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These were the baptisms of my daughter.
She was already 4 years old, during this time I brought myself into an appetizing form.
After the birth, I got a little better, but my husband liked it and I didn’t get too tired with my diets.
Do belly dancing, that would throw off too much.

My husband liked my body, round butt, jutting back.
He liked that when he hugged me around the waist, his fingers sank a little in his folds, his breasts increased, he liked to knead them.
After the church, the whole crowd went to our house to visit.
Noise, booze, fun, karaoke, dancing: At one point I began to show what I learned at the dance.
They all lined up around me, clapped their hands, the muzhi, as always, drooled.
The music ended, everyone sat down at the table, and I went to the toilet in the courtyard.
My husband could not finish the toilet in the house, so they went to a wooden hole in the yard.
When my mother’s brother, my uncle, came back on the road.
Nasty man with a belly on top of a belt, wearing thick horn-rimmed glasses, some kind of green shirt, balding, aging horseradish maniac.
– Where? – catching me by the elbow, he croaked.
– Dy hurt the same! – I tried to escape.

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He dragged me into the far corner of the courtyard.
I was wearing a narrow skirt just below the knees.
I constantly stumbled and could not really resist.
– Your fucking dancing healed me.
– he breathed heavily – let’s have a whore do not twitch.
Right now, I quickly: I tried to scream, but how could a drunken crowd screaming in this fucking karaoke! He pressed his face to the wall with his belly, clamped his paw to his mouth, and tried to push his other claw under the skirt into the cut behind.
The cut was not high and the guy did not succeed.
– Here’s a bitch, do not rock the boat!
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Cunt: – Yes, we served you faithfully and you betrayed us.
Anus: – We are offended, and rebelled against you, now sri, eat, and ssy as you wish.
Larisa really wanted to shit and piss, and prayed that they would return to the place.
Mouth: – Do you remember how in childhood you sucked my maternal breast, how you drank fresh village milk, how you ate semolina, various vegetables, corn, beans. Watch free dvd porn online.

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