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Denim put his drin there too.
– Hey, where? – Petrovich was surprised.
– Yes, she has a wide pussy, we can fit together, – the jeans started laughing.
Thus, they began synchronously hammering my mother with two cocks in their pussies.
She liked it very much, judging by the increase in the frequency of groans and phrases like “oh yes”, “good”, “faster”.
When she screamed faster, Denim got angry.
With both hands, he grabbed her by the throat and frantically began to fuck, moving her ass, with the speed of lightning.
Mother no longer moaned, but hissed with ecstasy, her face was all red, as the Denim literally choked her.
It certainly was tough.
Petrovich groaned softly from below.
From such a furious fucking, the mother began to splash at the end, and petrified her legs and pants.
– Fuck, she ends, – puffed jeans, continuing to fuck and strangle my mother. Indian desi sex watch online.

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