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This time I was no longer restrained, her soft lips and a sharp tongue brought me to the boiling point rather quickly.
I just managed to whisper softly: “I’m finishing!”, So that it would not be a surprise for her.
She took out a member of her mouth, turned her head and sent the escaping jet of sperm on her cheek, which finally won me over.
Looking at the sperm dripping from her face, and stretching the napkin to her, I was sure that I could get her phone, after all that was between us.
However, to my surprise, when I started talking about it, she remained adamant – this is our first and last meeting, and we will not see each other again.
It was not the end of the evening, which I had hoped for, and her last words were: “Farewell,” and mine: “I will find you.”
I was counting on the fact that I have a connection with her through a dating site, and the next day I wrote to her first thing.
But she did not answer, and then completely ceased to appear on this site.
I can’t get her out of my head, during the week I watched her every evening for hours on the street where I thought she lived, cruised back and forth and met all the local grandmothers.
No one saw her, much less know where she lives.
I built one bad theory the other, the most sensible of which was that she was married, and the most incredible was that she was from the future.
But I never saw her again, and I didn’t know why it was only once.
I do not know who said this, but I myself was convinced of the wisdom of these words: “Fear your desires, because they can be fulfilled.”
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But I see simple cows in front of me.
It is so? – Yes – they moaned.
– My name is Serge.
This place is called “Polesie”.
Think you are here for the first time? This is an unusual place.

Here, many realize their fantasies.
You may think that there is a place for all sorts of perversions.
But it is not.
Nothing illegal and terrible.
Irina flowed.
She understood everything.
For two days she will live here like a cow.
Nothing human.
A real REAL cow.
How happy she was.
– Before I continue, I want to offer you a little game.
Serge pulled out of the pocket card robe.
“There are four ladies here.”
Each map I came up with my task.
One for each of you.
Serge got the lady of the worms.
– To whom? “To me,” answered an Asian.
– I have to say, cows are forbidden to speak.
But for the first time they forgive you.
Crawl to me.
Asian crawled to a man.
– Cornflower – he smiled – a beautiful name.
Serge opened his robe.
There was nothing under it.
– I think you understand what to do.
Irina bit her lip.
After all, she could have volunteered.

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What else will be three tasks? The Asian smiled.
Sev, she began to orally caress a man.
Irina flowed.
In her eyes, another caressed the man.
Just because he wanted it that way.
Another obedient animal.
How Irina wanted to finish.
– In the evening we will have guests – began Serge.
The blonde shuddered.
– You are obedient cows that should entertain guests.
And I think you will not only be milked.
Irina smiled.
Yes, she is ready for this.
She saw it.
Animal, cow.
Toy people.
– For you a green lawn, a canopy from the sun, water, food.
According to the schedule you will be milked.
There is a sand in the corner where you can write.
Yes Yes.
Irina flowed.
This cow.
For two days she is in a herd with the same cows – At night, sleep in a warm, cozy barn.
How did Irina dreamed of this!
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The guy was lying and a girl was sitting over his face and moaning bit his lips and the second guy selflessly jerked himself and the guy who licked the girl after he went to the girl and gave it to her mouth and she sucked him right up to the very eggs and the guy was already shaking from such a movement and when his dick was in her mouth she said something like um-guuuuuuu (guttural sound) and the guy as a 1000 volt jumped back he said something to her and she again began to ugukat holding the dick in her mouth (that I understood it in the past year when I came across one avid miniethistochka which Such sounds brought me to a state of complete out, it was something that is difficult to describe.
) and then the one who licked up got up and asked what was the matter, too, gave her a dick in her mouth and after he got up and the girl swallowed him and just moaned, this guy already shuddered and he was the first to take off all his clothes attached to his bottom the girls began to move rhythmically, and the girl sucked and moaned no longer simply from pleasure.
After a few minutes of intercourse, the threesome changed her position – one guy lay down on the ground and the girl lay on him and they were in the 69 position and the second guy joined the girl’s bottom and began to fuck her periodically giving the guy who licked this girl.
In short, the first guy (who fucked chick) roughly finished half in a teen chick and half in his mouth and sat down with a groan on the ground, while at the same time the second got the chick to orgasm and got in the mouth of the first guy who sat and watched.

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and the chick at this time came up and began to help suck this guy.
And then the guy started to cum in the mouth of the second guy and, having grabbed him by the head, he just began to fuck him in the mouth.

And at this time we realized that they would soon have a rest and we could get caught and slowly dumped from there we rushed home to the chum that nobody had at home.
We went to him and started talking about what we had seen, and quite excited about the offer to try sucking each other in turns so that even if one sucks it nasty, so that the first one who sucks anyway sucks.
in short, we undressed and started jerking each other off (and we were sitting on the couch) and when our members were already quite excited, they decided that it was

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and my chum (let’s call him just Yura.
) bent down to the penis and took it in his mouth and sucked it several times and I felt such a fucking feeling that I could not say anything.
to the question how can I say nothing except that it is fucking and then I.
I said that I promised and should also suck and I bent down and felt some kind of salty smell and at the same time it was very pleasant (it sometimes smelled of my dick when I took it out to jerk off 🙂 it was in full tension and waited for me to take a member in his mouth and then I closed my eyes and bent down and licked it and then immediately swallowed it for the whole (or almost) length, and Yura at that time just shivered from the buzz and at that time I liked how he behaves and how his mouth feels.
After I nodded several times, I asked how it was and Yu said it was very nice and wanted more, but I suggested that we take it in turns.
And we sucked for several minutes with a jack and got great pleasure from each other from the members, but we didn’t finish it in our mouths, as long as we didn’t have semen, only small droplets appeared.
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The girl sighed gently, I traced the outline of her nipple with my finger, and then began to play with him with my smooth finger so that it slid along her nipple as it touched, from which my girl began to breathe quickly.
I went down a little on her, lifted her ass and undid the pants, began to pull them off of her, and after them, and thin thong panties, silk black, with some kind of pattern on very thin straps.
Her ass was so close to my lips that I could not stand it and left for a moment her nipples dug into her elastic round buttocks, spread them apart and began to tongue lick the anus ringlet.
Masha groaned and arched.
Licking her anus, I put my palm on her pubis and slowly began to stroke it, pushing my lips with my index finger, held them from top to bottom to their very end and back around in a circle the clitoris.
My girl flowed.
I turned her on her stomach and, having decided to torture, returned to her lips.
Our lips merged, her tongue penetrated my mouth and began to play with my tongue, so sweet and wriggling he licked my tongue and stroked the tip around the circumference.
I escaped from this sweet captivity and began to kiss her neck and shoulders, breasts.
Her small and elastic breasts smelled of jasmine oil, and her nipples were so tender6 that I did not want to come off.
Handles, she pushed my head lower and lower.
And now I kissed her belly and went down lower and lower.
I gently spread her legs, Masha threw them on my shoulders, I spread her sexual lips with the tip of my tongue and I was careful, barely touched her swollen hardened clitoris.
The girl shuddered and moaned softly.
I began to lick her pussy, so sweet.
Licking and sucking the clitoris, I gradually began to stroke her fingers on her vagina, which made her moan louder.
I slipped two fingers very deep and began to move them gradually accelerating the pace and language.

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Having wetted my fingers in her juices, I ran them along her anus and forcefully inserted my fingers into both holes.
With each movement, Masha moaned louder and longer and already by the way her vagina tensed, I realized that she was close.
I pressed all the language on the clitoris and abruptly let go.
The girl trembled, huddled and moisture poured over her pussy and my hands, which I immediately began to lick.
My feelings are there in the closet 1.
Terrible anger at my mother for the baty (when they kissed on the lips).
Feelings are not experienced erection when he undressed and started kissing his chest.
The amazement at the sight of his penis, accompanied by the feeling that this could not be, I had a pre-unconscious state with an obvious vyskoke heart from the throat.
The joy that I now see as a member of a member of the female pussy.
The only time in my entire conscious life (and I had periods of unconsciously being in this world) ejaculation when I didn’t touch my writing (wetting, when I had a full consciousness, wetting), this happened when he took my mother by the waist.
Goodness is in me when I saw that they were good.
Cold latch in mind when they were dressed.
Again fear.
But how can I get home before my mother so that I can manage to pick up a chopper.
I managed to go home before my mother, and by that time I had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing many kinds of sports (not to be confused with physical education, in 1979 I became a master ball candidate for the handball) I ran from the combine to the house of 5 km in 21 minutes .
Upon entering the courtyard, my mother saw that everything was weeded, and I carried water to the bathhouse.
Mom was the usual anxious evening affairs and waiting for bati in a drunken state, Friday we had a legitimate bannostakan day.
Slyly looking at mom, I wanted to see at least something that would tell

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me about what I had seen before, well, at least the remnants of that joy or change of gait, at least something.
There is nothing as usual, strictness and also Jewish concern for me and my sister.
In 1975 I entered the medical institute, in the same year I immediately met my first wife, Anya (well, of course she was a Jewish girl by her mother, her mom was my first mother-in-law (what would they ever lick the broken pans) during the war with my family sent to the north of our region from the center of the USSR.
The father-in-law was of course the same cross as my father (may God rest our souls).
I studied, worked, played sports and I enjoyed a lot, I slept for 5 hours with two one-time trainings while traveling in a competition, while working in the neurosurgical department. Teen webcam strip nude.

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