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It is horrible to think – in fact, her own brother attracts her, more recently, perceived as a boy, not very turned on sex! Her sophisticated nineteen-year-old brother, who was mainly interested in design and reading books (from there and this high calm, by the way), rather than having romantic meetings with his contemporaries, suddenly became inflamed with passion not quite adequate to their kindred ties.
And now he strongly

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recommends that his elder RELATED SISTER take off her panties.
(Would you like to peep at the main character and at your sister? For those who like to pry shooting with a hidden camera from hidden places – approx.
) “But in fact it is for this purpose that they are put on, in order to take pictures of it once,” for some reason, it swept through the girl’s mind, which was completely entangled in the rapid circulation of events.
Dmitry was already whispering something completely unintelligible, guessed only at some subconscious level, by intonation.
He persistently begged the girl for an incredible, shocking favor.
And the fortress threw a white flag.
Dazzling white, silk, with cobweb thin lace at the edges.
Dmitry as in slow motion watched his sister.
Here is her cool hand clasped her hot and wet (not from heat, not from excitement) brother’s palm, located on the girl’s ass.
After a moment, he heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped and the exciting rustle of the canvas of a snow-white skirt.
Two hands of the girl turned out to be turned back, which is why Olga’s small breast seemed to be rushing forward – to the next, very strange and alluring sensations.

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Below her sister’s navel pinch appeared a strip of boiled white silk.
The upper armor is almost at the level of the knees, offering the connoisseur of beauty sister to fully see and understand her little secret.
Here they are, the girl’s panties, open to the eyes of a persistent young fighter who asked his sister to fulfill his very immodest request.
The guy felt a strong confidence in the success of their further actions.
Dmitry seemed to have reincarnated in full strength of a young stallion (though not without some aesthetic inclinations), facing a pedigree filly, which is already bridled and ready.
He stared at his sister’s panties, as if stroking them with his eyes.
For a few seconds, he examined every part of the delicate fabric, appealingly contrasting with the tan hips and tender tan of the tummy.
Olga closed her eyes in embarrassment.
But her sense of smell has reached the primeval peak of perfection.
The girl smelled the spicy scent of Dimin sweat interspersed with the barracks spirit, which the military uniform smelled of.
This spirit is infused with a strange mixture.
Soldier boots, unwashed shirts, mastic of barracks, and more.
sweet-sour notes of aggressive flavor, which the soldiers tired of sexual abstinence infiltrated all the premises of the military unit.
And with every second it was this fragrance that more and more actively filled the sensitive nostrils of a girl who showed her brother the intimate part of her toilet.
She stood as if in a dream, feeling on her neck the uneven, scorching breath of her brother, who came very close to her.
Olga did not open her eyes, but only shuddered with her whole body when the rough palm of a young soldier scratched the path along the tender maiden skin – from the bare thigh to the place where her panties were shyly hiding in the crotch.
Opple! And the man’s hand timidly felt the fabric there, in the most forbidden place.
The reaction of the girl was benevolent: spreading her legs a little, she opened up the possibility of the lingering hand to explore this fragment of the panties more carefully.
A second later, Dmitry heard a quiet, quiet sigh.
And without hesitation, he began lowering his sister’s underwear, which with every movement became more submissive, warming up the boy’s arousal to the temperature of the solar protuberance. Sex video xxx live.

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Nikolai made a short moan.
Sensing that he was close to the peak of pleasure, Svetlana abruptly twisted out from under him and tightly took his dick in her mouth.
Her hands strongly at the same time gently shifted the skin on the penis up and down.
Nikolai once more groaned loudly, grabbed her hair and powerfully shot sperm, then another and another.
How much time this state of calm and drowsiness lasted he did not know.
He was just nice and calm with this woman, who so unusually and swiftly entered his life.
Svetlana moved first.
She sat up and carefully looked at the man lying in front of her.
Having a sympathetic smile, she asked: – Tired? Where is your coffee? Let me go do it.
There was no coffee in his house, vodka drunk, and beer in front of her, letting him feel sleepy weakness, which he directly told Svetlana, subtly hinting that it was time to wrap up.
She was not offended, got up from the couch, lifted him by the arms and, looking into her eyes, whispered sympathetically: – Now it will all pass.
Go take a bath.
Only cold.
Rub a good towel.
I’ll go to myself, but I will wait for you.
Promise me that you will come.
Nicholas had no choice but to promise – he could not refuse to pretty women, especially after what they had just done.
– Do you even know the number of my apartment? Honestly, it flew out of his head.
– Oh you! – She called the number and said again: – I will wait.
Having once again admired the perfectly folded body – she dressed not nearly embarrassed him, gently kissed her and said: – Of course, I will come.
Having seen off Svetlana, Nikolai sighed with relief, shook his head, saying that he spent the evening wow and went to the bath.
Following all the advice of his neighbor, he felt better.

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To go or not to go? – that was the question that sat in his brain.
I decided to go, especially as I promised.
– I give one short call and that’s it.
If not open, leave.
Suddenly already sleeping? – He thought, going down the stairs.
But only Nikolai rang the bell, the door swung open and Svetlana, refreshed and not yet dried out from the bath, smiled happily at him: – Well done! And I was already afraid that you would not come.
Come on in.
Her apartment was twilight.
It smelled of lighted indian flavored chopsticks.
The decor of the apartment was simple and modest, but everything was somehow homely, nice and cozy.
Having passed into the room, the first thing that Nikolai saw, it was a huge bear skin, lying on the floor.
Pillows were scattered around her.
Two candles were burning on a low table and in the corner of the room, also on the floor, a tape recorder was playing quietly.
Svetlana brought coffee and said: – Sit down directly on the skin.
He sat down, scrubbing his legs and feeling awkward, he thought: “Why did I come here?” Now I would drink a beer and go to bed.
She sat on his knees in front of him and Nikolay once again thought about how beautiful her legs were.
The robe barely exposed them, and in the wrong flame of the candles they looked very seductive.
The coffee smelled sharply of brandy and was scorching hot.
Holding out her palm to him, Svetlana opened it: – Eat this.
On the palm lay a small two-color cylinder.
Nikolai was an opponent of all sorts of rubbish.
He shook his head with condemnation: – Sorry, but I do not use it.
– Goosey! This is not what you think.
Just return strength, and you will feel great again.
He took the pill in disbelief.
– I do them myself.
Swallowing and drinking coffee, he did not notice any changes in his mind, and looked at it.
– That’s all.
Well done, – said Svetlana, – Take a cigarette, let’s better smoke.
She held out her hand, took the cigarettes and an ashtray

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from the floor and put them on the skin in front of him.
They silently smoked, washing down the smoke of cigarettes with thick coffee.
– Let’s drink a little brandy? she suggested.
– Come on.
Just a little, do not want to hurt tomorrow.
She jumped up and went into the kitchen.
Nicholas suddenly felt hot in the stomach.
Gradually, the heat moved to the groin, and he felt like some kind of red-hot ball found himself in his genitals.
Member flinched and began to gradually pour force.
At the same time, the desire, which grew with every second, awoke.
Svetlana came in with two glasses and a bottle of brandy. Indian live webcam sex chat.

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She clung tightly to me.
I stroked her on the back, on the ass, on the legs.
about six months ago, Masha and Sergey started a crisis in their relationship.
They even wanted a divorce.
However, they have two children, two girls.
Relationships in the family strained to the limit, and then Olga took over.
It was her idea to combine the sexual efforts of our families that saved the relationship of Sergey and Masha.
However, I have long noticed that Masha was very enthusiastic about our fun than Sergey.
And now she slowly knelt down, took my dick in her mouth and began to suck it deep.
I had a beautiful view from above.
There is nothing more erotic than a woman sucking a member.
Especially when she kneels humbly, straightening her back, her breasts swaying, a strand of hair stuck to her cheek, and sponges clasp a member, which immediately pours new strength.
I put Masha hands on her shoulders and slowly raised her.
The chair and the sofa were occupied, and I carried Masha into the bedroom, as the bridegroom’s bridegroom on their first wedding night.
Seryozha, who was now licking my wife’s pussy, pulled away from her occupation and gave us a disturbing look, but Olya put her hand on his head and returned it to its original position.

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I smiled at Ole.
In the bedroom I put Masha on the bed, and he lay down on top.
Masha spread her legs, and I entered her.
Inside, she was all wet and hot.
After a few minutes of rough fuck Masha finished.
She tried her best to hold back, even bit her lip, but she could not hold back the cry.
In the end she screamed with all her might.
Her vagina convulsively squeezed, Masha pressed against me with all her strength, scratching my back with her nails.
Finally she lay back and looked guiltily at me.
– I’m a bitch, right? She asked.
I grinned.
– Is it such a new erotic game? Call me a bitch.
Masha shook her head.
– No, I have in the form of Seryozha.
He heard everything.
I wake up.
Masha was lying in front of me, arms and legs outstretched, all soaked, exhausted.
Her pussy was shamelessly exposed.
– Do you want him to see you now? “Yes,” she whispered.
I went to the room.
Vadik continued as methodically as a jackhammer, to fuck Lucy, and my wife, lounging in a chair, was thrilled from Serezha’s caresses.
Judging by her relaxed posture and flushed face, she had just finished.
She stroked Seryozhu’s cheeks and purred softly like a well-fed cat.

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I patted Sergei on the bare back.
– Come on, I’ll show you something.
– Can i? – asked Olya.
– Of course.
I missed Seryozhu ahead and he entered the bedroom first.
Olya and I stood quietly by the wall.
I pressed against Ole from behind, hugging her and squeezing her chest in her hands.
She kissed me on the cheek and whispered: – Quiet.
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Nadia’s cheeks just started to frown and she, wearing a ring, firmly kissed her beloved man to the applause of the hall.
Then the general took the floor and surprised everyone – he just sent this couple to the registrar in the form of an order.
Calling his driver, he loudly issued that his service Mercedes was standing at the cafe and soon a couple in love would reach the gates of the family temple.
So the newlyweds newlyweds – go ahead and with the song! Waiting for you! And now he invited everyone to have fun further and not to pay attention to him.
But attention has already been paid! And one fine moment, namely at the moment of the announcement of the white dance, to the table at which the general was sitting, with quick, agile steps, so as not to outstrip other beauties of the trust and control, approached, or rather even a tall figured charmer with shoulder straps of senior lieutenant of police and boldly invited him to dance.

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Suddenly, and to everyone’s surprise, the bewildered handsome general, taking her hand, looked at her for a long time, admiring her delicate face of a twenty-five-year-old beauty wonderfully strewn with spring freckles, so long and so attentively that she simply made the girl blush.
Then, lifting himself up and, unexpectedly, he kissed the hand of the charming woman and invited her to sit beside her, in a quiet voice asked the girl to introduce herself.
She also quietly replied: “Senior Lieutenant Pavlova!” And then she added, even quieter and more penetrating: “Ilona Anatolyevna.
You can just Ilona.
To which the general issued that he could also be called simply by her – “Stanislav Ivanovich”.
And again, unexpectedly for those present, he gently kissed the handle of this bright young woman again, intently looking at her, which caused Ilona’s cheeks to ruin again.

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Then he began to ask her about the service, as it turned out, she serves in the department of analytics and prepares references of the analytical review to the general.
They talked so interesting that they didn’t go dancing again.
After all, and besides all the rest, the general simply couldn’t go up and go dancing with this charming girl because of the unexpected but strong excitement, with a mound of inflated uniform trousers with stripes in the area of ??the codpiece.
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