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More, they almost did not communicate with Anna.
The guests were over the edge, and the girl wanted to pay attention to at least a few minutes each.
And Alex in her eyes was also a guest, but not the most important.
Already inviting a journalist fan to her private party, the young singer thought she was doing a great favor to the guy.
However, Telegin and so it was fun.
The company got up fun.
But still he waited for the moment when he could be alone with the doll.
Guests became less and less.
The completely intoxicated perfumery king snored like a mere mortal on a sofa and could not accompany the same guests as guests.
It seemed that there were no sober people in the apartment at all.
Who did not leave

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– they went to numerous bedrooms, of which the apartment was in abundance.
The first to leave was Annushka’s teammate with two girls at once – Well, I’ll go to sleep – Alex smiled at Alex, hinting to the guy that it was time and honor to know, – You shut the door yourself.
Good? “And if I go with you,” Alex unexpectedly boldly suggested.
He did not want violence against this wonderful girl, but at the same time her desire to seize prompted Telegin that it was impossible to do without a magic gift.
“Sorry, guy, but I’m given to another and I’ll be faithful to him all the time,” the girl answered seriously with Pushkin’s line.
“Does it bother you that he has been married for a long time, and you will never become his wife?” – No, it doesn’t bother you at all – the doll has sadly smiled
“Wait and come to me,” Alex ordered, already using his magic talent.
The girl shuddered and turned her eyes back to Alex.

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In the big brown eyes, the laughter did not play anymore, there was surprise and fear.
– Who are you? – I am one of your masters.
Alex boldly approached the girl and pulled her to him.
The thrill of her slender body brought him to wild delight, facing ecstasy – But I do not know.
I do not know you.
“Lead me to the bedroom,” Alex ordered, taking the doll affectionately by the hand.
Anna obediently nodded and led Alex into one of the free rooms.
Disobey this powerful fan, she could not.
His influence on her will grew and increased.
Why – she could not even answer herself.
Going into a free room, Annushka, without complaint, although she lowered her eyes, allowed herself to undress, showing Alex a seductive dark body.
Telegin regarding this girl wanted to seem gentle.
Let this doll, but she was with him very sweet and friendly.
Alex stripped himself.
The heat of the young body burned.
Telegin put his hands on a flexible back and began to enjoy the young body to the touch.
Small ass, soft and supple, but at the same time elastic filled his hot palms.
Nipples breasts gently tickled his chin.
Alex began to kiss the pupa on the lips.
Anna answered reluctantly.
Telegin put his palms between the girl’s buttocks and began to more firmly feel the delights of the young body.
His “younger brother” was ready to explode even now without penetration.
But that would be wrong.
He fell in behind Annushka and, snapping his slender legs, plunged into the already obedient body of the pupa.
With the penetration of Annushka once again strongly jerked.
But there was no turning back.
Alex took her hips and began to move in dimensional movements in the direction of feminine nature known to many men.
What was he experiencing? I would like to know this and the author, but our hero could hardly convey this bliss with words.
Already soon Annushka moaned and quite clearly waved Alex to booty.
Her narrow vagina relieved the “younger brother” with tight, hot dampness.
Then followed the pose of the horsewoman.
Annushka began to ride, at first weakly and only half, but then she could be seen completely entered into a rage.
Her hot sexuality could envy any live girl.
Although Telegin himself was a living man, so no matter how he wanted to continue the orgy, the urges of imminent pleasure were not long in coming. Hot sexy webcam girls.

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