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Ekaterina Alekseevna felt the need to mock, torment this male, turn it into her next toy, her thing.
Asking about the salary of Nikolai, she pouted her pretty lips, said that this salary is not enough to live a month normally, although Nikolay was pleased with the money he received.
“I can offer you a higher salary if you agree to guard my house.”
I have long wanted me to have a security guard, but now it’s very difficult to find a normal person, especially since I don’t want to take anyone from the outside, but I know you a little, you are a calm, responsible person, just what I need.
Upon learning of this, Nikolai happily agreed, he will now work with this beautiful girl, and he never received the salary she offered.
-When will you change? – After three days, the partner leaves the vacation.
-I think that a week is enough for you to settle all your affairs and pay off from work.
When you are ready to come to me, call me beforehand, I don’t know if we can talk more or not, since I have very little free time.
Catherine specifically spoke to him so that he immediately felt that there was no familiarity between them.
She gladly thought that she would soon have a new toy.

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She did not consider men at all for people, and she needed a new slave only to satisfy her sadistic needs.
A week later, Nikolay, having previously phoned, arrived at the address given by Ekaterina Alekseevna to him.
He wandered around the dacha village for a long time, but he didn’t find the number of the house she indicated, so the house stood aside and Catherine didn’t really communicate with her neighbors, few of them knew where she lived.
He dialed Ekaterina Alekseevna’s mobile phone number, but, picking up the phone, she said coldly: “You are stupid, I gave you an address, do not distract me over trifles, I now have no time and in general you have the right to call on a mobile phone only in emergency cases.
-Ekaterina Alekseevna, I can’t find your house number anywhere, please tell me where to go, I’m right next to number sixteen, then it’s eighteen, and the seventeenth house is nowhere to be seen.
“I told you that I don’t have time now, if you want to work, you will find it yourself, if not, you can go back to your home,” and she broke

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off the connection.
In Nicholas, conflicting feelings were fought; he had never seen such an angry Ekaterina Alekseevna, and she spoke to him in a tone that seemed to be her servant.
But at the same time, she talked to everyone like that, and he wanted to be near such a beautiful girl.
Finally, he found the house he needed, which was surrounded by a three-meter fence and rang the intercom.
A female voice answered him: -Who whom? -I came to Catherine Alekseevna to work as a security guard.
– Your name is Nikolai? -Yes.
– The hostess told you to wait for her near the house, she will soon arrive, unfortunately, without her, I cannot let you in. Sasha cane cam xxx.

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Sobbing and groaning from pleasure, she rapidly threw up her hips.
Orgasms time and again bent her big body.
Curving under him, she moaned voluptuously, trembling and emitting love juice, passionately finished under him.
When Venya had

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finished exhausted with love, she lay pale and weary.
Yes, Comrade Pavlov, you did not lie to me.
You really really wanted me.
I appreciate your honesty and frankness.
You can consider me your close friend.
I hope to see you often near me.
So he became the lover of a high-ranking person, and then quickly went up the career ladder.
Anastasia Dmitrievna seriously fascinated by her young lover.
Inspired by the desire she called him into the office, they locked themselves, and Venya, by the sweat of her brow, worked on her.
She was so involved in a love affair with him that she began to invite him to her home.
During one of the visits, he was met by a young woman very much like his mother.
She knew everything about him.
On this day, Anastasia Dmitrievna was summoned to the regional committee and she urgently left.
Valentina was bored, and they talked with Benjamin.
A young married woman, terribly missed loneliness.
Her new husband was unexpectedly recalled to the commanders’ military gatherings and left without male affection, she longs for passionate love.
Meanwhile, sitting next to her was a young, healthy-looking handsome man who was her mom’s lover.
Is she worse than hers? Hinting to her that she could replace her mother for a while, Valentina saw a beautiful chest looking at her seductively upholstered elegantly stitched dress, a coveted look, and involuntarily reached for it.
They embraced and merged in a hot kiss.
Lying on her back, she quickly raised her ass, helping him to take off her panties.

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Ardently seized her, Venia was delighted with her passionate love.
They spent all night in bed.
Valentine instantly fell in love with her new lover.
Understanding the desires of a mature full thirst for the love of her daughter, Anastasia Dmitrievna tried not to notice their love affair.
Staying with them, in one evening he began to humor, both mother and daughter.
An accidental missile fired by mistake, covered a brave officer in a trench and received a notice of his death, then burying her husband’s remains, Valentine suddenly became a young, very rich widow.
Sitting in a chair near her daughter, Anastasia frankly explained to her why she should marry Benjamin Pavlova.
Then he will enter their family and without discrediting themselves, they both can sleep with him as much as they like.
Valentina has long been involved in a love affair with him and willingly agreed with her mother to marry him.
A few months later, they signed and became spouses.
By this time, the young communist Veniamin Mikhailovich Pavlov had already worked as a responsible instructor for the district party committee.
He oversaw local art.
In the local history museum there was a theft of a valuable artifact of the eighteenth century.
Having taken up the investigation, the prosecutor’s office revealed a number of missing from his storerooms.
The director of the museum, Olga Leonidovna Mylnikova, was in a panic.
It was a serious matter.
She could not only be removed from work, but also brought to justice.
She was told that the chairman of the theft investigation committee at her museum was Veniamin Pavlov, responsible instructor of the district committee of the party.
Calling her friend, Yelena Vasilyevna Pryakhina, she asked what she should do so that Pavlov would bring this matter to naught? This is not a telephone conversation Olya.
Come to my palace of culture, let’s talk.
Arriving at a friend, Olga Leonidovna plopped down in a chair and looked at her hopefully.
They say that our Pavlov, is not indifferent to pretty women, – lighting a cigarette, said Olga.
So what? How will this help me? Mind yourself.
You are not stupid, not foolish with yourself, everything is with you, you have a spectacular appearance, a beautiful figure.
They say that Pavlov appreciates beautiful women, ”she repeated with value.
Are you telling me to go to bed with him? I am not offering you anything.
You have to make decisions on your own.
I just tell you the most acceptable solution to your complex problem in this situation. Free porn live web cams.

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Paul reluctantly let him go.
The view through the binoculars was even more exciting.
It was clearly visible as Pierre slightly spreading the legs of the girl with her fingers twitched her clitoris with two fingers, occasionally passing between the labia.
Enough having nalaskavshis he leaning his back on the wall and lowered the girl in front of him.
Ta pulling off his shorts with panties to the knees, pulled out Pierre’s member and began to caress the head with the tongue.
Paul pulled the binoculars from my hands, and thrust a digital camera into my hands.
“Thundering devil” I thought, and having checked that the flash unit was turned off I took a few pictures.
Beauty, clasping a member of his lips, was shallowly take it into his mouth. Sex shop online spain.

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Hot lesbian cam girls. But her comely facial features, slim figure and childish voice, “would give a head start” to any 20-year-old girl.
Particularly attractive are her movements, in which such femininity is manifested, which embraces wild excitement.
Even when you just look at her, you immediately want to embrace and caress “until you lose your pulse”, this “divine” body looks so harmonious and sexy.
Therefore, I immediately wanted to run to the kitchen in order to quickly begin to enjoy the bodily touch! Opening the door, I saw my charming wife washing the “country” apple, cutting it with a knife into several parts.
The fitting green nightgown very elegantly emphasized all her beautiful forms: thin waist, small, 2nd size, chest, delicious elastic ass and fleshy slender tanned legs that are seen from! – under a little catchy combination.
The reaction of my “hungry” member was not long in coming.
Coming from behind, and embracing my beloved, I felt a powerful rush of blood in the pelvic area, so my “sexual friend” was already acting independently, despite the tightness of my underpants, tightly pressed against the charming ass of his sexual object! – Masik (as my wife sometimes called me), wait, let me go home! – she said loudly – go wash your face! Hot lesbian cam girls.

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