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The third girl in these moments caressed with her fingers and lips the inner parts of the Foresters, pubis and her taut tummy.
AA !!! Ahhh !! Mmmm.
– After ten minutes of such an execution, Olesya shouted from each touch to her acutely sensitive nipples.
Under her ass there was a pool of discharge, continuously flowing from her eager penetration of the vagina.
– Enough !!! Oh.
Now my second surprise, sweet.
– At a signal from Victoria, her friends stopped and rose to their feet.
Olesya, trembling and moaning, lay before them, in their full power, incapable of even the weakest resistance.
In the hands of Victoria appeared small electronic breastpumps.
She Gently put them on Hard, appealingly protruding nipples chained subordinate and turned on a motor.
!!! – Lesia arched and screamed when the breast pumps for the first time sucked her nipples.
Then followed the second, third, fifth, tenth.
and each time was accompanied by a sharp tension of all her muscles and a loud moan in which flour and pleasure were mixed.
Gradually, milk began to appear in the tubes going from the nipples to the motorized container.
Judging by the way Olesya reacted, this process brought inexpressible pleasure to her.
– Aya !! Aah !! Okay, let’s help the girl.
– Victoria finally took pity.
She herself lowered her beautiful head Lesia between her legs and began to lick all the folds of her juices flowing out of the rose, especially when she focused her attention on the tense grain of the clitoris.
Her friends began to kiss Oleseno’s body with kisses and stroke her most secluded places with gentle fingers.
Daaaaaaa !!! – a

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few seconds later, Olesya turned into a compressed expander; for just a few moments she turned as if in solid steel, her eyes were closed, infinite flour on her face, her fists tightly clenched, her feet narrowed in a brief spasm.
A moment later, the juice of love splashed out of her bosom, and she fell to the bed with a howl of disgrace, all the muscles of her slender, sweat-dampened body relaxed.

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For some time she was moaning and trembling, and between her legs she had greased.
It was, without a doubt, the most violent orgasm in her life.
Well, what, ready for the next surprise, sweet? – Slyly asked Victoria a few minutes later.
The evening was just beginning.
– By the way, Lera, and what diet are you on? – Yes, I have never been on a diet.
You know, in my youth I was just as thin, although I ate everything.
And only when she got married and gave birth, she began to recover.
And after the second child I became like this, and the weight in itself seems to be holding on, smiling said Lera, trying to defuse the situation between the mother and the daughter.
– So that Irina and not zamarachivaytes.
If the daughter eats normally, then it is not scary, and forms over the years will come.
I speak to you as an expert.
And her daughter’s figure is excellent for their age, so is Roman.
– Of course, she herself is just beautiful, he added.
– I can help if you like, Gregory joked.
The couple did not say anything, just confusedly exchanged glances with each other.
Then the company changed the subject, and talked about everything.
Gregory and Irina turned out to be amusing interlocutors, amusing Leroux and Roman.
They could talk about everything and reduce everything to a joke.
But no matter how conversations started, about work, weather, art and sport, they all came down to sex as usual.
The man began to tell jokes with a vulgarity, replacing swear words with normal phrases, and it was even funnier.
They were already making fun of tears, hearing such stories for the first time, and his wife would periodically tingle him, explaining that all this was with her husband before her acquaintance.
And they were even louder filled with fun.
– Mom, dad, we are going to go with Zhenka, take a walk, maybe the blackberry has already ripened, said the daughter.
– Aha, the romper probably has ripened, which is already unbearable, the berries wanted, somehow my father answered with a smirk, without explaining what he wanted to say.
– Yes, we found already at that time last year, don’t you believe us.
– C’mon not Noah, go, we will sit quietly without any tension alone.
And then the conversation went thoroughly about sex.
The couple was not only nudists, but was in the local swingers club.
As if by chance they let slip a joke, offering sex to do everything together.
Lera and Roman pretended that they did not understand them, just making everyone laugh.
Soon, they had already frankly started to persuade the spouses in love, but they stubbornly remained silent, explaining that everything was all right with their orientation.
– Guys, what are you, in the end, the children left, maybe then let’s go to our tent. Real porn movies online.

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Becoming a little older, I consciously started watching porn.
I liked what was going on in him, that passion, that relationship.
And most of all I was excited by the moments when a hot submissive girl obediently lies under the male and surrenders to him.
I was excited by the scenes where the girls made blowjobs to their fuckers, caressed their testicles and dutifully followed all their whims.
These thoughts did not give me rest and disturbed me.
But I did not share these observations with anyone, in my heart they frightened me.
And I kept them to myself and so the years went by.
I have an older brother who is 3 years older than me.
We have a wonderful relationship with him, we constantly spend time together and tell each other about our girls and share secrets and secrets.
When we grew up, we often jerked off watching porn.
It turned us on and we ended up together.
At that moment, when the critical moment occurred, I was already 20 years old, and my brother was 23 years old.
And then the whole story began to develop.
It was August, there was beautiful summer weather outside, people walked lazily under the windows of our apartment.
The parents were on vacation and decided to refresh their relationship and did not take me to the sea with my brother, saying that we are grown-up boys and we can take care of ourselves for a week.
It was nearing evening, I was sitting at the computer and reviewing music videos.
My brother lazily wandered around the apartment and could not find something to do.
After a while, my brother, in the old fashioned way, took two bottles of beer out of the fridge and went into the room and offered to drink. Free arab sex cam.

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Dimon began rustling prezik packaging.
Now she will be a fantasy! Well, how did I finish so early? Here now together to take it! She became a crustacean, just the opposite.
I lay my legs wide apart, the head of my beloved between them, she sucks and nibbles and licks everything she can reach.
And Dimon fell in behind and with the eyes of a hungry traveler on the pork ham, so methodically fuck her.
Svetka like the seventh heaven.
I have already said that my partner’s penis is much smaller than mine, and therefore I felt as though I had a handicap, and it was completely calm that he would not break my hole much.
However, in less than a minute she ends! Swallows me in the tonsils.
Kayf! Kum does not stop and without slowing down the pace continues his fluctuations, which are not directly transmitted to me through Svetkin’s mouth.
Not a lot and she ends up again! He fucks without charging! Oh my God! She has a solid orgasm, it does not stop! She just cries, no roars like a beluga.
I’m scared for my beloved, they fuck me to death. Bdsm sex online.

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I am slowly moving on my knees with my half-standing tool to his face.
I do not know how he will react to my penis in the presence of his wife.
I put my head on my cheek, but not very much, bristle, however, I touch my lips.
and the godfather revives, greedily sucks my dick with his head slightly turned in my direction.
Everybody groans.
Here he is a real group.
Small swing.
I have, as in youth.
It’s time to go behind my wife, and at that moment she was enjoying a little and probably getting tired slightly opens her eyes, probably becoming interested in my groaning.
And these drunk eyes of sex are five cents.
She begins to suck with great zeal and new forces, choosing such a way so as not to take her eyes off our action.
I, in turn, look at her.
From such a look, fucking, thirsty, I can not tear myself away.
This is the coolest feminine look.
I can hardly describe it.
I finish! I growl loudly.
Everything that pours out of me remains with Dimona in the mouth.
Svetka seems to be ending too! Normally doing a blowjob finish? Xvideos sexy webcam.

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In confirmation of my guess, Talia lowered her eyes, and her cheeks slightly turned red.
It was second by second, and Talia was

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– Anton, and.
did you come to me exactly for this? she finally finally asked, unequivocally running her finger across the cover.
This is called, not a brow.
I assumed that the question would be somewhere on this subject, but so much in the eye.
I was slightly taken aback.
Insult, perhaps, wants me this damn someone? Comes up ?! But no, a pair of the most beautiful gray eyes in the world looked at me completely innocently, and the sharpness was like: “What, do they go to you for something else?” did not fly from my lips.
Looks like she just needed to know who was in front of her.
After all, in the end (pun, eh?), I knew beforehand everything about who she really was, and she about me — nothing.
I mean, what kind of cockroaches I have in my head.
I changed my mind angry.
However, it was necessary to designate their orientation, damn it.
– No, I came to you not for THIS.
But I came to you because you have IT, ”I said separately, looking straight into her eyes.
– Unless, of course, you understand what I mean.

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“She is offended now,” I thought.
Too clearly poked in the eyes.
Like, yes, we know what’s in your pants, people just wondered.
But no, nothing of the kind happened, but, on the contrary, she had a clear and not completely clear relief in her eyes.
But Talia herself hastened to explain everything: – Thank God! I’m sorry, Anton, I’m a fool.
– she confidentially put her hand on my palm.
– Do not distinguish the natural from.
– Pedika? – I inserted.
– Blue.
We say “blue”, “pink”.
Everything else – from the desire to offend, humiliate.
She said it so helplessly once that I lost the desire to put her in her place and generally speak harshly to her.
In fact, God alone knows how much humiliation and insult this endowed in his short, still life this incomprehensible sexual being, the whole misfortune of which lies in the fact that it was not born by nature just like the overwhelming majority of people! – Well, yes, homo sapiens and hetero sapiens, – I slept.
– So I do not look like mm.
blue, – I asked conciliatingly, shakily, deliberately effeminate physiognomy with a bow and lips, and with a coyly shoulder.
“Well, you have nothing in common even now,” Talia clasped her hands comically, laughed loudly, but immediately became serious.
– Just, you know, I do not like blue, at least those who come to me.
They see me as a man with a female appearance, but in fact I am a woman with yet male rudiments, do you understand me? She blurted it out with such fervor, with such a feeling! In these words was her whole life, her whole tragedy! I understood her.
You are the most feminine woman I have ever met, ”I said absolutely honestly, and was awarded the happiest smile in the world. Watch online free masters of sex.

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After two weeks of night searches, she decided to create her own room.
Long thought over the name.
Do you like breasts? Fans of boobs of the 6th size will come.
Nipples? In general, no one will come.
Mammophilia? Too scientific.

She decided not to philosophize, and called.
SUPPORT ME THE BREAST! The room quickly filled with pranksters of all sorts and just juvenile assholes.
She waited patiently.
And here he is.
Immediately addressed in private.
Nick is nothing meaningful.
She immediately felt that he understood her.
He did not ask questions of duty.
How old are you? Where are you from? He began to talk about himself, how he was going crazy about the female breast, and not from the huge udder, but from the beautiful shape, elasticity, protruding papillae.
As he in the summer transport can not keep a rabid erection, if accidentally touches his chest.
And if she is without a bra, then.
How he dreams to take a nipple in his mouth, caress him with his tongue, suck, bite his teeth.
She read the letters on the screen and felt how wet between her legs, as her nipples stand up and run into the fabric of her bra.

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They talked for two hours.
She told him her whole story.
It seemed to her that she had known him all her life, and when he asked for the phone, she gave without hesitation.
He called the next day.
Low velvet voice.
To meet? She did not hesitate for a minute.
He was exactly as she imagined him.
Beautiful real masculine beauty.
He looked at her so tenderly and at the same time with such a passion that it became clear to her.
he liked her too.
And she also liked his directness.
“Come to me right away, aren’t you afraid of me?” She was not afraid of anything, she believed him and trembled with excitement.
They came to the house.
“Let’s play?” – he quickly blindfolded her eyes.
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From this thought, the heart begins to pounding furiously, pounding in the temples.
A door.
More and more.
Gnashing of metal.
I go through formalities, signatures, search.
Searched from head to toe, and oh my! The guard even looked in her panties.
I was agitated and already excited.
After all, what a fraction of a minute, and you’re there! And here I am in the dating room.
Soul overwhelmed with emotions.
Waves of passion and desire rage in me.
Thoughts about one thing.
I want you! The door creaked.
I see you.
You, the most dear and close person to me.
The door closed.
And I, not even having time to properly consider you, was in your strong masculine arms.
I recognized my lips so hot kissing my.
Your eyes.
Your hair that caresses my hands.
But here is

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the body.
It is not like yours! It has become different.
Hands tear the bra.
Dry rough.
They squeeze my breasts and nipples with force.
Substitute the neck.
Familiar kisses excite.
I burn Burning in anticipation.
The crack of matter cowards.
They hung on the chandelier.
I’m on my back in bed.
My God! Such a pain?! What a piercing pain! I break all inside! Ahh !! I scream frantically sticking marigolds into your back.
The pain does not pass.
Your cock rips, he tears me apart.
Trying to break free.
But strong, strong hands do not allow.
They lift my ass high above the bed.
Push – pain! Push! More and more! AND.
You finished.
Finished abundantly.
You are on me and in me.
An invigorating fluid soothes the pain inside me.
And the words.
“Forgive me, my love!” – they heal the spiritual wound.
Slowly, with difficulty I crawl out from under you.
Going to shower.
Tears are choking.
In the throat
How have you changed ?! You have become rude and cruel, but I want tenderness.

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I would like that everything was as before.
I look up and see you in the mirror.
Your look has become kinder.
You start to beg for forgiveness.
You apologize for being rude, explaining that animal desire has seized you, longing for my body and for sex as a whole has eclipsed my mind.
org) Spun to myself.
Gently kissing said: Go to bed! Now everything will be different! Buried in a strong male shoulder, crying a girl – said.
I guess I lost the habit? I want to, but it hurts me.
Is there something wrong with me? All is well! Everything will be well loved! Trust me! Kissing, lifting his hands, carried to bed.
Sit on the edge.
Spread legs.
Moistening the fingers with saliva, parting the lips of the smoothly shaved pussy, which are still wet from the water, you begin to caress.
God, how I missed them! By these exhilarating gentle touches.
Fingers squeeze, hug, reduce, spread, massaged, my thirsty sex pussy.
Widely parted big lips, your fingers made it possible to caress the small tongue with a hot tongue.
How pleasant and delicious these caresses.
Hands reach for your head, stroke short cropped hair.
I whisper.
I’m ready darling, take me! And you, having laid me on my back, having spent along the labia with the head of your member, passionately arousing me, began to introduce him slowly.
Your long foreplay has done its job.
Wet inside.
Fully lubricated.
The member penetrates deeper.
Spreads all the folds of my cave.
It hurts a little.
Your lips whisper.
Be patient sweetheart! Everything will be fine! Need to get used to.
Came in half.
Again and again I repeated these movements.
They are slow.
Pussy adds grease.
Entries are not so painful.
Gradually it becomes more pleasant.
But still a member of the drill me.
I see your soothing gentle look.
I try to relax.
Vulva is getting wet.
Penetration is deeper, more insistent.
It looks like you are not only pumped up your body.
It seems increased and a member.
Painful feelings pass.
Gradually, passion comes to replace them.
Begin to move in time with your movements.
Penetration is deeper, more energetic.
Breathing quickens.
Sighs go into a moan.
It becomes nice.
Wet inside.
You increase and increase the pace.
Scream from pain and desire.
Squeezing the ass, thrust marigolds.
Sensing this, you seemed to be replaced.
Quickly coming out, putting on all fours abruptly entering from behind.
And again my pussy is attacked by a strong member.
But now she is ready to meet.
She is ready to endure any of your onslaught.
It is quite developed, moistened. Best online porn video site.

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