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Did you feel that there is nothing eternal? And I lived it.
Eternal love.
Passion undying.
The first drop did spill a husband.
The words were just words.
Long waiting, wandering in the dark, to the touch.
The veil before the eyes.
You!! An explosion, a flash of lightning.
Heart breaking out of the chest to a painful sting.
Mad dance of fire in the eyes.
Incomprehensible trembling covering the body.
Sweet languor, rolling at the mere thought of you.
Your look, lips.
And you say – bitches.
All women are bitches.
No, we are not born that way.
Look around, look around.
After all, it is you who make us like this! And harden yourself.

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Bitchy bitch.
How many times have I heard this expression, calming another girl or boy.
I have no reason to live.
So I said to myself.
Love will be no more, I can never forget you.
It is treated.
Everything passes.
or dulled.
It can also be painful in a few years.
It happens that all my life.
Do you know what I want? To make you happy? No, you decide it yourself.
Well-being? Trite.
Less shit? Unoriginal, it will still be quite a lot.
I want one.
May your separation and separation not remain in the heart for a long time.
Feel free to throw them out with a broad gesture, and again plunge into love.
Tony in it, climb up or allow yourself to go with the flow.

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Be loved.
I know for sure that there will be with you, there must be that person to whom you can safely dump everything.
And he will not fall, crushed by a heavy burden.
He will carry your unbearable freight on broad shoulders smiling.
Without noticing his weight, the crushing fatigue that so oppressed you.
Do you know why? He will love you.
Mad and zealous.
You will be easy.
I know you will meet someone who can do everything.
True, honest and faithful.
Loving you more than your own life.
Just do not lose it.
Hold him tight.
Life is so mean distributes gifts.
And I.
I will go into the shadows.
Keeping your desires.
Clean, open feelings.
Soul baby.
Pink glasses of a friend ready to help.
Love forever stored in my heart.
Its beautiful eyes that can be read like a book.
Your naughty look that you often caught and smiled.
My so different life and so stylish pain.
It will live in me.
and next to you.
No matter how much you want to forget, it will always be there.
But all this will be later.
And now.
Save my shadow.
Coming out of the terminal at Vnukovo International Airport, I slowly walked to the bus stop to Moscow.
Once, in my times, bus number 511 used to go, now I don’t know.
A lot of time has passed.
There was a time and I lived in Moscow, studied at the Academy on Chistoprudny Boulevard, was married.
I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Igor, I am a little over fifty, I saved almost all my hair, a small belly, and still not fully gone away life optimism.
In Moscow, I was passing, inspired by the speech of our president, I was going to the Crimea to support the tourism industry.
In Crimea, I, too, was my own man, lived for more than ten years, had an apartment in Evpatoria, but that was already a long time ago.
I divorced a long time ago, more than twenty years ago, with my wife, Olga.
Honestly, we were completely different people, whom fate brought on the deepest mistake, after suffering about five years, we decided to leave. Sex voyeur cam.

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The girl looked at Max.
– You have nothing to be shy – Jeanne smiled – or undress you? The blonde blushed and began to take off her dress.
– Behind you, lockers – said Jeanne – put all your belongings in them.
Includes all decorations.
Irina took off her earrings.

Undressed, the women returned to their chairs.
Irina flowed.
Four naked women in front of strangers to them.
Jeanne opened the box.
– Clothing for cows – smiled red.
Four leather collars of various colors appeared on the table.
Each had a name.
– Choose – said Jeanne.
Irina got a yellow with the name of Daisy.
The blonde got red – Rosochka.
Asian blue – Cornflower.
Lump white – Snowflake.
Also, each cow was given a tag-shaped earring.
Such as wearing real cows.
Irina flowed.
Her wind everything that happens.
A cow in a small herd of the same cows.
How she liked this humiliation.
In addition, cows were given leather straps of their color with funny tails attached to them.
The straps of the woman tied at the waist.
– And now the main thing – announced Jeanne – your hooves.

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I hope no one has the size forty-five shoes? Jeanne began to get out of the box “hoof” cows.
These were specially made boots ending in hoofs.
Cows dressed them.
Tightened the straps along the ankles.
Then Jeanne took out special gloves, also resembling hooves.
She and Max put them on women.
And again tightened the straps.
Irina groaned.
She’s ready.
With real hooves, tail, tag in the ear.
How she liked it.
What humiliation, what a shame.
Irina flowed.
Jeanne pulled four leashes out of the box.
He and Max hitched them to the cows’ collars.
– It is time.
The blonde rose first from the chair and immediately fell to the floor.
Jeanne laughed – Cows do not walk on two legs.
So that you do not forget this and made these hooves.
It is impossible to walk in them.
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Sweetyevy1 bongacams.
In the meantime, she prepared herself for my feast, had to complete the preparations.
Take out and disassemble a lot of ropes suitable for the situation and the place of action, put at a distance the reach necessary for the first stage of the toy – a vibrator and a whip, and drink a cup of coffee with a cigarette so that you do not get distracted.
My sun appeared from the bath in a bathrobe and with a completely innocent, childishly joyful smile.
I took her hand, and led her to the table in the middle of the room — today’s place of action.
Without saying a word, he took off her robe and helped to climb onto the table.
She, as always at such a moment, was overwhelmed by stiffness.
According to the rules it was supposed to slightly help her relax, stroke, caress, slap, squeeze the nipple, but I did not want to.
Today was my game.
Slowly replacing mercy with anger, burning and letting my movements give it out, I threw her back, put her hands behind her head and grabbed them with a rope ring.
The long end of the rope wrapped around the neck a couple of times and fastened tightly.
Now she could not even try to break free – the rope around her neck could too easily remind herself.
She tried not to look at me, as always happens when she gets involved in a game.
Then I pulled her wonderful body along the table and engaged in fixing the legs.
It was easy to notice that her clean-shaven pussy squishes from the overflowing juices.

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To enhance their expiration, I tried to

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push my wife’s legs as roughly as possible.
I wanted to get full access to its openings and therefore I bent my knees with a stick under the fold and firmly fixed it with a rope.
Then he quickly pulled the ankles to the table legs.
Nothing, if she gets hurt by the crashing of the rope – this corresponded to my mood.
To complete the picture, I tied my elbows to the legs and wrapped it with a long rope around the table top across her chest and stomach, and the picture was ready.
Stepping back a couple of steps, I stood up and admired the beauty of the immobilized naked woman who was now completely in my power.
Listening to her deep breathing, I suppressed the excitement that usually followed me at that moment, and went into the bath for my dirty shorts.
It is almost a tradition to use them as a gag.
She, as always, did not like it when a piece of matter silenced her mouth, so she had to give her a couple of slaps to make her more compliant.
With force, I put panties in her mouth and secured them with scotch tape for loyalty.
The gag does not exist to prevent a woman from screaming in pain; rather, it is a means of humiliating her, but I wanted to humiliate her.
The next item on the program was her pussy.
Taking a place between her legs apart, as a pathologist at the table with my victim, I stroked my wife’s completely wet slit, noting the texture of freshly-skinned skin and its reaction in which fear, lust and a deep and sincere desire to be used were felt.
After playing a little finger with her clitoris, wetting my fingers slightly with the juice of its depths so that she would stretch her whole body towards me, I turned on the vibrator at full power and pressed it directly to the clitoris.
She moaned slightly.
I began to drive the viewer along its crack, up and down, from the beginning to the ring of the anus, wet from the leaked juices, slightly pressing the vibrating tip into it.
After a very short time, my wife began to respond with soft moans to the rhythm of my actions, and then I stuck a vibrator deep into her open bosom. Sweetyevy1 bongacams.

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Curving and publishing something more like an animal roar, she grabbed his head and pressed it to her hole, from which her juices were pouring down.
org) trembling all over, she gasped and curved for the final time.
orgasm captured her all.
heat swiftly, with pulsing movements, poured over and over again.
Trembling a little more, Leah lifted herself with force and dug her lips into Erik’s lips.
– you.
– Panting and hardly pronouncing the words, she continued to pull the man to her.
– fuck me, I beg you, I want you so.
– Lustful eyes, measuring it, said the girl.
– Whatever baby.
Deploying the weakened girl to him, putting her with cancer, he began to enter her at an initial pace, holding her chest with her hands, enjoying her beautiful body – Faster, I beg you, faster, she could not hold back and realized that she was about to finish again.
– please hit me.
I will be anyone you want, only I beg you, faster, almost crying, said Leah.
– I beg you !!! after a few seconds, a pleasant wave swept over her with a new force — aaaaaaa, faster — the girl screamed at the top of her voice.
at that time, she didn’t care about people sleeping in the next room.
Eric at a furious pace, thrust his trunk into it at all length, Leah finished, but he would be inexorable, he wanted more and more, he wanted her stronger.
Their mind was clouded, shouts long ago turned into cries.
Eric became harder, he beat Leah on the ass, speeding up, and she herself was sprawled on the bed, which emitted a terrible squeak from strong shocks.
“Yes, I ask you, please, mores,” along with a groan, the girl breathed out the words — no one fucked me like that.

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– Leah clutched her teeth in the pillow, trying not to scream, suddenly desire mixed with anger and sharply turned and knocked over the man, she sat on top of him.
– now let’s see how you like it.
– completely letting in a member, the girl pressed her lap with his knees.
Realizing that she starts up even harder, she starts to fuck Eric, with one hand grabbing him by the throat, so that he would choke, and the other with a blow hits his cheeks and chest, plunging his nails into the skin.
Erik, gasping for breath, could not say a word, his body did not obey, it succumbed to the actions of a lustful nurse.
He felt the fire, his nails as if the blades slammed painfully into the skin and the member continued to greedily absorb the hole.
He lost his mind, he liked everything that

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In the distance, he heard the moans of his lady.
And he repeated – shout a bitch, shout harder, louder.
From the groans of Eric Leah, she could no longer control herself.
She beat him even harder.
– Who is your mistress, a nothing? – continuing to fuck him growling girl.
– WHO IS YOUR HOST? speeding up, she raised her thin fingers to his mouth.
He licked her fingers, tried to satisfy all her whims, but physically he was already exhaled, they both ended up again and again, and it was impossible to stop.
The nurse lay back, exhausted, the last time she had finished, and fell on his chest.
– How good with you.
And the exhausted patient smiled weakly and answered: – And me with you.
I sat in a chat room, met a girl with a strange nickname “For me and my sister”, her name was Katya, and as it turned out, Natasha later found out.
We agreed to meet the next day near the cinema.
Taking two bouquets of roses went to a meeting at the appointed place, they agreed in advance that Katya would be with her sister.
I arrived there exactly at the appointed time, did not have to wait long, drove a luxurious Land Cruiser 100, and two girls came out, awesomely dressed.
Katya went to the room and presented her sister.
I handed bouquets appreciated girls.
They were just super, both of medium height, natural blondes, with stunning figures.
Having a little talked, we decided to ride, secretly hoping that all this was overwhelmingly having sex with them, I sat in the back seat, Natasha sat next to us and we set off. Bbw dildo cam.

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