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He stood and was very tvchrdyi.
His dick reached my bambi, I asked when we were going.
He said, speak now.
Get up a little bit, I stood up again, and he pushed my swimsuits towards the bottom and pushed my penis between the swimsuit and my sexy lips, and the end of the cock wrenched out of my swimsuit.
It was so interesting.
I liked it very much, since I could smack my thighs a little bit, he also shook my pussy and my clit.
It seemed to me that this is my dick.
Since he came out of my swimsuit.
I stirred a little and he found a terets in me.
But here I felt it. His hands climbed under the maikos.
And they began to rise to my breasts.
With his hands he took my breasts.
For this, he took off my bra.
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They lay down on a leather sofa and began to caress each other.
Again, their bodies intertwined, and for a long time they could not tear themselves apart.
-Katia, I’m so hungry, and you’re so delicious.
– I want to eat you too. They both laughed.
Olga loved to drive, especially in this car, everything was done for maximum driver comfort.
She had little experience in driving, but she was driving quite tolerably through the busy center of Moscow.
Arriving at the restaurant, on Bolshaya Bronnaya, the car parked, the girls entered a massive glass door and descended the stairs that were rapidly falling down.
Kate liked this restaurant.
There were cozy light rooms, in creamy colors, which created a special high, festive mood and unique atmosphere.
Great Italian cuisine, an extensive menu, good wine list representing the best wines of Italy and France, made this restaurant one of the leaders among the Italian restaurants in Moscow.
They are located in a small booth, in one of the cozy corners of a light elegant room.
Catherine often dined here because the restaurant was not far from her office, so some waiters already knew her.
Katya ordered herself octopus carpaccio, lobster salad, basil, tomato pulp and spices with

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olive-lemon dressing.
Olya ordered “La Grotto” carpaccio, rucola and parmesan salad with shrimps.
Katya took the soups, asparagus soup with crab meat, and Olya fish soup with seafood.
They also ordered fetuchine pasta with fresh crab meat for two.
From meat dishes, Katya preferred a tender lamb fillet, grilled with rosemary and thyme, with guanchale bacon in a spicy sauce, Olya – pork fillet with mushroom sauce, stewed in white wine.

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From fish dishes, Kate stopped at dorada fillet in pomegranate sauce with zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Ole wanted to try a seabass fillet with asparagus under Gorgonzola sauce.
They also took grilled fish platter for 2 persons.
Katya ordered freshly squeezed pineapple juice, and Olya freshly squeezed mango juice.
Enjoying a meal, they talked about future plans for the future.
Kate drank wine, Olga poured herself a little on the sample, she could not drink, because she was driving.
-That’s always when the wine is beautiful, I can not drink it.
-Well, you yourself decided to go in your car.
And if you want wine, now we’ll stop by the way to the store and buy a couple of bottles for the evening, and even a whole collection of wine at home, we must drink it once.
Yes, I am kidding Kat, at home is not interesting, here is better.
– I agree with you, next time we will go to a restaurant or take a taxi to the club so that no one is hurt.
Home girls returned in a great mood.
-Like you, Ol liked in the restaurant.
-We will constantly visit them now, all the more, I know Moscow’s restaurants not badly and you also don’t interfere with getting to know them better, since you’ll have to constantly hold business negotiations and meetings, therefore you should know where you can sit well and calmly talk to the man.
Remember, we were taught at the institute that the success of business negotiations depends on many factors, sometimes even on those that we don’t attach importance to.
Actually, you’re not a stupid girl, I think that in a couple of months you will interact perfectly with our partners.
Previously, you did mostly rough work, with which you have to cope very well, now you will learn, to negotiate, I will, calmly, what you entrusted to manage your company.
-Katyush, thanks for your trust, I will try to justify it.
The wine struck Ekaterina a little in the head, she relaxed and put her hand on Olgino’s thigh, began to stroke him.
– Well, don’t, now, please, be patient until the house, otherwise I get excited, it is difficult for me to drive the car along the road, all my thoughts are about you, I can’t concentrate.
-Ok, no more, I just wanted to gossip.
-He’ll come home, I’ll remember everything.
– Hurry to come. Watch sex scenes from movies online.

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Chaturbate private cam.
He was a very skilled surgeon, and that was good news for me.
After this meeting, events began to develop faster.
I was in his house several times, and we made love and discussed plans for the future.
We wanted everything to happen by mutual agreement.
A few weeks later we began to embody the fantasy into reality.
At first I had to break with my past life.
True, I did not know my parents for a long time, because they did not accept my sexual orientation, and I had already gone out with many friends in college.
I left work, put the house and the car up for sale, I also sold my furniture, and one spring morning I arrived by taxi to Earl’s house, never to go back.
With me there was nothing but clothes.
Everything I received from the sale of my property, I transferred to Earl’s account.
“Welcome to your new life as my slave,” Earl greeted me with these words, smiling at his snow-white smile.
– “It’s time to sign a contract.”
He took me to his office, and I signed a document that we compiled during my previous visits. Chaturbate private cam.

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Vika again took the initial position, and this time the finger caused only a moan.
After a couple more spitting, I already entered two fingers.
Gradually razdrachivaya (so as not to break) her hole: Vika bent, and eerily moaned eerily.
A couple of times she tried to get off the fingers, but the educational slaps on the ass did their job.
When Vika could sit on two fingers quite independently, I decided it was time.
And the place of the fingers took a member.
For my part, he passed easily, but her cry, even through the gag, was probably heard even by Marinka in the meadow.
The anus pulsed, squeezing around my dick.
Pobaldy a minute, I slowly got out of it, and again with one push drove.
Tears spilled from her eyes, and Vika tried to escape. Sabine18 bongacams.

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