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Without forcing myself to ask twice, the second mermaid also dropped her lips to the wine and, a minute later, also took from her an enthusiastic sigh! – Thank you, Vasilis, for respecting us.
– for both confessed to him Julia.
– You are a very unusual satyr.
Beautiful and well built.
With these words, she bummed “loops”, suddenly moved her hand over his wide chest and protruding tummy! She led, playfully scratching the flesh.
long sharp nails! – Yes, no reason, girls.
– He grunted, unwittingly shaking from such a perfidious “flirting”.
– After all, this is your lake, and I have a guest.
– Oooo, you are still a shy man! – Julia exclaimed, with a smile exchanged glances with Inna.
– And we just adore modest! Isn’t it true, sis ?! Hee hee hee! Laughing, the second mermaid lay down on the other side and, soon, they were already together, began to be led with pale palms over his body! “Oh Gods! – only thought Vasilis, pleasantly stiff in these mutual touches of the twins.
– They seem to

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be seducing me! I am a satire! ”Having only gotten stronger from the relaxed“ massage ”of the water sisters, he – even more clearly feeling their fish-flower smell of bodies — only now noticed thin diamond threads on their foreheads, and in their ears, strung rings of silver earrings! – Good, what are you good.

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– suddenly Julia whispered softly, already with the languishing surging intoxication, looking at him through the pomp of eyelashes.
– And since you respected us with music and wine, then we.
We respect you with gratification.
And, he did not have time to come to his senses, as she gently wrapped him in his arms and touched his lips.
in a kiss! In a kiss, in any way, she immediately clashed with his tongue, giving the taste of wine, salt of the lake and pure mermaid spittle! – Mmmm! – only Vasilis mumbled, at once taken aback by such a sweet surprise.
At the same time, he felt the taste of her “mixture”, and his body was agitated with jelly in the wet mud of his hair — he, with a banging impulse of new pleasure, already squeezed the maiden in his arms! He eagerly dug the mermaid into his lips, and, not letting her even breathe, he reverently enjoyed her hops mouth! Enjoyed completely taking possession of his quirky language! – Um-xxx! – at some point, after all, Julia breathed out, managing to break away from his ardent lips.
– And you.
pretty hot.
I am discouraged.
– And then, my “fish”.
– in a baldezha he smiled at her.
– But, I am not Vasi-Lis, but Vasilis! I am a satyr! And, looking at the shameless undine face that had gone down, he resolutely launched his hand into the wet tresses of her hair and.
reunited with her sweet lips! – Hey, what about me ?! – a minute later the voice of Inna mercilessly forgotten rang out.
– I also want to be merciful with you! – Ofcourse honey.
– still looking up from Yulia, he answered her. Hot sex video online play.

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“Are you kidding me?” I cried almost tearfully.
The movement in the crack cheered me up, I was already waiting for this slippery snake to penetrate into me, but the creature was in no hurry, it just looked out of its shelter and froze.
I looked at her for a couple of seconds, and then I tried to grab her, my movements were slow, I wanted to not move, but to get a hefty stick between my legs.
Grabbing the snake, I pulled it up, but my hand slipped.
The serpent crawled closer to my face, and I saw it better.

Previously, it seemed to me that it was smoothly rounded at the end, but now I could see that at the end there were four closed petals that covered the inside.
I took it again, but now pulled down, the petals stretched and slid down, revealing a rounded purple end.
“Like a real member,” flashed through my head, and I pushed my hand a couple of times, then the excitement of my hairy hole took up, I grabbed this member with my lips and started to suck, I licked the head, almost swallowing it, then licked the trunk, each just noticing that the serpent comes out of his refuge further.

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With such caresses, I pulled him out of the hole, and when I showed up sitting, I just fell on my back, releasing this “end” from my mouth.
The snake oriented immediately, he quickly slid over my breasts and was opposite to my hole, which was wet with desire even before him.
The serpent opened the petals, opening the head, and then climbed into me.
I immediately groaned and lay back, grabbed my tits, began to fidget booty on a stone, as on a sheet of silk.
The dick inside squirmed and twitched, just as I needed it, it even seemed to me that he was trying to ram my womb, but it was just thoughts, I lay and enjoyed it until the orgasm covered my head.
And once again I woke up on the stone floor.
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During the feast and conversation, Sergei Valerievich poured me as much as myself, although the difference in the complexes we have is different.
In appearance, he was healthier than a kilogram of 30.
It is no wonder that I was scorched from such an amount of alcohol.
Despite this, I was not escaped by the views he threw at my wife from time to time.
She was already embarrassed by the events of what happened at the beginning of the meeting, and then there are these views.
Time passed, and now it was already the second hour of the night.
Sergey Valerievich said that he had some meeting scheduled for this morning in our neighboring area and asked if we could shelter him that night at home, because going through the whole city at night and coming back again in the morning is just a waste of time. J scott campbell sexy.

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Why? My husband and I lived for so many years, raised two children, well, you can relax in the end.
If a woman wants, she will still do as she intended.
It is my responsibility to close the premises at the end of the day when everyone leaves, but we do not have night security.
So having podgadav when my husband left for another trip for a few days, I decided to carry out my insidious plans.
Toward the end of the day, as if by chance, I told my assistant that Sedna’s birthday was with her son, and he lives in another city and you can stay after work and drink a bottle of wine for his health.
Sasha, that was the name of my assistant, without hiding joy, immediately agreed, and did not hide from me as his eyes flashed.
I already had everything in store.
Wine, candy, and separately in the pocket of the bag lay a tube of gel.
Actually, I was very worried, and not even because of adultery, but from the thought of how my ass would withstand this “exam”.
Finally, the working day was over, everyone dispersed, and Sasha and I closed the doors from inside and went up to the bungalow.
A usual change house, lockers, in the middle a table and in a corner a

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We sat at the table, I took out wine and sweets, then Sasha poured wine and we drank to the health of the “birthday man.”

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Then we sat down, talked and drank some more.
We had to start acting.
I will say right away that there were no pants on me (sly snake), I took them off immediately in the toilet after Sasha agreed.
I usually wear skirts to the knee, but today I wore shorter and with a slit, so sitting in front of him he should have seen well that between my legs there were no intentionally spread legs.
I saw how Sasha glances there and how his pants slightly bulged from that.
After the third toast, he got up, walked behind and hugged me, kissed my neck.
Well, finally, flashed through my head and I turned to respond to his kiss.
Sasha put his hands under my arms, took his chest and lifted him from the chair, led him to the sofa.
I sat on the couch, but he stood in front of him and unbuttoned his pants – ugh, I carried it, I thought when I saw his cock, which was quite normal in size and was already in full readiness.
“Wait,” I squeezed out in a trembling voice and got up to go to my purse for the gel.
Having quickly found what I needed, I returned, sat down again on the sofa and took Sasha’s penis in my hands, and began to smear him thickly with slippery grease.
Sasha already understood everything and stood motionless, only he could hear how often he breathed.
Then I got up, turned to the couch and shamelessly bent down, resting my elbows on the seat.
Sasha pulled up my skirt on his back and my bare ass appeared before him in all its glory.
I felt that his finger smeared with gel touched my anus and began stroking it while being slightly thick, which soon caused him to slip into the anus.
In the morning before work, I made myself a enema several times and cleaned my intestines well, so there should be no “trouble”.
After massaging me with my finger, he removed it and immediately I felt the touch of the soft head of his penis on my sphincter. Porn online teen.

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