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You, finished more than ever, shaking your head from side to side, your legs shook with trembling, you were like in a fever.
Not a little time passed before your trembling finally disappeared, and you lay exhausted, and looked at me in surprise, as if still not realizing what it was and how you can get such a grandiose pleasure.
Your words confirmed my guess: – For the first time with me was this !.
How did you do this? – your voice was hoarse and trembling, you still can not move away from your orgasm.
And I, look into your eyes, and I see in them, all this buzz, which you do not intend to let go anywhere.
When I was writing this story, one very pleasant and piquant thought never left me, that while reading my story someone was sticking out cowards, or a wet spot appeared at the bottom of the panties (depending on who reads it). View porn videos online.

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Scary to me.
– Sleep! Just listen to me! Listen and sleep! Whatever I say do.
Do you understand? – Got it.
– They don’t see you.
You are not there.
Just look and tell me what’s going on there.
Do you understand? – Got it.
– Go on.
Say what is there? – There are two more women.
One tall, pretty.
The second in a white blouse.
Both are calm.
Carefully look at the man with a rag on his head. Beach sex caught on camera.

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Large beads, often rough and prickly, are used to torment a slave, and small beads are smooth for anal pleasures of the Lady.
I know that her anus is very sensitive and his caress causes an orgasm no weaker than the vagina or clitoris.
If my pop manipulations are always torments, then with the Lady is one of the strongest erogenous zones.
That’s how she is! And this must be considered a slave! And now only the tip of the cord with a brush remains outside.
The lady bends her back and lifts her head.

I bring her a cigarette in a long mouthpiece, she lights it and sweetly drags on.
When the cigarette is smoked in half, I ordered, very slowly and very carefully, grabbing a brush with my teeth, pulling the cord.
The first ball appears in the opening of the anus, it moves outward, pushing the corrugated and damp walls apart, which at first, like elegant lips, lick it, and then release it outside, contracting in the lumen.
After a small section of the cord, in the anus a new ball.
Beautiful process! Madam enjoys it, occasionally puffing on a cigarette.

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When the last beads come out, her ass exhales from the anus of a portion of the lung, not at all unpleasant, but a spicy aroma, which I pull into myself.
A member is worth a crowbar! The last bead left the hole.
Sponge anus is still reduced by inertia.
Adoration Mrs. moaning, I understand what to do! I take it with one hand, holding my thumb over the edge of a flat vase, from which they fed me and slip it under the back hanging from the edge of the chair.
With my second hand, I stroke the strained buttocks of the Lady, then push her under the bottom of the vase, stroke the woman’s pubis and tummy.
I have to ask! – Oh, Great Lady, please give me, your tiny slave, the pleasure of accepting from you the precious discharge of your delicious ass.
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I do not let him enter into it with a jerk and force him to relax the anus with slow, gentle movements.
Dick gradually enters into the ass.
Oddly enough, Svetka is good or very good.
It allows you to fully enter into the eggs and Sasha stops restraining herself.
He fucks her as if in front.
The class.
And now my dear give, and I will be attached.
I squeeze under the wife, the son holds her hips, put on myself and groping for the vagina, insert my penis into it.
He enters hard and reluctantly.
Through the elastic septum, I feel my son’s dick begin to move, and I adjust to the pace.
We fuck our beloved long and passionately.
She no longer moans, she screams out loud and it is not from pain, she feels good.
I try to enter as deep as possible into the vagina, and the son does not lag behind me from behind.
If only not to break, not to harm in a fit of passion, and then after you can put an end to such a pleasant thing.
But you can not tear myself away.
Sveta scratches my hands, screams, and bites her lips, the tempo reaches a critical point, we tear it in two.
And now the cry of his wife muffles me, nails dig at the chest, and we all end up together.
Probably, I was shouting the same, because I saw the frightened eyes of my son above me.
Two more times we force our members into the heated gap and relax.
Reluctantly uncoupling, we lie down on the sofa.
All birthday is over, gifts are distributed.
Already in bed, falling asleep, Svetka turned to me.
– Hear the libertine, tell me honestly, did you like it.
I did not want to speak, but nevertheless.
– You know, dear, lustful little wife, I liked it very much, especially when we took you together.
Let’s sleep.
She did not let up.
– And if tomorrow Sasha asks me to give him, I what to do.

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I turned to face her.
– Did you like it yourself? She leaned back on the pillow – I am ashamed to admit, but very much.
– True, I want to be with you two, but he will take and ask that I do not give something then.
? – Do not worry, do it, as if you have two loved ones, it is in fact the same, if you want it, then come on, and if not, do not.
I will not be jealous.
Remember, we came up with it, that would wean the son from masturbation.
If he will be able to be with you, you can forget about the rest.
But when I call you to bed, I will ask you not to refuse.
Okay? – How do you say dear, okay.
This story happened on the eve of my 13th birthday.
The three of us lived: me, sister and mother.
Dad left us.
Also, Aunt Karina often visited us.
That day the school was canceled.
I was alone at home.
Under this business, without hesitating anyone, I decided to masturbate.
When it began to reach orgasm, mother suddenly arrived.
As evil, I forgot to lock the door.
Seeing me naked, she asked: – What are you doing here !? I had nothing to answer.
– You lose a computer for a month.
Today Karina comes, think about what to do with you.
In the evening Karina arrived.
It was a beautiful girl, 28 years old, with brown hair, very long, I must say.
Upon arrival, I was sent to the store for butter and bread.
Having described the story, mom asked: – What shall we do? – I propose to give the boy what he wants.
– Great, just bought a new underwear.
When I returned from the store, I was presented with a very interesting picture: In the corridor there was a mother, in beautiful black underwear, black latex gloves and black stockings with a belt.
To her right stood Aunt Karina.
She was wearing a red bodysuit, red gloves and stockings.
Both were in heels.
I was stunned.
Mom ordered to come.
– On knees! I sat down and put a collar on me.
“Until I took off your collar, you are my slave.”
– Yes mom.
She slapped me.
– Not mother, but Mrs. Katya! Usek, asshole !? – Yes, Mistress.
– Ket, easier)) – Karina replied.
– Let him know where his place is.
– Ok,

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pretty lyrics, lively in the room.
I tried to get up from my knees, for which I was immediately punished.
– On all fours, bastard! In the room I found a table.
He had 2 pairs of handcuffs.
Karina fixed my hands, my mother – my legs.
– Now you will be pleased – Karina encouraged me.
It all started with the fact that Karina began to develop my anus, and my mother took up nipples.
When I started to finish, they finished.
Then Karina inserted a small vibrator into my anus. Online play indian sex.

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She wanted to get off the dragon’s cock, but got stuck on him, and he didn’t want to get out of her ass.
Suddenly, a powerful and hot jet of sperm poured out from a member of the dragon right inside Belozhopki.
It seemed to her that her stomach was filled with dragon tail and at any moment it could burst.
But after a moment, the princess, like a cork from a bottle, jumped off the dragon’s limb and flew off ten meters ahead, and sperm flowed behind her, thick and hot.
Taking a deep breath, the dragon went limp and leaned against the wall of the cave, stroking its falling member.
And ten meters away from it lay a crazed Belozhopka.
All her dress was soaked with dragon seed, and from under the skirt, straight from the little white princess ass, flowed a stream of sperm.

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The princess had mixed feelings.
She was both scary and very good at the same time.
Such orgasms will not be forgotten soon.
And since Belozhopka is now the eternal concubine of the dragon, she will have many more such orgasms.
And one could say that they lived happily ever after, if not for the parents of Belozhopka.
Apparently they were bored by it, squeezed, and decided to find the most courageous city dweller and send him to the dragon’s lair, princess to rescue.
Not just, of course, but for a cash reward.
And I found one such simpleton, call Ivan Hlenostuk.
He agreed to save Belozhopk, and he also wished to marry her after that, if the dragon rescued her from the clutches of the dragon.
And the king and queen are all excited.
Membership took his sword ofigensky, which served him faithfully for many years, as a towel warmer in the bathroom, and he went for the princess.

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He walked a day, maybe more.
And going up to the cave, he heard the growl of a dragon and the moans of women, intermittent.
That dragon Belozhopku squeezed is not childish.
Then Membership shouted, screamed, raised his sword over his head and rushed straight into the den.
The dragon heard him, and he unexpectedly finished the princess ahead of time.
Very upset.
And the princess, having seen Chlenstuka, was stunned even.
Never before has she seen such awesome swords so much like a heated towel rail.
The dragon wanted to do something against an uninvited guest, but only after he had finished, his body became wadded and did not obey.
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The girl, closing her eyes, pleasantly falls, and here she is overcome by drowsiness and she falls asleep.
She dreams of a garden, lawn.
She lies on the sheet and a branch of a fruit tree with a ripe fruit falls to her face, holds the fruit on the lips, touches the eyes.
“Ma-argaret!” “Heard from afar.
– Ma-argaret! – Wake up Margaret! Margaret opens her eyes and sees Peter Hawkins, who is bending over her, whispering softly.
“Hello Peter,” Margaret said smiling! “And I remembered you!” Margaret hugged Hawkins by the neck, the talon in her anus, the faloimmitator made herself known. Margaret threw Peter on the bed and kissed her.
“I’m going to take a shower,” Hawkins said, and, freed from the embrace, Margaret went into another room. Teen gay webcam porn.

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