopholes in the fences? In other people’s courtyards? Did not do the boys did.
Well, he made such a loophole in that evil kingdom.
And this loophole suddenly exploded.
And he died.
The wizard is dead.
Why? I do not know.
And who did he want to save? I.e? Well, who did he want to pull through that loophole? From the evil kingdom? No one.
He just made her to check.
Well, so she exploded! It holds only if you save someone.
And if just so, then she is not interested and she explodes! It’s so easy! Ney stared in amazement at the girl who enthusiastically impressed on him about the loophole.
Then he suddenly bent down, picked it up, swirled it in the air, not paying attention to the screeching, smacked, lowered it to the ground – and ran to the station.
He supplemented the breakout code with the Lienna code, and now his invasion “to the other world” was not “just like that,” but Nei hesitated.
Codes have been typed, it remains to confirm the command. Spy cam women s toilet video porno.

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Lot! We’ll have to wear panties.
Soon you will not be my sperm to flow! Do you want?! I love cum! – she smiled slyly and began to dress.
We also discussed with her some questions about her 10-day absence and went to her neighbor.
Well, finally, otherwise we were already waiting.
Alenka, come on for the New Year.
– I was already greeted by a very drunken Ira, holding out a glass of champagne to Elena, who managed to sober up after sex, which could not be said about our neighbor.
– And you come to us, and then Karen left, and we here with Vazgen already began to miss – with these words, she stretched champagne to me too.
– Well, for the New Year! We sat down at the table, and in my heart I was surprised that the table was re-served, t.
after the night, Irka covered everything again, and managed to wash all the dirty dishes.
And when did she have time? It seems that at night she was not able to, but now again in free flight.
– Irina turned to me – you are not.
cons if your wife and I are secretaries in the kitchen? Yesterday Lena secretly with you, could not get up from the floor.
I do not mind if it is after your secrets, it will still be on its feet.
Everything will be fine, do not worry! Send Len, let’s whisper – Irka took a full bottle of champagne from the table and they went to the kitchen with Lena, and I stayed with Vazgen.
Come on brother, drink for the New Year! – Vazgan said with a strong Armenian accent, filling our glasses with cognac.

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– So that we have luck and zhenshiny lubil us!
We drank.
We sit talking about anything.
It took about half an hour.
From the kitchen one can hear the loud laughter of his wife, who can laugh like that only when she is already well-behaved.

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worry brother.
Your wife is not like that.
Budet as a queen, swim in champagne, and then come back to tebe.
Vse ok budet.
Let’s drink cognac.
– and he again filled the glasses.
We again took to the chest.
At that moment some rumble sounded in the kitchen, something fell and broke.
Looks like they and Irka again kicked up.
I’ll go see what they have there.
I got up and went to the kitchen.
They dropped a flowerpot on the floor and I found the cleaning ground from the floor and the fragments of the pot Ira, and my wife sitting at the table, with already obvious signs of severe intoxication.
A bottle of champagne was already empty lying on the floor, and on the table was already begun brandy.
It immediately became clear to me why Lenka was so unhappy.
Cognac acted on it slaughter, stronger than vodka, and even she often bleated from him.
Ltd! – I said coming up to my wife, who looked at me with a dull gaze – yes, you again secretly here.
They threw us there alone.
Come on Lena, get up, go to the room, sit at the table with us.
And Irunchik will clean and fit.
Is it true, il? Yep
– answered Irka continuing to get out.
– Lena stretched out her arms to me so that I could help her to rise.
Her tongue was already very stony.
Yes, you are something quite unlucky, my joy.
When did she do it? Maybe home, bainki? Be able to on-ado.
I do not want a bainki.
Behind the hundred! Great-asdnova! Good.
Let’s go.
– I helped her up and led the room in front of me, holding her waist.
Entering the room, we found Vazgan talking on his cell phone with someone in his own language.
When he saw that I was back from the kitchen with my wife, and by the same drunk, he was very happy, stopped the conversation and quickly filled three glasses with cognac.
She does not need brandy.
Wines of some kind, otherwise she’s already drunk. Busty teen on cam.

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When he took another step and practically upturned the camera viewfinder Lena into the crotch, she could not stand it and broke out in loud sobs.
But that was not all.
The sergeant stepped back a little, the lieutenant came up to her, leaned over her exposed groin, spread his lips with his fingers and began poking his other hand gently, checking for the presence of a hymen, which caused Lena to cry even harder.
Making sure, finally, that everything is normal, he straightened up, with a gesture he stopped Lena’s attempt to get up and said: That’s what, dear! This camera captures at least three gross violations of the law – violation of uniforms, criminal wearing of linen and the lack of a portfolio.
In theory, I have to detain you and forward you to the ward for registration, you face a serious punishment – a long weekly or even daily flogging, and possibly imprisonment.

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But I feel sorry for you, given that you have a mitigating circumstance.
Therefore, I will give you a chance.
Do you work or study? I work, – sobbing, answered Lena.
Till what time? Until seven in the evening.
I am waiting for you at my home at this address, ”he wrote the address on a piece of paper,“ today at 20:30.
If you are obedient, everything will be fine.
You are free! Lena quickly got off the hood of the car and, hiding behind her hands, rushed to her clothes.
However, on the sidewalk there was only a handbag and sneakers.
“Well, yes,” Lena remembered, “he said that clothes should be seized.”
She stopped dumbfounded – she had a choice – either go naked to work now, work naked all day, and then go back home in the same way, or go naked home now, get dressed (and you still need to bring clothes into line with the Law) , but very much late for work.

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She chose the second option.
To be continued.
I will have you, Natasha, in the ass.
Get ready.
Take a laxative, enema in the morning.
I undressed quickly, as the speed record set.
Lay me and Lena on the bed.
Umnichka this all noticed what I did on Natasha last time.
Sideways, she sat down to me, took her breasts with her hands and brought them in turn to my lips.
He gives it to the nipple, then the very bottom of the breast, then applies it sideways.
I already have no patience.
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To be continued.
Waking up early, as always, I freed myself from Vika’s embrace and carefully released my dick, who was held captive by her fingers.
Vika opened her eyes, her gaze stared blankly at me, then slipped down my body.
– Make you a coffee? – I interrupted the prolonged silence – yes, – she answered quietly, looking away from me and blushing.
I quietly went into the kitchen, began to make coffee.
The door opened quietly, and Vika slipped into a sheet, slipped into the room.
Without raising her eyes, she sat quietly at the stool by the table.
I put a cup of aromatic coffee in front of her, brought my face close to her and said gently: – you are a miracle, I was very good with you.
She blushed, raised her eyes and looked at me.
I leaned toward her and gently touched her lips with my lips.
Then he broke away from her and said: “Let’s go and wash ourselves while everyone is sleeping!”
Vika silently got up and followed me.
When we entered the bathroom, there was a pause.
Vika looked at me, still wrapping the sheet more tightly.
– what are you ashamed of me? – I asked her.
She was silent, only frantically pressing the sheets to her body.

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I silently turned on the water, filled the bathroom, then without turning to her undressed and climbed into the bathroom.
Water pleasantly warmed the body.
– and you will stand? – I turned to her.
– Do not look at me!!! – she said.
But I did not think to turn away.
She awkwardly trampled by the bathroom, then slipped out of the sheets and quickly climbed into the bathroom.
But I managed to notice that the lips of the vagina protrude and hang down.
A memory flashed through my head: when I was undressing my

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lips didn’t come out.
Noticing my opinion, Vika blushed and said: – I always have it after sex, nothing will be fine tomorrow! – Tomorrow? And what are we going to just wash now? – I was surprised.
– Yes, just wash! You already drove me at night, I thought that you could not finish like Igor.
– and then feeling that she had blurted out too much, she fell silent and looked down.
We sat in the bathroom opposite each other, I leaned toward her and gently ran her hand over her cheek, then with both palms I poured water over her.
My fingers touched her breasts, found her nipples and began to caress them.
Vika apparently did not react at all, only from her rapid breathing it was possible to understand that her caresses were not indifferent to her.
Without stopping to caress her breasts, I stretched my right leg between her legs and the thumb of my foot and touched the lips of the vagina.
She shuddered, paused for a while, spread her legs and unexpectedly for me pulled over her toe.
He slid over the lips of the vagina, entered it as much as its length and thickness allowed. Gay webcam porn.

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Rather, the store was no longer new.
Just located was on the outskirts and without his car to get to it was problematic.
And here at last they started up a more or less convenient route.
We agreed to meet on the spot.
Olya was in a spacious dress and a fair neckline – yet she was a free girl and did not intend to miss the opportunity to attract the attention of a pretty guy.
The collar, to my regret, she took off, and instead of it, a beautiful twisted bracelet decorated her hand from wrist to elbow.
I, hoping to make at least some impression on Olga, stood out with extreme caution.
Tight dress and emphasized my chest and delicious ass.
High-heeled shoes – I knew perfectly well that my legs would be sore after a shopping spree, but otherwise I simply lost Olya in stature very much.
Of makeup – only a contour for the eyes and mascara.
I didn’t hope to compete with Olya in terms of refinement, but, like her, I tried to attract enough attention of other people, clearly.
realizing that thus hooked Olga.
The campaign began, in general, without much enthusiasm.
Olya was a little embarrassed about all the things that she mislaid under the influence of alcohol, but I, on the contrary, tried to break the chill that arose because of this.
The first hour we just circled around the supermarket, going to one store, then to another.
Just looking at the goods and nothing more.
Speaking of this and that.
Little by little, from my filing, the conversation finally took the desired turn.

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I told one piquant story from my life, another one, seeing how genuine interest and even a spark of desire flare up in Olga’s eyes.
I must have been talking for half an hour about my intimate life, trying to indulge in as much detail

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as possible whenever Olya showed interest or asked questions.
Needless to say, between my legs I had a long time ago everything was wet from piquant memories.
And Olga, as it seemed to me, was on a fair platoon, although she tried not to show her mind, turning everything into a joke.
And somewhere at this moment we came across a lingerie store.
The shop was small, but with a very good choice.
Considering panties and bras, we discussed the corsets hanging nearby, trying to understand how comfortable it would be to fuck them.
And when Olga chose several sets of underwear for herself and went to try them on, I simply could not resist.
She informed the saleswoman of her size and, in words describing exactly what I needed, went to the fitting room.
– Um.
excuse me, – the saleswoman called out to me, – we have only two booths and only one is free now! Olya and I exchanged a quick glance.
In her eyes there was something like a question – the eyebrow was slightly raised, in her eyes the desire to say something was read.
However, Olya was silent, with a slight half-smile on her face looking at me, transfixed on the threshold of the changing room with a pile of multi-colored fabric in her hands.
– And we will fit in one! – I impudently declared.
– So, Ol? There’s a lot of space here! – Um.
– Olga for a moment hesitated, throwing a glance over her shoulder, into the booth.
“Yes, perhaps,” she said, a little uncertainly, but I didn’t need anything more.
I quickly pushed Olya into the booth and went after her.
While the saleswoman was picking things up for me, I watched Olya with a sly smile.
She slowly took off her dress, remained in the black set of underwear, undid the sandals, throwing them slightly to the side, and stood in indecision, looking at me through the mirror.
The cabin was really spacious enough for two. Big boobs online porn.

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