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Shevchenko took out a credit card and a pack of ruble and europrinted.
“This is for the first time,” he pointed out the cash, “your first salary on the credit card.”
– Five thousand euros.
“Not so much money,” Shevchenko grinned, “for Moscow, anyway.”
But not much squander, because we should not stand out.
– Yes, and not used.
– That’s great.
You, glorious guy, and I would not want the opportunities opened up to you as a gift to spoil you.
– And most importantly – girls – models can not always listen to you.
Alex looked at the doctor in surprise: “But I did it with others.”
– Irina and Alexandra, as well as Oksana, are models of a completely different type.
The essence, of course, they have the same, but the purpose and program of each of my girls is individual.
Therefore, any misfire may occur.
To avoid any misunderstanding, for each model there is a code phrase that paralyzes its will.
They are also in the computer, – the doctor nodded at the laptop, – but again, without your gift, this code is just a word set. Live porn sex hd.

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He asks to stop moving with my hand, innocently asking why.
He smiles.
He throws me on my back, settles between my legs, his weight is pleasant to me, he is all wet, leans on me, presses to himself, works wonders with my ear.
I already beg him to start this.
I feel his hot flesh in almost there, he hesitates.
I get up sharply, start kissing him, lips, favorite chin, pinches my lips when I reach his neck, ears, and clavicle.
I love his chest, strong, covered with not frequent soft black hairs, his tense nipples, muscles on his shoulders, his stomach, flat, hard, approaching the navel, he stirs my hair, I look at him, he is tense, his eyes are almost closed and breathing heavily .
From the navel to that place there is a path, I run over it with my fingers, I want to touch the most vulnerable spot, it removes my hand, it’s wet there.
I insist, touch the lips of the head of his penis, he is so hot, tender, slightly salty.
I clasp it tightly with my lips and begin to suck and caress my hands, without stopping, with my tongue along the bridle, drawing a circle around the edge of the head.
I gently caress his testicles, he purrs like a kitten, take them alternately in my mouth, suck, then I take them almost completely and gently stroke my tongue.
I hide his dick behind the cheek, he asks quickly, I lean against the face of his groin and take his tools to the ground, he is

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deep in my throat, my tiger growls.

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I feel his hands on my head, he is imperiously wielding in my mouth, I almost choke, but obediently obey him.
He pulls out, throws me abruptly on the sofa, works a little with his fingers inside me, already finished, wet, wanting.
I am almost naked and almost ready to finish again, but he does not torment me.
Then he abruptly enters me and begins to move wildly.
I hear slaps, it hurts me, it’s big.
But I feel so good, I finish in minutes.
He still can not finish and continues to move throwing my legs on his shoulders, squeezes his chest to pain, I feel like a drop of sweat on me.
He turns his booty over to himself and continues his rhythm frantically, I finish, everything explodes inside me, it is already close to an end.
I want more.
I try to push him away and change his position, get a hard slap on the buttocks, more and more, butt is already burning.
Then he sits down and sits on top of me, almost throws up, but just keeps the rhythm on the penis.
He grabs my chest, bites, it hurts, but I finish again, I feel the final entrance, he ends up in me.
I feel his warm liquid fill all my gut, he calms down and presses against me.
Someone knocks, jumps abruptly, leaves, but I can not calm down, the tension subsides.
I, hot, undressed, disheveled, with snapping lips from his kisses, with sperm flowing down my legs.
He is near, naked, beautiful like God, not completely settled down, with his eyes closed.
At this moment, I want to cry, no crying and laughing.
Crying from the feeling of what just happened and the fact that it will not happen again, laugh with happiness, that at least it was mine tonight.
And I still want him as never wanted a single man.
He turns his presence, smell, everything, I want his body, heart, soul, and even the mind.
This is scary.
I think during jealousy I am ready to kill, tear to pieces anyone who comes up.
And what does not seem at all to give me without a trace, went to the end, to experience an orgasm for orgasm.
I want to kiss him wherever possible and impossible.
He takes me to the taxi, kisses me goodbye gently on the lips, I understand this is the end. Tr bongacams.

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There were a lot of people in the middle of the day, not a crowd, but decently.
Someone just walked, others skated or sat on the benches.
There were few shrubs, and they were cut very short.
– I will not piss here – said Olka.
– Let’s move a little bit further away – I looked around – there was a small square near the playground, and there was a tent between them, where they were selling pies.
We come to this place.
“Maybe it’s better to the toilet,” Olka pleaded.
Here after all from all sides shines through.
– Here Olka went to the stall, I followed her.
– Where are you going? – With you, I will look.
– Well, you’re a pervert – Olka breathed.
I slowly lit a cigarette.
Olka looked around, deciding how to sit down.
Finally, she sat her ass right to the stall, trying to cover the crotch with the hem of a sundress, moved a strip of white translucent strings (although in front they were already yellow with a two-day sock) from her disgusting crevice covered with curly dark brown hairs and began to piss off with a powerful light-golden sruya .
I bent slightly to see the process of urination, but Olka angrily snapped at me: “I am completely crazy, the children are watching.”
I looked around and saw that our actions did not go unnoticed.
Some 8-10 boys looked at us and looked, but they didn’t understand what was going on, but a couple of older guys, 14-15 years old, looked embarrassed, unable to look away from Oli.
Finally, the girl piss, slid the thong into place, straightened the sundress and we returned to the alley to Nadya.
“Well, how did it go with you,” she asked — oh, and did you friend blush all — surprised Nadia — was it dumb to write to people in plain sight? – Yes, she just threw the thong moved from her pussy and hid with a sundress – I answered for Olya – even there I considered almost nothing.
– It is dumb, but cool – Olka said, when we were already leaving the alley – I was even a little excited.

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“This is a success,” I exclaimed.
– Yes, you are quieter – the girl replied – these dirty panties are already all wet and smelly interfere.
– Well, take them off – I suggested.
– No, not yet removed, it is not known what else will come to your mind.
We walked and enjoyed the summer.
Ours, relatives.
Short but hot.
I traveled a lot around the world.
In all countries there is something of their own, there are pluses, especially when you are not short of money and can afford the best rest, but his native land, his native city, the park where you played as a child and know every corner of it completely different thing.
After a couple of hours, I started glancing at my watch — it was time to go to the concert.
Today I decided to walk only on foot, so I had to turn in the direction of the avenue.
I noticed that Nadia for the last 15 minutes was mostly silent and began to drink more kvass, although Olka and I took a mug.
I figured it out.
– But I think someone wants to pee-a-i stuck Nadka in the side-went to the alley, there you will do your work.
“I don’t just want to pee, Nadia answered embarrassedly — I’m already more than a day, I rarely do.
– Oh, someone wants to crap! – I was immediately delighted.
– Yes, you are quieter, people are walking around – Nadia was embarrassed – I will not shit in front of my children.
– And where are you? – I’ll go to the toilet.
– A bonus you do not need and did not like the necklace? – I asked.
– I liked it, but.
– Without any reason, let’s go – I took the girl by the hand and led her to the playground – you saw it yourself, this is the best place in the whole park, many people write there judging by the smell that is there.
“Shut up,” Nadia cut me off, but now she’ll throw up.
– Well, as you know, I just decided to tell what a wonderful place it is.
– Relax girlfriend – cheered Nadia Olya – then you will do your work faster.
– Fuck you dick – evil squeezed out of himself Nadka.
Finally, we come.
Nadya went behind the tent, I followed her.
“Do you even cover me a little,” the girl asked. I lit a cigarette again, feeling that the smell would soon spoil and looked around.
The playground was crowded, but Nadia’s bushes were more or less covered when she sat down.
She decided to follow Olka’s example, covered herself with a sundress and moved the thongs to the side.
Her cunt also had a decent appearance of hair for a month, the hair in Nadi was black without any shade and stood out sharply against the background of perfectly white skin.
I sat down next to me and stared at the girl’s crotch.
– I can not do that – Nadya squeezed out of herself – turn away so that I can start.
– So you can give two guys a dirty ass, but there is no kaak in the park? – I asked jokingly – Go you

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on hu.
– and suddenly with these words Nadka burst. Online group porn.

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Zhenya understood that it was a drug.
She did not want to inhale him, but her will was completely suppressed by the leader.
He took her head and tilted to the paths and said: “inhale”.
It worked almost instantly.
Suddenly it became easy and not at all scary.
Basmach smiled a kind smile and gazed at her cheerfully, and she smiled stupidly at him.
Then he put her on the floor next to the sofa, and unbuttoning his fly began to push Zheng’s head on his penis.
The dick was big and didn’t fit well in Zhenya’s mouth.
She tried to somehow suck, but all the time did not have time and generally squeezed her lips badly because of what the penis fell out of her mouth.
Basmach pulled off her sundress and Zhenya was left in only her panties.
Hands grabbed her, turned over and put cancer.
There was a muffled voice from behind.
fucking yourself
yes you
Suddenly an indifferent thought flashed through Zhenya’s head that Basmach did not know that she was a boy, but this thought immediately sank somewhere in the stream of sensations.
But she felt like her little panties are torn right on her and the head of the member enters it.
It was painful, even through the veil of oblivion it was painful.
Then less and less.
Member began to rhythmically move in it.
I wanted to lie down and fall asleep, but my hands held her tight.
A little more and Zhenya felt Basmach ends in it.
Hands let go of the hips and she immediately fell on the sofa, but in just a few seconds, the calm broke all that annoying penis, but already in the mouth – with the taste of sperm, blood and feces.
A voice from afar ordered: “suck” and Zhenya sucked as best she could.
Then she went to the second round, but her consciousness had already turned off, giving herself only echo of vague sensations in her brain.

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So began a new life for Eugene.
Fallen Angel.
A year has passed.
Big black sedan drove to the sauna.
Two sporty-looking men pulled Igor from the back seat.
His face was broken, he himself was limping.
Accompanying him stumbled in his back toward the stairs to the basement.
Going downstairs, Igor was taken to a large waiting room.
In the center stood a large low table on four sides, furnished with wide leather sofas.
On one of them lay a girl naked in stockings alone.
How at first it seemed to Igor.
She was unconscious.
Looking closer, Igor saw between her legs a small dick with removed testicles.
She also had pink scars under her breasts after surgery to implant breast implants.
Despite all this, tons of make-up and white curled hair with burned pyrohydrol, pumped lips, Botox pumped lips and tons of cosmetics and burned pyrohydrol, Igor recognized Zhenya in this descended prostitute.
Eugene’s body was covered with dried sperm, and her hands were marked by injections.
Nearby on the table lay an empty syringe.
: -) I am 23 years old and I study abroad.
I myself was born in St. Petersburg, where I lived to 17 years.
All my childhood friends from St. Petersburg and I rush to my homeland every summer after the session to see them.
In the summer of 2005, I arrived, as always, only by mid-August, since the sessions in Western Europe (I don’t want to clarify, for obvious reasons) are a bit “shifted” compared to the sessions in Russia.
When I arrived, I found that my best friend was sitting at work with my head, and my best friend had also just received a new job and could not give me time.
I was a little upset, as I thought that my holidays would be fun and full of communication from the very beginning, but on the other hand I was glad that

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I could relax in peace and quiet, which I missed so much during my studies.
Having rested at my parents’ house for several days, I thought to go to our country house under Peter, and then our friends from the family showed up like thunder from a clear sky.
My parents were friends with them from the university, but I saw them in the last three years ago.
Uncle Tolya and his wife arrived, as it turned out, at the invitation of my readers.
It was immediately laid on the table and I began to talk about their “adventures” in the university for Cardon.
Everyone listened to me with Intetes, since I had many interesting stories in store, and I am also a storyteller by nature.
To the question “What are you going to do now?” I replied that I was just going to go to the country. Asian naked cam.

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