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Free naked cam to cam. She asked.
The girl looked surprised at Irina.
– Do not worry, you can talk.
– OK – answered Lika.
– When will you give birth? – In two weeks and three.
They talked.

Lika is 23 years old.
This is her second pregnancy.
She is a surrogate mother.
Carries a child from people who have never even seen.
– How did you get here? – asked Irina.
Through Serge.
He was looking for a surrogate mother.
Lika herself from afar.
She needed money and she agreed.
Serge offered to live with him.
Lika could not know what was happening in “Polesie”.
Serge offered to double the amount.
“If I become who I am,” said the girl.
– And your lip? – asked Irina.
– This is someone’s idea.
How much can increase if you delay with the help of cargo.
At first they wanted both lips, but they decided that one was enough.
– And how will you continue to live with such a lip? Lika laughed – I will be given a hymenoplasty after birth.
And with the restoration of virginity.
On this, too, you can earn.
Irina smiled.
Everyone is master of his life.
In the evening they came.

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Zhanna and Max.
The woman was dressed in a beautiful black evening dress.
Max was in costume.
– It’s time for cute.
Cows hooked leashes.
They came out of the crib.
It was already dark outside.
Cows crawled through the grass to the house.
Irina mumbled.
What awaits her there? Their? It was scary, but so interesting.
They were introduced into the house.
Along the corridor the cows got into a huge hall.
In the middle of the hall stood a huge table.
Candles burned, torches on the walls.
At the table was about two dozen people.
Young and older.
Men, women.
One of them was wearing a mask.
At the head of the table sat Serge.
Along the edge of the table, next to him were two maids, who had only high-heeled shoes and a collar.
– And here are our cows! – announced Serge.
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I got up and went to the kitchen, grabbed a piece of sausage.
After making love, damn hungry.
The mother-in-law, meanwhile, went to the bathroom and splashed there.
When I went there, she was already wiping.
I found the strength in myself and my cock went up, which surprised me as I was already generally relaxed.
Mother-in-law played up to me, she leaned over with her whole body, took a scrotum in her hand.
I turned her around, she rested her hands on the bath and plunged into her horse’s still unused vagina.
And he began to rhythmically stick on his mother in law.
She almost gnawed a bath, reached a pair of orgasms.
Finally, I splashed at her last strength.
Mother-in-law slipped to the floor of the bath, holding onto my legs and leaning against them.
I raised it, patted on the ass and chest and went out.
She washed and went to dress.
I also washed and left.
Then we called a taxi.
She went home.
At parting, we merged into a kiss, her body pressed against me, I squeezed her breasts, and with my other hand – my ass, having pushed my finger deeply through the fabric into the anus.
Like this.
The mood has improved markedly.
There are two days ahead.
I’ll have to go to the movies.
Oh, and in the morning do not forget to feed the canary.
Anyway, after all, India.
And so they sent us to India.
you yourself know.
I could not help admiring Raj.

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However, I thought not about that.
I had an old dream.
Maybe you will understand me.
The machines of our husbands are members of our families.
It’s like our children.
Only I never flew it.
And hunting more than bondage.
But you never know can be said about this yet.
The husband should not have known about it.
This was the condition of Raj, and, naturally, it coincided with my desires.
This is not true.
Raj introduced me to the crew.
I will not describe to you all my impressions of the flight, of the greatest pleasure in my life.
After all, what could be better than a dream come true.
The sun was high above us.
I said this.
I agreed.
I could not move away in the cramped toilet room.
He made me stand up.
Then Raj took the dick

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out of me, and said: “It’s cramped.
Little space.
Come out. ”
It was a shock.
It was difficult, but when I saw his dick, I forgot everything.
This I have never seen even in the movie.
I felt an unprecedented sweetness in all my being.
Seven people.
Just think about it.
Then I understood why they were in such a hurry.
The crew took their places.
Booty was ill.
I did it with pleasure.
Relationship to the womb is an unheard of affair.
Almost no one can do this with us.
And all these pilots could.
I was crying with happiness, impaled by a uterus on a member deep in me.
After the flight, Raj drove me home by car.
And then I got involved.
I will never again experience such an unforgettable amazing flight on an IL-38 plane.
– Well, show me your future husband.
– said Zhenka I raised myself above the sofa, reached out with my hand to an ancient, almost antique sideboard and pulled out a photo that occupied a place of honor between the glasses.
Zhenka began to examine her seriously, wrinkling his forehead, which made his face look as if he was solving a difficult task on a jerk.
– Some kind of dead: – He finally gave out – You said that you love big men.
– You yourself are dead. Porn online sex video.

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The main thing is that she understands it even through her orgasmic condition.
It is in your hands – or rather, your hand in it and creates in it everything that pleases.
Finally, I feel that the vibrations of the pelvis begin to weaken – not because the orgasm ends, but because, as you can see from indirect signs, Pizda no longer has any strength left.
Lie down next to her so that her ass was turned to you, and the face had just to the area of ??your boy.
He is already at the ready — he stands as a soldier and is waiting for the gentle treatment of him.
Putana pounces on him with greed, sucks with lust.
Feels and orgasm of female flesh, and the integrity of the attitude to the case of the balzakovskaya bitch.
You plant her dick on the tonsils and descend.
Do not forget – my hand is still fumbling in pussy.
Do not stop! The tongue went to work around the testicles, scrotum, perineum.
Baba understands: until I am satisfied, and she will not have peace in her pussy.
Therefore, trying hard.
At some point, and I wanted to relax.
I pull out my hand – it was not so easy, because it was coolly sucked inside.
But: chpok! – and she is free, and after that the exhausted Cunt just collapses on the bed, not letting it out, however, from the hands of my boy.
All her attitude says: this is my most expensive toy! But Cunt does not know what awaits her in the second part.
Chapter 2
I put her on the chair.
Objective: grab a bottle of cunt (without hands – they are, as expected, behind the head), carry it around the room and gently put it on the floor.
Started! Cunt starts awkwardly to sit on the bottle.
It does not immediately fall into the hole, but let him say thank you that this hole is well designed – both a wide entrance and enough lubrication.
In general, the neck of the bottle fell into the hole.
Now begins the process of screwing.
Cunt begins to crawl gracefully back and forth in a bottle, deeper and deeper crouching on it.

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Remember, I spoke about physical education balzakovskoy women? Now work one legs, on which she crouches lower and lower.
Enough! Straighten up! Is the bottle (popping half out of pussy) holding up? The scene is funny.
Baba stands with her legs splayed and half-bent, a bottle sticks out of her pussy, which she is trying in every possible way to hold the muscles of the perineum.
It turns out? I see that is not very.
It is necessary to speed up the process.
Come on, come on! Easy to say.
Cunt takes only a few steps, as the bottle begins to smoothly slide down and falls flat to the floor.
In the eyes of a slave – confusion.
What to do? I order to bring a whip.
No more learning.
Cunt herself quickly drops to her knees, nimble at them for a whip, brings it in my teeth and puts it at my feet.
I order to stand up like last time – I remember! Legs apart, hands behind head, she leaned forward.
Do you think that ass is guilty? In response, silence – afraid to answer wrong.
But it is even worse not to answer at all.
Gets a sharp blow to the ass.
– Kick on the ass.
Lie down on the bed on your back.
Legs divorced as last time.
Guilty cunt – for show.
Whip! – Begging pussy began.
Ay! – scream in response.
This is a mess.
Count the blows, and loudly and clearly.

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I got up.
Now – on your knees, lift the bottle with your teeth and put it on the chair.
She got up and – up and down – once again we put on the bottle.
pussy) go! To help, I come up behind and with a force I gather on my shoulders.
Wow! – immediately skips a few centimeters, and soon the ass is already sitting quietly on a chair with all its landing points.
Stand up
Straighten up
Walk around the room (it’s funny to look at this rally, but once again I remind you – the woman is already aged, so she tries to the extreme!).
Like a bottle tightly seated inside.
Jump on the spot: one or two.
You can hear the liquid gurgling inside.
Oh! – Cunt grabs herself by the lower abdomen – What happened? – It seemed that the bottle slips out.
– Really? – No no no! Become a cancer.
At the slave, the belly is curiously pulled away by the bottle inside.
And the reserves still have? I begin to massage the sex lips.
I know, I know that you like it: get out as soon as you start! And the fingers in the pussy will enter? Come in! So, let’s continue the game further.
Squat, legs apart.
Push the bottle so that it is neatly placed on the floor.
Cunt starts funny to push.
Finally, the bottle pulls away and slowly slides down.
When the neck appears and confused begins to slowly rise, the bottle loses its balance and almost falls.
But this is what a diligent student knows, besides, she does not want a new whipping of her crotch! Watch cam porn.

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Viewonline php blondes xxx. Tanya and another girl tied my hands behind my back.
I invented a new game, – began Vika, – girls, take over the reed and a piece of nettle, so as not to burn yourself, wrap the stem with a napkin or some kind of rag.
The goal of the game is to knock the clothespins from the nipples of this whore: she will be able to fuck this whore in the mouth.
It is forbidden to grab her hands.
I was horrified, but the hunt soon began and I began to run around the room from the girls, and they whip me with nettles and reeds, the latter left noticeable bruises, and the first ones – well, you know.
Soon they drove me into a corner and I hid my face there.
My back, arms and buttocks immediately turned into a continuous nettle burn, even managed to burn my crotch a couple of times, and then Vika hit me hard on the head with a reed, which I recoiled for a second and the girls knocked me to the floor with blows of improvised rods.

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One peg was hit with Tanya’s reed, and Vika, meanwhile, whipped me with nettle over the pubis, touching the sex lips, which made me put my knees to my chest, but this only opened my genitalia from below and Vika immediately took advantage of it, leaving me some burns there.
I again stood up and began to roll on the floor, dodging blows.
Then some girl hit reed second peg.
Take your rags, ”said Vika, throwing the clothes to me.
– Get ready to become a toilet, bitch.
I lay for a few minutes on the floor, crying and pressing my clothes to my chest, then I asked for the toilet, where I washed my exhausted body with tap water, and then went to bed.
The next morning I got up with the usual pain in the anus, and in the dining room I already took out a carrot from my priests and ate it, although it is probably impossible to get used to the taste of shit in my mouth, but the main thing is not to think about it – otherwise I will have to vomit most likely language.

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Before breakfast, Tanya dragged me to the toilet.
where she laid me on the floor, and she, pulling off her panties, hung over my face.
At first I decided that she wanted me to lick between her legs, but then she farted in my face and I remembered yesterday’s events.
Soon, from her anus, a sausage shit appeared that I had to take in my mouth, I wanted to swallow it at once to minimize my mouth, but it turned out to be too long and I had to bite it off twice.
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Having forced herself to break away from his lips, Idivia made a path of tender kisses to his neck and lightly bit her lip on her left ear.
Samhar let out a satisfied roar, and Idivia’s body shook with passion.
Realizing that she was on the right track, she set about examining his chest.
Not a lot of playing with her lips with hard pea nipples, she sank below to his stomach.
Her hands caressed his shoulders, where tight muscles rolled under his fingers, and lips caressed the silky skin of the stomach.
– Sit on me.
– Panting, the man whispered, caressing her chest, but Idivia was in no hurry to fulfill his request.
Leaving her belly alone, she turned her gaze to desire-filled manhood.
A member of Samhara trembled with impatience, and she unbearably wanted to touch his lips.
Fearing that the man would resist, Idivia squeezed his hips with her hands and lightly held the tongue along the entire length of his penis.
Samhar shuddered.
This was a good sign, and Idivia continued her game.
Having made several circular movements with her tongue on the shiny head of moisture, she took it in her mouth and tried to suck, but Samkhar suddenly pulled away.
– I like this game, but we’ll do it next time.
– He snarled terribly and very cleverly planted Idiviyu on his loud trembling impatience.
It went so deep that the girl screamed.

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Samkhar’s hands squeezed her hips and made her move.
Not a pleasant feeling that she experienced in the first moment, disappeared, and the girl sailed on the waves of pure pleasure.
Already oblivious to

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the hands clutching her hips, she herself moved at a quickening pace, seeking liberation to meet.
And it came.
Like a ball of fire exploded before my eyes.
The soul for a moment separated from the body and soared, somewhere in heaven.
As if from the side, she saw her body, which sprawled helplessly on Samkhar’s chest.
– I forgot how beautiful it is.
– she whispered with her lips alone, when her consciousness didn’t clear much.
Samkhar patiently waited for the girl to come to his senses, but as soon as she looked up at him, he rushed forward, and Idivia felt a seed, hot as the steppe wind, spill into her.
Hands, squeezing the thighs, unclenched, allowing her to get off him and stretch out next.
– I hope I paid off? She asked quietly, looking intently into his face.
“No, but I will let you go, if you promise that the day after tomorrow, along with the other women of your kind, you will come to the river bank and give me your body.”
– I agree.
To be continued.
Chapter 3 And so I return to the distant past where we, as Aniri and Midav, became citizens of a wild, in the literal sense of the word, island.
I am madly in love with my Aniri, and therefore our secret will now live only there – not fabulous, but fabulously wild island “Unreal”, where I eventually became Governor, having won the elections, changed half of the island’s wild laws, made a bunch of amendments to the current , built two breweries, creating a healthy competition between them, knocking out a “friendly” team of gladiators-penalty box from all those who hunted and humiliated us during the whole time before the election campaign and released the first to the arena with a short sword Amy “Diamond” policeman and a blond taxi driver. Hot big boobs webcam.

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Moreover, I think it would, to some extent, somewhat compensate for our unfinished business on the beach.
But never mind, I already have a small, cunning plan.
Slyly grinning and grabbing your arm, I dragged you into the building.
Passing the lobby, we walked toward the outbuildings for staff, past the stairs leading to our apartment.
Having not felt any resistance from your side, I turned around on the move and caught your interested look. Https bongacam.

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Nastya was naive, like a village child, and, moreover, she was completely stupid, cultured, educated; she knew by heart entire collections of poems, wept for joy while listening to music, and flourished with every compliment, like a poppy.
My torments entered a new stage: Nastya was so pure that it was disgusting to think about her seduction.
It was strange to think that this unsuspecting girl was a mature woman, three years older than me, that many at her age had already become old bristles.
Meanwhile, her husband cheated on her as before.
He tried to keep her in a madhouse, but I tried to get Nastya the “right” doctor for the examination, while he remained in the shadows, and Nastya was recognized as normal.
Gregory was clearly not going to dwell on this – but, at least, we had some kind of respite.
I thought that I was forever doomed to suffer from unrequited (or rather, divided by half) love – when the new case turned again into a different direction.
Once at work, I heard Tonka, our secretary, chatting with some guy. Free home live hidden sex cams video.

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