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Come in, – Sveta smiled again, exposing all her white teeth to the show.
Bogdan and I crossed the threshold, she took us to the kitchen, we sat down, she poured us tea: – You have fun in it as you wish, just save the presentation, please.
– Well, of course! – exclaimed Sveta, – Nastya, you still do not know that we prefer to have sex with Serzhka, right? – her white teeth again appeared outside.
– Not.
– I whispered cautiously in his voice.
Bogdan laughed wickedly, Sveta supported him with his predatory smile.
At that time, he heard the door open, and Sergei began to descend the stairs from the second floor.
He was athletic, but his stomach was still visible and very decent.
Bogdan began to fuss: – In short, after four hours I pick it up, pay for the delivery of the goods, and more.
Well, the presentation? And her pussy is not working, do not mess there.
“Yes, yes, yes, everything will be at its best,” Sveta murmured.
Sergei came up behind me, and suddenly I felt metal around my neck — a collar.
– How old are you? – Sergey leaned towards me and asked in my ear, stroking my boobs.
– 17.
– Who in the ass you give? – his hands began to go down to the tummy.
– Anyone who is ordered.
– So you’re the damn bitch? – Yes, I’m a slut, – I started to get a taste, – fuck me, who wants and how he wants.
Sergey moved to my chest and squeezed it, squeezed painfully, I moaned.
Light came up and took the collar from him.
– Let me, dear.
On my knees, bitch! I got off the chair and knelt in front of Sveta, I looked at her frightened, my hair was wound on Sergey’s hand.
– You are our slave, slaves always walk only on their knees, understood, bitch? Live sex webcam indonesia.

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And where will you do an enema and how? – I will do here in the bathroom.
First enema – several times poured into you, then a mug of Esmarch, and then.
let’s see what happens next.
– Light smiled and licked her lips, apparently in anticipation.
Then she asked me to lean on the bath.
– Yes, you lean, but do not bend – I’m not going right here, now fuck you! Sveta took an enema with a long, plastic tip, I spread my hemispheres and felt like something thick and alien trying to fit my ass.
Up to this point I, of course, experimented with an enema, with small objects, fingers, but it was all from my desire and I myself managed it.
And then a lovely girl, with lips flowing from excitement, enters at will, no, fucks me with enema.
From the realization of this, I did not keep a moan.
– Painfully? – was surprised by the light.
– Nicely! – I tried to turn and look into her eyes.
– Do not turn, hold the water in yourself, I still pour.

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second enema went easier, and Sveta was still the same, with light progressive movements infused my enema.
On the 4th enema, Sveta took me by the dick and started jerking it off.
Very soon the enema was over and Sveta plugged my ass with a stopper.
– Sit down, handsome, now I will prepare everything and come to you.
I had to wait a long time, at least it seemed to me.
When she came there was nothing on her, but in her hands she held some kind of jar and a “whip” with a pen in the form of a thin member.
– Like? I see! Now I will take you to the toilet, you empty there and come back here again, for the addition.
Sveta grabbed my cock again and took me to the toilet.

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There she put her on the toilet and slipped her hand between my legs, groping for the stopper there – dramatically pulled it out of me.
I barely restrained myself so as not to stain her, and the look of this beauty did not allow me to calmly empty her.
After sitting, thinking and fledging, I went to the bath.
My legs were shaking.
Not because of fear, but because of weakness.
When I entered, I saw that the place of “execution” was already ready.
The Esmarkh mug hung on a hook, full, already bloated.
A thought flashed that it wouldn’t fit in me.
Apparently, seeing horror in my eyes, the hostess smiled.
– Do not worry, there are five liters, this is not all for you, but I am a little bit.
There are a lot of oils to soothe ass and relax muscles.
I walked over and put my hands on the bath.
– No, not so – now get up on your knees and ass popping up.
That’s good.
She first put one finger in the hole, then the second one, pushed them, took it out, smeared it with cream and started moving again.
– I see you like it, as a member stands and trembles, but be patient a little.
Light fell and slightly jerked a member.
– I myself am all flow.
By the way, now.
She put the tip in my ass, pushing them, fucking her ass, then opened the tap on the tip.
I felt the bowels fill up quickly with water.
I began to burst, and Sveta, coming to me from the front, sat down, spreading her legs.
– Honey, caress me, really want to! From her pussy came a pleasant smell, very exciting, attractive.
I did not notice how already my tongue caressed my clitoris, licked my lips and inserted my tongue into my pussy and fingers in her asshole.
Suddenly, Sveta screamed, pressed my mouth to my pussy and a hot stream poured from her into my mouth.
I could not understand what it was, but my mouth was pressed tightly against my pussy and I could not move away – I had to drink everything that spilled out.
To taste, it was not urine.
I think it was a real squirt.
Sveta stopped pressing my head and I moved away from her.
– Thank you, not everyone is ready to stand it, besides drink everything.
– You know, I even liked it.
– Did you drink urine?
Julia slowly recovered, as always was complete darkness and a frightening silence.
Another sensation of hunger struck, it was impossible to go under me like last time, traffic jams interfered. Watch free porn sex video online.

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Meanwhile, his thumb was in my ass.
Of course, I prepared for this, but the size of my partner scared me.
Anton guessed my thoughts, “Do not worry, we will thoroughly train your ass, bitch,” I answered him only with a stifled moan.
“I want to finish on your face, bitch, do you mind?” Of course I was not against it, I quickly knelt in front of him and he began to quickly jerk off and sent his trunk straight to my face.
I opened my mouth, and immediately the first, hot jet hit me in the face just above the mouth, he continued to pour on me.
I soon had sperm all over my face, on the cheeks of my nose, it ran down my chest and down to the pubis.
Quite a lot got into my mouth, so I was pleased.
But there was still something left – I took his still hard cock in his mouth and began passionately collecting the last droplets from him.
“Come on, let us show everyone how well you worked,” said Anton and we went out to the hall.
Me, all in sperm, met with general applause.
I bowed to the hall.
Anya on the couch spire some young man, she was lying on her back and he pressed her ass into the sofa with powerful movements.

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Here in the hall was another lady, older, 35 years old, as it turned out, the wife of one of the company and the owner of the house.
Later we met, her name was Katya.
But now she was busy processing two men at once.
One she saddled, and the other holding her head fucked her in the mouth.
Needless to say, none of them was her husband.
It was great for me to walk covered in sperm.
Anya looked at me with a blurred look of pleasure and touched her lips to her lips, giving me a sign to kiss her.
I gently stroked her cheek, bowed my head and kissed her soft lips.
She moaned with pleasure under the pressure of her beau, who accelerated the pace.
Anya continued to kiss me on the cheeks and on her lips, licking the sperm from my face.
The man who fucked her froze and began to erupt in Anina pussy.
When he came out, I noticed that he, too, was not at all small.
I sank down to Anina to fuck a bud and began to lick him passionately, sperm flowed out of it directly into my mouth and I greedily swallowed everything.
The evening had just begun, I was completely insatiable.
We all showered well before starting a new round.
We sat drunk more, talked.
It turned out the one who fucked Anya and was Katya’s husband.
Katya turned out to be a very experienced swinger lady and

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famous in these circles.
She left and returned with a bunch of toys, mostly for anal games.
Coming to Anya and me, she took us by the hands and led us to the middle of the room under the eager glances of the men.
She told us to get cancer and we obediently got up the ass, one next to the other.
The hostess stroked us with both hands. Naomiblack33 sex cams online.

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Hidden cam porn japan. I’m not the first: I will suffer: – thought Vaska.
“I will be my grandfather, I will have all the salagos: but for now: Red dunce came close to his lips, and Ashot the head of Vaskin, squeezed in his hands, squeezed in his palms,” it was stupid to burst: Vaska opened his lips: ! the Ulyudov soldier surrendered: he took in his mouth: and in the ass he would give what he no longer doubted that he had never let go of Vaska – he observed behind his lips – the experienced Ashot: I can’t: what a mess! Ulyudov opened his mouth: Dick was hard and hot: like a piston, he slid into his mouth, – Ulyudov Vasya instinctively grabbed his trunk with wet lips: he grabbed this stake, and: Vaska under his panties before lying trunk started, responding to such things (hunt – fuck: he doesn’t know what a head is crammed with, and he – on the drum, what thoughts wander there – he has his own program: r-time! – and got up like an idol, it happens!), – the dick flew up Vaska himself dodged under his underpants: and – it seemed that he was puffing his head, puffed up Ulyudov passionately, not wanting himself, oh scary, but in deeds – nothing is special if you look at things like that objectively – it was in sex, it will continue to be there, and what’s the use of rounding your eyes – everything is in the potency of a two-shotgun: God created these things or did so Nature doesn’t matter: like an anti-aircraft gun, Vaskina’s lump came up: cinema! Meanwhile, soldier Ulyudov dick sucked not the first time; his lips slipped, pressing tightly: “Class!” – excitedly laughed, moving ass, Ashot: well, still! – dick stuck in Vaska’s mouth without delay, and – from this slip Vaska also felt something like pleasure, – excitedly stuck dick at the sucking, and it was impossible to hide it: I don’t want to! Hidden cam porn japan.

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