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The young slut was suffocating from the chase, trembling all over and filled with tears of fear and humiliation.
The slave collar completed the sweet picture, clearly indicating the lack of rights of my prey, the lack of rights of sex toys, which I will force to fulfill all my whims.
On the collar was the name of Julia.
The inexperience and unlearnedness of this female was fully compensated by her freshness.
– Oh, you bitch! I told you what, whore? I said stand! The girl shrank and roared out loud.
I walked around her, admiring the slim girlish body.
Feel boobs, juicy slapped helpless slave on the ass.
– Well, fuck, take off your pants, take them in your mouth and crawl to me with cancer! Slave hurriedly took off her panties, sank to the ground covered with dry needles and crawled on my knees to my feet.
Pick up the pursued panties (“scalping” as we call it) means getting it right.
In our hunting club, there is no place for scumbags, rules are strictly forbidden to harm the health of the slave.
But otherwise, it is now completely owned by me for the entire duration of the contract or until I want to sell it, exchange it, donate or lose cards.
– You that rubbish, orders do not understand? – Forgive, forgive me.
lord! I.
I was scared.
please do not punish me, I will be an obedient girl! It is felt that through the initial course of training these newcomers missed.
I walked over to a shaking booty and lifted her head by hair.
– You should have been naughty, bitch.

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With the second hand, I squeezed the girl’s cheeks and spat in her face.
“You are powerless bedding, slave, fucking stupid!” Slap in the face.
– Got it, bitch! The girl roared.
– Yes, yes, my lord, I am your humble whore! Please do not hit me, sir, I will always obey you! I will serve you, my lord! With a jerk of hair, I lifted the girl to my knees.
Damn him, with education – I want to fuck her in the mouth immediately.
– Hands behind your back, damn it! Open your mouth, nipple and stand still.
The girl diligently rounded juicy lips.
What could be more pleasant than after an exciting chase to catch, humiliate, put on your knees and fuck in your mouth a trembling young girl! With difficulty restraining myself, I enjoyed the soft mouth of a lovely defenseless slave, diligently sucking my dick.
I was ready to explode immediately, but sought to stretch the pleasure.
Holding the slave by the hair, I controlled the movements of her head, playing the head of the penis with gentle girl lips, sticking the dick of her cheeks, thrusting the penis deep down the throat.
– Come on, huesoska, work! Work as it should, whore unfinished! The girl sucked sucklessly, bleeding saliva and choking with a cudgel penetrating into her, desperately grabbing the air as I took the dick out of her mouth to slap her face.
The passing time reduced my chances of dividing prey, but I could not deny myself the pleasure.
– Arise, bitch, quickly – ass to me, lean on a tree! The girl meekly otklyachila ass, exposing the owner of their naked charms.
I grabbed the lush hair of the slave, wrapped it around my arm, and then slapped her on the buttock and entered the defenseless bosom.
The girl was no longer able to resist the sexual onslaught, her pussy turned soft and wet, and tears of fear gave way to moans of pleasure.
I juicy raped his new slave, feeling the tender young body and slapping the girl on the buttocks.

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jump could not last for a long time and soon I began to cum violently into the maiden gut.
With the last sharp jolts, I pushed sperm into a subdued slave, experiencing the fullness of the pleasure available to the man. Video cam sexy.

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He felt hard, brackish nipples in his mouth, a wet, wriggling body in his hands, and the walls of the vagina sensually wrapping his dick.
She felt like the head was expanding her wet pussy, eggs were splashing on the anus, cold breath on the nipple gave way to a hot tongue and strong hands did not allow all this to stop.
She was at the limit, with each cell of the uterus she touched this

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the beginning of the head, the extension to the bridle and a slight constriction after, this is the trunk.
And without a word, he took it off, taking a bent over his hair with a crayfish, forced him to bend over the arch, put his head against the anus, pressed and began to slowly enter.
The narrow, hot rectum of the girl welcomed him.
Slowly forward all the way and sharply back.
Roughly inward, and slowly outward.
With one hand holding her hair on his head, the second hand, he took her clitoris.
And now he is not fucking her, she herself like a madman, then slowing down, then speeding up sits on him.
Just unimaginably screwed.
The pace is getting faster.
She feels only one sweet pain in the lower body, sandwiched the clitoris, ass tortured by a member.
Everything is going to both for one point.
On the clitoris.
On the head.
Eggs beat in a furious rhythm about a hole oozing with juice.
Come on slut, show what you can do! He pulls her hair even harder.
She squeezes the sphincter.
A blow to the clitoris.
And the sperm fountain hits inside.
Sweetness spreads through her body.
I love to wander to you in the point.
It was just a dream – a random, funny and bright erotic fantasy (without porn) about two students who inadvertently confronted in the early spring in one trolleybus, about fleeting, but piercing intimate contact and easy parting.
Well, terribly reluctant, head dull and heavy – perhaps, take a nap 10 more minutes, I have time.

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Again, I fall into a cumbersome slumber, and before my eyes it is not clear why the strange associative images are twisted.
March came to town.
Sang drops.
Sky soared.
Winter is already saying goodbye to the streets, and the air rings with the anticipation of a resurgent life.
Before my eyes flashed landscapes of his native city.
I am 20 years old, I am still studying at the university and now I am going in a trolley bus, in the back seat on the left.
The salon is gradually being filled with people (in the middle so, without a special crush), and right in front of me, a young girl sits on a side against the wall.
In a dream, the facial features of people are usually somewhat blurred, but I seem to be catching something vaguely familiar.
She is slightly above average height, thin, with light brown hair and gray eyes tied with a tail; skin is clean, thin, delicate, pale in spring.
Such a modest young doll with a slightly watchful look is probably still a freshman, perhaps even a virgin or with a very modest intimate experience.
She is dressed still in winter, but already in a slightly lighter version: in a blue, medium-length jacket, without a cap, in warm blue-colored pantyhose (skirts do not seem to be visible) and high light brown boots.
I was pressed a little into the corner, my legs didn’t fit directly behind the side seat, so I was halfway around the back door of the trolleybus.
The girl-neighbor sits to me right side, slightly deviated from the seat back and put her hands on the bag-package lying on her lap.
At the moment of the next rolling of the trolley, the palm of my left hand, in search of support, passes under the stranger’s elbow and quite naturally lies on the upper thigh of her right, close to me leg (between the package and the hollow jacket).
Of course, I immediately remove it, but after a while the same light random touch repeats.
And the thought begins to stir in my head with a tempting demon: “She doesn’t react to my touch at all, she is not indignant, maybe she should try.
“(I know perfectly well that girls in transport do not always react negatively to random touches of fellow travelers, and even sometimes provoke them, especially if these fellow travelers like them).
With my fingertips, very, very cautiously and terribly embarrassed by my own actions, I quite consciously touch the girl’s hip, a little further; at the moment of trolling the trolleybus, I slightly take away my palm, in order to touch the neighbor’s foot again now with all the phalanges of the fingers, then a little higher; Finally, I cover her thigh with my whole palm and freeze. Elite fuckers s bio and free webcam.

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Her whisper suddenly became hot.
– What should I do, Anh ?.
Anna could hardly breathe.
– Undress, – weakly flew out of it.
– You are welcome.
Irina slowly straightened, not taking her burning eyes from her companion.
Her palm lay on the tongue of a zipper of dark green trousers.
A moment – and this tongue moves down.
Another moment – and the front button is unbuttoned, after which the belt of trousers is sent down. Hustlerstar bongacams.

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“Didn’t you know about it?” “I knew, of course, but I would never agree that my children would live with someone else’s dad.
Mom jumps while she is young and calms down.
And I will not allow spiritual injury to children.
“You have a son and a daughter?” “Yes.
And how do you know this? ”“ From the diary.

The son is twelve, and the daughter is seven.
Lenya and Lenochka.
Isn’t that so? – So.
“And what are your plans?” “Lenya will go to seafaring, Lenochka to the college of Soviet trade.
“Why not higher education?” “They won’t pull right away.
With science, they are not always for five.
– And on what their daddy will pull? Surely, he will spend his whole life as commander of a chemical facility of a naval base? – Do you know about that too? Listen up
Better tell me how, at twenty-eight, did you manage to become a candidate of medical sciences and write a doctoral one? ”“ Where do you know this from? ”“ From a diary, stupid! ” – he laughed and sat in bed.
– Well! We will get acquainted: Fedor Fedorovich Zuev, captain of the third rank.

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Commander, well, everything else.
– He stretched his hand.
“Lilya Surikov, daughter of Captain First Rank Surikov, commander of the missile cruiser and his wife,” she extended a white hand with small, slender fingers, “which he squeezed so much that she gasped and pulled out her hand.
– Well! Bear! You are already healthy, however, enough to wallow in hospitals, tomorrow I will write you out.
– Lilya! You are a miracle! I dreamed about it all this time, while lying here.
And you are good, beast, only on such and need to peck, – he smiled.
– Did you know me earlier? – her brows were arched with curious commas.
– Of course.
I was your mom’s lover, and in your apartment at every place you have your photos: from a baby in diapers, to a school girl who plays the prankster and the languid looks of a student.
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