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I washed in the shower and lay down on the bed in the bedroom, turning on the telly.
Ira and Sveta took a shower and came to their senses.
Now they lay down beside me and hugged me.
I quickly passed out.
I woke up and wandered into the kitchen.
Following came the Light.
The clock was one in the morning.
And I want water, – asked Sveta.
I handed her a glass.
Sveta drank the water in one gulp and clung to me.
My dick was ready again.
Super, – said Light and got in front of me on her knees, – Between boobs, give me.
Sveta put her hands on her tits of the third size and began to miss my cock between them, occasionally taking a head in her mouth.
Now Sveta sucked me without the boobs, gently licking the eggs and the shaft of the penis.
Lick me, she asked, and lay down on the table.
I stuck to her sexual lips and began to suck them roughly, then I spread them with my fingers and stuck to the clit, which was a solid size.
Sveta moaned and arched.
I sucked the clitoris and labia of a woman who wriggled under the onslaught of my lips and tongue.
Putting Sveta on the side, I inserted my dick into her hot and wet vagina and began to move quickly.

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Bending down, I began to kiss the Light, which with its tongue licked its discharge from my face.
I am tired, we go to the bedroom, – I said, – We will continue there.
Now Sveta stood in total darkness with cancer on the

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bed and sprung under my strong blows, driving my cock into her pussy.
Hissing and groaning, Sveta enjoyed it.
I finished in the Light and fell exhausted.
Immediately, Ira came to life, and now she licked Svetina’s pussy, smearing my sperm and rubbing the clitoris with her cheek.
After a bit of a groan and finishing the intercourse, the ladies calmed down and collapsed next to me.
The morning began with the fact that Ira scribed me, trying to calm my morning riser, and Sveta stood behind her and licked her from behind.
I ended up having oral sex with Ira and finished cumming her face.
Sveta immediately licked every drop and we took turns in the shower.
After breakfast, I continued to stretch the scarlet holes of the women’s asses, making them scream from pain and pleasure.
Now I take turns fucking them in the ass, then forcing me to lick my dick, continuing at this time to have them in my pussy and ass.
After an hour of such morning amusements, everyone was exhausted, and besides, it was time to move home.
I had to go on business, and Sveta was waiting for the family.
It was Saturday morning.
Already on Monday I ran into Sveta in the toilet.
Her face expressed nothing.
She was serious and bitchy as always.
I caught her hand and dragged her into the toilet, which had three cubicles, and locked the door.
What, do you stand again? – I asked hard. Hidden cam masturbation bathroom.

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The pillow, in which Masha hid her face, fell to the floor and Masha screamed in her voice: – Enough! All, I can no longer! Please stop! Vadik inertia made a few more movements and stopped.
Masha’s hands hung limply along the sofa, she closed her eyes.
Vadik lay on Masha from above, completely covering her with his body.
Silence reigned in the room for some time.
Then Olga got up and, staggering, walked over to Vadik and Masha.
She leaned over to Masha and stroked her head.
Masha opened her eyes.
Her cheeks were all in tears.
“It hurts,” she said.
Olga slapped Vadika on the back.
“Hey, get out, frolic and stop,” she said.
Vadik stirred and with obvious reluctance raised himself on his elbows.
He slowly pulled his still-standing dick out of the ass machine. Free naked milf cams.

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I was very excited about it.
When Igor spent the night at her place, I listened to the sounds of their sex, which I never even noticed before, I imagined what he was doing to her.
I re-reviewed her pictures where she is in a bathing suit, damn what she is still sexy.
Among the photos in her room, there were photos from the walkers who she did not keep in the general album, the pictures were ordinary, just there she was drunk with a cigarette, then she kissed well, in general, everyone has such an album and I have no album for the eyes of parents.
And as if looking at her this album once, I felt that behind the cover there was also something that I had, I neatly found the entrance to this hiding place, there were surprisingly a lot of 20 photos there.
And these were pictures that I probably wanted to see.
The first five photos were from the sea when Sveta and her girlfriend Masha went there

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with Igor and Mashkin’s friend.
We really saw the whole family pictures from the sea, but that the girls were there without the top, we didn’t show Light.
My cock turned into a stake again, and Masha had a good shape, and her breasts didn’t seem as soft and liquid as I always thought she was big, but very elastic in appearance.

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Further pictures were even more interesting.
On one of them, Masha was sitting completely naked on the couch on the sides, there were also two naked guys, and she was holding their excited members in their hands.
Then again there was Masha and the same guys fucked her one from behind and at the second she sucked.
But who shot ??? Then there were pictures of excited guys with big dicks and the guys are clearly not models, but private pictures.
There was a photo from the sauna where Sveta was and five more girlfriends who was completely in the sheet who has no top.
My dick was already eager to fight.
In the last photo of very poor quality was the ass and the member who entered her anus.
I did not understand Svetina this ass or not.
I recently began to notice more and more how Sveta gets exposed, or rather, more often began to see her breasts, even a few times saw her ass.
No, I began to see more often not because she became more openly exposed just before I did not notice, and did not seek to see.
As if waiting for her to come out of the bath, I waited a bit and decided to enter her room to see how she changes clothes, to take her by surprise.
We did not have to knock, and therefore I opened the door quite calmly and saw a pancake, she probably also saw how my dick stood up.
Sveta stood completely naked, putting one foot on a chair and spreading herself with cream.
I stood up like a fool and stared into it with my excited eyes.
Sveta behaved very correctly and didn’t allow herself to be embarrassed, she didn’t run around the cat in search of clothes or what to hide behind, she just calmly said, interrupting for a second from her work.
– Lesha, come out that you can’t see I’m naked. Sashasexy webcam porn.

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Yesenin is time to say goodbye, midnight on the clock.
In vain I remember the past.
my star brother, we will meet with you in heaven.
“Will I recognize you?” (1999)
Aksyonov, once read his work: in the puddle he caught the moon and added hangover to it; He (Daniel) wanted to live with her – with the moon in one apartment, But you asked about the future of the moon, with Aksyonov? With the moon, it may well, but it is cold; Sometimes she is changeable and not alone in life.
A swarm of stars serving her, admiring and glowing,

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But do not forget – open the door, and there is no moon! Behind the door is a young, blue month.
And then what will you say? – She, il not she ?.
I scream.
She collects fallen leaves, Heats them for a long time, stores.
Autumn girl – a welcome guest In her dark room Autumn tremblingly falls on the floor.
Burning hot fireplace.
Her dress is showered with maple.
The body is a faceted ruby.
She collects fallen leaves From the dress of autumn love.
Girl – autumn sleeps by the fireplace In her dark room.
Her body is forgotten in affection, Affection of the heavenly gods.

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Soft carpet stretches languidly In the caress of tempting dreams.
She draws a beautiful autumn Paints of first love.
Only that night she sleeps, dreaming, In her dark room.
January 1997
Kholmsk, Sakhalin.
We drank the martini all evening.
In the crystal glass I am Albina All pouring and pouring.
And he himself devoured the Hollow between her breasts.
(For some reason, a low-cut mother came to mind. Wearing a robe. Wearing that evening.
) IM married.
But did the “pimples” of the spouse And even the “apples” of a friend Compare with the “balls” of mom Ali? “Milking” these excite me for a long time.
I wanted them! But I never would have dared to confess to my mother.
Even more so – Take Alyu by force.
And I did not set tasks for myself.
Only at night, a member pulling, I meditating with voluptuous Could indulge.
Totally In dreams Albina possessed.
When I slept with my wife, with my friend, I imagined that my mother had.
Could not come up with a panacea For the lust of his criminal.
And the vagina that gave birth to me remained inaccessible.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, Albina “Martini” offered to drink.
(The wife and the child stayed at the dacha with her mother.
I lived in our apartment As a natural bachelor, Often drank brandy.
Wife girlfriend replaced.
But a friend drove away Somewhere with her husband to rest.
Now about mommy to dream Nobody already disturbed me.
But I saw mother Alyu in reality, not in a dream.
She came to me, To visit the day – the other.
So with my native mom I was alone.
And on the same day I did not refuse to drink a sweet “martini” with her).
So we drank.
Through Albina I wandered my lustful eyes. Young girl masturbate cam.

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Women gathered around to watch this little girl lick her mother’s dirty ass.
“Who licks my ass?” Carrie asked.
“The one who smears it so that you are fucked with a fist,” Judy laughed.
Satisfied with the answer, Carrie continued to lick the dirty cock.
Jerry watched Tamara lubricate her hand.
Smearing her to the elbow, she made the girl sit down and turn around. Amazingbluesky webcam porn.

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Megafon girl webcam porno.
He did not ask him about it.
And in general, he did not want to deal with this crime anymore.
But so, it happened.
And it was necessary to take an emergency quick now a radical decision.
Otherwise it will go even further.
And then end up with more blood or prison for Victor himself.
First, we shit in my mouth to my lover shit.
Mary at this time dumped a small pile, which they immediately dismantled. Megafon girl webcam porno.

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