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Exhausted from this new caress, she nevertheless finds the strength in herself to put her hands on his shoulders to try to push him away, and when this does not work, she grabs the back of her head, pulls her head to herself and grabs her mouth – not as many lips as teeth.
Obviously, somewhat oshalev from such a violent onslaught, Leonid opens her arms and again kneels up.
What are you doing? – Sasha is surprised.
Now you will see, – he answers, sticks his elbows under her knees and throws his legs on his shoulders.
Oh, what is it you? – already frightened she asks.
So far, nothing special.
Just your treasure is now at my level.
Do you feel I feel it.
But why resort to such an acrobatic exercise? You would have put me on my head.
Do you want I already said what I want.

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Repeat ?.
Since you ended up in the marital bed, be so kind, do what I used to wait here from my hubby and for what I invited you here.
Well, why are you slow ?.
Fiend some !.
Leonid, however, not listening to the pleas and reproaches, continues to drive the head of his member along her swollen lips, especially pressing on the clitoris, and only occasionally, as if teasing, thrust into the vagina.
It seems to Sasha that he is about to enter the place where he has been awaited for a long time and with impatience, but since this does not happen, she tries to capture him himself with oncoming movements of the pelvis, but she cannot do it.
What’s the matter, my friend? I can not get! – laughing, answers Leonid.
– Maybe you can help? Are you crazy?.

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Pervert – this is, as far as I know, when not only from behind, but also in the ass.
Surely I was wrong door? It seems to me that I am on the right path leading to heaven, and I am already knocking at the gates of it.
They seem to be open.
Is not it? And you do not feel ?.
Feel, honey.
And how!.
And yet, I would take great pleasure if you helped me to cross the threshold.
But how? Take a hand knocking and enter it into the temple itself.
What am I to you, prostitute? Something good to learn from a prostitute.
Still, she’s a professional.
You will not get it! Well, well, you have to do without your help.
So, as they say athletes, at the start, attention, march !.
Sasha howls from pleasure, having felt how his rod entered her crack and moved in it here and there, like a piston in a cylinder.

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Instinctively, I tried to slip away from the blow, but I was so stretched out on the bed that it was very problematic to move, at some point I managed to move a little away from the belt, and then Victor hit between my legs.
I howled in pain, which exploded somewhere in the abdomen and hit straight into the brain.
I was scared that Victor tore off the scrotum with this blow.
Fear made me bolder, and I began to curse again, promising Viktor all the penalties of the world.
But with my threats and attempts to loosen the knots on my hands, I achieved only a couple of blows to the perineum.
These blows sobered me up and made me lie down quietly, not crawl on the bed, the anger instantly left me, and I began humiliatingly and meekly begging Victor for forgiveness and mercy.
I screamed and shuddered all over with every blow.
I promised him to be obedient and loyal, I swore eternal love, if only he would let me go and stop the punishment.
Finally, I could not stand it and burst into tears in his voice.
Probably, this was what Victor wanted. He stopped whipping and went around the bed, walked over to my head and lifted her hair, looked into my barked face.
– Well, fuck, now I understand how to behave? I swallowed convulsively, looking with fear at my tormentor, I didn’t even have hatred, I was afraid, afraid that Victor would never let me go.
He interpreted my silence in his own way.
– So, fag, did not understand, we will continue! I groaned and began to beg him, but he no longer listened to me.

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My ass burned with fire, it seemed to me that it had turned into a continuous bloody mess, I had no idea what would happen when Victor began to smack me again, I had the opportunity to find out immediately.
The whipping continued, I shouted so that I broke my voice, I cried, sobbing convulsively, begging for mercy now not only for Victor, but for his friend, repented of all my sins and begged, begged, begged.
Once again, Victor approached the head of the bed, I myself raised my head

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and hoarsely began to ask him not to punish me anymore, I was broken and depressed.
Victor hit me in the face, immediately breaking his lips in the blood, then another hit, but not so much, or I just lost sensitivity.
Without another word, Victor untied my legs, and then my hands, and I thanked him for mercy, when my hands were free of the ropes, I crawled to Victor’s legs, moaning, clinging to my tormentor.
– Do not dare to cuddle up to me, still you bloat me with blood! – Victor told me in disgust and sent me to the bath to wash.
In the bathroom I tried to look at my butt, everything was not as scary as it seemed during whipping, of course my buttocks were of a terrible purple color, but blood was oozing from only a few wounds and anyway, now I couldn’t sit on my ass without pain, I understood this immediately.
– How long to wait for you!? – Victor demanded, and I realized that the execution had not yet ended, therefore, having quickly washed my face, I quickly jumped out of the bath.
I was tired and wanted to sleep, my head was desperately spinning after the blow I had received, my ass was sore after whipping, and I thought with horror what would happen if they and my friend demanded anal sex from me, this even seemed to be hell in my thoughts and didn’t excite me at all.
Victor was sitting in a chair and sipping a glass of vodka.
He looked at me, frozen in the doorway.
– What got up, come in, do not be shy.
I took an uncertain step into the room, feeling so small and unprotected, my meter eighty-five shrank to the meter, it seemed to me.
– Make my friend well! – Victor ordered and got more comfortable in the chair. Sexy girls chat live.

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Once again, he showed up when his parents left for the city to go shopping.
I am alone, the house is empty, and Father Victor is handsome, that your Jesus Christ is: brown-eyed, black-browed, laughing eyes, bewitching smile.
By the time I read the Decameron, about the exorcism of the devil, I told him at confession.
He then joked, sin, said great, but the pleasure is worth it, it is majestic than sin, for that we are, said to let your sins, minors, let go of sins.
I went in and asked: do you want to repent of your sins, just before Easter, they are best released?
Yes, I say, and no sins, then.
And he – it does not matter, now they will.
He takes off my dress, bra, panties – those from the set.
I wanted to hold them, but I remembered that it was he who gave them, as if they were not mine, I was standing like an idol, no resistance, Father, you see, Holy Father! And these games are not our first, I am already accustomed to them.
He put me on the bed, without any resistance on my part.
The girls scared: a lot of blood, it will be painful.
Nothing like this.
He is experienced, he did everything very carefully, it was pleasant to me, pleasure was indescribable! I do not know what came over me, but I dragged him several times to myself, did not want this holiday to end.
He barely escaped.
And in the pre-Easter resurrection I let go of sins.
Sin, he says, is not what you have done, but that people have become aware.
I swore an oath to him: not a word to anyone, I swore on the cross! And she was silent.
So we met, first in our home, then in the parish, he arranged for me to spend the summer in the temple with candles and books to sell.
I loved him more than my life; under torture I would not admit to anyone about our meetings.
I was then preparing to enter the institute, to the law school.
I passed the entrance exams, returning home, entering the room.

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On the bed, the mother lies, and on top of it is Father Victor.
And groans, and yells, and growls – everything is exactly the same as with me, “the only, unique, most beloved, very best.
“The ax stood at the stove, I grabbed it and hacked at the head.
Strongly hit, with anger.
In two parts she cut his beautiful head.
He just turned to me, in the eyes of no fear, no surprise, no fear, just a smile.
That is how I remembered his face.
Then she looked: one eye is looking to the left, the other to the right, blood is flowing through the beard.
I sat down and sat in a chair in the middle of the room, with a bloody ax in my hands.
And he just bowed his head, everything looks at me, grins.
Mother crawled out from under him, closed in her room.
Father came, he saw everything.
He didn’t guess about my relationship with Father Victor, I thought that I decided it because of my father.
I got to my mother, talked to her calmly.
Then he took me to relatives in the regional center, and he returned, and surrendered to the police.
He took all the blame.
I was hysterical, I almost lost my mind, the fire burned in my brain.
I was locked and not released, some injections were made, soothing.
Then she found out – they gave my father seven years.
Returning home – the village is buzzing, the father killed his wife’s lover.
And I know who killed and whose lover! What is life after this? I left, finished the institute, and to this day.
Mother never saw it again.
And father? Father is a separate conversation.
Only two years later I came to visit him.
There were many reasons for this: studies, tests, sessions, exams, construction teams.
There was not enough money for kefir and a bun, not to mention the ticket to Tomsk, where he was serving his sentence.
I had to work as a cleaner.
He was on a strict regime, they did not let him in.
Yes, and the stress I have not passed for a long time.
Survive this! I studied well, but when I remember, it takes a shiver.
He sits

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for me.
How to see in the eye, at what cost to pay off, than to pay for the deed? I would be in court, but with a fist on the table: I killed Father Victor, he was my lover! And I.
frightened, prisons frightened.
My father did not want to say that I lived with Father Victor, to inflict another mental wound.
Yes, and was very pious, did not dare to disgrace Batyushka, break an oath.
Not only was he killed on his mother, he also slept with his daughter.
In general, everything was tied up in such a knot, not for me to untie.
Finally, she calmed down, overcame herself, gathered herself up, went to her father.
Gave a bribe, let him go for three days.
Here, as now with you: one night they talked about me, another – about him. Free porn videos online hd.

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She has the first, but what is an enema, I already knew from my mother.
The most embarrassing was being naked when a young woman was dressed.
Then the discomfort of apart buttocks and penetration of the tip into the hole.
Humiliating, but it was impossible to avoid, with all the desire to squeeze the ass as much as possible.
Then cutting in the stomach.

His stomach swelled, he was stroked by a paramedic.
I already cried and asked to go to the toilet.
She then stroked me, then patted on the pope calling impatient.
Then, to my horror, she took out a pot and said: “Sit down cocoa!” The humiliation was terrible, especially since the pod that had risen was either not putting it in a pot and sprinkling urine on the floor.
I also got out loud air from the syringe.
The syringe itself was smeared with feces and stood on the table.
Coming out of the office, the teacher waited at the door for me and asked the question: “Well, did everything turn out well with the tummy?”
Well, after I was given a douching at everyone in the ward, they took me to the treatment room to wash me because I didn’t get dirty in the kaku when I was lying and released some water from my ass.

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When she brought me to the office, she wiped me out of the diaper and took off my shirt and told me to sit on the couch that was in the middle of the office. Another couch was also in the middle of the office some distance from the first one.
The couch on which I was put down was messed with oilcloth and the screen was covered with several sheets and diapers folded in a pile and the cushion also lay and not a big but dense pillow slightly stretched into a rectangle and asked me to wait a little for it, she would soon come and do everything as it should be washed and put me on clean clothes.
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