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However, given that Roma’s hand had been fumbling for fifteen minutes in my panties, caressing my ass, the film was doing its job.
The boy’s underpants were lying on the floor a long time ago, I felt his standing cock pressed against my back.
In my mouth I had an incomparable taste of the fuck – the suction was a complete success, although I did not let Roma finish it – I wanted to frolic.
And, oddly enough – to watch the same movie.
I slightly turned over, settling in a bit more comfortable.
Roma sat straight up, while I laid my head on his shoulder, not forgetting, however, it was more convenient to intercept a member with my hand – I didn’t even think to give a guy any relief just because I was tired of lying down.
The penis was rather large — a little more than twenty in length, although it was barely a centimeter in diameter by two and a half.
In short, it’s the most for the question: “Is it better – big or huge?” The film hardly passed half the time when my mobile phone rang.
“Some kind of“ Igor, ”Roma handed me the phone.
– Hello? – I picked up the phone, pre-decimated saliva in my hand and slowly began to masturbate Roma.
– Hi, huesosochka! – There was a funny voice of my ex-boyfriend on the phone.
– How are you there? “Thank you, just fine,” I grinned, slightly accelerating my hand movements.
Romka twisted and launched his palm into my panties, tightening my ass tight.
– Come on, Alenka, please me! – ingratiatingly stretched Igorek.
“Your damn thing is just fine!” – I laughed.
– Thanks for asking! Roma raised an eyebrow in surprise, looking at me, but for a moment I interrupted my caress and put the same finger to my lips.

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I licked him, wetting with a new portion of saliva and returned the guy sitting next to him to the dick, having beaten off his desire to interrupt the unexpected game.
Perhaps, I’ll tell you a little

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about Igor.
He was my ex-boyfriend.
At least, I considered the relationship over, while he drove it into his head that I would wait until he returned from some kind of three-month business trip somewhere to the east coast of Russia.
And everything would be fine, but only Igor had one huge dignity.
Having learned about my very tolerant attitude towards curses, I myself didn’t notice how each of our conversations, live or on the phone, it didn’t matter, turned into a sort of orgy of oral debauchery.
– It’s cool here, my bitch! So I decided to call you – to warm up about your lecherous voice, damn! – said Igor.
From his tone, I realized that he was pretty tipsy.
Yes, and spoke without lowering the voice – see, not afraid to be overheard.
The idea to play came to me by itself.
I more or less knew the preferences of Igor and assumed that the conversation with him could be easily delayed for at least a couple of hours.
While Roma was something completely new to me and I had no idea how vulgar I could be with him.
In the end, without risk, what’s the point of dissolving? And I put at stake our new relationship with Roma.
In the end – a small loss, if not burn out.
– Wait a bit, Igorek, – I asked.
Resolutely stood up and quickly pulled off her panties, throwing them across the room.
The rest of the clothes, however, did not take off.
I rummaged in the phone a bit and set the speakerphone on, putting the phone on a small table next to the sofa.
– That’s it, I’m ready! – I threw.
– Oh, you’re my darling favorite! And what did you do? – right there on the whole room asked Igor.
I pressed my finger to my lips again, calling for Roma to keep quiet, and knelt before him.
“Oh, Igorek, she took off her panties,” I said, and immediately began to quickly suck on a firmly standing cock.
– Oh, you’re a slut! – laughed Igor.
– What, so much you want? – Well, you know me! – I burst into laughter, shaking about the dick wet from the saliva, cheek.
– I’m always ready to fuck! – Fuck you redhead! – My ex laughed.
– What is busy, slut? Germany sex cams offline.

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She was even confused, but quickly pulled herself together.
Thank you, Katya is a big one for you to understand me.
Make me your manager, I will look after the slaves, check how they do all the work, will do what I did, only for this you will pay me money.
I will live, if you do not mind with you, in the house, I think that there will be enough space.
At work, you will also officially appoint me as your deputy, you know that I am very good at business.
Of course, Ol, I agree that you live with me, choose any room.
You are probably very surprised that I so quickly agreed to let you go.
Believe me, despite the fact that I am a leader and a lady in my heart, but I am very alone.
I have girlfriends, but I rarely see them, I have no one from my relatives, and during the time you are with me, you became me as a sister.

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I have long wanted you to become a free man, but my stubborn pride did not allow it to offer you, and today you yourself started a conversation that I have long sought, therefore, without hesitation, I let you go.
I have no relatives left, so you became the closest person to me.
She has been a slave for a very long time, she was born to be a slave, so she will die for her, I don’t feel sorry for her.
Soon I will get a lot of new slaves, and from these we will make horses, and these creatures will live in the stable.
Now we will be friends with you, we will visit restaurants, nightclubs, shops, beauty salons together, we will go on a vacation together.
Olga did not expect this from Katya, and while there was a favorable moment, she decided not to let the initiative go.

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You will pay me the salary, both as a manager and as a deputy separately.
For the fact that I will look after your farm, $ 10,000 is enough for now, and for a deputy – 30% of the profits.
Ekaterina was jarred by such arrogance of a former slave, and she said: Where did you get such figures, 30%, I think this is a lot, I will give you a very good salary.
To keep track of your house and keep it in the proper order, considerable forces are required, you need to constantly monitor the slaves, direct their work, bring your orders to them, you also need to monitor the condition of the house, etc.
We raised the company together, how many I spent sleepless nights, to analyze the actions that led to the flourishing of the company, I gave you all the calculations and suggestions, you just had to double-check them.

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Her posture with her head thrown back, sucking my fingers, very much excited Sasha’s unbuttoned straps.
I stood up, and soon her fingers were replaced by my cock.
He had just started to gain strength, but Zhenya, in her caress, tried her best to help him.
Looking up at the curved girl with her head thrown back and insanely exciting throat deformation from a member penetrating there, Sasha was burning with desire.
She could not resist and began to kiss Eugene’s neck, in which my cock crawled, crush and caress her luxurious full heavy breasts.
Squeeze them passionately palms, and clasped his lips just just jumped out of the mouth of the Zhenya mouth member, all in dropping on her own face Zhennykh saliva.
Sasha was gentle and diligent.
At first, only with lips and tongue, then it was easily planted with a narrow neck, letting me go deeper and deeper into myself.
Eugene, meanwhile, hugging and caressing my wife’s body, leaning back, she licked eggs, kissed Sasha’s chin, neck, touched the tongue, slipping out of her mouth.
I was madly in love with how they both looked at me from below, both of them let my dick into their mouths in turn, I liked that I could choose to whom and for how long or deeply to give my dick.

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Then, the girls, smeared in drool, began to kiss.
Hot, sweet and passionate, fully trusting and surrendering to each other.
Caressing each other with tongues in their mouth, studying the bodies of each other with their hands, the girls were both drunk with each other and insatiable.
We put Zhenya on her back, Sasha got a pussy over her mouth at 69, giving me access to my holes.
Taking the waist, I enter the wife’s pussy

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the girl trembled, moaned sweetly into Zen’s pussy, letting me in and continuing to caress our guest.
Zhenya was moaning with pleasure at the top of her voice, she happily accepted the tongue of my wife in her girl and watched my dick disappear in the mistress of the house, how her juices loudly squelch.
Alcohol has long been released, it remains only a wild, crazy heady excitement from the celebration of debauchery, which we staged.
Zhenya, with tenderness, kissed and licked Sasha’s clit, licked her juice from my dick, licked and sucked my balls, clutching my ass with my palms and directing me to have a wife deeper and tougher.
Sasha moaned in Zhenya’s pussy, hugging her girlish white legs.
She froze.
Firmly squeezed Zhenya, glaring at her claws.
My cock is in her ass, very slowly and gently, stretching her hole.
Zhenya looked enchanted, for the first time she saw the dick enter the ass and flowed from this sight to the trembling in her legs.
A drop of Sasha’s pussy juice fell on her lips and brought her to a little.
Guest again returned to his duty – to appease the hostess. Sex home live video.

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Behind my reflections, I almost let the way he turned to face me.
Seeing me, the lover grinned at a nasty

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little smile, threw my wife’s head away from me and stood up.
(Porn tales) My faithful just noticed me now, but didn’t even try to justify myself, hide behind or at least get scared.
She looked at me with a mixture of charity and disgust.
I can imagine how we look in her eyes: her lover is an ambal under two meters with well-developed muscles and a courageous face, and I am a lanky, thin intelligent girl with glasses (I wear to give solidity at the talks) and a three-piece suit, head and shoulders below this wardrobe.
But as I said, I am quiet and this is my problem when people realize that it is better to not get involved with me is too late.
Now I stood looking into the emptiness, my world collapsed, my frail girl, my jewel fell under this monkey, something happened that I was afraid of.
How to live on? I felt as if a piece of soul had been torn out of me.
In the background, the ambal said something, with his trademark nasty smile, playing with his pink biceps.
I was heard only a few phrases: “Your whore wife.
“” Working pussy.
“,” You too will become a girl, ebany.
“,” I will develop a point.
“,” Little wife will help.
“And then his paws stretched towards me.
What did he want? Pat my cheek? It was as if a toggle switch clicked in me, reality hit me, blood boiled in my veins.
This smug animal, who poked his dirty cock in the gentle pussy of my wife, dares to open her mouth in my presence?!?! Hook from below crashed into the jaw of the balm, interrupting his speech, and erased a nasty grin from his face.
Straight to the solar plexus and knee to the liver.
The closet collapsed on the floor and screamed like a pig.

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– It really hurts? Come on, get up, don’t cry.
– I say and immediately add this creature with a heel in the face.
But in a friend, with a shout “Do not touch him !!” my wife rushes at me! – Sit quietly, bitch! – I growl and throw away the body of my beloved.
The sense of the unreality of what is happening captures me, until this point I couldn’t even think about shouting at my Vic, or especially striking.
Like a mad tigress, she again rushes at me.
I grab her hair over her ear and put her head on the door, not much, but my wife-slut swam.
I do not beat women, and even more so I would never have raised my hand to my beloved, but for me now Vika is just a dirty, lustful female.
While I was sorting out my relationship with this whore, the bastard had disappeared – I run out into the corridor – and here he is! Naked, on half-bent legs, smearing the host with bloody snot “host” frantically dragged from the apartment, since I forgot to close the door.
And the instinct of self-preservation in this scum is developed – in this he can not refuse, I thought.
Returning to the room.
That slut who had recently been the most expensive creature for me huddled into a corner and looked at me with the eyes of a hunted beast, in her look of surprise and fear.
This story is my “first attempt at writing.”
If you, dear reader, want to continue, then write about it in the comments, there I am waiting for your advice, tips and constructive criticism!
Whatever you may say, and rarely, a man who has settled down with a wife and children will refuse to have a concubine.
And many will not give up on a couple, samchik and samochka.
After all, it is both more practical and safer than a capricious mistress or call girls, moreover, it does not exclude either one or the other.
Take for example my zamarashek – they live for themselves by lawful marriage, and you only know yourself jerking around to stupor and waiting for me once again to miss them.
The main thing in this case – do not go too far.
The stick must be straight and used for its intended purpose.
In the girl – for pleasure, in the boy – for discipline.
And so the girl, of course, saw it.
And dragged, feeling like a full trophy for the winner.
Such a lover will do anything for you, and hubby will teach her what to do.
At least with my little family it happened.
We met a couple of years ago in the internet.
I confess, at first, I was a little strained that they were a couple, looking for a dominant lover – I thought maybe some crazy things, you never know what. Granny masturbating on cam.

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